Part 1
We devote Part 1’s to Trump’s crimes.  This section is far shorter than normal tonight since his illegalities haven’t hit the headlines recently.  But with the corrupt mob boss running his crime syndicate, it’s just a matter of time before more details of his crime spree are exposed:
Part 2
Our Part 2’s highlight Trump’s relentless assault on our constitutional democracy, plus the pundits & supporters responsible for enabling his dangerous recklessness.  So on that note, there’s plenty in the news so far this week:
The Executive Branch Attacks the Judicial Branch
The Liars on Fox Fake News
Yes, for those in my church who seem to think abortion is the only issue, think again.  Actually, supporting a president who’s a divisive, immoral, lying, bullying, corrupt, demagogic con man that is bent on becoming a tyrannical dictator, that’s a far more serious issue:
Part 3
Part 3’s are always about the real economy, not some narrow data points spawning faux glowing reports from the White House & media portraying an economy better than it really is.  So instead of buying into the generally accepted misleading narratives swirling around out there, see our posted articles revealing the challenges we face as a nation & have fallen woefully short in solving:
Abject Stupidity & Unpreparedness over Coronavirus
Trump is renowned for twisting facts & science, as his butchering the truth about this virus was no exception.  With the pushback he was getting by greatly minimizing & dismissing the risks, along with the Dow tanking 2000 points this week, it forced his hand to address the nation.  But even his speech tonight was littered with spin as he projected the number infested would fizzle out instead of inevitably grow.  Of course, outside of his merry band of Trumpeters, the prez has zero credibility with clear-thinking Americans, so we’d never expect him to say something truthful.  The virus & Trump’s handling of it are big news this week as reflected by all these links, but the real prospect of a pandemic could turn the Coronavirus news into an epic & tragic story in the weeks/months ahead: 
It’s an Election Year
This next week will go a long ways in determining the Dem nominee.  But whoever becomes that Dem presidential candidate, we must fully support that person to perhaps save our constitutional democracy.  That is not hyperbole, the Trump risk of tyranny is all too real: