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For this blog to fulfill the purpose for which it is intended (replacing Trump & his echo in order to save the GOP & American democracy), it needs to gain a much larger audience.  So we’re seeking a sponsor, PAC &/or social media group who can take our message to the next level (any references are appreciated), since these next 6 months will be critical for informing American voters of the facts, especially with the sobering reality our current president is a clear & present danger.  This is important information lots more people need to see in making a real impact.  If such outside assistance can be found, we can then once again increase the frequency of our posts.  America’s future is dependent upon getting the word out, since reelecting this president would have dire & possibly catastrophic consequences for our country.


Part 1
Crime Report…A thoroughly corrupted presidency will go to any lengths in suppressing evidence/witnesses to hide the extent of his multiple crimes.  Anybody who wants to take the time to look back in our archives, it’s all there.  From the conspiracies with Russia/Ukraine, the campaign finance violations, defrauding contractors, university students & charities, plus tax fraud among many other offenses, Trump through the years has been shown to be a man with no moral compass or regard for the law.  He also has no regard for anyone but himself.  So be assured, in all our Part 1’s through the years we’ve posted irrefutable evidence of Trump’s crime syndicate, from our commentaries to thousands of links taking us to articles from major news sources.  But with the White House having engaged in an unprecedented level of obstruction of justice, there’s so much more we have yet to learn.
Among the Part 1 articles below, Trump & his corrupt AG pulled the strings to keep Cohen in jail while trying to intimidate him from releasing a tell-all book.  Part of Cohen’s prison sentence was for the campaign finance crimes where Trump was named as an unindicted co-conspirator, which we’ve seen a number of Trump associates paying the price for doing his bidding.  Meanwhile, Flynn, Stone & McGahn are pivotal players to the Russian collusion caper which Trump has so far escaped indictment.  The mob boss was protected by his diabolical cult, including the DOJ leadership, GOP congresspeople, echo-media & Trumpeter base.  But once the prez is out of power & no longer wields the sword, he could still face criminal prosecution for a whole array of offenses.  As Americans, we just need to make sure we vote this criminal-in-chief out of office.  The headlines have continued to heat up these past few days as seen in all 3 parts below (especially in Part 3 we see how a clueless president presiding over a crisis equals disaster):
Part 2
Autocratic Leader & His Echo…It is alarming beyond measure what we see happening to America (& not just the pandemic).  Leaving Trump up to his own devices, America may no longer become America anymore, as our democracy & Constitution could be tarnished so badly as to cease to exist.  The ominous signs have been presented for years in every one of our Part 2’s, in the hopes that as Americans we pay attention to what’s really going on.  Adding to the overabundance of evidence, Trump’s Twitter rants over the weekend further prove he’s out to lunch in managing this virus crisis, instead being consumed by what he falsely describes as the fake news media & deep state, unleashing vitriol upon them for simply doing their jobs.  Had he only paid attention to the real news & hardworking civil servants beginning in January when they first started warning him of the Coronavirus, decisive leadership could have greatly reduced the death counts & economic carnage we’re now facing.
I knew the Trump presidency would be a disaster the moment he got elected, but it’s turned out so much worse than any of us could have ever believed.  In attacking democratic institutions, traditions & norms, he’s gone well beyond simply being a temperamental, lying, clueless, incompetent, gaslighting, self-absorbed buffoon.  He’s also a legitimate authoritarian danger!  The prez is surrounding himself with corrupt henchmen in his administration, Congress, the courts, the military, intelligence community & echo-media, conducting an all-out mission to usurp unabridged power by unleashing his attack dogs against any hint of political opposition, thereby attempting to establish what amounts to a tyrannical state while declaring himself king.  These links to articles are not fake news, they are very real & all told reveal very dangerous & sobering truths about our prez.  To most Americans, these individual occurrences sort of fly under the radar, but each should be considered a piece to a fascist puzzle.  So all these links seen here & in all our Part 2’s, taken as a whole they scream out of a looming dictatorship in the making.  That’s why such articles should not be taken lightly or ignored:  
Fox Fake News & Other Dangerous Echo Nitwits
The Fox prime time shows in recent years have become unwatchable, a complete dereliction of normal human reasoning.  These guys actually lie to us more than Trump does!  Carlson/Hannity/Ingraham every weeknight offer up 3 straight hours of psycho insanity, deceiving & dumbing down their viewers.  Regular viewing is tantamount to shooting toxins into one’s brain.  Hosts, guests & viewers alike have become a very scary bunch, promoting deranged viewpoints & conspiracies which are highly counterproductive/destructive to a functioning democracy.  If we can’t find a way to thoroughly discredit Fox & the rest of the echo media, they’ll continue to bamboozle the conservative base with rhetoric completely opposed to the facts, to where the rest of us can’t reason or negotiate with them when they’ve become so lost in a fog & far removed from reality. 
All of the links like as seen below & in any of our blog posts are way more accurate than Fox fake news.  It’s really quite simple.  If you want the truth, read these articles.  If you’d prefer being lied to, watch Fox.  In their coverage this year, between the inconceivably mixed & irresponsible messaging regularly coming from the White House & the echo, touting dismissive & reckless behavior which their fans incomprehensibly bought in, that is probably the primary reason this virus has gotten away from us far worse than any other country.  So read & remember those with blood on their hands, since it’s not too much of a stretch to think it’s essentially a case of negligent homicide: 
The Evil Tea Party Reemergence
I pull no punches since we’re facing very sinister domestic forces at play looking to do tremendous damage.  These wacko protesters are putting our lives at risk, while also threatening to ignite a civil war & fascist state.  A couple articles in this group below even call them a potential terrorist threat.  Americans should take this threat seriously, understanding that white supremacist terrorists have overall killed a lot more Americans than Islamic radicals.  Plus make no mistake, the protests across the nation will wind up killing people, as the virus spread is sure to spike as those crowds keep congregating.  It’s a crying shame at a time we’ve been losing around 2000 Americans per day as May death rates have even started off exceeding April’s, & new projections say it could hit 3000 daily by June, yet these extremist nudniks can’t even do their simple patriotic duty by staying in isolation awhile longer until we’ve successfully bent the curve. 
Ironically, the protesters’ rush to reopen the economy may result in greatly delaying our economic recovery, as in their haste the ravages of the virus could flare up with even more fury:  Reopened states like Georgia & much of Florida will serve as guinea pigs:  This is all so insane with cases still rising across the country:  Among the many safety issues, Gov. Cuomo said today in his Monday AM presser that not wearing masks is cruel, since such selfish actions could kill somebody:
The scientific data needs to guide our actions, not some twisted self-centered ideology actually helped being fueled by the echo & corporate greed.  And we’re largely seeing a movement of many white supremacists looking to throw lighter fluid on the fire of Coronavirus.  Don’t look now, but who is among the biggest cheerleaders for these protesters?  Channeling his memorable Charlottesville comments, Trump said these gun-toting loonies are very good people.  He’s encouraging the very behavior that’s sparking civil disobedience & allowing the virus to further spread, putting many more American lives at risk.  The CDC revised projections have just raised the estimated death counts based on so many states now reopening:
So in essence, our prez has pronounced Americans must die so he can use talking points bragging about his economy to win reelection.  That’s the only calculus that drives him.  And apparently his so far badly-managed handling of this pandemic that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans isn’t enough for him.  He’s now inciting reckless actions to further spread the virus which aims to escalate the number of Americans dying into the hundreds of thousands (& for all we know it could hit the millions):  Great job Mr. President.  In the fall, American voters should not forget what you’ve done for us (& to us).  So as these deranged raucous rebels strut around with their rifles intimidating governors, they really should be blaming Trump’s bumbling leadership that led to both the tragic deaths & economic lockdowns.  Here are the protester news details: 
Part 3
Devastated Economy…No doubt we’re facing the worst health crisis & economic crash of our lifetime.  Getting the economy going in the near-term depends on dramatically increasing widespread testing & tracing, while in the months ahead a healthy economy will be dependent on effective treatments & a vaccine.  Even with some of the more reckless red states opening up now, the economy can’t truly bounce back until people are given a high degree of confidence the virus is under control:  Other nations have successfully stemmed the spread through adhering to strict social isolation measures, with many of those economies being able to gradually return to normal.  America is cursed with a far-right echo-media & irrational Trumpeter base channeling the tea party mindset, which their stubbornly selfish attitudes are capable of only comprehending narrow tribal interests & not the greater good.   
That radicalized tribe feels energized & empowered by their cult leader.  And Trump’s main goal as president is to please his base, no matter how destructive his leadership is to our country.  Even more damage is being unleashed by Trump’s continuing assault on the American worker, as now he wants to force them back to work & put them in harm’s way: & also see  Forget anything the prez has ever said, he’s never been on the side of the working class.  Even younger people in good health who aren’t at a high risk of dying from Coronavirus, as they’re required to go back to work in close proximity with others, they could still take the virus back home to mom, dad, grandma or grandpa.  Many of these workers compelled back into the workplace are being paid slave wages in the first place, despite the huge risks they’re now taking while on the job: & also see  But with Trump singularly focused on forcing the economy open to boost his reelection chances, I’m not sure the health of the American people is even figured into his calculations.
As we battle through this national emergency in the hopes many sectors & small businesses can ultimately survive, along with workers getting their livelihoods back in a way they’re able to make ends meet, in addition to our immediate concerns we should also strive to make a better tomorrow:  The economy for typical middle class workers really wasn’t so great before COVID-19 came along, & it won’t be that great going forward even when/if the virus is suppressed unless smart proactive decisions are made:  I’ve always advocated a capitalist society over socialism, but we must restructure this current oligarchical crony capitalism/modern gilded age model which sees most all the rewards going to the privileged.  Virus or no virus, the system is rigged & broken, so we need to wake up to that reality & find ways to fix it!:  Many other economic news stories from the past few days are posted here: 
Lousy Leadership with Deadly Consequences
Nope, a bumbling leader & emergency crisis don’t mix well.  So Trump is still seeking a scapegoat as cover.  Once again Trump is dismissing reports from his own intelligence community by insisting he has evidence the virus was developed in a Chinese lab.  Isn’t it strange the way our prez constantly gushed over the Chinese president’s handling of the crisis until recently, now he’s saying the whole thing was China’s fault: & also see  This conspiracy theory the prez is advancing along with his echo is entirely due to his desperation in pinning the blame on somebody else for his own tragic failure in containing this virus early on.  He always throws out to us some wild theories like this without providing even an ounce of evidence.  But Trump needs to invent excuses in trying to save face, since the virus got a 2-month head start before he even lifted a finger to fight it, while his leadership still here in May remains woefully inadequate.  And what responsible leader would dare push for reopening the economy as the death projections keep growing?:
Operation warp speed (, perhaps the product of a warped mind, has our prez conveniently ignoring science & safety in trying to rush through a vaccine that is at best months down the road (if it’s even possible for this particular strain of virus).  It’s a shame he never gave that same kind of attention & urgency to a widespread mass testing program, which would help greatly reduce here in 2020 the health & economic carnage the virus brought on our nation: & also see  Such testing likely held the key to stopping the virus in its tracks early on, avoiding so many unnecessary deaths & this isolation shutdown that has strangled our economy:  In particular, high risk places like nursing homes, prisons & meat processing plants, every person who enters should be tested regularly:
We still could & should ramp up the amount of supplies & labs to do millions of tests per day, but what is lacking is the funding & presidential leadership.  They’re even struggling getting the testing together for just 100 senators as they head back to work:  This pathetic performance almost makes it seem as though Trump has all along been sabotaging the testing program:  From the time our prez started getting repeated warnings back in January the virus was about to hit us, his ineptitude in coordinating that testing initiative & general dismissal of the virus threat itself resulted in one of the deadliest leadership blunders in American history.  Trump’s continuing aversion to ramp up testing remains a baffling mystery which clearly displays the magnitude of his inability to lead.  And his horrible decision making over this pandemic actually began before this year:
As for other pertinent details, the White House’s own guidelines that states should have 14 straight days of declining infection rates before reopening, none of the states have met those standards & yet Trump is encouraging the governors to open up anyway.  Plus Trump & his party seem to be deliberately strangling cash-strapped states by leaving them out of the federal stimulus packages, perhaps as a dirty trick to force them into reopening their states before it’s safe, since they’re putting governors under enormous pressure to acquiesce in order for them to get badly-needed revenue coming into their state’s coffers:  Keep in mind, the one & only thing we can always count on with our prez, as has always been the case with him since the beginning, it’s been lie after lie after lie after lie:  And his original sin since we first heard about the virus, he dismissed the early dire intelligence warnings as a hoax:
Everything Trump has done during this pandemic has been a knee-jerk reaction to benefit himself & his reelection chances, not for the health of the American people.  His tone-deaf pronouncements are all over the place with contradictory claims & strategies (, as his obvious mismanagement of this entire crisis is backfiring on him.  Most of us can see through Trump’s antics as his selfish dishonesty has become so transparent, & it’s really starting to hurt him in the polls & his reelection hopes.  But our narcissistic prez will keep trying to paint this disaster as a roaring success:  I am sensing the majority of Americans have come to understand the catastrophic circus show that is the Trump presidency, from which our nation cannot afford to give him another term (we’d better hope that’s the case come November).

So as things stand, Trump says everything is going great in his irresponsible rush to reopen the economy prematurely:  We know it’s still too soon since we have yet to bend the curve downward:  And inexplicably, Trump still isn’t putting in place important measures which could soon allow us to restart the economy safely:  Yes indeed, Trump & his minions remain unable to grasp reality:, as Americans needlessly die because these incompetent buffoons are running things.  I’m just thankful despite GOP leadership, here in Ohio the powers that be at the state level have acted responsibly.

My brother pointed out our factory of sadness, home for two decades of the worst team in the NFL, that Cleveland Browns stadium could no longer hold the number of Coronavirus deaths recorded in America:  It sort of puts things in a very sad perspective.  And it’s true what actually went so wrong as seen in these next links, it was the overall lack of presidential leadership throughout 2020 which has been a major contributor to so many tragic deaths: & also see–and-it-was-worse-than-we-thought/ & also see & also see  Such evidence leaves little doubt. 
The lessons from around the world indicate social distancing/isolation works, while relaxing those guidelines results in more suffering.  Other countries who’ve managed to better mitigate the ravages of the virus, their leaders in taking the threat more seriously took decisive action.  But not Trump.  Even now (much like my Cleveland Browns) he continues to fumble the ball: & also see  And all the president’s optimistic BS-hype crap almost always turns out to be wrong:  If you can still find a CNN special that aired this week on The Pandemic & the President, it’s excellent. 
As Americans we need to pay close attention to what’s now happening to us, since we are keenly experiencing the devastating effects of a leadership void during a major crisis.  These many links can bring us up-to-date on most of the relevant details surrounding this Coronavirus pandemic.  Even just taking the time to peruse the titles can be informative on this monumental story affecting all of us.  A huge story like this keeps producing a huge number of links, & Americans who will vote need to know about these important reports, so please do share:   
Six Months to Election
When you’re the incumbent president up for reelection, presiding over a recession/depression & health emergency killing thousands of Americans from which your own dismissive inaction is largely to blame, that does make your situation look rather bleak.  Despite having his supportive echo & cult base, the truth will find him out, as most Americans have come to realize this clown-show circus master doesn’t possess a leadership bone in his body.  He’s all show & no substance, as we can only hope someday America might recover from his toxic governance.  At least that daily irritant looks like it’s been put on hold as Trump may have given up on his rambling late-afternoon pressers, since it was revealing his nonsensical BS for all to see & hurting him in the polls.  
As for the sexual assault allegation which is dominating the Biden coverage, it is quite disturbing, but it’s interesting of the 5 friends who this lady says can corroborate her accounts, 3 of them say they have no recollections.  There’s a part of me that would wish we could start the campaigns over with a clean slate, having choices other than Uncle Joe & Trump: (a good example might be Cuomo vs. Kasich).  But if the binary choice comes down to those two, Biden or our current prez, there really is no choice.  Biden has been accused of sexual assault by one woman, not 20+ (, plus Biden is not an over-the-top egomaniacal narcissist, chronic liar, vengeful bully, divisive demagogue, temperamental loose cannon & corrupt con man.  And he would have certainly handled this virus crisis much more effectively.
As I’ve often said, personally I would vote for Donald Duck over Donald Trump.  Truly, it’s now mourning in America:  I just don’t think we could possibly ever have a worse leader than what we’ve seen the past 3-1/2 years.  MAGA is a mirage which has become a sick joke!  America could never be great again with Trump at the helm.  He’s a dangerous menace who must be removed, since America as we’ve always known it may not survive 4 more years of this chaotic lunacy:  It’s really hard to believe many Americans still need convincing, but it is what it is.  The Trump/echo cult influence is strong & extremely deceptive.  Even beyond Donald Duck, I’d venture to say most rational Americans would be a safer pick for president than Trump, since we’re not fascist tyrants.  These links take us to the latest election/campaign news: 
Has It Really Been 50 Years?
I graduated from Kent State towards the end of that decade, but this horrible event was a defining moment of that generation.  It seems like just yesterday.  At that time being an oblivious middle school student, I missed the full magnitude of the tragedy.  Some point to that particular tragic incident as the beginning point of our cultural divide/polarization which continues & has escalated a half-century later.  These articles put those events into perspective along with the song commemorating what occurred: