Part 1 – The Only Sucker & Loser is Donald Trump!
As much as I’m appalled by the Trump presidency, nothing has ever disgusted me more than the comments attributed to him about our fallen soldiers!  I hope the vast majority of Americans feel the same way.  In case we haven’t already figured this out, we simply cannot tolerate this heartless jerk remaining in office as our president.  Conversely, this is the man who needs to replace Trump & become our next president: & also see  Biden’s speech Friday was one of his best, blending a denouncement of Trump’s terrible words about soldiers being suckers & losers with trumping Trump about his economic policies.  With Trump’s inexcusable sentiments about our brave soldiers along with everything else we know about him, how much more evidence do we need?  Not just on restoring civility & decency, but our American democracy may hinge on replacing the current officeholder.  If you intend to vote, that is a solemn duty, so please read this entire post in all 3 Parts to better understand the person who is one of the choices on the presidential ballot, a choice we as a nation cannot afford to reelect.  To fully understand the effect Trump’s smears can have, see this:
Just look at the true character & the heart of Trump, as this is the article which sparked all the fireworks this past week:  Please read that article…HE’S SICK!!!  Our prez is so over-the-top self-centered & narcissistic, he just doesn’t get the price of protecting freedom & the ultimate sacrifices our brave soldiers have made!!!  As Biden said about Trump in his speech, who the heck does he think he is?:  Such comments denigrating our soldiers are disqualifying for any president!  It might even rise to the level of treason!  Trumpeter world is jumping through hoops in trying to discredit this story, but the details were extensively sourced & corroborated that Trump did indeed say those words as reported:, while other news outlets like AP, WaPo, NYT, CNN & even Fox News are confirming similar accounts:  It seems over time Trump has actually made several remarks along those lines.  Despite the nonsensical excuses & denials we hear from Trumpeters, there is no other conclusion but Trump probably did say those horrific words.  Nothing he does should surprise us anymore!
I definitely believe it!  Because we know so well who Trump really is, I do believe he made the awful statements & am livid that anyone would say such things of our fallen soldiers.  But I’m sure Gold Star families are far more livid:  All Americans should be furious!  It’s an insult to any American soldier who’s ever fought in war!  For those American citizens who doubt the veracity of The Atlantic bombshell allegations, keep in mind the journalist has an impeccable reputation, unlike the conspiracy mongers in the far-right echo-media.  Plus Trump’s comments are in line with similar disparaging public comments he’s made about those who served in the military.  Of course, Trump denies all this stuff, much like he denies calling McCain a loser which he’s been caught saying on tape & in tweets.  His previous public comments over 5 years ago saying McCain was not a war hero because he was captured was the exact moment I personally became an adamant never-Trumper.  Do you recall that horrible statement from the prior presidential campaign?:  And even in death our prez was still cruelly attacking McCain. 
Adding to the pattern of critical remarks, we’ve heard him disparage other military members many times in the past, certainly dovetailing into the likelihood the prez would really make those despicable comments about dead soldiers being suckers & losers, or other statements from him in these new reports that people don’t want to see disabled veterans in military parades.  Consider how in the past Trump has very publicly smeared Gold Star families.  There’s another report Mr. Bone Spurs chided our Vietnam soldiers for being drafted into that war (even bragging that avoiding a sexually transmitted disease was his Vietnam):  Plus recall recently there was zero pushback & Trump essentially gave his buddy Putin a free pass in putting bounties on the heads of our troops in Afghanistan.  Our prez is also reportedly fine with leaving MIA’s behind for dead.  Another time Trump commented to General Kelly at Arlington cemetery while visiting the grave of Kelly’s son who died in war, that he couldn’t understand these fallen soldiers’ sacrifice, questioning what’s in it for them?  That’s so like Trump, seeing the world in transactional terms by demonstrating everything he deems important should always be based on selfish greed, while being completely devoid of compassion or empathy.  And he just doesn’t get it!    
I’m fairly certain Trump’s quick & vehement denials about The Atlantic story weren’t because he never said those things, but he knows how damaging this story could be to his reelection chances.  And why would we ever trust the word of a president who’s been caught in more than 20,000 lies while in office (yes, WaPo is tabulating).  Trump really went ballistic when a Fox News reporter confirmed the basic thrust of the story, even requesting she be fired: & also see  He wants his TV networks to offer nothing but gushing praise just like North Korean TV provides for their dictator:–unlike-dictators-in-other-countries-he-can-t-simply-shut-down-media-outlets-that-he-doesn-t-like.  I personally do recall at that time a couple years ago when Trump made his visit to France, I thought it was odd he didn’t visit the cemetery for the memorial service of our fallen soldiers from WWI, & I also remember the corny excuse for not going was the rain could mess up his hair.  There were also stated security concerns & the fog was too thick to fly by helicopter, although other world leaders made it there fine.  Obviously there was much more to that story than was reported at the time.  That’s the day when The Atlantic article reported our prez broke loose with his suckers & losers verbal vitriol. 
Keep in mind out of necessity journalism is often based on anonymous sources, especially such highly controversial topics where witnesses fear repercussions.  For example, the Watergate story broke from anonymous sources.  When a reporter has solid information from credible witnesses & those accounts are corroborated by multiple credible sources, it’s a story they can confidently run with.  It’s how the American people can learn of any nefarious happenings going on behind the scenes.  On The Atlantic story, expect more shoes to drop:  If these detestable statements are conclusively proven to be true, especially if the anonymous witnesses were to come forward (an aide to Gen. Kelly just denied being a source), Trump might as well do himself & the country a favor by stepping down!  Nothing good can come from this prez staying in the White House & staying in the race, especially in light of what our unqualified commander-in-chief feels about military service.  The greatest Americans are those who risk life & limb to defend our freedoms, not those who are willed a fortune & then lie, sue & cheat to preserve their wealth (see the relevant song at the very bottom).  It’s unfortunate the prez has a track record of not doing what’s best for his country, only himself.  If you still harbor doubts, please strive to get a clear vision for who this guy really is!
Biden was already leading among members of the military before this headline story landed:, which the numbers should continue to tank & rightly so:  The polling this week will be interesting in getting an initial read among the American people as a whole how much these soldier remarks have hurt Trump.  Also be braced for major distractions unleashed from Trump-land, much like 4 years ago when they timed the WikiLeaks email release on the heels of the Access Hollywood audio from that bus where Trump bragged about molesting women.  I’ve thought this same thing with other bombshells in the past that our prez managed to weasel out of, but I really hope this new report finally turns out to be the breaking point for the Trump presidency & some of his supporters (we’d better hope so for the sake of all Americans, even the ones too misguided to know it).  After all the unprecedented words & actions, from his chronic lying to his vengeful bullying & playing Americans against each other, plus his over-the-top corruption & criminal behavior, & even credible accounts of sexual abuse, assault & rape (which we’ve highlighted all such incidents in excruciating detail in our Part 1 archives), history might record this current moment in time as the final nail in the coffin to the Trump presidency.  Please read these other important details in the link titles on this major headline story & there’s a whole lot here:  


Criminal Presidency
We always place new news on Trump’s crimes here in Part 1.  There have been times in the past when Part 1 was flooded with hundreds of articles detailing his numerous illegal acts.  This section would be overflowing again with article links if we ever found out what’s in his tax returns, but Trump has been dragging out the court cases in hiding his taxes.  NY prosecutors & grand jury evidence still hidden from public view are on the trail to Trumpian crimes that I’m confident are there, so we just need to wait til it’s all pieced together.  Also be aware of financial shenanigans from the Trump inauguration, which more headlines & perhaps indictments could come down at any time on those crimes.  And all those corrupt Trump sycophants who have been or soon will be accused &/or indicted, they’ll be pressured to flip on the prez.  Floating pardons just won’t have the same impact if Trump’s about to leave.  As much as Russia & Ukraine collusion was a prominent story for years in the headlines, which the preponderance of evidence did disclose rampant criminality, it’s likely only a part of the bigger picture of an apparent crime syndicate still waiting to be unveiled.  So stay tuned & here’s the latest:
Part 2 – Blatant Presidential Racism & also Lies from the Echo
I would hope most Americans are discerning enough to see through Trump’s campaign diversion of making rioting the most important concern, playing his racist card to scare whites into voting for him.  And it’s a deliberate ploy to distract away from the most pressing issues, such as hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their lives from a virus which this White House chose to downplay rather than effectively fight.  That failed leadership also led to a collapsed economy where tens of thousands of small businesses went out of business, while tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs.  Those are America’s biggest problems this year!  As for increased violence in our cities, yes it’s a concern, from which our collective stress over the pandemic & losing our economic livelihoods greatly contributed to the mayhem we’ve seen in places like Portland & Kenosha.  But Trump will always blame others for the messes he creates:
So our prez is amplifying the racial unrest that he is largely responsible for instigating!:  He has failed to call out the threats coming from the white supremacist movement which is far more dangerous than BLM, even encouraging them to get involved as vigilantes in taking back the streets & beating back on the protests.  So Trump is asking for trouble in the streets & personally fueling the flames!  Rather than trying to calm the tensions on both sides, Trump is taking sides, blaming BLM/Antifa while giving a pass to violent far-right groups such as the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, QAnon & other crazy psychotics.  The wicked hate of racism, bigotry & xenophobia has always been simmering under the surface among some in our population, but the wink-wink vitriolic language from our current president has allowed this curse on humanity to bubble to the top, giving white supremacists license to spew their deranged messaging & carry out the violence they seem to long for.  These are the crazed gun-toting crackpots who could be triggered into launching civil war should their master be defeated in November, a threat we’ll need to brace ourselves for. 
Rather than letting Trump dictate & control the messaging, the media & the public need to follow the Biden campaign by returning their focus back to the key issues which are devastating so many families all across America, which we have seen more of that shift in recent days to news more pertinent to the nation as a whole than street violence.  Some encouraging recent polling indicates Americans are more concerned with the virus & the economy over any disturbances in our cities.  And another poll shows the public believes they’d be safer with a Biden presidency than another 4 years of Trump: & also see  Seeing the bigger picture about this issue, there are not only centuries of systemic racism running throughout our society, it’s also running rampant through this administration.  The articles below cover the week’s narratives on the racial disturbances, along with other topics providing details on the latest presidential acts of corruption that are so routinely commonplace inside the current White House.
We do always post a whole lot of links, but keep in mind most of these articles contain alarming details the likes of which we’ve never seen before from an American president.  It shouldn’t be lost on us how outrageous & disruptive the Trump presidency is on practically a daily basis.  The huge number of dire reports embodies just how perilous our current journey really is should we take the wrong path going forward.  And any single article might have evolved into a major scandal for any normal president.  If only more Americans were to understand how truly close we are to falling into fascism, the complacency would disappear immediately:  Adding to the chaos, look for more bombshell books coming out this week, including from Cohen & Woodward:, which we’ll highlight in next week’s posting but have a few previews today:
A smorgasbord of information is below to be sure, which the best way to utilize these many live links is to peruse the titles while clicking on only the ones you find most intriguing.  I don’t even read the body of most of these stories since there aren’t enough hours in the day, so just cherry-pick.  And please do share as other voters need informed.  The wrong side has become as sinister as they are dishonest, so they need to be called out.  It’s incredible the corruption & lawlessness from the Trump administration have become so commonplace, we’ve managed to normalize awful behavior & gaslighting in our country to where any individual scandal gets lost in thin air within the public consciousness.  But the bottom line is our current prez must be stopped before the damage becomes permanent:  This administration is like dealing with a hurricane that’s not just a Category 5, but Category 10 if there was such a level:
Fox Fake News Keeps Lying & Doing Damage
Like we do in every middle of Part 2, we give Fox plenty of space & rope to hopefully hang themselves someday.  No good can come from a network that regularly lies & deceives their viewers, which is why our divided nation can’t deal with a conservative base who’ve so drastically departed from accepting facts.  And most of our president’s most horrible ideas originate from Fox:
Going Off the Deep End
As a lifelong Republican, I’m shocked by what’s happened to my former party & the people in it.  They’ve abandoned truth & now stand for lies, propaganda & conspiracies.  They’ve attached themselves to some of the most hateful, vile & preposterous thoughts imaginable.  There is no redeeming value to the most extreme folks among them in their current insanity, so it’s hard to foresee the worst of them returning to constructive reality any time soon.  Aside from being Trump worshipers, the most insufferable ones have turned evil beyond recognition, joining a wacko Nazi/white supremacist movement that is growing out there & largely being incited by our president.
Their beliefs are ridiculous, but it becomes a serious problem when hordes of racist nutballs believe this stuff & act upon it.  People who fall for these outrageous conspiracies like those spouted by QAnon are several meters short of a kilometer, but their main problem is they’re being hopelessly brainwashed.  In striving to be part of a cause bigger than themselves, they’ve embraced nihilistic destruction.  It’s the same type of mental conditioning/group derangement fueled on social media propelling deranged movements such as radical Islamic jihad inspiring terrorist groups like ISIS.  It’s terrifying to think these white supremacist movements in history have already killed far more Americans in terrorist attacks than jihad radicals, which they’re likely to really go off unhinged should their de facto leader lose on November 3rd.  If Biden could win decisively with 350+ electoral votes, it might put a lid on their bizarre civil war fantasies.  We need to understand the enemy, so read about their latest crackpot escapades here:
Evangelicals Please Come Home
Make no mistake about it, white evangelicals are Trump’s most important constituency.  Any significant dip in their support & Trump is toast.  When I was going to church before I couldn’t take the knucklehead mentality anymore, I found there were Jesus Christians & Trump Christians, which it became difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff.  Some of these self-proclaimed Christians have really gone off the rails with their faith by embracing QAnon.  To the extent a demonic spirit of deception is sweeping through portions of the church & greatly influencing others there, it has the potential to kill the whole body.  They’re sabotaging their own religion & don’t even know it. 
My evangelical brethren don’t like hearing such warnings as they often get trapped inside their own bubble, but for the time being it might be the most important message they could possibly hear.  Trump Christians need to look closely in the mirror to see who they’ve become.  The best thing that could happen to the evangelical church aside from a rededication to Christ, would be a Trump defeat which could save believers from themselves.  The prez is playing them for fools:  Here are recent reports in the hopes they can rediscover their moral compasses & see the light, then vote based on their true conscience & convictions:
Part 3 – Economy, Virus & Election
Trump is running for reelection on an economy he destroyed through his mishandling of the virus, so he’s trying to brush off the current economy & present what a great economy we had pre-virus.  But those boasts about our prior economy are absurd, since even then we had tepid GDP growth, spiraling deficits, escalating wage/wealth gaps & roughly half of all working Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck.  If that period under his watch before the virus was really the greatest economy ever as Trump claims, then it must be true it’s great having a rigged system where workers are being exploited, & the great American Dream must have never existed!  Nope, do not for a second buy Trump’s hype, as the working class has been steadily losing ground for decades.  And the prez is not helping, as apparently Trump was more interested in giving the fat cats their tax cuts!:  In fact, the stats point towards Trump taking a robust economy when he entered office & squandering it, as seen in this excerpt from the fact-checking article on the plight of the middle class:

Facts First: Actually, middle class income grew in the final years of the Obama administration but has stagnated under Trump. Median household income stayed essentially flat in 2018, at $63,200, breaking a three-year streak of increases, according to the most recent Census Bureau data. Median income ticked up only 1.8% in 2017, Trump’s first year in office, and then plateaued despite a strong job market and very low unemployment, according to the latest Census data, which predates the pandemic and this year’s recession. In the last two years of former President Barack Obama’s administration, median income rose more sharply — increasing 5.2% in 2015 and 3.2% in 2016. However, the middle class has not advanced much, if at all, over the past decade. Median income in 2018 was not statistically different than in 2007 or 1999, which was the high point.

Here are more of my thoughts on our economic condition…This is not shaping up to be a V-shaped recovery as the administration opines.  The virus is still ravaging us & plenty of industries have been devastated.  Ask anyone working in businesses associated with travel, tourism, hospitality & restaurants.  As Biden described, it’s looking more like a K-shaped recovery, where the wealthy corporate-types have found their footing & reap the riches while struggling rank & file workers are generally still going in the other direction: & also see  That is reflected by Wall St. doing fine while Main St. is mired in the doldrums:

Plenty of jobs can’t cover the bills & sometimes even two jobs don’t pay a livable income:  So many workers remain stuck in low-wage jobs which is also putting their health at risk in these COVID times, while many furloughed workers are seeing their jobs lost permanently:, with prospects for finding a good job having been dried up.  They’re getting increasingly desperate as federal stimulus has been severed:  Is it possible we might use this crippled economy to shake things up & recover with a rebuild that turns into a vast improvement?:

About half the lost jobs stemming from the pandemic have returned, but getting the other half back will be much tougher.  A lot more Americans these days don’t even have enough to eat.  Meanwhile, Trump’s policies continue to reward rich oligarchs on the backs of the working class (, while he’s also threatening to take away vital middle class lifelines like health coverage & Social Security:  And we should certainly realize by now all the fantastic bold promises always coming from Trump are nothing but BS:

So make no mistake, those grandiose boasts we hear are nothing but hollow words, he really has no idea what he’s doing.  I just heard Trump’s Labor Day presentation/presser this afternoon & the whole thing were a string of lies, probably nearing 100 lies in less than an hour, the very definition of pathological!  Every time he moved his lips today, lies came flooding out:  At this pace Trump may hit 30,000 lies on WaPo’s fact-checker before his term is up in January.  We need to switch gears & forget about MAGA for now, instead shooting for MANA (Make America Normal Again).  These links take us on an unmistakable tour that we’ve got a real battle ahead of us in returning to any semblance of normalcy:

Virus Pandemic Allowed to Spiral Out of Control
Terrible Numbers…A conspiracy running amok in the far-right echo-media is that the death counts are overinflated, just because the CDC reported that 94% of the deaths from the virus occurred in people with preexisting conditions.  It seems as though the attitude of the Trump-world base is diminishing the lives of those with health problems as not being as important as young healthy people, portraying the deaths as somehow not as bad.  But the truth is the vast majority of people who are listed as dying from COVID, they would not have died when they did had they not contracted the virus.  And when we consider the significant number of deaths from COVID who weren’t counted as COVID deaths because they were never tested, it’s a virtual certainty the overall number of deaths from the virus is dramatically underreported, not overreported.  We’ve just surpassed 190,000 deaths with the real total likely being well past 200,000, & there’s no end in sight.  It should have never gotten this bad had we really committed as a nation to fighting this scourge.  Here are updates refuting the phony conspiracy:
Safe Vaccine?…The CDC may be politicized by Trump, based on a notice they sent out to the states to be ready with numerous vaccination sites set up by November 1st even though any vaccine is still in a testing phase.  My how convenient, they’re anticipating having a vaccine cranked out two days before the election, when vaccines typically take years to develop.  Here is a rare moment when an expert within the administration actually gives us the straight story:  It’s virtually impossible to ensure the safety of a vaccine developed & tested in just a few months.  Who wants to risk their health if the true motives seem to be all about reelection? 
And because Trump twists the truth on everything about this virus & potential treatments, could Americans really trust such a rushed vaccine to be effective & safe?  Not I, especially if Trump had anything to do with the timetable:  Unless the health experts not compromised can convince us otherwise, this whole thing smells & looks to be entirely about politics, not health or safety!  So when the powers-that-be place politics over science, tread very carefully, especially when leadership enforces artificial timelines.  Terrible side effects can even come years down the road when vaccines aren’t properly tested through a thorough process, which could make us guinea pigs.  We do need an effective vaccine ASAP, but not until we have the confidence it won’t bring on devastating consequences from unanticipated side effects:
The Rest of the Virus News…Daily infection rates are still far too high in numbering around 40,000 per day, yet a lot of Americans are acting as though the pandemic is over.  And by year’s end a new model projects we could surpass 400,000 deaths:  In the end our country may surpass the gory totals from the Spanish Flu a century ago.  It’s sad & perplexing so many people seem so casual over hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens losing their lives.  Especially when many of these lives lost were preventable had we only united around basic behavioral changes providing critical safeguards.  As a nation we did none of the precautions to the levels other countries did to effectively contain the virus.  We failed to do early widespread testing to isolate & contact trace, we didn’t adhere to universal social distancing & mask wearing, & we reopened our economy after less than 2 months before the states had managed to bend the curve.  That is why the pandemic has been so catastrophic for America.
Most of this disaster can be laid at the feet of our incompetent leadership at the highest level.  Rather than fighting the virus, the prez surrendered to it:  Remember, Trump was warned the virus was coming at us early in the year from multiple intelligence officials & health experts, but chose to dismiss & ignore the threat early on (which is still the case even today).  Trump in a speech this past week again mocked the wearing of masks including chiding Biden for wearing his:  He’s sending exactly the wrong message.  It just so happens if as a society we had adhered to mask-wearing, just from that alone tens of thousands of lives could have been saved, while a universal commitment to wearing masks going forward would still save a large number of lives.  That Trump & his followers push back against wearing them as they even view their defiance as a political cause, it just shows how selfish, uncaring & clueless these people truly are.  Check out the crazies in these links:
The Campaign & Election
Chronic Cheater…We knew Trump will do anything to cheat, but now he’s gotten very open about it with his supporters by telling them to vote twice.  It’s what we’ve come to expect from a lawless president.  It’s ironic that as the prez keeps alleging voter fraud, he’s trying to orchestrate voter fraud on his own behalf as his best chance to win.  He’s convincing his Trumpeter base the election was stolen when he does lose.  So he keeps bad-mouthing mail-in voting, which may well be the safest way to vote from a health standpoint plus getting our votes counted.  Mail-in ballots are already starting up in some states, as in NC requests for absentee ballots have gone through the roof.  Part of that might be to avoid standing in line on election day during these COVID times, but it could also be due to a huge anti-Trump turnout about to transpire: 
America has Never Had a More Important Election…Let’s admit based on what we’ve seen of him the last several years, Trump is a far better campaigner than he is a president, since he’s a master of being a BS con artist spinning all sorts of ridiculous tales that he somehow gets his loyal followers to believe.  The prez routinely presents as facts various conspiracy theories stemming from social media sites that are pure alt-right/Russian bots propaganda.  Our prez seems OK with & even gloats in his ability to divide, deride, deceive, diminish & swindle people, a man without a conscience since for him the one greatest sin is to be considered a loser, which should become his fate two months from now.  Consider if the prez is this much of a corrupt, lying, bullying & divisive demagogue now before reelection, imagine how terrifying a second term would be when he’s unleashed from having to worry about another election.  And his insults continue to be nauseating:
I must confess to having very little tolerance anymore for doting Trumpeters, since their level of cluelessness & lack of awareness are appalling to me.  I personally find Trump morally reprehensible & by extension also feel the same of his supporters.  I also realize how imperiled our democracy becomes if they get their way in November.  I don’t personally hate Trump or his supporters, but I do hate the lawless authoritarian direction they’re trying to take our country.  It’s very motivating for me to keep pumping out logical/reliable political news to help inform our fellow citizens, particularly those who are still wavering, plus help inspire all of us on the side of truth & justice to get out & vote.  I also request your help in this vital mission, so please send this message around to your contacts by any means possible.  There’s too much at stake so let’s finish strong these last two months, since if voters make the same disastrous decision as the prior presidential election, by November 4th it will have become too late to reverse another cataclysmic mistake!   
The polls post-conventions are bouncing around within a relatively narrow range as Uncle Joe remains in front:  His lead may be insurmountable as allegiances seem to be set in stone as there aren’t that many persuadables left, but this is no time for complacency or overconfidence.  There is concern the racial unrest may have given Trump a slight bump in swing states like MN & PA, but that may have been just a temporary blip as hopefully the violence in cities simmers down.  As for both candidates being in their 70’s, for sure Uncle Joe at his age wouldn’t be expected to have the same energy & memory he once had, but he still has the judgement & experience to make up for it.  And he’s not a mentally-unstable narcissist like his opponent.  Biden still sounds pretty sharp out on the campaign trail, despite the Russian bots targeting social media which Trump amplifies suggesting otherwise.
An alarming combo, Trump is both the worst & most dangerous president in our nation’s history, since he has no regard for the truth, the law or the Constitution.  Even those who refuse to accept my concerns that our democracy is in jeopardy, do they still want 4 more years of all this division, mayhem & nonsense?:  And even beyond the 4 years, it could evolve into generations of authoritarian rule.  It just doesn’t compute anyone would still vote for this sorry excuse for a human being, which is why I’ve run out of patience with Trumpeters, it doesn’t matter who it is.  Collectively in their ignorance they have the power to destroy our country, which is why they must be stopped.  Trump’s soldier remarks mean there are no more excuses for his supporters.  We can save America while saving Trumpeters from themselves by voting this chump out of office.  This will be a base election with turnout being the key.  And Trump has shown us who he really is, so this is the one election where ideology or party affiliation shouldn’t be factored in.  But when roughly 40% of the population have fallen for a cult, it’s up to the rest of us to rescue our country.   
So I’ll say it again, we should mobilize by spreading this information out to as many as we can in keeping voters informed, plus encourage those who seem non-committal to register & vote.  Let’s finish strong these next two months, as those of us who understand the huge stakes now in play, we should consider it our civic duty to join together in this all-important crusade!  Half of all voters plan on voting early through mail or in person, so November 3rd is basically already starting.  Don’t be discouraged that hardcore Trumpeters are unwilling to accept facts, since if we can get the word out there en masse, those who are still rational will accept logic.  So we don’t really need the brainwashed 40%, we just need all the rest to vote & vote correctly on the side of integrity, justice & freedom.  We can be confident while taking nothing for granted, so let’s all get proactive!  Nothing is more important until Nov. 3rd!  The latest from the week are inside these links:
Fortunate Son
Trump has no conception about military service or sacrifice.  Born into privilege, he used his family’s means & influence to skip out on the Vietnam War, which is what our song is about.  The American soldiers who fought in that war were mostly drafted & forced into service.  In the wars that followed, our brave soldiers volunteered their service.  Trump’s comments, attitude & lack of understanding caused him to disparage all our fighting heroes from different generations, making him not only a jackass but uniquely unfit to be our commander-in-chief. 
And here is the song during the Vietnam era: