Part Three – At Least Left Wing Political Blogs Agree

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I’d really rather convince conservatives.  Sure, left wing political blogs love the way I bash the GOP, but I’d call it tough love.  The GOP is who I’m trying to fix, which is why the GOP base dislike my criticisms so much.  The left would hate me too if I ranted against them relentlessly & said what I really think about them.  The Dems haven’t changed, they are still weak on defense/security, too far left on social issues, & way too willing to throw more money at our problems, fostering a dependency mentality that undermines individual initiative.  And to equate climate change as an imminent danger similar to the international nuclear threat is utterly absurd.  So liberals are who they are & have been for a very long time. As a center-right conservative & ex-GOP supporter, my entire focus is on fixing the GOP, since it’s shocking how far off their bearings the GOP has shifted the past decade or so.  But even if I played it exactly down the middle, the Dems would see me as a far-right hardcore conservative & the GOP base would still view me as a pinko-commie socialist, which only goes to show the enormous partisan divide we’re now dealing with.


What’s so disturbing to me is the way the GOP has shifted so far to the extreme-right while also staying stuck with their old obsolete policies, unable or unwilling to adapt to the changing circumstances.  The GOP still represents big donors, big corporate interests, dirty money & gerrymandered districts, with seemingly a lack of action & urgency on lifting up the struggling working class.  And they claim the tax cuts will help the middle class but I don’t see how.


There’s so much about the GOP tax proposals that don’t seem to make sense, like curtailing education & professional job training at a time when one of our biggest problems with putting people into good jobs is the skills mismatch.  And while some middle-class families will actually pay more, contrary to Trump’s talking points, we also see some real whoppers in his original claim he wouldn’t personally benefit since his taxes would go up.  But now as we see with cutting back the estate tax & carried interest provisions for private equity & real estate firms, the Trump family would be poised to pocket billions more.  Of course, he’s been known to lie about everything else, so why not taxes?


In the first link below from Our Future, “What is the true cost of inequality“, the article makes these poignant points:
*The world has never been richer, with recent gains going to the top 1%
*Trickle down tax policy is not working
*The once-great American Dream no longer applies to America
*The U.S. median net worth pales in comparison to countries like Japan, Australia & Switzerland
*With more equitable tax policies, Japan has more than double the median net worth, with Australia nearly 4 times that of America
*If America had more equitable/progressive tax plans that mirror Japan’s, the average American could expect to see an extra $100K ultimately added to their net worth


And by the way, the Trump tax proposal goes the opposite direction of those other nation’s tax plans we should be striving for.  Plus it can be no mystery why America’s wage/wealth gaps are far more distorted/severe than other economies in the modern world.  So when we hear Trump puffing out his chest & along with his pundits claim this is a booming economy, it’s only booming for his corporate buddies & those heavily invested in the stock market.  It’s really a continuation of the Obama economy, with low unemployment & growth creeping along, but roughly half the working class are living paycheck-to-paycheck.  All those left wing political blogs get this, so what’s wrong with the conservative blogs. Why can’t they see the light?


So the first set of links in related articles take us to economic problems highlighting income inequality, retail workers, Social Security & retirement concerns, plus infrastructure.  Moving on down, in the article “Economists dispute GOP tax plan,” out of 42 top economists questioned if Trump’s tax cut would significantly grow the economy, one actually said yes.  It’s sort of parallel thinking to the Cleveland Browns are now in the midst of a 42-game stretch, & yes, they have actually won their one game.  But if they do only win 1 of 42, that doesn’t make them a winner.  The very next link states “37 of 38 economists said the GOP tax plans would grow the debt & the 38th misread the question“.  Also, check out a Huffington article, “Republican tax plan class war us,” it proves something is out of whack with this opening to the article: 


The United States has a problem. Over the past decade, most of its families have been spinning their wheels. The median household income, adjusted for inflation, has grown by just 1.5 percent ― $839 ― since the beginning of the Great Recession.  Over the same period, the total annual economic output of the United States has grown at 10 times that rate.


We do see plenty of links below on the tax plan.


So while we do need tax reform, it shouldn’t be done in such a way that deficits grow a lot more than GDP.  And despite the rhetoric that this bill is designed to help the middle class & small business, which definitely should be the goal, the reality inside the fine print indicates otherwise.  And this absurd talking point about our corporate tax rate being the highest in the world is largely irrelevant, since all the loopholes & deductions have made the effective corporate rate roughly around half the listed 35%.  So lowering the rate while making it more revenue neutral would require eliminating deductions like charitable donations non-profits rely on, which means it’s more likely the final form of this bill will cave & instead be a budget buster.  So the GOP may or may not pass something on taxes soon, but they won’t score many brownie points with the public just because they managed to get a bill through.
Tribute to a preteen heartthrob….


My sister constantly played those songs in the early 1970’s by character actor Keith Partridge.  We lost David Cassidy this past week, but this song should provide a lesson for us on our partisan politics.  The gridlock is killing us.  We must pursue the common good.  If we want to start governing & getting the important things done we really should do, we all need to adopt the attitude “I’ll meet you halfway, that’s better than no way, there must be some way to get it together.”


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