Part 1 – Section for Trump Crimes
We’ve posted more big news from major news sources in today’s message & in recent posts, because we’re going through multiple major crises at the same time, together forming the most challenging time for our country in many generations.  So yes, we have all in one place all the most important articles Americans need to be aware of, as this year has been the busiest news cycle I can recall in over a half-century of following this stuff.  The enormous number of links below reflects that.  When our democracy is teetering on the edge, there should be lots of media reports sounding the alarms & that is indeed the case in our blog.  So please spend some time here perusing the link titles, as even the closest followers of news reports will find some facts they previously weren’t aware of.  In fact, a half-hour or longer on this site will provide more facts than a year’s worth of watching Fox fake news. 
Our representative democracy is now under assault from a renegade demagogue & his deceitful propaganda cult, from which only an informed citizenry can save our highly-valued & long-held constitutional rights/freedoms.  Protecting democracy is not a spectator sport, especially when it’s being threatened:  So please join us in our efforts to spread the word.  There really are plenty of media sources with real journalists who do an excellent & consistent job of covering Trump’s horrible words & deeds, & their insights need to get out there.  So by all means share the info as we’ve collected & posted this gigantic number of live links to choose from.  Your efforts to help defeat Trump are very important to your country.
Over the years Donald Trump has been a veritable one-man crime wave.  A couple of Trump’s crimes have been proven & verified beyond doubt, being that of campaign finance violations & obstruction of justice.  There is also an abundance of evidence pointing towards other crimes: & also see  Furthermore, there are many instances of Trump inciting violence:  And this explanation of an absurdly litigious fraudmeister shows his actions being way beyond the pale:  There’s almost no end to Trump’s lies, indiscretions, cruelties & crimes:
For anyone who sees the list of offenses in any of those links above, or who took the time to look down that list of horrors inside that last link which numbers into the hundreds, there’s just no way we’d want such a corrupt evil person in the White House!  Our Part 1’s always post links to the most recent news on Trump’s crimes, so we do have a few here reporting on our lawbreaker-in-chief:
Part 2 – Presidential Autocracy backed by Echo-Media Sides with Russia over American Soldiers
We have a president & his entire administration marked by incompetence & passing the buck.  Whether the president ignores, can’t comprehend or rationalizes away the bad stuff, the national intelligence reports are a most critical component of his responsibilities, since it is our national security & the lives of our soldiers on the line.  On the Russia bounty revelations, whether our prez paid attention to the dire warnings or not, it signals a dysfunctional presidency oblivious to enemy threats & incapable of rising to the moment.  Now that all of us including Trump have found out about these bounties to kill American soldiers, why is he not calling out & blaming Russia, preferring instead to blame the likes of the media, Dems, intelligence leakers, Biden, Obama, Hillary, LBJ, JFK, FDR & the man on the moon.  He’ll attack anybody he can think of except the real villain, his pal Putin.
So Trump is still claiming he was not briefed on the Russian bounty intelligence as he’s even gone so far as to claim the story is a hoax:  Does that word hoax sound familiar?  He said that same thing about his crimes involving Russia & Ukraine.  That was also his same basic excuse from the intelligence reports he was repeatedly warned about early this year on Coronavirus.  That our American president on this bounty fiasco appears to have sided with an enemy dictator over the lives of our own brave soldiers, it just boggles the mind!  With all the multiple crimes against his country Trump has been caught committing, this might be the one incident that could truly rise to the level of treason.  Our prez always talks like a tough guy, but when it comes to Russia in particular, he’s nothing but a wimp!  He’s really just putty in Putin’s hands. 
Withdrawing our troops from Germany is part of a series of bizarre moves that make no sense other than it must be part of Putin’s greater plan, which our leader will gladly jump through hoops for the Russian leader.  And can we ever imagine him talking to our adversary Putin in the same nasty way he talks with our friendly allies?:  I truly believe Trump is both compromised & jealous: & also see  If we’d ever see Trump’s taxes & follow the money trail through Deutsche Bank, we could find out why he’s so beholden to Putin.
As we’ve seen with his serial corruption, dishonesty, divisiveness & racism run amok, & his cheating in elections with foreign states like Russia & Ukraine, plus the hundreds of thousands of dead Americans because Trump chose to dismiss the virus threat, our own president with bountygate has yet again betrayed his country:  Now that this report is out, we should all find it perplexing that our American president still refuses to hold Russia accountable.  We do know the families of fallen soldiers in Afghanistan certainly want answers!  Here are the articles on the Russian bounties & Trump’s non-response which might well signal he’s been a traitor to our country:  The rest are below on the Russian kompromat inside the White House:
We Must Save America from the Evil Forces of Division, Racism & Fascism
In every Part 2 going back years, we’ve posted links warning about tyranny, since an authoritarian leader has the power to destroy us!  And if we’re not careful, that may be what’s happening now.  For those who’ve always assumed American exceptionalism is some kind of birthright they’re entitled to, it seems like that notion has flown out the window:  We’ve become the divided states of America & those bitter divisions have caused the country to flounder, as we’ve become exceptional in self-destructing through entrenched tribal allegiances that’s tearing our nation apart:  The rest of the world is taking note, with many increasingly perceiving us as a declining superpower due to our people turning against themselves through partisan bickering & dangerously unstable leadership: & also see
That intense polarization can be traced directly to the evolving mindset inside the conservative bubble having abandoned constructive conservatism, with the echo-media in recent years dragging the thinking of that GOP base into a deranged world of extremism, nihilism, disinformation, conspiracies & self-centered grievances running contrary to the greater good.  Most Republicans are unaware how much their party has changed, but the differences in recent years are stark & dramatic:  The links we always post in our Part 2’s conclusively show how much that party has changed for the worse, if we could only get Republicans to read & understand what’s happened to them.  In fervently following Trump & his deceptive echo, they have decidedly slid into an attitude of abject inhumanity while placing themselves squarely on the wrong side of history.
The flood of disinformation to a compliant conservative base has set the stage for a potential disaster, paving the way for a persuasive autocrat to rise towards dictatorial power if this radicalized right-wing thinking wins the day.  Our current prez has risen to power on the wave of this demagogic rhetoric, which he keeps expanding his power with every corrupt lapdog he appoints to top leadership positions.  So as patriotic Americans cherishing our rights & freedoms, we cannot allow those forces of evil to win.  It’s imperative for us to not be complacent or overconfident about the November election no matter how good the polls look now (, since if truth & justice were to lose out through a Trump victory, it’s tyranny & oppression that would win.  The voices of reason & common sense must outnumber the dangerous fascist authoritarians in this election, & by sharing the facts & accurate news presented in this blog, even some Republicans open to the truth may come over to our side.
As for events over the holiday weekend, the Mount Rushmore grand celebration to himself staged by Trump is another classic example how he has taken on the role of president for only part of the divided states.  The 4th of July celebrations should normally give our leader a platform to rally around the flag with inspirational words assuring the American people we’ll get through these difficult times.  It also provides a forum to deliver an aspirational message with a greater vision that we the people can embrace & unite around.  But the prez utterly failed on all fronts, delivering an ode to old statues speech designed to stoke his culture wars & further inflame racial divisions.  His speeches even through a teleprompter written by others miss their mark every time, except they do rile his base:
We also witnessed his cult rally crowd in South Dakota packed in together like sardines with very few wearing masks, basically daring the virus to come get them.  And like all Trump’s delusional rally crowds, they cheered on their king’s racist/bigoted tone-deaf machinations whose rhetoric is largely irrelevant & irrational, as those doting fans are always blissfully unaware how ridiculous they all look to the rest of America.  Yes, rabid Trumpeters represent the extremist/ignorant side of America we should want no part of & needs to be contained, which fortunately the vast majority of Americans don’t share their close-minded, self-centered types of attitudes.  Our divider-in-chief keeps getting more & more unhinged with his rhetoric as his base keeps eating up his toxic stew, while our president basically declares war against large swaths of the American people.  There are so many examples where the Trump administration has gone insane & totally off the rails: & also see
The next night’s speech in DC was every bit as antagonistic, divisive & divorced from reality:  More than ever, Trump is a peddler of hate playing on our divides:  Incredibly, the prez even went so far as lumping largely peaceful protesters in with Nazis & terrorists (& no, I’m not making this up).  Trump is not really our president as in every speech he admits he doesn’t want to be, since his intent is to rule over only his crazed base, a minority of the American population.  He’s totally off the mark on the pressing concerns most on the minds of Americans.  We’re collectively going through the most difficult times most of us have ever experienced, & he’s building his campaign around protecting confederate symbols of hate, slavery & racism.  How’s that going to inspire voters outside his hardened base?  He’s reviving the successful strategy from 2016, but in 2020 it’s falling flat & makes him look like a racist knucklehead.
Our blog gathers up various news articles that show who Trump really is:  People who are blinded to what’s happening & complaining the media is always out to get Trump, I would humbly suggest if anything they’re going too easy on him, since the prez is demonstrably the worst president we’ve ever had.  And in his powerful position, he’s also a huge risk beyond measure.  In one of these articles below, the actual writer of The Art of the Deal (the famous Trump business negotiation book), who has long warned about the president’s destructive psyche, did call him a “psychopath” who is motivated by an “insatiable narcissistic hunger” and a “need to dominate.”
The prez follows the playbook of other autocrats down through history:  Whether he succeeds in becoming a tyrant is up to us.  In the next link, here’s another sinister move designed to put the president above the law & further his rogue dictatorial motives:  These types of firings of loyal public servants have become commonplace with this administration, adding to the list of vacancies & corrupt henchmen Trump can place in high positions of power.  Here’s a whole list of links offering a real hodgepodge of interesting topics such as the latest news on Bubba Wallace & Trump’s niece, but especially featuring the president’s divisive Independence Day speeches & the various ways he may be leading us into fascism:
Avoid the Toxic Fox!
They’ll only lie to you & steer you wrong:  Those lost souls who get all their news from Fox fake news are totally unable to relate to the truthful facts like what’s presented in this blog.  There’s also been a long line of bad apples who’ve worked at that network & another one was exposed this week.  So in the sullied tradition of known-pervert Roger Ailes, the evil network with their toxic culture made the news yet again:  But the greater damage is in the way they dupe their viewers, so if we could ever expose the evil cult behind Fox’s narrative, it would end the Trump cult:  Some Fox hosts are the lowest form of life, profiting off deceiving millions!:  
Inside their Fox alternative reality bubble, the virus scourge taking the lives of a huge number of Americans is relatively speaking no big deal.  But especially on Fox primetime, the real dangers & tragedies come from other dire threats, such as peaceful BLM protesters or those defaming/tearing down statues to dead confederates who stood for slavery/racism.  It fits right in with Trump’s campaign platform featuring badly distorted priorities.  Ordinarily it should be easy to dismiss the outrageous platitudes emanating from the network as too preposterous to be believed, but America has a huge problem in that millions of Fox viewers somehow believe that garbage.  Trump, Fox & other echo-sources are playing off each other in their coordinated feedback loop, giving credibility to their lies, conspiracies & faux-concerns in the eyes of their bamboozled followers.  Echo-world manages to drown out the truth while distracting their fans away from the real headline stories which clearly illuminate the clueless incompetence of this president.  These articles expose more of the Fox nonsensical shenanigans:
How Could Americans Have Become So Misguided?
These people described in the links below are truly a piece of work.  Our prez is unleashing & energizing this manic mindset.  Aside from the white power crap Trump is inspiring, just suppose if in an emergency his staff had to urgently reach him, like when an enemy state were to declare war & attack us?:  As for his most loony followers, the rest of us as proud Americans can rightly feel disgraced these deranged far-right buffoons are also considered Americans.  Inside these links, read all about the many brainless wonders riding in the crazy car of the nutwing train, as insanity increasingly reigns on the far-right:
Can Evangelicals Be Saved?
The character of the person we put in charge should always take precedence over who they might put on the court.  Otherwise we sacrifice our values & credibility, which in the end can only backfire.  As the faithful proselytize to the world how to live upstanding moral lives, they’ve blown their cover with the unconditional worship of the most immoral president we’ve ever seen.  We can only hope as a group, evangelicals rediscover their moral compass by November:
Part 3 – Economy, Virus & Election
Don the Con…Make no mistake, our economy is in for a very slow slough towards recovery because our president refused to fight this virus!  There can be no full recovery or return to normalcy until the virus is finally under control (, but our BS’er-in-chief keeps putting the cart before the horse while trying to pull the wool over our eyes on the real state of the economy:  It does take a lot of nerve boasting about a record-setting 5 million jobs added in June when it comes on the heels of losing 20 million in April:  Who but Trump could actually brag about only a portion of the lost jobs coming back?
So a double-digit unemployment rate isn’t something to blow your horn over (, & the stock market doesn’t reflect the true condition of a huge chunk of society:  Trump can blow his horn all he wants about a better-than-expected jobs report, but we’re only partially climbing up the deep economic hole dug for us that’s directly tied into his mishandling of the virus spread:  And with the spread now at record levels, the economy may fall back down that deep hole in the coming months.
But virus or no virus, our economic system still has major flaws.  All signs point to politicians getting cozy with big corporate interests by cutting them all the breaks & favors.  Home of Amazon Prime, here’s a prime example with Amazon.  For a company that has formed a virtual monopoly throughout most industries while devastating so many small businesses, the wealth of their founder/CEO has mushroomed to $171B:  Isn’t there something wrong with that picture?  I know our nation was founded & achieved greatness through free market capitalism, but at what point does ingenuity cross over into exploitation?  It sure looks like our system has evolved into a state of unconscionable distortions, so it’s time to seriously pursue corrections that would establish a shared-growth type of economy:  And oh, by the way, Amazon has not been on the hook to pay any federal taxes. 
So welcome to our modern Gilded Age of runaway wealth inequality!  Our prez mostly botched the handling of the economy even prior to him allowing the virus to rage out of control.  His tax cuts were a supply-side/budget-busting boondoggle that was a classic giveaway to the wealthy.  Make no mistake, more of Trump another 4 years means more of our crony-capitalist/oligarchy system where big corporate interests keep benefiting at the expense of the working class:  So in his speeches & promises, Trump sure did pull a con job on the working class!  Despite what the prez claims, he doesn’t put workers first, instead always favoring the top 1%:
And much like the problem of COVID-19 keeps growing, the ongoing troubles of an unfortunate, uneven, unfair & unjustifiably rigged economy has become far worse in America, with the idea of trickle down being nothing but a pipe dream:  When we soon put to bed this current clueless administration & start afresh in 2021, hopefully we can work together in engineering a more equitable economy giving workers a fair shake:  In a post-COVID world (hopefully that will come soon), Americans do need to work for their keep, but a full-time job should not come up short in paying the bills which puts a huge number of our citizens in a constant state of financial duress.
As we do fight through this pandemic without much guidance from the White House, this dramatic shakeup in our world could obliterate old obsolete notions surrounding careers & the traditional working world, clearing the way to restructure conditions which enable economic & racial justice:  Besides this pandemic, our modern society & high technology have dramatically altered our existence, which our jobs need to change accordingly.  It’s gotten to the point for our national politicians that doing nothing different is no longer a viable option, with some of them starting to recognize the need to correct fundamental inequalities within the system without sacrificing our American work ethic, initiative & motivations.  We’d need to find a way to take the discussions/ideas to a much higher level, while getting past the chronic polarization & gridlock in order to make important changes happen:
One change in norms coming about from this virus upheaval is having jobs that can be done remotely, as we’re discovering a world where communications, work & commerce can be conducted conveniently online without the need to be there in person, offering more flexibility on family dynamics, living locations & commutes:  But the bigger challenge is to move beyond slave-wage service jobs (which a higher federal minimum wage would help with those workers) & put people into higher-paying modern professions.  These days without a specialized skill or in-demand degree, it’s gotten hard to make a living anymore.  Overall it’s going to take a major paradigm shift with a whole new way of approaching work, along with ongoing public-private cooperation, in creating more productive career roles in society that can provide appropriate compensations.  But the current reality is a virus pandemic has caused the economy to plummet, which this list of links has the updates:
The Worst Leadership Gets the Worst Results With the Virus
The numbers of new infections in the U.S. have been skyrocketing lately, directly traceable to our tragic leadership void.  And contrary to what the right-wing echo might say, the jump in numbers aren’t all because of more testing:  The rate of infections on the tests have gone up as have the hospitalizations in many areas.  The death counts haven’t jumped up proportionally to infections because it’s more young people being diagnosed, but death rates tend to be a lagging indicator & are expected to rise with infection rates having spiked. 
The leaders of other countries did a far better job of addressing & mitigating the virus spread, whereas we’ve seen our leader stumble along with an abysmal performance in dealing with this crisis.  All along we’ve heard denials, dismissals, happy talk & a failure to promote critical precautions, resulting in our nation having by far the highest number of infections & deaths in the world:  It should never have gotten this bad if throughout we only had minimal oversight & guidance from the top inside the White House, at the very least taking this pandemic seriously & encouraging all Americans to likewise take it seriously..
These current graphs are stunning!:  Those other countries did have the benefit of a citizenry who listened to authorities, following along whenever their leaders laid out necessary protocol for handling the virus.  So those populations willingly adhere to important guidelines for public safety & the common good.  Here in America, it seems we’ve had roughly 1/3 of the population following his highness as if in some trance-like mental state, so when the prez & his echo-media failed to prioritize fighting the virus or recommend vital safeguards, their doting fans followed suit.  I’ve been personally mocked by Trumpeters just for taking COVID-19 seriously. 
What makes the president’s lack of response that much more despicable was seeing countries who caught the virus early giving us the proper playbook how to deal with the spread, yet Trump didn’t bother calling the plays.  And then health experts warned us back in May reopening the economy too soon was too risky, & they were proven right: & also see  So the longer this administration & a sizable chunk of our citizens don’t buy into obligatory safety measures, the more the virus spreads to widespread deadly consequences.  During this pandemic we’ve been transformed into the United States of idiocy:
The Problem Isn’t Just Trump, But the Blind Attitude of His Echo & Base
As we can detect, the Trumpeter side of the public is predisposed to denying the science while pushing back on taking personal responsibility.  Local officials such as politicians & health professionals are even getting threats & harassment from some of these extremist elements just because it’s those leaders’ job to protect the health of their citizens.  Plus local businesses in many places are getting plenty of grief from those customers adhering to that same extremist echo-mentality, refusing & rebelling against sensible measures like wearing masks as though it’s infringing on their freedoms like wearing handcuffs or a straitjacket: & also see
Since so many refuse to do it voluntarily, we should make mask-wearing mandatory, especially in the hot spots where the spread has been raging out of control:  It’s probably no coincidence the worst outbreaks are now occurring in Trump-supporting southern states.  Those with these Trump-inspired delusions fail to recognize much like we passed laws requiring wearing seatbelts, not driving drunk ( or prohibiting smoking in public places for the sake of saving lives, we also really should require wearing masks in public:  But in the case of masks, it would only be a temporary inconvenience until we get through this pandemic:
The evidence proves wearing masks & maintaining social distance significantly lowers the spread, & that a universal buy-in by Americans would likely save untold thousands of lives, so it’s simply selfish ignorance to complain & rail against such important steps that promote public safety.  Until we can get herd immunity through antibodies & vaccines, we need a herd mentality for social distancing & wearing masks.  Is that too much to ask to save lives?  It’s really not that hard when considering what’s at stake.  Many of the deaths in America could have been avoidable & we should do all we can to prevent more unnecessary deaths.  It would seem universal acceptance of such sensible protocol would be a no-brainer, but with the deranged attitudes from the extremist far-right fringe, even mask wearing has become politicized.  
Make no mistake, we have dead Americans numbering into the hundreds of thousands largely because we have a leader downplaying this whole thing & failing to lead, while millions in his Trumpeter army follow his lead!  With rivers of blood on his hands, it’s hard to comprehend why so many Americans still want that same failed leadership another 4 years?  It’s baffling & tragic these complacent Trump fans keep thinking this whole virus thing was somehow overplayed, with some actually still believing it’s some kind of hoax as is sometimes promoted by their echo-media.  I wonder what part of 130,000+ dead Americans don’t they understand?  That’s 2-1/2 times higher than the number of American military fatalities during the entire Vietnam War, & the current pandemic death counts will keep on rising indefinitely!
Time to Fade Away
Trump again this week said the virus will just disappear, the same thing he said 4 months, 3 million diagnosed & 130,000+ American deaths ago: & also see  The only thing that has actually disappeared is his leadership, as he continues to do nothing to stop it other than just wishing it away.  It’s as though he’s waving the white flag:  If he refuses to lead in the middle of a deadly pandemic, why is he even our president?  Is it nothing more than a self-aggrandizing ego-trip for him?  It’s actually his job to manage a crisis.  How many of us could keep our jobs if we failed to do the job?  Since this virus did not just fade away largely due to a lack of presidential leadership, it’s time for his presidency to fade away.
Even prior to Trump disregarding the intelligence reports about the virus coming for us early this year, he had disbanded the pandemic response team a couple years ago, so his mistakes on the pandemic started long before Coronavirus came along:  His blunders keep compounding right up til now, as apparently our president is so concerned about protecting dead confederates whose monuments were symbols of racism & slavery, he just can’t be bothered about protecting the health of living Americans.  Trump stated this past week we’ve got the virus handled, so with record daily infection rates he really does have it handled poorly.  And his brilliant campaign strategy spin is to basically tell us because they’re unable to handle this virus, we just have to learn to live with it:  Plus over the weekend in another head-scratcher, our all-knowing president said 99% of Coronavirus cases are totally harmless, a totally asinine statement: & also see
We need a president who can lead us on this virus pandemic & any of the other dire challenges we face or will be facing.  Our current president is not doing that, being clearly derelict in his duties to the point he’s gone AWOL:  It was the one main overriding duty Trump was charged with this year, fighting the virus emergency, yet he completely whiffed on even doing a small fraction of the bare minimum.  A leader who freezes & chokes in times of crisis does need to be replaced!  Our situation has become so serious about Trump’s incompetence on the pandemic & everything else, I feel we have an obligation as patriotic Americans to warn our fellow citizens who have yet to grasp what’s really going on.  The virus rages on & continues to be the major headline story, which has produced tons of links here:
State of the Race
In this latest poll, the majority of Americans say Trump is a poor or terrible president, with most of them choosing terrible:  Trump pundits are spinning that his (cult) supporters have far more enthusiasm for their candidate than Biden supporters have for theirs, which may well be true, but they conveniently overlook that enthusiasm against Trump by Biden supporters surpasses any other factor by far!: & also see  I think we can all agree in addition to a collapsed economy & 130,000+ dead Americans, running on white power & potential treason is not a particularly good strategy for winning a presidential election:  The campaign must figure that’s maybe the best card they have to play.
With democracy itself on the line, it’d be very difficult to overstate what this election means to our country:  A lot can change in 4 months, but if current trends hold it will be a blowout.  It’s gotten so bad for the prez that if it keeps going downhill like this, expect at some point to see a wholesale break from Trump among GOP politicians:  But it’s likely too late for the party:  We may even possibly see this: & also see
We need to be alert that Trump’s best & perhaps only chance is to cheat (, so let’s be on the lookout for widespread voter suppression antics & an avalanche of disinformation coming again from hostile foreign actors like Russia, plus we’re again at the mercy of the vagaries of a sometimes sham electoral college.  But in a fair & square election, Trump won’t win, since the American people have had enough of this circus clown/drama king fueling a regular stream of catastrophic calamities.  And yes, June was a terrible month for Trump (, which hopefully his downward spiral will continue through November, because we cannot afford another 4 years of his miserable leadership:  He has nobody else to blame but himself, since he refuses to admit mistakes & is thoroughly incapable of righting his own sinking ship:
I’ve never been a Dem prior to 2016, but I find they do have a sense of humor:  A resounding Biden victory would be great, but a cautionary note Trumpism will remain active & extremely dangerous even after Trump goes down:–but-trumpism-will-become-more-dangerous-once-hes-gone_partner/.  Expect Trump to even join the echo with his own media empire.  In my mind, for several reasons it was unforgivable for people to vote for Trump in 2016.  That includes knowing of instances when nearly two dozen women accused him of sexual abuse & assault, which he practically admitted to from his voice heard on the Access Hollywood video.  He also indefensibly insulted & mocked so many Americans, such as POW’s, Gold Star families, the disabled, journalists, ex-presidents, intelligence community, minorities, immigrants, & women’s faces, weight or menstrual periods. 
So the warning signs 4 years ago about his true character were there which 60 million Americans somehow overlooked.  But now that we can plainly see the running disaster that is the Trump presidency, there is absolutely-positively no excuse to vote for him again: 102701977_3634704193226273_3009474345226563521_n.  Some express concern how I always sound so angry at President Trump.  Well, for anyone who’s paying attention, we should all be angry at him & what he’s doing to our country!  Let’s get mad & use that energy to warn our fellow Americans, since another 4 years of Trump’s crap could see our nation going down the tubes.  I study this stuff closely, & anybody who knows what I know about this man would likewise be terrified of him, so it’s entirely appropriate to get angry!  The bottom line is those of us who clearly see the prez for who he really is, we could NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER vote for him!  
In using stronger language than I’d normally use in calling out Trump supporters, I’d even go so far as to say it may be wise not to associate with such Trumpeter voters, since we can rightly question their mental state from being possessed of a cult mindset.  Personally, I’d prefer choosing friends who I know are sane.  Rational Republicans have been driven away from the party in droves (I confess to being one of them), so more than ever the loonies have taken control of that now-destructive & perhaps soon defunct party: & also see  The remnants of what’s left of the GOP base might be best summed up by this quote inside which gave us this funny statistical gem: Fun fact: Statistics reveal that one out of every three Trump supporters is just as f***ing stupid as the other two.  Here are current updates on the upcoming election, which we can be optimistic without becoming complacent:
The Liar Tweets Tonight
This song is very appropriate for a Twitter president who’s committed 20,000 verifiable lies while in office:  A very catchy beat & the lyrics are awesome!…