Part 1 – Trump Crimes & RBG

We only have a few articles on Trump’s illegal activities in this first section, but under that are commentaries & links including the huge news of this past week, the passing of Justice RBG & all the ramifications that are sprouting from that.  It’s got Americans all riled up with the election season already underway & the abortion issue arousing passions on both sides.  But we’ll begin with more criminal updates which are definitely credible, with this bombshell story landing today that should get more play if the overload of news headlines weren’t so overwhelming (which is why we have a lot to say in our post today): & also see  We had always anticipated Trump could be charged with tax fraud & other financial crimes, so it looks like they’re closing in.  With this White House, having the president being credibly investigated for a felony is just another day at the office.

Furthermore, Russia is going full-bore again by interfering in our election, seeking to aggravate the bitter divides in our nation while smearing Trump’s political opponent much like they did in 2016.  Isn’t it ironic the Trump team of stooges, featuring Barr, Rudy & Sen. Johnson, are looking to pull off the same type of collusion crimes with foreign powers for this election as what happened in the last election.  So if we happen to see a phony Durham report sprung on us as an October surprise, rest assured it’s the current version of the Russia-Trump coordinated WikiLeaks email dump or the Trump attempt at bribery/extortion with Ukraine.  Cheating defines who Tru​mp has always been.  That new 2020 collusion story is explained inside these links along with other reports of crimes that point straight towards Trump & his crime syndicate, plus there are details why the Mueller Russian probe was absurdly incomplete:

RBG & the Fallout
She was a powerful presence, a powerful intellect & a trailblazer, who even became a pop icon in recent years.  She was also extremely tough & resilient in her long battle with cancer.  This new news may dominate right up through the election & beyond, so isn’t it amazing how the main issues holding our attention can turn on a dime.  When I first heard the news of Justice RBG’s passing, my instant reaction from a political standpoint was a keg of dynamite just exploded right before this most bitterly contentious & critically important election.  My first thought was how this will really amp up the deceived Trumpist side of his evangelical base who only vote based on one issue, but then I rationed how at least as many voters on the Dem side will also be inspired to vote.  This will be a base election more than any other in that turnout holds the key, which this one is destined to have a sky-high turnout on both sides.  Polling suggests the interest in this election is at the highest levels on record, which is indeed likely to play out in record turnout, while the prospects of a coming imbalanced conservative court is sure to ignite the pro-choice crowd:
I was encouraged right after the news of RBG’s passing broke, David Gergen on CNN said he felt the backlash would help Dems win this election.  I agree the GOP senate is likely toast & I’m optimistic Biden will win, especially if he holds his own against Trump during the debates.  With the abortion issue ratcheting up passions, it could well be most of the Trump-worshiping pro-life evangelicals & even like-minded Catholics were going to vote anyway, whereas those on the left who had been complacent about voting Biden have now been inspired to vote in far greater numbers.  I really hope that happens:  Personally, I’ve always been pro-life within reasonable limits, but my conscience can’t let a singular issue over a Supreme Court vacancy cloud my judgement over the true character of the man currently holding the office.  Remember, this is a direct vote for a president, not a justice.  And abortion is a lone issue, Trump is screwing up on 100 others!  So for me, no matter whether his opponent is Joe Biden or Donald Duck, voting for Donald Trump is not an option.
The highest passion over abortion is on the right since that’s all some of them care about & vote on, whereas the higher turnout numbers may be sparked more from the left, especially as the Dems intertwine a conservative court with not just the prospect of losing the pro-choice issue, but the real threat of having health insurance taken away:  A Pew poll just came out showing more Dems are more motivated to vote based on the court seat/abortion issue than GOP voters, a reversal from 2016.  But until the scenario plays out right up through Nov. 3rd, we really don’t know how this court vacancy will affect the election as to which side benefits: & also see  My hunch is this unites the moderate/progressive chasm to energize the Dem base.  We can just sense the groundswell growing out there, with higher percentages of demographic groups who normally don’t turn out in high numbers likely to vote this year (young people are you listening?), especially with many more taking advantage of the convenience of mail-in ballots.
Trump no doubt welcomes this new narrative since his flailing campaign needed something else to run on, especially as he keeps trying to bury the tragic virus news, so he’s jumping at the chance to nominate someone this week (he says it will be a woman judge) way out on the fringe right: & also see  It is disturbing an issue that already gets disproportional attention in a presidential election, now it’s weighted even more:  Generally this is just one more bitter fight that threatens to irreparably tear our nation apart.  The Kavanaugh hearings could seem like child’s play compared to what’s coming up.  By all rights the voters should help decide the next justice on Nov. 3rd (, but the Trumpian GOP has long ago dispensed with even the pretense of having a moral conscience.
The country needs reminded how blatantly hypocritical the GOP is being:  Because Trump & his cult party have so thoroughly repulsed the majority of the American people on their overall governing tactics which may bring us Dem rule for the foreseeable future, if the GOP does hypocritically force through a conservative justice after denying Garland his seat for more than 9 months in 2016, expect the Dems as payback to actually add a couple new seats on the court:  A Hail Mary might be Trump getting indicted for tax fraud in NY when he loses the election, prompting impeachment & a delay in the Supreme Court justice confirmation.  Any possibility may well play out with the court ready to transition over to a decidedly conservative bent along with Trump’s selections being relatively young & likely to serve for decades, so the Dems will not be wallflowers or patsies when they win the election or come January when they assume power.  Dem congressional leaders have said all options are on the table.  It’d be nice if bipartisanship suddenly appeared in finding middle ground, but it’s highly unlikely cooler heads would prevail:
It’s also possible Biden could make the pick on the current vacancy if Trump’s nominee is seen as too extreme, where a couple other GOP senators could join possibly Murkowski & Collins in voting down the selection that I anticipate would occur during the lame duck:  I think it would be a political miscalculation for the GOP to vote on confirmation prior to the election:, but hearings may well begin soon after her nomination by Trump: & also see  The Dems should gain an AZ senate seat come Nov. 30th & could cause McConnell to rush the process through:  If Biden wants to further energize his base, he could announce Garland as a choice on his shortlist to fill the seat stolen from him 4 years ago, while without compiling a full list also perhaps throw out the name or names of qualified minority women:
The vacant court seat likely gives evangelicals license to again align with a totally immoral & dangerous earthly leader, reflecting horribly on them.  Those of us who haven’t signed on with that cult of Trump but are nonetheless pro-life, we should not let that situation overlook that a vote for Trump really is still a vote for a corrupt, lying, bullying, unprincipled, chaotic, clueless & reckless demagogue who’s an aspiring dictator!  It’s not worth the risk, since I’d rather save our democracy over having a conservative court!  The bottom line is, this singular issue does not justify electing a president who is such a threat to bring down our country.  Inside this next link, can I get an AMEN!:  So I personally would never base my vote on a singular issue like abortion alone, especially with all the other dire concerns America has & the GOP choice for president being god-awful.
And although the GOP controls the process a few more months, we shouldn’t bemoan whether the eventual outcome is certain to go against us nor consider ourselves powerless: & also see  But we can count on this whole thing becoming ugly: & also see & also see  The bitter divisions exacerbated by this election are now boiling over with this court vacancy.  Could the tensions & animosity even prompt a risky government shutdown before the election?  And in the coming years, it’s hard to imagine how we’ll ever unite as a nation again. 
I’ve always contended a lopsided conservative court can do more harm than good, as revealed by decisions supporting gerrymandering, Citizens United, voter suppression, removing environmental standards, favoring big corporate interests over workers & various other destructive conservative causes.  An extremist far-right court would also likely kick millions off their health care, as we’d lose Obamacare & coverage for preexisting conditions:  If those Trump voters were truly pro-life, why would they throw 20 million Americans off health coverage or support a president whose inaction on COVID contributed to the deaths of 200,000 Americans?  And why should fetuses be given a higher priority over established human lives?
I’ve also often said becoming a pro-life nation shouldn’t come about through a Supreme Court jamming their dictates down our throats as a society, but rather through changing hearts & minds so as a citizenry there’s a majority consensus that abortion is too hideous of a procedure to be permitted.  I personally find abortion deplorable, but as an older white male is it up to me to decide what women can do with their own bodies?  It would also conflict with the will of the people.  At this stage our country is trending more in favor of pro-choice (, with one big reason driving the trend being the belligerence & moral vacuousness of Trump, his party, his echo-media & evangelical base:  Evangelicals are giddy over this opportunity, but from inside their bubble they are not changing many hearts & minds on the outside.
There’s no refuting that people behind any movement can’t change hearts & minds when others perceive them as hypocritical & morally duplicitous buffoons.  Promoting a sustainable pro-life stance could have only been made possible through an ethical, unifier-type president with an argument based on compassion & not forced edicts.  With the GOP tone-deafness & hypocrisy sending their own unpopularity to outrageous proportions, any temporary victories would end up being obliterated should voters usher in Dem domination for a generation or more.  Also consider a pro-life court that repeals Roe v. Wade could come with a caveat the reelection of Trump may find America slipping into fascist tyranny (I’m not kidding, see the analysis & articles in Part 2).  Just from the perspective of pro-lifers whether they realize this or not, the ideal scenario might be one term of Trump giving them the conservative court they’ve always longed for, but denying him a second term could prevent permanent irretrievable damage to our nation, their party & their evangelical church:  To my evangelical friends, don’t just trust friends who sit in your pew, look at Trump for who he is!  Explained here are the ramifications of the sad news that landed on Friday evening like a sledgehammer:
Part 2 – The Dangers are Real
In every Part 2 we always expose the risk of dictatorial fascism, of which President Trump is a unique threat in American history.  More than any other menace we’ve ever encountered, this is what the election comes down to:  Also for my evangelical brethren out there, perhaps my rant here might enlighten them to the folly of only voting strictly based on their anti-abortion stance.  Some out there think I’m always being alarmist, but in revealing the dangers we are better equipped to defeat the forces of tyranny:  And my warnings always come with tons of links to articles from real media sources based on actual facts.  So please don’t dismiss, slough off or ignore my commentaries & continuing massive lists of link titles, since when the patient (America) is having a heart attack, the medical personnel (the American people) cannot just nonchalantly prescribe an aspirin & bed rest.  We’re facing a real emergency that demands the attention & urgency required to match the threat!  I can envision a century ago the citizens of Italy or Germany also having a complacent attitude as Mussolini & Hitler rose to power.  Most Americans still seem to be sleepwalking while our Constitution, rule of law & democratic institutions are being steadily dismantled!
Let’s let history be our guide:  History is rife with examples of citizens giving a pass or not taking seriously the autocratic instincts of their country’s leaders usurping unbridled power right under their noses, from which a fascist dictatorship has taken hold.  That risk is unfolding right now in America, as a dictatorship could be allowed to form if as a people we don’t wake up!  I ask & plead with you to heed the warnings, while also sharing this opening clip from the best show on cable television:  What’s on the line is not only the future of America, but the future of the whole world.  Bad presidential leadership in America greatly raises the risk of things blowing up, as in this modern age we meander through crises like more nukes, pandemics & climate change.  
Alarmist Trumpeters offer up fake-news examples of Venezuelan socialism as our future fate should Dems be put in power, but might I counter with the thought a continuation of demagogic Trumpism might ultimately end in a Venezuelan-type fascist state:  Don’t be taken in by any far-right talking points since they are themselves the real threat.  And Trumpeters really are supporting making America like Russia:  Police states like Trump envisions often look like this:  Whatever our nation is becoming & stands for, any America who’s lost their way & influence around the world, we are inviting these types of hotbeds to ignite while our prez keeps throwing gasoline on the fire.  And the longer we allow a corrupt demagogue to operate from inside the White House, the greater the risk we become just like one of those repressive authoritarian regimes. 
There are many dangers that do require our attention & need to be taken seriously, so we’re prepared to hopefully intercept them before being carried out:  I also share this same grave concern about nukes:  Despite lots of bluster & self-proclaimed dealmaking prowess, Trump’s diplomatic posture has only heightened tensions & aggression by our adversaries, as Russia, China, North Korea & Iran are more motivated than ever to accelerate/expand their nuclear programs.  Yes, North Korea is still a nuclear threat despite what Trump claimed upon his return from the Singapore summit, & however long it takes Iran to develop long-range nuclear missiles, their burning desire to avenge the killing of Gen. Soleimani will remain boiling hot:
Dictators don’t rise to power on their own.  Much like Trump is attempting a coup over all the levers of governmental power, his sinister AG Barr is orchestrating a coup over the entire Justice Dept.  Barr’s many faults against the rule of law are well documented, but recently he even went so far as comparing Coronavirus restrictions to slavery, a stunning case of verbal diarrhea that’s hard to swallow!:  And in recent comments about BLM, the AG expressed he doesn’t really care about black lives.  Being as corrupt of a figure as our country has ever seen in the Justice Dept, Barr is the personification of a dirty cop at the highest level.  Another 4 years of Trump would allow the prez to further stock the swamp with sycophantic gestapo-like loyalists like Barr in key leadership positions, where he can command total subservience or else they’ll face his wrath & punishment.  Just look at every appointment for whatever department Trump has made, especially lately, they’re all slobbering lapdogs, willing to do anything Trump says in order to please him!
In other news seen in the links below, we read where there are a few select cities declared anarchist zones so Trump can withhold federal funding.  Also, there’s yet another woman who came out claiming Trump sexually abused her in the past.  Can all two dozen accusers be lying?:  And can we believe Trump’s denials when he’s a proven pathological liar?:  Don’t mind me, but I’d certainly bet on it’s the women telling the truth.  What I just don’t get about doting Trumpeters, with everything we know about Trump & his plethora of despicable personal traits, why would they want to reelect & allow him to continue serving? as our president?
Trump is also bent on discrediting & destroying the free press along with the First Amendment, a classic move any dictator would seek.  The prez even told a cult-rally crowd the accounts of a MSNBC reporter being injured covering a protest, calling a video of the incident a “beautiful sight:” & also see  Our prez is a very sick person!  Normally the mentally ill can be institutionalized, but unfortunately he is still our president.  He also revels in roughing up protesters, even the peaceful ones exercising their First Amendment rights.  There are also reports of forced sterilizations at a migrant detention camp, which the reality of such horrors is still needing to be authenticated.  If proven true, we’re heading off into experimental Nazi concentration camp territory, so stay tuned as this story is still in flux:  But who could have ever believed America would be traveling down any number of such evil paths?
Other reports have the FBI Director warning of the most serious threats from ongoing Russian interference & white supremacism, which Trump takes offense to the facts when it doesn’t match his campaign rhetoric.  Any official that dares tell the truth is immediately at risk of being replaced by some sycophantic Trump henchman.  A second term will surely feature a dramatic increase in putting incompetent, corrupt & blind loyalists in key leadership positions, while the punishment & vengeance against political opponents could rise to a whole new level.  A Trump unleashed without the containment of facing another election could make the next 4 years a living hell!  And because the prez demands spin over facts, those Trumpian blind spots & his administration’s miserable diplomatic efforts while shunning long-time loyal allies, plus his tepid response to the pandemic fight, all that is badly damaging America’s reputation & leadership mandate throughout the world:  Yep, another 4 years of catastrophic American leadership can only usher in many more disasters!
Primarily thanks to the cult of Trump & echo-narratives that have drifted way out to the extremist right through the years, the modern-day GOP has become a bastardization of conservatism that has abandoned truths, to the point where a real conservative movement is no more:  Their crazed fans are fully supportive, so that base is letting the evil in our midst to get away with such horribly destructive intentions.  In these many articles below, this week they’re dominated by the actions of the ominous Trump-Barr tag team, who based simply on their words & deeds are engaged in an all-out attack on American democracy.  Our nation has never seen anything like this, at least not in more than a century.  No, I’m not being alarmist, but I wish I were.  It is possible my concerns will turn out overstated, by why take the chance?  Until the threat passes, let’s fight the forces who could potentially bring on tyrannical fascism with everything we’ve got!  The facts inside these links speak for themselves as our constitutional democracy is in real danger if we let all this sinister autocratic maneuvering go on much longer:
Fox Fake News the Key Propaganda Source Vital to this Authoritarian Regime
An obvious lie from the bamboozled far-right is their unrelenting slogan of fake news when they describe the real media, while they place their unconditional trust in the truth-challenged echo-media.  They’ve got it all bass ackwards!  The real media with real journalists base their reporting on real facts even though they are quite tough on Trump, but it’s their job to call out the constant lying, bullying, incompetence, cluelessness, corruption & illegal activities that define this president far more than any other.  It’s the right-wing echo spearheaded by Fox that is demonstrably & verifiable churning out false info, distortions & conspiracies on a steady basis.  Granted, the opinionated talk shows on either side can be entrenched in their partisan politics since that’s exactly what their audiences have come to expect, but another standard mantra from the far-right that’s a lie coming straight from the pit of hell is that both sides have news reporting from the extreme fringe.  Again, the real media may mean left but rightly so in this current unique environment, whereas the radicalized echo has become a pure propaganda machine in support of their demagogic leader.
In other words, Fox is in a league of their own for lying compared to CNN or MSNBC.  Just like Trump can lie to his base all he wants because they believe him irregardless, the same applies to Fox fake news & their viewers.  They actually feed off each other & coordinate the crazy spin:  I’ve never said Fox regular viewers were imbeciles, but the brainwashing relentlessly emanating from the lying network they follow has effectively turned them into political idiots.  Until we can somehow turn the false rhetoric around to where some inside the echo-bubble finally perceive the critical errors in their thinking, America will continue in its decline by being weighted down by bitter divisions when most in the conservative base live in a conspiratorial fact-free world.  I admit to being a Fox viewer for a couple decades until it became apparent they started lying to me, so I can’t watch any more, especially the wretched prime-time shows.  If only my fellow conservatives were equally discerning, America would be in a far better place.  Here are recent updates calling out Fox:
Crazy Train Section
Just look at what the messaging from Trump & his echo have unleashed!  These dim nudniks described in these articles are mentally disturbed beyond measure, certifiably being several watts short of an illuminated light bulb.  Every day they routinely dismiss reason & common sense, oblivious to how nonsensical & destructive their view of life has become.  Yep, those fanatics are flat-out nuts & here is the evidence!:
Evangelicals & Their False God
In the perpetual battle between good vs. evil, here’s hoping & praying evangelicals can start getting on the righteous side.  I can’t believe there’s any doubt over such obvious truths, but the loony mentality seen at Trump’s rallies are certainly not of Christ:  The evangelicals who are caught up in this cult are actually doing their best to drive people away from the Christian faith whether they know it or not.  So to the many faithful who have this undying devotion to Trump, demonstrably among the most immoral persons to ever hold an elected position in American government, the words of Jesus come to mind as he was hanging from the cross: Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.  Make no mistake, if America makes another yuge mistake by electing this guy again, evangelicals will get the bulk of the blame.  Here’s the updates since last Monday:

 Part 3 – The Economy, Virus & Campaigns

Virus or no virus, the main challenge to fixing our economy for the long run is featured in this article, since the working class have been getting robbed for far too long:  This can be tackled if we only put our minds to it, but the Dems seem to be struggling to come up with viable solutions while the GOP is ignoring the problem altogether.  So the middle class continues to pay dearly for the economic policies embodied in Trumpism which has crushed the American Dream:  But many of the blue-collar victims who’ve succumbed to these lopsided initiatives enriching the wealthy are still being snookered into supporting Trump, being played for fools:
I also say there is one glaring omission in the Dem messaging, a mistake fatal to Hillary’s campaign: & also see  Both parties have botched this one issue for decades, a primary source of all the intense frustration out there.  I’ve warned for years & it’s more true today than ever, if we don’t fix capitalism it will lose out to socialism, which that transition isn’t far off:  I wish we’d get serious about fixing our free market economy to facilitate shared growth & opportunity for all, but on a bipartisan basis we’re hardly even talking about it.  This has become political dereliction & malfeasance as American families keep struggling to make ends meet.
Obviously the virus has only made the situation multiple times worse.  Yet even with the election season upon us, the constant bickering still prevents another much-needed rescue package from getting done.  How many bankrupt businesses & families will it take before DC addresses the desperation?  While Congress is beset by entrenched polarization, MAGA has been infested by maggots.  Why does Trump get any credit at all for his disastrous running of the economy?  He has no idea how to even do his job:  Blue collar workers seem to love him, but here’s the current status of Trump’s so-called manufacturing miracle:  And Trump has often promised a fantastical, terrifica health care plan that’s way better than Obamacare, but it’s just a big lie & always has been a lie:  It will really become a mess if the highest court strikes down Obamacare & the GOP has nothing to replace it with.
Biden is wisely reminding voters of his working class background, whereas Trump was born into the elite class with a silver spoon in his mouth.  So Uncle Joe relates to the folks of Scranton far more than Park Ave.: & also see & also see  And the GOP’s attacks about socialism directed at Uncle Joe are mostly bunk:  Our economic situation is floundering & mired in uncertainty, which these links take us on a tour of the predicament we’re really facing.  Our current prez has been the main hindrance, botching the virus fight from the start, plus he never seems to grasp saving the economy first requires getting a handle on the virus:




200,000 & Counting which that High Number was only brought about through Incompetence
It should have never gotten this bad, but we just reached that tragic milestone: & also see  Nope, this was never meant to be had we only handled it right:  Even a pandemic that killed 200,000 of his people wasn’t enough for Trump to start caring for anyone else but himself:  These were real lives lost, not just a statistic.
Health experts even within the administration like CDC director Redfield now believe wearing masks may provide more protection than any coming vaccine: & also see  Despite Trump’s pushback there was absolutely no confusion in Redfield’s statement.  Even when & if a proven vaccine does come along, it’s estimated that it might be only 50-70% effective, whereas if we all committed to wearing face masks whenever around others, the rate of efficacy is likely higher than that.  And masks are available now, a safe & effective vaccine might be a year away:
Plus how can the states set up the distribution channels for the vaccine before the election like Trump had insisted, when we don’t know which vaccine it might be even if one were ready by then.  Among the candidates are vaccines that would require two doses & need to be stored at very low temperatures such as -70F.  A big reason why we’re in the mess we are in is because we’ve never gotten universal compliance on wearing masks:  Those brave tough-guy Trumpeters feel masks are for sissies, so they boast being mask-free & mock others who wear them, not knowing how many people they might infest or even get killed.  Even in his cult rallies we hear booing at the mere suggestion of wearing masks.  They’re following their leader’s lead, as Trump refuses to encorage mask wearing while making fun of those who do.  Meanwhile, Trump actually tried to blame Biden for why people don’t wear masks.  Huh?
Other assorted topics in the links below, incredibly it was the department of HHS who actually wrote health guidelines on behalf of the CDC, even putting their reckless spin on the CDC website over objections from CDC scientists: & also see  So now the credibility of the CDC is shot.  It seems the administration routinely muffles health experts & alters medical data in favor of political spin:
Another big blunder was Trump insisting the economy reopen prematurely back in the spring before the individual states’ data showed any bending of the curve.  We’d be so much better off now had we only been patient back then.  The one & only thing Trump brags about doing right was the China travel ban, but even that made things worse:  A former top aide to VP Pence called out Trump for basing his virus decisions on political calculations & stated he has no regard for human life:  Our infection rates remain way too high despite Trump always pushing back on more testing.  Among Trump & his merry band of Trumpeters, this next link reveals ignorant, selfish, irresponsible & deadly thinking:
Our response was so inept it’s become a worldwide joke:  Of course, with Trump’s penchant for always blaming others, he blamed the blue states.  But our president’s non-leadership is primarily why America has more infections & deaths than anyone else:  Trump apologists would point out our 200,000 deaths are overreported because hospitals are incentivized to report COVID deaths while most of the victims did have other preexisting conditions, but that’s more than offset by lots of other deaths being underreported since many who’ve passed were never tested for the virus.  Another claim is we have more deaths since our population is more than most countries.  OK, so let’s factor in mortality rates compared to other prominent developed nations.
By our calculations, if we had the same mortality rate as Canada, we’d have 117,000 fewer deaths.  If we had the same mortality rates as Israel or Russia, we’d have 157,000 fewer deaths.  If we had the same mortality rate as Germany, we’d have 163,000 fewer deaths.  If we had the same mortality rate as Japan, we’d have 196,000 fewer deaths.  If we had the same mortality rate as South Korea, we’d have 198,000 fewer deaths.  If we had the same mortality rates as Singapore or New Zealand, we’d have 199,000 fewer deaths.  And if we had the same mortality rates as Vietnam or Taiwan, we’d basically have almost 200,000 fewer deaths.  Does anyone see a pattern here?  Naturally, the delusional & narcissistic Trump just graded his performance fighting the virus as an A+.  Maybe he’ll need to downgrade his score to A- if the number of deaths double by year’s end.  It seems like our prez needs to refresh his memory by reading the Woodward book.    
A big part of the problem is a White House political strategy that barely acknowledges COVID or pretends it’s already past us, forfeiting his leadership authority to rally the nation around much-needed measures to effectively fight the virus.  The prez isn’t responsible for all 200,000 deaths, but the families of every one of those victims can rightly wonder if Trump’s botched response did cost them the lives of their loved ones.  It’s an unmitigated tragedy President Trump’s incompetence & failures have undoubtedly killed countless thousands of Americans!  As Bob Woodward correctly stated about Trump’s unprecedented mismanagement contributing to the deaths of 200,000 Americans & counting, it was a monumental, catastrophic leadership failure:  Some of these link titles would be hilarious if they weren’t so tragic, so none of us should be laughing as we puruse this list:
What a Wild Election Season
This presidential election is more than a choice between Trump or Biden.  It could be nothing less than a choice between Trump or democracy.  We need to reject buffoonery & get back to being a great nation:  As that article states, democracy is not a given.  There are times we must fight to keep it, which that time is now!  The signs are encouraging that most voters have had enough of Trump, as this overexposed prez has even lost his mojo when we see his previous ratings magic wearing thin:  In 2016 it was wall-to-wall Trump all over the TV screen.  But since then we’ve discovered he’s nothing more than a fraud.  And the contrasts in knowledge & competence really stood out this past week in the town halls:
Some people say I gripe a lot in these messages.  But that’s how we can identify our problems so we know what needs fixed.  Everything basically needs fixed after suffering through Trump’s leadership soince 2017.  Looking at life through rose-colored glasses can be counterproductive when surrounded by misery.  And let’s face it, for most of us 2020 has been a miserable year.  It’s far better to strive towards tackling our multiple challenges rather than sticking our heads in the sand while our problems fester & multiply:  My philosophy is we can go back to being positive & cheery only after we correct the core factors causing our current multiple crises.  The first essential mandate to fixing our multiple issues & restore hope is to change presidents from now through Nov. 3rd (hear the song at the bottom).
The Trump campaign is realizing based on consistent polling that their best & perhaps only chance to win is to cheat.  Not just giving the Russians a free pass again on tainting the election, but also through various means of voter suppression, voter intimidation & disqualifying votes in urban/minority areas.  It ranges from throwing out ballots based on signatures & ensuring long lines within the inner cities on election day, hobbling the post office & curtailing mail-in voting, plus encouraging partisan Trumpeters to patrol election locations on Nov. 3rd.  The president’s cronies are also colluding with Russia again which will be revealed in the coming conspiratorial Durham report.  So when our current prez falsely barks out how the Dems will rig the election, he’s projecting onto others the wrongs he’s committing himself.  And if he does lose, Trump may resort to the courts in declaring him king, or incite his white-supremacist Trumpeters to start a civil war in taking back power.  This stuff sounds crazy & it is crazy, but don’t put anything past this guy!
Polling continues to show a bloodbath with Biden’s huge advantage over Trump among women, minorities & young people.  The one category Trump still leads bigly is among white/non-college.  But compared to 2016, he’s hemorrhaging white votes: & also see  And overall most national polls keep showing a remarkably steady lead for Biden in the range of 7-9 points, with state polling already projecting Biden as exceeding 270 electoral votes if things hold up:  I doubt the court vacancy will change the calculation much:  Most voters seem dug in so the margins aren’t moving much.
With less than 1-1/2 month to go & voting starting already in some places, Dems have united around this being the most important election in our lifetimes with Trump being an existential threat to our democracy.  Joe Biden has got to win since the alternative is unthinkable!  These links indicate we can be optimistic without taking anything for granted, so please get involved with us in helping spread the message.  I probably shouldn’t say anything that might bring on complacency, but at this point I believe a Biden landslide is more likely than another Trump narrow win.  Be mindful a lot can still happen.  Let’s finish strong since the stakes are enormous, so there is nothing more important the next few weeks than helping to inform & warn our fellow citizens, which is why we need & welcome your participation as collectively we can avoid a catastrophe:
Lookin’ for a Leader