Part One – My Most Brutal Critique of Trump Yet, So Liberal Blogs and Websites Love It

I bash him here on Russia & lying, but the next section below gets even more brutal….

I’m trying to convince conservatives of my viewpoints since I’m calling them out on their big shift to the far-right.  And also on their support of Trump.  The language I use to describe our President in the second section below (agreeing with Gillibrand) may shock you, but it’s heartfelt & offers compelling reasons why you should feel the same way too.  There you’ll see the strongest criticisms I’ve ever directed at Trump.  And that story doesn’t even deal with the Russian scandal.  But it emphasizes the importance of the scandal needing to force his removal from office.  Once you fully realize the questionable character of the man, you, like me, could become engrossed in the possibility the scandal can soon take him down.  In discussing politics, I hate to get bogged down in an analysis of all the sexual hijinks that have been going on out there, but it’s been all over the news headlines.  So before we start wallowing in the gutter in the next section, let’s first in this section review the other most recent news reports.

The first article is very informative on Trump and Russian numbers.  From there we see the Kushner articles, showing once again he’s been bending over backward to hide all his Russian communications/contacts.  There’s even an article explaining, a potential presidential pardon aside, Kushner has an excellent chance of serving time.  Based on the new reports of him refusing to turn over pertinent Russian-related materials, along with pursuing backchannel communications with top Russian officials, I’d put his odds of earning a prison sentence right up there on par with Paul Manafort.  Ivanka can’t be happy, but she might have known stuff too.  And I’m virtually certain Daddy knew all about what was going on.  Proving it is likely just a matter of time.  And when that happens, it will hit echo-world like a sledgehammer.

I believe Mueller is likely sitting on many smoking guns & indictments, holding them close to his vest so as to not tip off future witnesses to the evidence he’s sitting on, guarding against influencing their testimonies as he continues to gather new evidence & build his case.  It’s important for America that Mueller builds the strongest case possible against Trump, so when the inevitable articles of impeachment are written up, the angry uprising from Trumpeters can be more muted when the evidence of criminal activities is irrefutable.  So keep checking your radio, TV &/or internet.  Staying attuned to the headlines, at a moment’s notice the next big shoe may drop or new indictment comes down, taking the scandal to its inevitable next level.  At whatever point the revelations become more damning, expect this scandal to cascade into an unstoppable avalanche taking on a life of its own, sweeping away many in its path.  It may soon totally dominate the news cycle & the American consciousness far more than it does now.  It could evolve into a constitutional crisis that demands action to preserve the rule of law & democracy itself.  In rapid-fire fashion, several of the perpetrators will likely be rounded up to face charges, & I suspect it will go to the very top of the White House.

If that scenario becomes our reality in the near future, it will be unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before, far surpassing Watergate.  The proof must be conclusive as the investigations connect all the dots, but based on what we know so far with mountains of circumstantial evidence, I really doubt I’ll be wrong on this.  I’ve been predicting such an outcome for nearly a year & we’re steadily getting closer.  It will produce some rough times for America as the Trumpeters who still refuse to see the light will go into their hissy fits, but it will be an oh-so-necessary cleansing for our nation.  And the shame of it all, echo-fans are missing out on all the building excitement & drama by isolating themselves inside their echo-bubble.  Those rightwing media sources bend over backward to avoid the biggest news story of our lifetimes!  Oh well, they’ll find a way to blame it all on Hillary.  And echo-eggs will buy it.  They’ll sure be shocked when the real scandal hits them over the head as Trump’s presidency nears its end.  So yes, liberal blogs and websites love what I’m saying, but one day even conservatives will have to begrudgingly acknowledge I was right all along.

Mueller is even requesting documents from the DOJ, essentially his supervisors.  Sessions is in legal jeopardy over this since it plays into possible obstruction &/or perjury.  The heat is rising!  In the article, ‘A long winter’: White House aides divided over scope, risks of Russia probethere is this ominous sign for the White House, revealing Mueller is aware of other meetings with the Russians with this little blurb: “Witnesses questioned by Mueller’s team warn that investigators are asking about other foreign contacts and meetings that have not yet become public, and to expect a series of new revelations.”  Then in the excellent article titled “The Russia investigation’s spectacular accumulation of liesit lays out here the coming impact of those lies:


What are the implications? President Trump and others in his administration are about to be hit by a legal tidal wave. We look at the Russia scandal and see lies. A skilled prosecutor sees leverage. People caught in criminal violations make more cooperative witnesses. Robert S. Mueller III and his A-team of investigators have plenty of stupidity and venality to work with. They are investigating an administration riven by internal hatreds — also the prosecutor’s friend. And Trump has already alienated many potential allies in a public contest between himself and Mueller. A number of elected Republicans, particularly in the Senate, would watch this showdown with popcorn.  But the implications of all this are not only legal and political. We are witnessing what happens when right-wing politics becomes untethered from morality and religion.


I’m a center-right conservative & always have been, but my persistent bashing of the same party I’ve always supported stems from how far out on the extreme the GOP has shifted.  The echo-loving right believes my rants are only fit for viewing on liberal blogs and websites, always complaining most of the links I post are from mainstream media sources, which to him is more like the commie-pinko left.  I don’t select articles based on their political leanings, I pick them based on the accuracy of their reporting & the topics most relevant to the real news.  And it is conservatives I’d most like to reach, since if they read these messages with an open mind, they should find there is real validity to my comments & the related articles always posted below.  Sure, I include an overload of links since Trump might be the biggest newsmaker of all-time, as he creates controversy & chaos as a matter of course.  Granted, it would take a true political junkie to read all those articles, but just perusing a few links can be quite informative.

There are lots of Russian scandal links to keep us up-to-date.  Below that is a group related to Trump’s international debacles, including another staff member calling him stupid.  In the final group of links, Trump’s chronic pattern of lying is unlike anything America has ever seen from a public figure.  He lies several times a day to the point it’s become normalized & expected.  In Vegas, it seems people can gamble on most anything, so they probably post the over/under on the number of verifiable lies Trump will have told on the one-year anniversary of his presidency at 2000.  They should also set up betting odds on which number will be higher at the one-year mark, the number of lies told by Trump, or the number of times him & his campaign officials answer “I don’t recall” & “I don’t remember” when asked about something on Russia.  So that latter category may also climb into the thousands, whether in public or behind closed doors while being interviewed.  Funny how there’s some form of collective amnesia running rampant through the campaign staff.  Think they have something serious to hide?  I think so!

Yes, I agree with Gillibrand….

I agree with her now & I agreed at the time it was playing out two decades ago when Bill Clinton got impeached.  (See the first article below.)  I just happen to believe we should hold the President of the United States to a higher moral standard, from which when the evidence clearly reveals a pattern of despicable behavior exposing serious character flaws, a president loses the moral authority to lead.  In President Clinton’s case, there were multiple women coming forward with credible accounts backed by large amounts of corroborating evidence, enough for reasonable people to conclude the women accusers were truthful.  I followed that case closely as well & I do believe the women, so I supported impeachment.  (Interestingly enough, way back in time I thought Nixon was railroaded & hated to see him leave, but I grew up in a very conservative household.)

Likewise, as we see the race in Alabama playing out, I believe the multiple women accusing Judge Roy Moore of sexual abuse & assault are credible, with plenty of supporting evidence pointing to a deplorable pattern of behavior, enough to where Moore should step down from the Senate race.  Al Franken is also in hot water, having displayed disgusting behavior & a second woman has now come forward.  Journalists have even been called out now in a wave of sexual allegations.  So hopefully this can force influential men to clean up their act although we also should guard against the risk of overreacting, as women from everywhere are feeling emboldened to come to the media with all manner of misbehavior by men that they’ve kept pent up inside all these years.  The line between real abuse & using stories as a weapon can be a fine line & difficult to sort out.  So here’s hoping this current feeding frenzy where many women are coming forward serves as a comeuppance to their abusers (assuming the men really are guilty & not victims themselves of character assassinations), which should also help highlight & paint the perverted President Clinton & Trump infractions in a new light.

So in light of this wave of new sexual abuse reports, let’s review the disturbing allegations that had previously been brought against President Donald Trump.  Again with Trump, we have multiple women with credible accounts backed by corroborating evidence revealing a horrible pattern of behavior.  It also fits in with the character pattern of what we know about Trump & his own confessions caught on that Access Hollywood bus video.  So once again I do believe the women.  Of course, we must be careful & always examine the evidence in detail as to its veracity.  Especially with those in leadership positions, there’s always the risk that accusers are doing a political hit-job or seeking the notoriety.  So we can’t jump to conclusions until the validity of the allegations is thoroughly vetted.  But that was done in the case with Clinton, Moore & Trump, which from the multiple accusers & solid evidence it looks highly likely the conclusions support the women.  We’ve seen a celebrity laundry list of other sexual abusers who have lost their jobs, careers & reputations lately, including Cosby, Ailes, O’Reilly, Weiner & Weinstein, with just today Charlie Rose.  Why not Trump?  I think Franken could become more of a national sacrificial lamb by falling on the sword, helping to salvage much of his reputation were he to offer to resign if Trump does.

Here’s the part where I get down & dirty!  As much as I find the apparent actions of Judge Moore reprehensible, especially the pedophilia account from molesting a 14-year-old girl, I actually find the accusations against Trump far worse (also keep in mind the continued defiance by Trump & Moore absent of reasonable counter-evidence only helps confirm their guilt).  Compared to Moore, there are more women involved claiming Trump sexually abused them (more than a dozen), & when reviewing the preponderance of evidence I’m very confident the women were truthful & Trump wasn’t.  What’s worse, that even includes a woman who at the time was only 13-years-old.  So I also believe that particular woman when she came forward last year along with the many others.  She claimed Trump raped her!  Yes, at the time she was only 13!  There was even a witness.  I believe her, do you?  (See the Newsweek account)  The reason she said she withdrew her case was first Trump & then later some rabid Trumpeter fans threatened her with her life.

Read the article for yourself & see if you find it credible, especially with the other detailed recollections of over a dozen women only adding to the credibility of this one Jane Doe.  The Russian scandal aside, is this a person we want as our President?  So yes, I do believe the woman, which means in my mind there can be no other conclusion than our President is pure scum, literally the lowest form of life on Earth, nothing but a hideously despicable person who only deserves our scorn.  We’d say that about any grown-man pedophile who raped a child.  I know my comments are strong, but if you believe the accounts from that Newsweek article as I do, I assume you’d have to feel the same way.  Let’s try to put this in proper perspective.  Please pause to give this some real thought.  As I said, the numerous women coming forward does fit a pattern, while the alleged rape of a 13-year-old occurred as Trump was hanging around with a proven pedophile & sex offender (Jeffrey Epstein).  So if you really study the evidence as I have, we need to come to grips with the likelihood we elected as our President a pedophile & child rapist!  The supporting evidence certainly exists about his personal character, since it does fit in with the other women’s accounts & Trump’s own chronic pattern of lying.  If true, this is an unfathomably evil act.  It is hard to find the proper words.

Sure, it’s a she said, he said situation with this awful claim going back more than two decades when she was just 13-years-old, but in light of all we know of Trump & his character, I side with her.  To those who don’t believe that woman or any of the other women accusers, I have to ask why not?  Is that person we saw in the bus video above reproach?  Do you believe the words of a notorious liar over more than a dozen women?  Or maybe you don’t know or don’t really care.  Just because the woman who claimed she was raped as a child but backed down in fear for her life, does that somehow diminish what may have actually happened?  Anyone who sweeps such horrific accusations under the rug, do they even care at all about America’s moral standards?  Or the welfare of a child?  Please let others read that article & see what they think.  Spread the word since so many Americans don’t seem to realize who this guy is we actually put in the White House. What goes around comes around, so perhaps the Russian scandal can soon transition him from the White House to the big house, where it seems he rightly should have been placed two decades ago. I for one certainly don’t think he should be our President, so the sooner we can find a legal way to boot him out, the better!

Fortunately, we have the Huckabee daughter/press secretary on hand to clarify things as we see in some links towards the bottom.  When asked the difference between Franken & Trump’s sexual abuse allegations, she shrewdly pointed out why Franken’s case was far worse. His lone case (at the time Sarah made her comments before a second woman emerged) was something he admitted to (was being honest) while in Trump’s more than a dozen cases, he denied them all (lied about it).  So as a link below explains, it’s OK to sexually assault women as long as you don’t admit it.  Whew, I’m glad she cleared that up.  Thank you so much for your insights Sarah.  We would have never thought of it that way.  Every time she goes out before the press corps to face the music, she must be thinking to herself I’ve got to answer to this other crazy thing my boss said, did or tweeted? 

There’s an infallible strategy inside Trump-world that is never breached.  The real reality is never real, but reality is only what we admit to.  And truths aren’t true, since the only truth that matters is to push the envelope in spinning falsehoods as far as possible to benefit us but our base will still believe us.  So whether it’s sexual abuse accusations, Russia, legislation, poll numbers or whatever, the Trump agenda is entirely based on convincing their fans of the greatness of their leader for maximum impact, greatly assisted by echo-spin, even though it’s all a mirage.  And the optics always trumps the substance with the lying justified if it furthers their combative us-vs-them tribal agenda.

In a couple links near the bottom, we also see some compelling wisdom from one of Judge Moore’s good ole boys pastor buddies, where he enlightens us with his opinion that more women are sexual predators than men.  Yes sireeee, I guess that newsflash lets his good buddy Roy off the hook.  Maybe Moore’s friend never got word of the sinful sexual depravity going on for years inside Fox News headquarters, where it was all men abusing the ladies & I saw today a $90 Million settlement was agreed to.  The next couple links right below that have a guy kicking off his Ohio gubernatorial campaign by detailing his extensive sexual history, which myself & especially my wife immediately crossed him off our lists.  In the final link from CNN, which that news source should not be an automatic disqualifier for  the echo-crowd as long as their reporting is accurate, starts off with the headline there’s a massive moral vacuum in the country right now, & concludes with this thought referring to becoming the best of us & not the worst of us: “We do not have that person in the White House.  Elections have consequences.  And this is a very big one.”  Somewhere in the middle of that same article is this spot-on observation in this couple of paragraphs:

This sort of moral relativism — or, better put, this absence of moral authority — is, without question, the most profound difference that Trump has ushered into the White House. The 43 men who held the job prior to Trump had a very strong sense that the position, at root, was about leading the country to higher moral ground. That, for all the policy positions and political calculations, the beating heart of being president was about moral authority — in our lives, in our country and around the world. That no matter what their political opponents said about them, no one could say the president didn’t believe in always doing what he believed was the right — as opposed to the easy — thing.


Many fell short in that effort. Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern — and lies about their relationship — was a failure. So, too, was George W. Bush’s insistence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and, therefore, represented a clear and present danger to America. Richard Nixon came the closest to moral abdication with his treatment of the presidency as a perch by which primarily to settle political scores.  But, Trump seems to me to represent something different even than Nixon. Whereas Nixon ignored the inherent moral leadership asked of a president, Trump seems entirely unaware that it exists.

Views from the far-left

Yes, many consider the Kos crazy far-out extremist hyperbole, but in the end, once the scandal plays out, it will have proven far more accurate than the rightwing echo.