North Korea scares all of us while it’s Manafort that really scares Trump.
Before we get into this week’s headline about the dangerous menace that is Kim Jong-un fatso, let me review the story that would have gotten more buzz this week if not for the North Korean threat.  Another shoe has dropped, since for federal agents to be able to obtain a search warrant at Manafort’s home goes to show there’s probable cause of a crime.  You don’t get a warrant to invade a home during the night without solid evidence.  A big part of the case reportedly revolves around following the money.  Assuming there is actual evidence of a crime, don’t be surprised if a deal is struck so Manafort can squeal about who else was involved.  The most likely campaign officials who could flip on Trump, who no longer work for Trump & aren’t a member of Trump’s family, are Manafort & Flynn.  And all those out there who mocked, laughed, ignored, argued, disparaged & otherwise dismissed my bold prediction we’d have a new President by the end of this year, just you watch.  There’s a whole lot known behind the scenes than what we’ve heard about yet.
In other news this week, Trump wants his staff worshipping him on a daily basis by briefing him with glowing reports about his greatness & wonderful accomplishments, plus showing him flattering pictures of himself to self-obsess over.  No kidding, the reports are in the newsfeeds below.  Do not routinely dismiss my comments when I speculate he really could be a psychopath!  His staff knows they need to be yes-men or else the petulant/vengeful boss could give them the boot, which sets up a dynamic where the President is kept hidden from the truth, since delivering bad news means the boss could take it out on them personally.  Other internal rumblings playing out this week was Trump taking potshots at Mitch McConnell, with his ever perpetually-demented talking head Insanity Hannity having conniption fits about McConnell, failing to recognize it was Trump himself who did a terrible job of selling Trumpcare, not having a clue how to articulate the details in trying to bridge that gap/appease the demands of both the rational & radical factions of the party.  As leader of our nation, he doesn’t accept responsibility for anything.  So true to form, Trump likes to rip his allies which is completely self-defeating, since he needs to depend on leaders like Mitch if they ever hope to get anything done, especially with the Dems refusing to help & the GOP so divided they’re in the midst of a civil war.
On the Russian front, Trump did thank his boss Putin for expelling our diplomats.  He keeps cowering to the Russian dictator.  I think Putin must know something which could be fatal to Trump’s presidency.  As the scandal investigations play out, we can expect Trump to become more & more desperate & reckless, especially for an egomaniac who to him image is everything, so the thought of being shamed in front of the whole world would be intolerable.  The latest revelations about North Korea’s latest advancement in miniaturizing nuclear warheads to launch on the tip of long-range missiles is extremely alarming, as is the potential reaction of an impulsive American President who loves making headlines & seems consumed by power.  Today he even claimed his statements were “maybe not tough enough” when a couple days ago he threatened to launch a nuclear war.  What better opportunity to distract attention away from the scandal, plunging poll numbers & lack of legislative achievements than letting a potential military strike dominate the headlines.  How much scarier can it get, where our very survival against a rogue nation with nuclear capabilities could depend on such perceptive level-heads as Trump & Dennis Rodman?
Watching how Trump operates, his hair-triggered temper could cause him to launch an attack against Kim Jong-un’s arsenal on a whim lacking the proper strategy behind it, which any miscalculations could result in the deaths of millions in that part of the world almost immediately.  So this week we did witness the bizarre & scary situation where two rogue leaders (& arguably both are nuts) were threatening each other with nuclear weapons, while Mattis speaking for the White House even referred to the possible total destruction of North Korea.  Maybe it won’t matter whether the echo is complicit in establishing their chosen dictatorship & our constitutional democracy is irreparably damaged, if what we’re really seeing is the opening salvo in the run-up to Armageddon, in which case the one true King will return to clean up this mess & establish his own kingdom.
I really don’t mind Trump’s saber-rattling if the intent is actually a negotiations ploy to shock the likes of North Korea & China into coming to the table.  I will say it seems he’s far more proactive than our previous President, but his threats of fire & fury come across as off-the-cuff remarks from a thin-skinned lunatic lashing out.  Myself along with millions of Americans think Trump is crazy, with our allies along with the rest of the world believing he’s nuts.  Paradoxically, with our enemies that could actually work in our favor.  They might come to the table & negotiate with us in good faith, fearing what our madman leader could do.  And should we ever take military action against the likes of North Korea or Iran, their retaliation might be muted if they figure any counterattack could be met with overwhelming force from an unhinged American President.  So Trump might actually be uniquely qualified to rein in our enemies & their dangerous nuclear threats, simply since to get their full attention he doesn’t need to pretend to act crazy, because he’s already perceived to be as such.
But we must keep in mind any military actions against such rogue nations are a very high-stakes game, since there are no apparent good military options with North Korea & carries the risk of mass casualties into the millions with an all-out war, especially in a nuclear war.  But what’s maybe even scarier, if we do nothing the threats just keep getting worse.  And we have a President who has so blown his credibility with a demonstrable pattern of lies & contradictions, there’s no way to ever know if he means what he says.  Trump always talks tough but it’s unclear whether we have any viable options to back it up, which he’d better listen closely to his military advisers in accurately assessing the potential outcomes & risks of various actions.  So how Trump handles North Korea, including to what extent China can be convinced to cooperate in the effort, may not only define his presidency, but may well determine the security & fate of the whole world.  These articles below have plenty about North Korea & the Manafort raid.  Trump’s bluster & threats back & forth with Jong-un are threatening a nuclear war which if allowed to escalate could blow up the world, but believe me when I say that it’s Manafort being in the eye of the investigative storm which personally has Trump far more concerned….
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Food for thought….

Just cautioning against the possibility evangelicalism is being hijacked by something contrary to the teachings of Christ. Has-been Robertson & his sometimes goofy 700 Club, along with a number of other leading evangelical voices turned Pharisee charlatans, are making statements as if now possessed by evil spirits. Perhaps by making the evangelical church body more aware of the indiscretions, we can identify some of the heretics like that Jeffress clown. The wayward messaging & intentions of some evangelical leaders could be doing the same kind of damage to the Christian church as the echo is doing to the GOP….

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View from the far-left….

Hard-hitting articles just trying to wake up the far-right to the realities of how the other side thinks.  Understanding & learning to work with liberals does require leaving their echo-bubble every once in awhile….

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Evil-Echo Empire update….

Cubs fan always bemoans my media sources I include with the links to their respective opinion pieces (which I select based on relevant & accurate content over ideology), which he claims are left-wing rags as to practically be communist or something, while at the same time supporting his own arguments by referencing the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity & Ingraham. Need I say more? No wonder in reading his echo-stamped diatribes we see how his views are shaped & contorted like pretzels. There’s no possible way to overstate for the GOP to truly become a viable party capable of carrying out a leadership mantle & feasible policies that would actually benefit the American people, they absolutely must have a better informed base! The way the echo messaging-honks have so badly distorted conservatism over the past decade or so, a large % of the more hardcore supporters have formed political views based on misbegotten information far removed from reality. Just the poll in the links below showing half of Republicans would favor postponing the 2020 election for fear of voter fraud (one of many alarmingly preposterous & stupefying examples, see polling results towards the bottom of this group of links) shows how brainwashed the base has become from the echo & how susceptible they could be to a fascist dictator taking over our country! It just goes to prove how dangerous the echo is! When unabashed ignorance & gullibility have become so widespread from the toxic stew dished up by the radical-right messaging complex, democracy indeed is being threatened.

There’s plenty more links below demonstrating how delirious these far-right talk blabbers are, who 24/7 are polluting the TV screens, radio airwaves & internet networking groups across the nation with nonsensical drivel, & of all the talking chuckleheads the person heading the list for Insanity is Hannity. His imbecilic gibberish is so over-the-top unhinged, untenable & consistently wrong, I can’t even begin to comprehend the kind of mentality & naivete it actually takes to believe this guy. The effects of the damage he’s done to the conservative mindset literally makes him an enemy to America, an enemy to the American people, & an enemy to democracy. But suppose it could actually be proven Insanity Hannity is really our enemy? He’s been so in bed with Trump that should conspiring with the Russians & the subsequent cover-up ultimately be proven, Insanity might be found complicit in a crime for assisting Trump in their nefarious plot. If Trump goes down, there’s no rule that says only those on his campaign staff or administration would also be found to have engaged in treasonous activities. That could become a double-bonus for the American people & democracy itself, should this scandal wind up taking out both Trump & Insanity. It’d also be great for the GOP, helping millions in the base to stop being duped & the party itself can hopefully return to sanity.

Fox non-News & the rest of the echo-bloviators continue to prove on a daily basis how outrageously deceptive & certifiably nuts they are, regularly demonstrating no lie is too outlandish so long as it fits in with some preordained echo-approved extremist ideology. Part of it comes down to the crazy falsehoods & conspiracy theories have become so profitable, & that’s really on the gullible audiences for buying into such garbage. It’s sort of like cigarettes, opioids or pornography, something really not good for us but for some can have an addictive effect, so as long as there’s a loyal customer base hooked on it & buying it, someone’s going to make it & sell it. That echo-audience has become so conditioned to the ridiculous distortions & deceptions for so many years, it’s gotten that much harder to break them of their destructive habit, even when it’s proven to them what they’re agreeing with is mostly hooey. A free nation depends on having an informed citizenry, which is why the dumbing-down effects of the echo in conjunction with Trump are the biggest direct internal threats to our constitutional democracy we’ve ever seen.

I’ll be blunt. It’s the blatant stupidity coming from many in the GOP base who are destroying the GOP as a viable party. But these mostly hardcore fanatical conservatives could have never become this misinformed on their own volition. Their mindset malady has its origin in an echo that controls what they think, say & do over all things political. More of us as a public service should be willing to help inform them since America’s future is riding on it. Assuming you’re a person with rational political viewpoints, not imprisoning yourself inside the echo-bubble & exposing yourself to the daily hysteria of the echo-messaging which produces mind-warping confusion on their unsuspecting victims, you’d naturally feel inclined to try & enlighten your echo-friends. Please understand debating & arguing with them probably does no good since only you are operating from a world of reality, whereas their closed minds may be living in the sham universe believing the likes of Insanity & Rush Dimbulb, so trying to reason with them may be like talking to the wall & get quite frustrating.

A simpler option might be forwarding this info onto them & although initially they won’t buy in, just by chipping away at their hermetically-sealed bubble there could come a day we punch holes in that bubble enough to let light shine in. Those consuming the echo-garbage hours a day for years are probably far-right zombies by now beyond salvaging, but there’s hope for others since most reasonable people will eventually come around to believing truth over lies. They just need to see more of the logical truth. The challenge with echo-people is getting them to read the reason & common sense enough to the point where the insanity isn’t the only thing they’re being exposed to. Realize the intent is not to try turning them into Dems. We just need to retrieve them from the extreme-right so they can start supporting an intelligent, pragmatic & workable type of conservatism. Some of these articles can really help decouple those wallowing in darkness from their favorite albeit delusional TV network, which the foreign policy op-ed below (link #3) really is spot on, & should be required reading for every Fox viewer to understand the kind of hypnotic mind-destroying disgrace of lying propaganda they’re watching….

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Economy section….​

With the bottom half (arguably even the bottom 90%) of the working population having lost ground these past few decades, plus shrinking opportunity & wages presenting THE economic challenge for political leadership, neither major party (or as an article below argues we now have 3 main parties) have stepped up to the plate by adapting to those changing circumstances. Leadership is AWOL since such a drastic change to the system would take courage & ruffling a lot of powerful feathers. Admittedly, it would also be extremely difficult to implement even if we had good ideas, which currently we don’t. Assuming someday we can come to our senses & start focusing on the things that need done to really fix the economy, we’d better have some serious (non-partisan) discussions how to make the proper adjustments to the global capitalist system in permitting economic growth to become more inclusive, before the working class en masse out of frustration opts for a more socialist model to give them a fair shake.

This warning goes to the movers & shakers regardless of the political faction they adhere to, we must fix free-market capitalism now before it’s relegated to the dustbin of history. I can’t emphasize enough that adjusting the free-market system is a requirement for saving it. The wealthy corporate elite have been able to leverage their power & influence to the enormous benefit of themselves & only themselves, with the little guy falling behind, which may be most of the population. When investors are raking in billions of dollars while their peons working the floor every day actually doing the work are pulling in $10/hour & not making ends meet, that model is unsustainable. (And even liberals should admit the incentives are far greater to try & qualify for government assistance than take a menial, disrespected, low-paying, dead-end job, from which the resulting government debt levels are unsustainable.)

We’ve never had such enormous wealth/income gaps before, while leaving it up to unfettered free-market forces would only ensure the gaps keep getting proportionally worse. The pendulum needs to swing back before working-class voters scrap the whole thing. We’ve already seen they were desperate & angry enough to vote for Trump, so who knows what they might fall for next time. So at this time when we most need political leadership & both parties to step up, instead we have broken, divided & dysfunctional political system & parties, complicated by the base in each party always being fed radical narratives by extremist messaging sources. To ever find ideas & answers, we’d better start earnestly looking for them! Check out the outstanding articles below, as some of these first few articles really drill down to what our problems & challenges are….

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