Evil-Echo Empire Update

I’m not just referring to the real scandal which is Trump’s connection to Russia, but all those phony scandals Trump-world is trying to use in diverting from the real scandal. The list of Trump scandals has gotten very long. There’s been too many to count, & these so-called huge scandals are getting more bizarre & coming out on a weekly basis these days. Trump & his cronies must be getting wind of something serious behind the scenes going on with the Mueller team, since they seem to be getting really desperate. Somebody in Congress like Nunes or Johnson, or in the echo like Hannity or the Fox morning show, will create various new (& outlandish) scandals, then float them out there among the tribe. They pick the conspiracy they like the best, then run with it, with the prez’s full blessing. This strategizing happens regularly, which is why we see a new scandal practically every week. They’ll do anything to turn echo-headlines away from Trump & Russia. In the category of we hold these truths to be self-evident, there are two current political truths based on objective observations the rest of us can count on to keep our viewpoints on track:

1. Trump corrupts all those around him

2. The echo has gone so far to the radical-right they’ve lost touch with reality

The tragedy we’re seeing in all this would be the conservative base has bought into the corruption & extremism, which having the base of the party holding power believing in alternative facts, it’s putting our nation in a very precarious position. With Trump being an historically unpopular president yet has 90% support among the GOP base, it’s incumbent on the minority party & the resistance to try & contain this ruthless, dangerous demagogue. Failure to rein in Trump & his echo may result in democracy itself becoming a casualty. Trump & his compliant echo are master manipulators spinning their web of deception. To the extent an overwhelming percentage of the GOP base have fallen victim, it illustrates to the extent false doctrine, rabid tribal allegiances & a runaway group mindset can overrun truths, reality, basic human values & moral principles. And when that base have been so badly deceived, the DC politicians of the party currently in power are governing & making decisions looking through the lens of a false reality, since for career self-preservation they’re trying to appease their hoodwinked base.

I have no idea what happened to the party I once was connected to. After years of being perplexed how my party could become so radicalized, I finally settled on the misleading echo being a primary source of the problem. That echo-narrative has tarnished & defiled conservatism.  Whether it’s protecting the Constitution, adhering to the rule of law, comporting to the norms of human decency, reining in deficits, not abusing women & numerous other examples, there’s a whole host of issues the GOP has turned their backs on to stay true to the irrational, nihilistic, disingenuous, immoral party line.  This transformation into deceptive debauchery has happened relatively quickly, mostly in just the past few years, as if they suddenly turned to a new master.  I think we can easily surmise whoever they’re serving is not the holy one.  So all those favorite buzzwords we heard coming out of those tea party rallies back then, like the Constitution, preserving democracy, rule of law, patriots, fiscal responsibility & the like which have now evolved into MAGA, whether they know it or not their agenda is now undermining the very beliefs & values that crowd once held in esteem.

The past couple weeks in particular have been an exercise in abject futility.  Sen. Ron Johnson who once served as a reasonable Republican, but after being corrupted by Trump has completely lost his mind, came up with yet another crazy conspiracy theory like the garbage Nunes dug up.  And again it got Trump’s full support, as he tweeted this latest scandal was a BOMBSHELL (in caps).  The truth is, at the time these text messages were exchanged by two romantically involved FBI agents, Obama reportedly interfering actually had NOTHING to do with the Hillary email investigation, but his wanting to be kept informed was instead all about the Russian meddling.  The only reason they dragged out this story was because the Nunes memo turned out to be a dud.  You remember that was the same memo Hannity screamed out was the biggest scandal in American history (no exaggeration there, huh Sean?).  So it’s like if Nunes spun the tale of Frankenstein invading Wyoming couldn’t sell, they just turn around & try to convince us Godzilla is attacking Texas.  Why not?  They’ve cultivated an audience that believes all this stuff.  Echo-people eat up all this chicanery & it drives ratings.

In jumping to conclusions by throwing out crazy scandal theories first & worrying about the facts later, it destroys the credibility of GOP reps & echo pundits, yet the echo-crowd & Trumpeters keep buying in. So with Hannity & Fox & Friends having conniption fits promoting a phony scandal, then another phony scandal, followed by another phony scandal, which based on that pattern the next phony scandal is right around the corner, so how can any viewer with half-a-brain actually keep believing this stuff? Isn’t it amazing how these hosts like Hannity bloviate about lunacy conspiracies on their shows as facts, yet always turn out later to be untrue.  Happens every time!  But undeterred, they keep spreading falsehoods.  They’ll keep it up as long as the audience keeps tuning in, plus it spins up doubt/confusion over the Russian probe.  In the process, they are deceiving millions of Americans on a daily/nightly basis.  These preposterous tales are lately reaching a whole new level of crazy.  Trump sycophants & echo-blabbers are so wrong so often, we can’t help but wonder how many times they’ll cry wolf before their audiences finally catch on.

Yet again there are numerous links in the related articles below exposing the lies & deception coming regularly from the echo. We can ask a couple questions that deserve answers. First, to what depths of evil are some of these echo-hosts willing to go? And secondly, since we know they have a loyal audience out there, how many more lies & conspiracies are those fans willing to be exposed to, or are there no limits to the depths of depravity they allow to infiltrate their minds? With some of those related articles, read about the Nunes or Johnson or uranium scandals, all of them part of the growing list of Trump scandals he endorses, which all turn out to be lies. In the article how-we-got-donald-trump_partner, we can place the blame where it really belongs. It can be tempting to blame the echo (as I often do), but God gave us brains & the free will to perceive reality as we wish, & you’d think we could count on our fellow Americans to use the gifts God gave them more responsibly:

Here’s the sad part: at each step along the way, other alternatives were available. Had those alternatives been exercised, a Trump presidency would have remained an absurd fantasy rather than becoming an absurd and dangerous reality. Like the Cuban Missile Crisis or the Vietnam War or 9/11, Trump qualifies as a completely avoidable catastrophe with roots deep in the past. So who’s at fault? Ultimately, we — the American people — must accept a considerable share of the responsibility. This is one buck that can’t be passed. It’s time to look in the mirror, folks. Blaming Trump for being Trump simply won’t do. Like Lenin or Franco or Perón or dozens of other demagogues, Trump merely seized the opportunity that presented itself. Our president is a product and beneficiary of several decades worth of vainglory, cynicism, epic folly, political cowardice, missed opportunities, and a public not given to paying attention. In present-day Washington, no one can deny that the chickens have come home to roost. The biggest fowl of them all has taken up residence in the White House and, in a very real sense, we all put him there.

And with the GOP base falling for his cultish leadership, much of the party leadership have also fallen in line, as seen here from the excerpts I’ve pulled from the-woke-gop-learns-to-loathe-the-fbi:

Today? They’ve gone bonkers. They have truly created an alternate reality. In real reality, the Steele dossier was only part of the case against the Trump campaign, as Devin Nunes’ memo acknowledged. In real reality, the dossier had nothing to do with the Trump Tower meeting where Don Jr. sought dirt on Hillary. But in the GOP’s alternative reality, they’ve made it all about Steele—which is their only play, because if they can make it all about Steele, they can make it seem like a political hit job. To defend Trump, Republicans are destroying the country’s institutions. I admit to being a little bit surprised. I expected Trump to attack those institutions, and I wrote as much the day he was inaugurated. I didn’t expect the Republicans to be profiles in courage. I expected these so-called religious leaders to rationalize. But I also did not expect them to go to the mat to defend Trump. I expected GOP legislators to nod and wink and parse their words and roll their eyes and duck reporters. I did not expect them to be Trump’s aggressive accomplices in the destruction of the republic—to seek to destroy the FBI in Trump’s behalf. It’s shocking to watch, and terrifying to imagine how this movie ends.

Check out this excerpt from the-deep-state-conspiracy-is-how-fascists-discredit-democracy, which not only helps debunk this crazy theory of a deep state/secret society inside the federal government out to get us, but also points out the dangers & nefarious motives of those who attack our democratic institutions:

Nor do the CIA or the FBI as institutions have political agendas. The idea of the “Deep State” opposing elected leaders and the rule of law is—I will be blunt here—a fascist concept, which is intended to discredit the institutions of democracy. It is done, precisely, so that a “Leader” can represent the “people” without the encumbrance of law or representative institutions. Most CIA and FBI officers share my alarm that such a distorting and harmful term has even entered American political discussions. Those who use the term “Deep State” frankly disqualify themselves from public life in a democracy.

In another article which offers hope our checks & balances are going to hold, which they are being put to the test as we see from these excerpts about Trump’s personal traits, revealed inside the link america-is-resisting-trumps-onslaught-just-dont-get-cocky:

If there is such a thing as an “authoritarian personality,” Trump is it. The controversial concept comes from sociologist Theodor W. Adorno and other researchers who in 1950 published a book of that name that included a list of authoritarian traits — what they called the F (for fascist) scale. It is shocking and yet unsurprising how many of those traits apply to the president. “Respect for submission to acknowledged authority”? Check. “Belief in aggression toward those who do not subscribe to conventional thinking, or who are different”? Check. “A negative view of people in general — i.e. the belief that people would all lie, cheat or steal if given the opportunity”? Check. “A need for strong leadership which displays uncompromising power”? “A tendency to project one’s own feelings of inadequacy, rage and fear onto a scapegoated group”? “A preoccupation with violence and sex”? Check, check and check.


Rubin always provides perceptive insights, including in the op-ed trumps-rhetoric-matters which opines on the GOP base being deceived by all those nutty conspiracies:

In short, the same 35 percent of voters who will side with Trump no matter what follow him down the rabbit hole on FBI conspiracy theories. He’s been less successful convincing them that illegal immigrants are a threat. Will the GOP return to more rational, fact-based positions if Trump and the many nativist and conspiracy-mongering Republicans leave office? Put it this way: Unless and until they do get booted out, Republicans seems willing to parrot practically anything they say, especially when it comes to the Russia investigation that threatens Trump’s presidency. The cult is strong with these people.

Even those of us who agree with traditional conservative positions, we should still vote against the GOP until the current irrational fever on the brain is eradicated, since as the article boycott-the-gop concludes:


Faced with the choice between soul-killing accommodation and futile resistance, many Republican politicians who renounce Trumpism are fleeing the party or exiting politics altogether. Of those who remain, many are fighting for their political lives against a nihilistic insurgency. So we arrive at a syllogism:

(1) The GOP has become the party of Trumpism.
(2) Trumpism is a threat to democratic values and the rule of law.
(3) The Republican Party is a threat to democratic values and the rule of law.

We understand, too, the many imperfections of the Democratic Party. Its left is extreme, its center is confused, and it has its share of bad apples. But the Democratic Party is not a threat to our democratic order. 

There is just one problem: The entire Fox News story is a fraud. It’s simply not a plausible interpretation of the September 2, 2016 text exchange that Obama was seeking a briefing on the Clinton email investigation. FBI Director James Comey closed the Clinton email investigation on July 5, 2016. It was not reopened until October. The same trove of text messages released Tuesday reveals that the FBI did not even become aware of additional emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop until September 28, 2016. Fox News suggests the texts were referring to talking points regarding the Clinton email case. But those talking points, according to documents released by the Senate, were completed in June. That makes sense because they were prepared in advance of Comey’s announcement in July.

After the Nunes memo was thoroughly discredited shortly after Hannity declared it the greatest disaster since the Great Flood in Noah’s day, Fox fake-news needed to save face by inventing another scandal to hyperventilate over. So they came up with this one, that same one Sen. Johnson pushed, which was quickly discredited based on the timelines. The next time Hannity & his Fox gurus trot out any other scandal they say is 1000 times worse than Watergate, couldn’t they at least do some background checking to see if there might be any validity to their stories? In their desire for ratings & bombshell stories, they just make stuff up without real evidence, & just keep throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. Perhaps the bigger question should be, why would anybody watch this trash? This excerpt explains the buffoonery of yet another scandal Fox went berserk over this week in the article fox-news-latest-bombshell-fraud:

So what was Obama interested in? Most likely, he wanted information about the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia, which was active on September 2, 2016. Obama has publicly said that he confronted Putin about election interference a few days later at the Group of 20 meeting in China, telling the Russian leader to “cut it out.” “[I]t has to be about the Russia probe,” former Department of Justice official Matthew Miller told ThinkProgress in reference to the September 2, 2016 texts. There was nothing inappropriate about Obama seeking a briefing on the Russia investigation. “[S]ince the Russia investigation was a counterintelligence, not a criminal, investigation at that time, it was totally appropriate for Obama to be briefed,” Miller said. “The Department of Justice is allowed to brief and coordinate with the White House on national security matters, including terrorism and espionage.” Don’t hold your breath for Fox News to correct this false report. It will likely be presented to millions of viewers tonight on primetime television. But that does not make it true.

UPDATE (2/7, 4:32PM): The Wall Street Journal, speaking to associates of Strzok and Page, confirms that the texts refer to the Russia investigation not the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

There is no shortage of flat-out lying on the Fox broadcasts, with Hannity, Carlson & Fox & Friends being the worst offenders. More of their lies are again exposed in the Fox group of links below, including from chuck-todd-on-fox-news-roger-ailes-ran-a-more-journalistically-honest-organization offering this accurate perspective:

Three hours of cheerleading each morning on “Fox & Friends”; an hour of full-throated promotion every night on “Hannity”; a cannier form of shilling on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”: President Trump has found a genuinely Trumpian brand of sycophancy on the opinion hours of Fox News, the country’s leading cable news outlet.

We also see in some links toward the bottom where Trumpeters & the echo-crowd are not only the ones gullible enough to believe all that fake news, but they’re also sharing it. Oh my, what has become of the conservative mindset? Why have they gone asunder? Please help in trying to retrieve them back to sanity by sharing the blog The Voracs, encouraging them to check it out. We can’t save the GOP & the country until we have a better informed GOP base.