With So Many Signs of a Compromised/Criminalized Presidency, the Numerous Investigations into Trump Must Tell Us the Facts…There are some 20+ separate ongoing investigations into Trump which he is adamantly refusing to cooperate with, as his congressional cronies, echo pundits & duped base are all in on shutting down those probes.  But they have all been corrupted by a deceitful demagogue​ while sacrificing their own principles​​What we’re seeing from our president cannot be justified!  ​There certainly are credible signs of criminal behavior ​in spades coming from our ​leader in the White House​​,​ that preserving the rule of law requires​ & virtually demands​ conducting ​all those ​thorough investigations​ into Trump in getting to the bottom of things​.  As we’ve already seen in numerous reports & court cases the past couple years, there are just too many solid clues of abuse of power, being compromised by foreign actors, obstruction & financial crimes, which we’re counting on congressional committees & district/state prosecutors to uncover the truth. 
Let’s support them in their important inquiries as they endeavor to put the facts on the table, from which as a nation abiding by the Constitution we can then act accordingly.  These probes are definitely not hoaxes or witch hunts.  Trump keeps lying about the crimes so clearly laid out in the Mueller report & we need more transparency.  If our country wasn’t so bitterly divided, the extent of presidential obstruction just since the Mueller report was turned over to the AG would be an impeachable offense in any normal times.  No president is above the law!  Allowing a criminalized presidency to get a pass in shattering norms & governing by deception, would represent a huge blow to democracy & a big step in putting America on the path to fascism.  This lawless president is supported by his loyal Trumpeters, his party & his echo-messaging, hoping they can cover up all the wrongdoings & move on as if nothing happened, which posted below is most of the article from usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/05/09/no-case-against-president-donald-trump-not-closed-editorial:

Congressional Republicans want to end investigations into the presidency of Donald Trump and the unusual circumstances surrounding his rise to power. In this case, the call to move on is being made by actual members of Congress who are undermining their institution and their authority. One day, they will regret this. They will regret it when a Democrat is next elected president and abuses his or her power. They will regret it when their grandchildren ask about their role in fostering democracy. Perhaps they will even regret it when they next look in the mirror.


McConnell’s “move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here” approach is contradicted by more than 800 former prosecutors, Republicans and Democrats, who have signed a letter saying the Mueller report provided more than enough evidence to indict Trump for obstruction of justice, were he anyone else but the president. Similarly, by refusing to provide the House Ways and Means Committee with the tax documents it has demanded, the Trump administration is in clear violation of law. The relevant statute, passed in the wake of a previous presidential scandal, is unambiguous that these documents “shall” be provided upon the request of the chairman. In backing up Trump, Republicans are essentially playing the role of accessories.


Worse, in providing cover for Trump’s refusal to provide other material, including the complete Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, the GOP is debasing the Constitution. If it weren’t enough that most Republicans countenanced Trump as he usurped Congress’ power of the purse with his border emergency declaration earlier this year, now they are ceding Congress’ oversight role and vital function as a check on presidential power.


Previous presidents might not have always agreed with decisions of Congress or the courts, but they recognized and honored the Constitution’s precept of separation of powers. They saw the genius in having three distinct branches sometimes in conflict or competition. Trump, on the other hand, treats laws and critics with contempt. There is much that the American people still need to know about Trump’s finances, particularly his relationship to Russia in the years after massive real estate losses made him radioactive to most Western banks. There is much in the Mueller report, including supporting evidence and what is behind some of those blacked-out sections, that Congress has a right to discretely examine. Now is most assuredly not the time to arbitrarily end investigations.


What Are They Afraid Of?  What Are They Hiding?  Let the Facts Come Out! 

As the investigations into Trump proceed in this highly polarized climate, the prez & his cronies are fighting the truth from coming out every step of the way.  The corrupter-in-chief apparently has some really bad stuff to hide, as revealed in these excerpts patched together from washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-and-his-allies-are-blocking-more-than-20-separate-democratic-probes-in-an-all-out-war-with-congress:

President Trump and his allies are working to block more than 20 separate investigations by Democrats into his actions as president, his personal finances and his administration’s policies, according to a Washington Post analysis, amounting to what many experts call the most expansive White House obstruction effort in decades. Trump’s noncooperation strategy has shifted from partial resistance to all-out war as he faces mounting inquiries from the Democratic-controlled House — a strategy that many legal and congressional experts fear could undermine the institutional power of Congress for years to come. All told, House Democrats say the Trump administration has failed to respond to or comply with at least 79 requests for documents or other information.


The president is blocking aides from testifying, refusing entire document requests from some committees, filing lawsuits against corporations to bar them from responding to subpoenas and asserting executive privilege to keep information about the special counsel’s Russia investigation from public view. One such case will come to a head in court on Tuesday, when a federal judge is expected to rule on whether Trump can quash a House Oversight Committee subpoena demanding financial records from his personal accounting firm. The administration also faces another subpoena deadline Friday for Trump’s tax returns following the administration’s move to refuse access to them. Trump signaled Saturday that he will continue to refuse disclosure of his tax returns because he says he is being audited by the IRS, though that would not preclude such a release.


Kerry W. Kircher, who served as House counsel for the last GOP majority, said the standoff marks “a complete breakdown and complete obstruction of Congress’s role.” “If the court signs off on this stuff, then we’ll have an imperial presidency,” Kircher said, adding: “We’ll have a presidency that will be largely unchecked.” Trump’s block-everything strategy stands in contrast to the White House approach to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, when Trump allowed his aides to speak to the special counsel and even turned over documents. Now, the White House is refusing to give an inch on investigations pertaining to the president.


The Post analysis of Democratic inquiries and other records identified more than 20 investigations directly connected to Trump, his family or the White House that have been met with partial or complete stonewalling by the administration. “I think it is unprecedented in its vehement concealment and noncompliance with basic constitutional duties,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said of the administration’s broader strategy to not respond to investigations from the Hill. “Congress has some undeniable powers under the Constitution, and one of them is oversight.”


In the past week alone, Trump and the White House blocked three major inquiries — rebuffing requests for his tax returns, refusing to turn over an unredacted version of Mueller’s final report on Russian interference and barring former White House counsel Donald McGahn from responding to a Hill subpoena. Democrats say they need to view the underlying evidence gathered over the course of nearly two years by Mueller to reach their own conclusion on whether Trump may have obstructed justice in the probe. A House committee voted Wednesday to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over the information. 


Tom Campbell, a former Republican congressman and a professor at Chapman University, said that while Democrats share some of the blame in the breakdown of the system, their inquiries of Trump are justifiable. “These are perfectly legitimate oversight functions,” Campbell said. “No system works — even one as brilliantly constructed as the United States Constitution — works without good faith…. When good faith falls apart, the ability for the Constitution to work is compromised.”


A Scorecard to Help Us Keep Things Organized

This all falls under the category when there’s overwhelming evidence of crimes, it keeps investigators busy.  With this much noise, finding criminal activities in multiple ways seem to be inevitable.  Here’s a scorecard from the NY Times showing a long list of investigations into Trump & potential illegalities that need to be looked into, which is posted from nytimes.com/interactive/2019/05/13/us/politics/trump-investigations:

Federal, state and congressional authorities are scrutinizing many aspects of Donald J. Trump’s life through investigations related to his businesses, campaign, inauguration and presidency. We’ll be tracking them here. According to reporting by The New York Times, there are currently at least:

Federal Criminal Investigations
State and Local Investigations
Congressional Investigations

Federal Criminal Investigations

Federal prosecutors are pursuing more than a dozen criminal investigations that grew out of the work of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. These are the ones we know about. Select an investigation to see more.

Trump inaugural committee
donations and spending
Southern District of New York
Trump inaugural committee donations /
committee chairman’s ties to Middle East
Eastern District of New York
Business and political dealings of top fund-raiser
for Trump’s campaign and inauguration
Justice Department’s public integrity section
Possible role of Trump and others
in concealing hush money payments
Southern District of New York
Whether Trump’s lawyers offered
presidential pardon to Cohen
Southern District of New York
Allegations of inflated insurance claims
Southern District of New York
Pending prosecution of Roger J. Stone Jr.
United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia
Possible lobbying violations by firms recruited
by former Trump campaign chairman
Southern District of New York
Pending prosecution of former Manafort associate
United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia
Bank officer tied to Manafort who
sought Trump administration job
Southern District of New York

State and Local Investigations

Authorities in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., are also examining Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates through various — mostly civil — investigations.

Trump Organization insurance practices
New York Department of Financial Services
Contributions to Trump inaugural committee
New Jersey attorney general
Role of Trump’s children and
businesses in Trump’s inauguration
District of Columbia attorney general
Pending criminal prosecution of Manafort
on state mortgage fraud charges
Manhattan district attorney
Allegations of misused charitable
assets, self-dealing and campaign finance
violations by the Trump Foundation
New York attorney general
Allegations that the Trump
Organization inflated financial assets
New York attorney general
Trump family’s tax schemes
New York attorney general
Whether Trump and his family underpaid taxes
New York City

Congressional Investigations

In the months since Democrats took control of the House, several committees have opened inquiries that could turn up politically damaging or embarrassing material or, in the case of the obstruction investigation, lead to impeachment proceedings.

Potential foreign influence over
Trump by Russia or other nations
House Intelligence Committee
Possible role of Trump and others
in concealing hush money payments
House Oversight and Reform Committee
Possible obstruction of justice and abuse
of power by Trump and his administration
House Judiciary Committee
Possible abuses of the White
House security clearance process
House Oversight and Reform Committee
Whether Trump misrepresented his net worth
House Oversight and Reform Committee
Alleged use of private messaging
by White House officials
House Oversight and Reform Committee
Trump’s tax returns
House Ways and Means Committee
Trump’s communications with Putin
House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Reform Committees
Possible money laundering
House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees
Russian interference in the 2016 election
Senate Intelligence Committee
Proposed U.S. nuclear venture in Saudi Arabia
House Oversight and Reform Committee

Another Scorecard Summary

WaPo has also provided a list of active inquiries, so we have some good summaries helping us track the many areas the probes are reviewing, seen in this article from washingtonpost.com/politics/a-guide-to-20-inquiries-trump-and-his-allies-are-working-to-impede:

1. Tax returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is blocking Congress’s request for Trump’s tax returns, a demand based on a 1924 anti-corruption law. On Friday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.) subpoenaed Mnuchin and Charles Rettig, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Democrats say they are ready to take the matter to court if need be.

2. The Mueller report

The White House asserted executive privilege over the full report issued by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on Wednesday after Democrats tried to subpoena the underlying evidence in their probe of whether Trump obstructed justice. Democrats are preparing to hold Attorney General William P. Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to honor their subpoena.

3. McGahn testimony

The White House has told former White House counsel Donald McGahn to ignore a House Judiciary Committee subpoena for documents pertaining to the Mueller investigation. McGahn was a central witness in several of 10 instances of potential obstruction identified by Mueller. He also could face being held in contempt of Congress if he refuses to appear to testify later this month.

4. Mazars

Trump’s personal and Trump Organization attorneys are suing the House Oversight Committee and his accounting firm, Mazars, to quash a subpoena for his financial information. The lawsuit cites an 1880s precedent that has been overturned and dormant for nearly 100 years. A judge recently agreed to fast-track the proceedings and could make a ruling as early as Tuesday.

5. Deutsche Bank and Capital One

Trump’s personal attorneys and Trump Organization lawyers are suing to block his former lender and bank from handing over similar financial documents related to a congressional investigation into Russia money laundering as well as political interference in the 2016 election.

6. Trump-Putin meetings

The Trump administration declined to comply with requests for documents and communications related to Trump and President Vladimir Putin’s private discussions. The Washington Post reported that Trump tried to conceal the contents of one discussion by taking possession of his own interpreter’s notes and instructing a linguist present not to discuss what had transpired.

7. Emoluments

Trump is defending himself in two lawsuits that say his company violates the Constitution by doing business with foreign governments. Justice Department lawyers representing the president have succeeded in temporarily blocking subpoenas by the attorneys general of D.C. and Maryland for financial records and other documents related to Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel. A second lawsuit was filed by 200 congressional Democrats.

8. Trump International Hotel

The Trump administration has been slow to turn over information regarding the lease for Trump International Hotel in Washington, which rents the historic federally owned Old Post Office Pavilion. Democrats say they have only received what they called a “partial” response for documents as part of the investigation being conducted by the Transportation and Infrastructure and Oversight committees.

9. FBI building

Five House panels have demanded records involving a decision to stop the relocation of the FBI headquarters to the suburbs of Washington. Democrats believe Trump was involved in the decision to prevent the building – located across the street from the Trump International Hotel – from being replaced by a hotel that could compete for business. There has been no response from any of the agencies from which they have asked for information.

10. Hush-money payments

The House Oversight Committee sent letters in January and February demanding more information about payments made by the president’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to an adult-film actress who said she had an affair with Trump. The White House allowed the committee to review some documents in person, but Democrats are continuing to demand the full records.

11. Security clearances

The White House has refused to answer most of the House Oversight Committee’s questions and document demands related to its security clearance process. Trump leaned on then-Chief of Staff John F. Kelly to grant his son-in-law Jared Kushner a security clearance despite concerns from intelligence officials. Kushner was among more than 20 people whose security clearances were approved despite objections raised by national security officials, according to staffer Tricia Newbold.

12. Family separation policy

The administration has not fully responded to document requests or testimony from multiple committees on a policy that separated migrant children from their parents. The Health and Human Services Department has partially responded to House Energy and Commerce Committee demands for documents and communications related to the policy. Other committees, including Judiciary, Homeland and Oversight panels, say they are still awaiting answers.

13. Other immigration issues

The administration has not answered inquiries about a proposal to bus migrant children to sanctuary cities and the reasons for a leadership shake-up at the Department of Homeland Security. On the latter, the House Homeland Security Committee expects a response before it holds a DHS budget hearing on May 22. The House Oversight Committee is also investigating the issue.

14. National emergency declaration

The White House has ignored Judiciary Committee inquiries into the legal basis of Trump’s emergency declaration aimed at building a wall or fencing on the southern border. Trump declared the state of emergency on the border after a 35-day shutdown failed to result in a deal giving him billions for his proposed wall, which he had repeatedly promised would be paid for by Mexico.

15. Obamacare repeal

The Trump administration has refused to discuss the process by which it decided to challenge the Affordable Care Act in court, sending the committees demanding the information only a confirmation that it had received their letters.

16. Puerto Rico

The House Oversight Committee on Monday revived an investigation into the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria by sending letters to the White House, Health and Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The committee is asking for all documents by May 20. In the fall of 2017, the committee had made a ipartisan request for those records to DHS and FEMA. Democrats say they did not receive answers.

17. Census

Barr has blocked Justice Department official John Gore from appearing for subpoenaed testimony on the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, an idea that reportedly began in the White House. Democrats have called the question unlawful and say it is aimed at depressing the number of undocumented immigrants tallied in the census.

18. Saudi nuclear transfer

The White House has refused to answer Oversight Committee questions or document requests on a proposal to transfer highly sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

19. White House use of private email

The Oversight panel has sought more information surrounding allegations that White House officials have conducted work on private email, including Trump’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump. The White House has said it feels it has addressed the matter, but Democrats are pressing for more documents.

20. Kushner Saudi trip

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has asked for documents and information related to a February trip taken by Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, to Saudi Arabia, where he reportedly met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to the committee, which has asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to brief the panel on the purpose of the trip, U.S. Embassy diplomats were left out of the meetings.


He May Leave Us No Other Choice

Trump is so dramatically abridging the rule of law & gone so over the top in more than ever committing the crime of obstruction of justice, he may force impeachment upon himself:



Just a Game to Him?

Trump calls his losing more than $1 billion over a decade starting in the mid-80’s “sport,” which is legally known as tax fraud & all the more reason investigators must get his current tax returns:

Chip Off the Old Block

Taking a page out of daddy’s playbook, thinking he’s above the law may not work out so well for sonny-boy jr:


Sonny-boy has agreed to testify, but only on his narrow terms:



Still Interested in Illegally Engaging with Foreigners to Dig Up Dirt on Opponents

Before nixing the idea from the blowback, incredibly TV/PR lawyer Rudy was heading to Ukraine to seek dirt on a presidential opponent from a foreign power.  Wasn’t that exactly the illegal conduct that mostly launched the Mueller investigation?  Does Trump & his henchmen have any shame or even an ounce of respect for the rule of law?  Historically this is classic authoritarian dictator stuff, stirring up contrived falsehoods to be used in attacking/smearing opponents not due to any real evidence, but just by the mere fact they are the opposition:

The Trump Gestapo
Trump is steadily purging the intelligence/security agencies of those deemed not sufficiently loyal, so he can install his henchmen assigned to do his dirty work.  The prez knows achieving his dictatorial utopia requires having an Americanized gestapo in key positions who’ll bow & worship him, becoming puppets on a string carrying out orders from their king pursuing evil tyranny:
His “New Roy Cohn” Leads the Gestapo Squad
Our top law enforcement officer has taken the lead role on gestapo interrogations, designating some minion to investigate the investigators.  There are several articles below on this story which should disgust us, since those paying attention should be terrified at these moves on behalf of a corrupt demagogue, so you could search them out if you dare.  The whole purpose of these new inquiries ordered by the AG is to confuse & distract from the real crimes of our prez.  And for all those dingbats who think otherwise, of course there was just cause to start the FBI & Mueller probes, since Russia attacked our election!  These are the exact type of actions & disinformation that could steadily steer America into fascism:


It does seem Plausible Trump would have Pressured His AG/DOJ to Wrap Up the Mueller Probe Prematurely
Evil Echo Voices
And Trump has many shysters in the far-right echo spreading lies & conspiracies to smear his political opponents, which discerning Americans can see through the charade.  But the echo audience always falls for it:

Televised Hearings

A public testimony by special counsel Mueller before Congress would be electric!  Likewise, so would Don McGahn’s testimony scheduled in a week.  There’s something about televised public hearings that resonate with the public & sink into their consciousness.  It might become the key factor which turns the tide against Trump on impeachment: washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/05/13/defenders-constitution-need-explain-trump-threat.  So these dramatic spectacles could go a long ways in enlightening a lot more Americans about the investigations into Trump & the man we’re really dealing with inside the White House: