Part 1 – Criminal Evidence Keeps Adding Up
It was just another huge news week in this Trump era.  We’ll have the bombshell Woodward revelations further below in Part 3, but here in Part 1 there are new reports shedding light on Trump’s likely criminal conduct, specifically on Russian collusion & his ongoing cover-ups.  Yes, those are crimes, as collusion is conspiracy & cover-ups are obstruction of justice.  When we view the whole picture of this presidency, the lying, bullying, divisiveness, chaos, incompetence, cluelessness, corruption & lawlessness, Trump will easily go down as the worst president in our nation’s history.  It’s a slam dunk!  We don’t even need to gain the perspective of time & history to already know that.  Among his leadership malfeasance always being on full display, there is credible evidence through the years as we’ve laid out in our Part 1’s Trump has committed multiple felonies, plus there must be a dozen instances of impeachable offenses which would have led to removal from office for any previous president in normal times.
There were 3 major stories this week related to Trump’s sinister actions, intentions & disinformation, so here’s my brief summary of what’s really going on.  In the first one, a new whistleblower exposed another cover-up of Russian interference in our election, which Russian bots & their disinformation campaign are flooding social media as you’re reading this.  The DHS at the president’s direction manipulated intelligence reports to fit the White House narrative, wanting to absolve Russia for their meddling in the coming election, instead looking to blame countries like China & Iran.  The administration also sought to tamp down intelligence reports on the very real danger of white supremacist terrorism, twisting the facts to falsely portray leftist groups like Antifa as the bigger threat.  So now we have further confirmation Trump’s campaign is in overdrive to cheat in this election by falsifying facts, including again giving Russia a free pass to taint our election.
Trump knows he needs a big October surprise, & probably more than one, in order to win.  In addition to Operation Warped Mind which Trump is insisting on releasing a vaccine before it could possibly be proven safe, he’s also demanding his loyal lapdogs collude with shady Russians (or Russian-friendly Ukrainians) in digging up dirt on his political opponent (since it worked for him in 2016).  So that is our second news update in the links below, as attorney John Durham was tabbed by AG Barr to conduct an investigation, the purpose being to discredit the reasons for the original FBI/Mueller Russian probes & concoct a conspiracy in trying to smear Biden.  It’s abundantly clear what’s playing out here, with the prez pressuring Barr who’s pressuring Durham to dig up the phony dirt on Trump’s political opponents before November to help his chances.
The third big story involves a top deputy to Durham stepping down, reportedly due to pressure from the Trump-Barr tag team to deliver the phony report within the rushed timetable of sometime in October.  An interesting sidenote to this whole charade is the reliance on information provided by a Russian agent working with Rudy: & also see  Those crazy tales are looking to smear not just Biden, but Obama, Hillary, FBI investigators & any other Dem opponent they can rope into their conspiratorial fantasies. 
And trying to discount the need for the Russian collusion probe related to the 2016 campaign is utterly ridiculous.  Just consider all the evidence that came out of the Senate intelligence & Mueller reports, plus Roger Stone admitting he kept Trump in the loop on the WikiLeaks email dumps, we know conclusively there was just cause to investigate the cozy connections between the previous Trump campaign & multiple shady Russians.  Plus Trump’s campaign manager (Manafort) was caught giving secret campaign info to a top Russian operative, so the signals all point to there had to be something shady going on.  We may be a step closer to learning why our president does seem compromised by Putin in that he would never/ever criticize his buddy, as more incrimination clues come out related to Russian collusion in the 2016 election that is happening again today:
So in summary, the prez is again putting his thumbs on the scales over illegal cheating with foreign powers in our elections.  Throughout our Part 1’s in recent years are extensive commentaries & thousands of links to articles serving up irrefutable evidence of criminal behavior engaged in & directed by Trump.  And there is so much more yet to come out which can verify those multiple crimes as we fill in the blanks.  Even at state & local levels with NY prosecutors, they have a grand jury pursuing illegal conduct with financial irregularities, which Trump’s tax returns would help them piece it all together.  And through following that money trail, it could help plug the missing gaps as to why Russia indeed has Trump so compromised: & also see & also see
Until all the evidence comes out, the lesson for now is voters who want 4 more years of lying, bullying, divisiveness, chaos, incompetence, cluelessness, corruption & lawlessness, Trump is your man.  For the rest of us looking to save the Constitution, rule of law & American democracy, Uncle Joe is the only choice.  There are tons of links to articles here in this section & all throughout our 3 Parts, since the newsfeeds keep getting bombarded with major news stories here in the Trump era.  We post so many to give us all a grasp of what we’re really dealing with, an incompetent president who is over-the-top destructive & a nation in big trouble.  Let’s face it, any democracy would be in imminent danger when run by a corrupt demagogue while roughly 1/3 of the population refuses to accept incontrovertible facts.  In normal times with a normal president, the weekly number of alarming consequential articles would typically number in the single-digits.  But Trump is a 5-alarm fire & there are hundreds of links posted today warning about what he’s doing to our nation, from which as Americans we’d better take these threats with the seriousness & urgency they deserve.  Just the sheer number of reports are a strong indicator.  So this blog is dedicated to presenting the unvarnished truth in spades!:
There is No Excuse for Vilifying Heroes
The biggest headline bombshell from this past week that got the most attention would be the Woodward tapes that proved Trump lied to the American people about the severity of the virus when it was first hitting us.  We have plenty of reports on that in the middle of Part 3 where we’ve been putting all the COVID info.  That stunning story came on the heels of the bombshell from the previous week when The Atlantic disclosed some horrendous statements Trump made about our deceased & wounded soldiers.  These links provide more fallout from Trump’s deplorable statements & attitude toward our brave soldiers who risk their lives for our freedom:
Part 2 – The Biggest Threat to America in a Long Long Time
For years our Part 2’s have exposed the assault on our democracy by Trump, his henchmen & echo-pundits, those who are constantly eating away at the foundations of our democratic norms & institutions.  The comments & articles seen in our blog can’t be perceived as mere words, as they must be viewed through the lens of a serious threat that as a nation we must battle back against before our free society crumbles.  Trump-world really is pursuing MAGA, but that acronym actually stands for Make America a Great Autocracy.  And their conservative fans are cheering them on.  People trapped & deceived within what is now considered the Republican media bubble (the evil echo), they somehow need to come to an understanding their party which has become the cult of Trump is not worth saving.  As a lifelong Republican until the party in recent years has gone totally off the rails, I can totally relate & concur with Nichols on why the current version of the GOP is not salvageable:  It needs to be blown up so we can start over!  Trump isn’t the only problem, but fealty to him is a big part of it:
It’s stunning that he’s so shameless in his lying, saying anything his base wants to hear & makes him look good, the facts be damned!: & also see  We may all have outrage fatigue from the never-ending mayhem, gaslighting & scandals, so we just need to keep reminding ourselves none of this is normal!:  We also need to be very aware democracy cannot survive for long when so many of their citizens don’t accept truths & believe in abject lies:  Like the WaPo motto says, democracy dies in darkness.  Well, democracy also dies under an avalanche of lies.  Our nation will remain in decline when as a people we can’t agree around basic verifiable facts.  It’s why we must defeat the evil echo curse that fuels this devastating attitude of Trumpism before it devours us all!
The links below cover a variety of topics.  Under the category of what the heck, why in the world is the Justice Dept. getting involved in defending Trump in a case involving him raping a woman?  Trump really has found his Roy Cohn in AG Barr, with Cohn being the corrupt firebrand lawyer Trump relied on in his early business career.  I certainly don’t want my taxpayer dollars going to help Trump defend against a rape case!: & also see  In trying to avoid a similar scenario where President Clinton’s DNA was discovered on Monica’s blue dress, Trump fears if his own DNA turns up, it won’t just be evidence of an affair but a rape.  So much like the prez is stretching out in court having his taxes released until sometime after the election, he’s also dragging out this rape court case, since being a rapist is not normally a personal characteristic someone wants on their resume when running for president (although with his loyal Trumpeters, it doesn’t seem to matter).
From other news this past week, there are several articles below on AG Barr, who in conjunction with Trump may form the most dangerous leadership duo in our nation’s history.  Other links take us to how our prez readily gives an unconditional pass to his dictator buddies in countries like Russia, North Korea & Saudi Arabia, even when they brutally murder political opponents.  Trump obviously longs to be a dictator himself, which if given that power would he commit similar atrocities against political opponents?: & also see  And as any good fascist leader seeks to do, our prez wants to politicize every federal agency & demand total blind loyalty of every government official.
Other reports detail white nationalist racists, a domestic terrorist movement fully backing the Trump campaign, are unfairly connecting the peaceful BLM protesters with the hoodlums just looking to stir up trouble, with some of the violence actually coming from the white racists:  But smearing BLM is all part of the strategy to scare white people into voting for Trump:  Don’t look now, but it’s Trump who’s the inspiration behind this revived white supremacist/Nazi movement.  To the extent some voters are currently placing law & order above the pandemic in importance, they are truly chugging down the Trump kool-aid.  Black Lives Matter had gained widespread bipartisan acceptance until Trump & his echo denounced it, giving their marching orders to their cult following.  My hunch is these football fans in KC who booed the show of unity are racist Trumpeter nudniks (& rest assured I am right):

I’ve never been so concerned for America than I am now.  As on Friday when we commemorated the 19th anniversary of 9-11, just contrast the obvious differences between now & then.  We lost 3000 Americans that fateful day to terrorism, around 3 times the number we lose every day to COVID (another way of saying COVID is like two 9-11’s every week).  Following that attack, there was a rally around the flag effect as we came together & united as a nation, being all in as Americans, but 19 years later we’re more divided than at any time since the mid-1800’s.  NYC Mayor Rudy was lauded as a hero for his leadership through that crisis, while in recent years he has demonstrably gone insane (reflecting the new psycho mindset of his political party).  The rest of the world respected us & mourned along with us after 9-11, whereas we’re now pitied for our COVID response & overall our reputation has become a laughing stock.  Back then we fought back against the source who attacked us, today we surrendered to it.
It’s impossible to go back to being a great nation until we fix the GOP & their wayward messaging.  Replacing Trump is just step one.  I do say this very same thing about Trump to my TV screen every time I see him speak:  The other links below are there for you to peruse the titles, which for years we’ve always posted loads of articles in Part 2 describing Trump’s blatant attempts to dismantle our Constitution while presiding over a strange world of corruption & lawlessness, but the number of articles pertaining to this topic just seem to always be growing.  That should serve as a loud blaring siren the president’s tyrannical moves are growing worse & more numerous.  He needs to be defeated November 3rd, otherwise there’ll be no more guardrails & our democracy may become a distant memory by 2024.  Please spread this message now while we still can, since in two months we don’t want to wake up & find it’s too late to change our course:
String of Trump-Focused Books
He’s a commanding presence & person with a knack for stealing the spotlight.  From these books a main theme that comes across is how much his inner circle knew what a bumbling fool the president is, even if many of them still aren’t speaking publicly about it.  Plus some have been silenced by NDA’s &/or payola.  Others fear being targeted by the Trumpeter army or were threatened into silence.  But here are the authors who stepped forward with their books:
Fox Fake News a Key to the Problem
No wonder he’s such a lousy president, he watches TV all the time: & also see  Fox has their fans so fooled (including Trump).  They’re destroying the conservative narrative & reputation.  As a result, the GOP isn’t the same party as a decade or longer ago.  They’re just not.  Their delusional state of mind predates Trump, as over the years the far-right echo media has dragged their thinking further & further out on the fringes, to where they are no longer connected to reality.  Unfortunately, that evil echo is likely to long outlive the Trump administration, which Trump himself is likely to attach himself to that media if he manages to stay out of prison.  These echo-hosts are like leeches latching onto the minds of their conservative audiences, so it becomes a huge challenge for our nation to stop these grifting parasites from spewing their lies & deception, even should Dems keep winning elections for this next generation or longer.
Our airwaves do need rational conservative voices to counter progressive liberals, but the current menu of echo TV, radio & internet groups which have all drifted off to some distant alternate galaxy don’t fit the bill.  Fox once filled that rational conservative role, but switched over to their extremist views in this Trump era since it was good for ratings.  Their conservative viewers had already been previously brainwashed by other echo-outlets & the tea party, so now Fox is spearheading this nihilistic grievance party movement which is immersing roughly 1/3 of the population into this misguided, disingenuous & dangerous propaganda.  Those prime-time shows have become non-stop lying.  The echo isn’t even conservative anymore by traditional definitions, since their pseudo-conservative ramblings have gotten way out of step with the majority of Americans & are doing tremendous damage to our once functioning society.  Here’s the latest on the Fox travails:  
Ride on the Crazy Train

In light of one disastrous calamity after another, much of it self-induced by the person in charge of leading our country, there’s one glaringly obvious question we can’t help but keep wondering about:  Maybe nothing matters to these brainwashed fans, they really would excuse him for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.  There are different degrees of Trumpeter insanity, with the really hardcore being truly dangerous.  QAnon & related offshoots are even classified as domestic terrorist groups.  Those who support Q must be sorely lacking in IQ.  Yep, they’re several bricks short of a chimney!  Check out these more deranged Trumpeters inside the links, as they are driven by angry rage around a delusional group-think rather than logic & reason.  These clowns are so far out there & beyond nutso, by comparison they can make crazy look relatively normal:
Evangelicals Need Saved
Most evangelicals have all along fallen for the Trump/echo deception, but there are hopeful signs for some the latest presidential shenanigans might have become a bridge too far.  We should vote Trump out to help evangelicals in spite of themselves, since another 4 years of this madness might not only do irreparable damage to the GOP & our democracy, but also to the evangelical church.  My earnest plea to those of faith who are still with this guy, when you’re seeking to convince others how to live & how to get into heaven, your words ring hollow when the world sees you as immoral hypocrites.  These are the article links posted for you, & as Kasich says in an article, the abortion issue cannot justify prolonging this travesty of leadership:
Part 3 – Our Shattered Economy & Virus Deaths are on The Prez
There’s a major disconnect between Trumpeters & reality.  They still prefer Trump on the economy even though we’ve had monster job losses, a very steep recession, escalating deficits, widening wage/wealth gaps, & millions of Americans living in desperation as their livelihoods have been devastated.  His naive base also fails to grasp their prez is largely to blame for this disaster, since he completely failed to fight this virus pandemic which brought the economy to its knees, while they’re displaying a complete lack of understanding the path to a normal economy first requires getting a handle on the virus.  To whatever extent our economy has partially bounced back in recent months, it was mainly due to the initial stimulus package & the Fed flooding the system with liquidity.
Workers are suffering, but so are small businesses, another group that President Trump has let down:  And the GOP Senate is letting desperate people down by playing Scrooge on a new rescue package.  Other nations who actually got serious in fighting the virus that kept their case counts & deaths down, they were able to reopen their economies more safely & didn’t suffer such a severe downtown, so it’s inexplicable our prez couldn’t adopt a playbook from other countries on what steps effectively work.  And as Americans, we’ve all paid a hefty price in our collective health & finances.  And on another issue, it only took him almost 4 years to act on drug prices?:  But an executive order doesn’t have the staying power of a bill that passes through Congress, which this supposed renowned dealmaker may have met his match.
Want another example of bad dealmaking?  If any good did come out of the Trump presidency, it was shining the light on trade deals which for decades green-lighted corporations to move millions of manufacturing jobs out of America, especially with respect to China.  But Trump failed to consummate a deal for a level playing field while launching destructive trade wars, so here’s hoping the next administration can work out a fair agreement acceptable to both sides.  Neglect of this issue has caused a long painful demise of countless manufacturing factories around here, as here was the huge GM plant just down the turnpike from my community:  Has Trump really made many good deals on any issue either domestically or internationally?  He’s done nothing to help correct this major concern, as the pendulum needs to swing back on growing wage/wealth gaps:
I was always a climate change skeptic, but we can’t ignore what’s going on with wildfires, hurricanes (blowing right through the alphabet on named storms) & higher temps at unprecedented levels:  Those breathing in the dirty air & contract COVID are far more susceptible to serious complications.  Trump’s solution to the apocalyptic looking orange-glare fires (matching his facial skin coloring) is not renewable clean energy, but to rake the forests & ignore climate change: & also see  Let’s remember among Trump’s many reckless moves, a few years ago he pulled out of the Paris climate accord.  And this is a guy who wants to run on his record?:

With our modern day economy in normal times producing such enormous wealth, it’s inexcusable to have a society where roughly half of working class families are in a perpetual struggle to make ends meet.  The pandemic only makes things that much worse:  Most Americans agree more with Biden & the Dems on issue after issue, be it health care, immigration/DACA, gun safety, environment/climate change, minimum wage & income inequality.  Trump’s campaign keeps portraying his opponents as Marxist socialists, which is ridiculous on the surface & just more scare tactics to steer voters off track, as our current prez doesn’t even have a party platform or cogent ideas of his own to run on:  When we objectively view Trump’s stewardship over the economy, in every which way as seen in these links his performance has been beyond awful: 
Woodward Book Proves The President Knew
Trump is renowned for his cover ups over those cheating scandals with Russia & Ukraine to give him an unfair advantage in our presidential elections.  But now in Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, it details how the president was warned early in the year about the true dangers of the Coronavirus but kept it hidden from the American people.  And in Trump’s own words on tape, he explained back in February/March this virus was deadly, highly contagious & is contracted by airborne means, so make no mistake he was fully aware of the threat we faced.  The prez also admitted he wanted to play the dangers down with the American people, the same people who had they been told of the true dangers, could have taken precautions to help control the spread.  And in his book just hitting the shelves, Woodward names names on the inside of the administration & attributes exact quotes to them, many coming from Trump himself, so there is nothing anonymous or obscure about these reports.  Did you see the show last night?:
In normal times, the American people would be united in condemning a president whose inactions resulted in the deaths of 200,000 Americans (& counting).  This goes way beyond being merely stupid:  It’s time we all recognize how enormously catastrophic this president has truly been:  He’s got to go before he can do even more damage:  This inexplicable episode would be the equivalent of Lincoln dismissing the Civil War as no big deal, or FDR ignoring the Great Depression & Pearl Harbor, or George W. shrugging off 9-11!  Trump even went so far as to threaten to fire any White House aides who told the people the truth about the virus.  And GOP politicos in servitude to their leader seem oblivious as they keep ignoring the carnage:  So it’s time to also get rid of this treacherous leadership from the party who’ve betrayed us:
Trump’s corny excuse is he didn’t want to induce panic, but his calling card is ratcheting up panic & fear when it suits his political purposes, like hyping up hoodlums will destroy our cities or scaring us with tales of criminal immigrants storming our borders:  His rally speeches always feature a long checklist of panic-filled horrors.  This sorry episode in dropping the ball battling the virus wasn’t just a cover-up, it was pure deception!  It further confirms we can’t trust anything he says!  And as Trump always does when he’s been caught, he blames the accuser which in this case is Woodward.  But as always, the lies are coming from Trump.  He does lie all the time, but the lies throughout this year over COVID are very deadly.  Yes, despite the dire warnings he had received from health & intelligence officials (& also even China), the prez went onto tell the American people a totally false narrative there was nothing to worry about, like it was just like the flu, a hoax, it would just fade away & we have it under control.  There’s no denying, instead of leading, our president froze.  He choked.  Trump’s final plea to Woodward a month ago as the book was near completion, became a desperate/perplexing attempt to divert attention by saying nothing more could have been done on the virus & the stock market is doing great:  The prez is both pathetic & infuriating.  
So Trump did know the risks back in February as was clearly expressed by him on tape, yet shortly afterwards he resisted mass testing, downplayed social distancing & wearing masks, & held several packed rallies.  We’re still in the middle of this, so a responsible leader would do whatever he could to mitigate the damage.  But a defiant Trump just won’t do it, so we still don’t have enough testing, social distancing & mask wearing, plus Trump still packs them in like sardines at his cult rallies.  And by consistently hiding the truth to the American people, as citizens too many of us failed to rally around the nation’s common good, an extremely selfish attitude considering many of the 200,000 people who’ve died could have been saved.  In his lies & cover-ups, the President of the United States is indeed complicit in many of those the deaths!  It’s akin to negligent homicide!:  The families who’ve lost loved ones would be especially disturbed over these new revelations, knowing the president’s dishonesty likely contributed to the death of a family member. 
Like other countries who much more successfully fought & contained the virus, they had true leaders who leveled with their people & earned their cooperation to take seriously doing the critical safeguards.  America wasn’t so fortunate as Trump botched the response from the beginning.  His actions suggest he doesn’t care about the people, his only concern is for himself & his reelection.  All the lying, denying & mismanagement lost valuable time & negated our prez’s ability to rally his nation around necessary safety protocols, since early mass testing & universal social distancing/mask wearing would have made a huge difference.  The end result is our country has suffered by far the highest number of cases & deaths in the world, despite having perhaps the best & easily the most expensive healthcare system in the world:  We can’t blame Trump for the virus itself, but we can blame him for allowing it to spread & devastate our lives, from ruining our economy & peace of mind, to where for many families it turned devastatingly deadly. 
So the consequences have been enormous:  When or if the virus is finally defeated with perhaps a half-million or who knows how many Americans will end up losing their lives, this bungled presidential mismanagement may go down in history as the most tragic leadership debacle in our nation’s history!:  It raises an interesting question:  It’s tragic, but remember the prez is the one most to blame & the hits just keep on coming:  Inside these links we see reports on the biggest bombshell headline of the week, which if we’re still a rational nation will help secure the president’s exit from the White House:
Terrible Leadership Example
It’s bad enough our prez is not encouraging people to take vital precautions, but even worse he’s mocking that safety protocol.  And it’s obvious he only cares about himself, not his fans:  Here’s the height of irresponsibility:
Miscellaneous Virus News
Trump is so desperate to cover up his own mismanagement of the virus, that he’s resorted to calling Biden’s response as VP to the swine flu “disastrous:” & also see  As we all know, there was little disastrous about the swine flu compared to what we’re dealing with now.  The big news that came out this past week fits in with Trump’s usual pattern of covering up his own self-made debacles, while other news coming out had administration officials getting caught altering CDC weekly medical reports to fit in line with Trump’s agenda & propaganda (in other words more lies).  So we’re not even getting accurate health info & data, as we continue to get flowery happy talk from the White House when they still refuse to give us the straight story on how badly we’re being ravaged by this pandemic.
No matter what Trump might say, our nation has struggled mightily with COVID compared to other countries:  A key model is predicting our country could double the number of deaths by year’s end.  Outside the prez’s gullible base, the public knows Trump screwed up royally:  In case we haven’t yet fully grasped the magnitude of how much Trump screwed up our pandemic response, we’re still suffering through nearly 1000 deaths per day here in the U.S., while our neighbor to the north just had a day with zero deaths:  There is more new news here on the virus:
Campaign & Election Updates
His bizarre campaign strategy is only doubling down on his base by feeding them lies & stale red meat, rather than reaching out to a broader coalition & proposing constructive policy ideas:  Even roughly half of Trump’s own voters know he’s a dirtball:  As we close in on election day with a chronic liar like Trump, he’s willing to say anything to praise himself & smear Biden, so we must brace ourselves for the deceitful onslaught.  Most minds are made up, so this is very much a base election where turnout becomes the key:  Reports are the prez’s campaign is running short on money, perhaps with much of the campaign donations being redirected to grifters a lot like the destination of 2017 inauguration contributions, so it’s possible the Trump family & inner circle may have absconded with much of it:
Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud have zero evidence & many times been proven false.  When the prez rails against mail-in voting & rallies his unhinged Trumpeters to patrol voting locations, that is dangerous on so many levels.  He’s trying to cheat & rig the vote in his favor, supress voting, disqualify voters, intimidate voters, amp up the risk of violence breaking out in polling places, while these antics also risk many COVID outbreaks from voters standing in long lines.  Plus by placing the thought of the election being stolen from him in his supporters’ minds, claiming the only way he can lose is through voter fraud, when the prez does lose we have a real threat the more deranged among his merry band of Trumpeters will try starting a civil war:  And in his post-presidency, Trump still wants his Trumpeters with him to help feed his ego, plus they could be his customers for his next endeavor, perhaps setting up his own echo-media enterprise.  But wherever he goes, never forget that nobody ever lies like him:
Throughout our blog over time we’ve listed way more than 113 good reasons not to vote for Trump, but as an ex-GOP’er I concur with these reasons offered up by other former or disgusted Republicans, a video well-worth watching:  Everyone should devote 11 minutes to watch that, especially considering 4 more years of awful leadership could potentially do us in as a nation.  So we must make that break:  There are encouraging signs the big headlines stories of these past couple weeks, the Woodward book blowing the cover off Trump’s lies on Coronavirus along with the prez disparaging our soldiers, are helping to pad Biden’s lead in the polls:  The dividing lines are clear, those with Trump are for more lying, corruption & incompetence, those against Trump are for truth, justice & steady leadership.  Voters have a choice.  It’s time to decide.  If our side turns out to vote, we’ll win.  And disposing of Trump is only the first step, the more difficult part will be defeating the cult mentality that rose Trump to power in the first place.
This is no time to be wallflowers or sticking our heads in the sand, so please get active.  Permanent damage will likely be done to America if Trump gets reelected, from which democracy itself is at risk.  Too many Americans aren’t paying close enough attention or they’re glued to fake (echo) news.  There is nothing more important we should be doing from now til early November than helping inform our fellow voters of the facts.  Since electronic communications has made spreading the word more convenient, we can connect via texts, emails & social media, which may I humbly suggest including our blog address in some of your messages.  It can be as simple as asking your contacts to check this out.  It will give your audience far more news than they ever wanted, but for some of them it just might open their eyes.  Thanks for actively participating in our crusade, as any patriotic American with love of country would want to do their part, especially knowing the unprecedently high stakes.  Here’s the latest campaign news & polling, & with just 50 days to go let’s finish strong!:
This is the song we used last week & Trump decided to use it too: