Part Three – Liberal Politics May Be Correct on Taxes

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Every issue is so politicized anymore, it’s hard to know what to really believe.  On the tax proposal, the GOP says it will help the middle class while Dems say it’s a tax cut for the rich.  I come from a center-right perspective so my take isn’t about liberal politics.  It’s just when I hear former Reagan advisor Bruce Bartlett say this plan is ridiculous, that’s good enough for me (he explains in the AM-Joy video).  He points out corporate tax reform is certainly in order, but it must be made revenue neutral by closing the loopholes.  What kind of tone-deaf leadership have we unleashed on DC?  The GOP isn’t putting the legislation together to help the working class, they’re only trying to justify their own existence in power by showing they can at least do something, even if the end result does nothing.  As Bartlett points out, the only thing this bill would raise are the deficits, not wages.  There’s even a graph in a Washington Post/Monkey Cage article showing the tax & Trumpcare bills are the two most unpopular pieces of major legislation with the public going back nearly three decades.  That means they are lousy bills or poorly sold, probably some combination of both.  Even at best, the effects will be neutral.  So we’re getting all this ballyhoo for what?  Probably nothing!


In addition to the nuclear threats from enemy states & terrorism, the other great overriding challenge the world faces is the ongoing struggles of the working lower/middle class.  It is really the only economic issue we should grapple with, which successfully fixing that one problem would solve most other economic problems.  The first few links below again present some of those challenges.  To be blunt about it, the system is rigged & workers are getting screwed.  The system has actually been working against them for decades.  That’s why the natives are restless.  The interview with Ray Dalia in the first link nails the reality, describing how the bottom 60% in the U.S. economy is suffering from no income growth & rising death rates.  The second link is an enlightening article describing “Attacks on worker wages have kept benefits from the middle class.”  Nothing DC is currently bickering over is really all that relevant to addressing this one primary economic problem.  The parties are broken, our politics are broken & our leadership feckless.  Dems want to throw more money at it & the GOP wants to leave well enough alone & let the free market sort it out.  Either approach is ridiculous & won’t even begin to get at the core of the problem.  So no matter if you view things through traditional conservative or liberal politics, we’ve tried both & it fails miserably in this new global era.  Moving on down the related articles, there are lots of links on taxes & a few on Puerto Rico.

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And let’s not let politics tarnish special times with family & friends.  Instead of arguing, just direct them to The Voracs. On that note, I’ll give these commentaries a break until after the holiday weekend, barring a major break in the Russian case.  And with all the sexual abuse stories hitting the news practically every day, I dug up this tune which is highly appropriate
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