Inviting Kremlin Interference…Much like in 2016, we’ve caught the Russians interfering & tainting our 2020 American election campaigns, but Trump is again welcoming their cheating.  So our American President Putin & his VP Trump are working together to bring evil authoritarian tyranny upon our nation.  Indeed a vote for Trump in November is also a vote for Putin, being a direct frontal assault on our Constitution & democratic freedoms.  Trump along with Kremlin disinformation & the echo-media have turned his party & base into a cult that’s leaving him unchecked.  Plus by stacking the courts & loading up the justice/intelligence community with sycophant loyalists, the Putin/Trump tag-team are able to spread those echo-lies in pursuit of their dictatorial aspirations.  As we clearly saw again this week, Trump has unleashed his vengeance not only on political opponents, but on the truth-tellers within the intelligence community doing their jobs by furnishing the facts.
Everyone who’s part of this new American gestapo will pay homage to their fuhrer.  Fascism doesn’t necessarily take over a society with bands playing & guns blazing.  It tends to take place subtly like a corrupt undercover operation covertly spreading a creeping form of demagoguery, with misleading propaganda gradually causing a portion of the population to fall for a craftily-composed barrage of lies.  As has been so clearly verified, we continue to see on social media, Fox News & radical-right talk radio the coordination of rhetoric now swimming in those lies.  That so many Americans regularly buy into the lies appears to me to be stupidity beyond comprehension, but tragically it’s become our nation’s new reality.  It’s now well past the time clear-thinking/patriotic Americans need to become proactive in fighting the deception, since oblivious indifference is leaving our country extremely vulnerable, with rightful concern & outrage being tempered by complacency among the people that’s inviting this stealthy invasion of totalitarianism.
In the links below for all 3 Parts, rather than going so much with the wide range of news sources, we’ve relied primarily on the Yahoo & MSN feeds who post articles from some of those same major media sources:
Part 2
Don’t Know What We’ve Got Till It’s Gone…It’s worth repeating, by controlling & weaponizing the justice/intelligence agencies, it puts us on a very precarious path that could become America’s slippery slope into fascism.  By the time most Americans finally wake up to the dangers currently happening right before our very eyes, it may become too late to stop it!  We’ve always been so accustom to living under the protections of our constitutional freedoms, when those precious freedoms are seriously challenged as they are now, too many fail to take the threat seriously enough: 
The Lying Fox
Evangelicals Overwhelming Support for Morally-Repugnant Trump Enabling a Wanna-Be Dictator while Paving the Way for Autocracy
There’s no other way to explain this unholy alliance other than a spirit of deception sweeping through the church:
Part 3
The Real Economy…Economic insecurity & wealth/income inequality are major worldwide concerns, but such circumstances in the United States have worsened at a more accelerated pace than most other nations.  So in our Part 3’s, rather than reciting common data that cherry-picks certain economic conditions, we provide links offering a bigger picture view to the real economy:
Can Sanders Momentum Carry Him Through?
Sanders certainly has gained momentum, while the moderates’ great hope in Bloomberg lost some sheen off the luster with his choppy debate performance.  If the former NYC mayor has any type of coherent/galvanizing message, he’d better unleash it in Tuesday night’s debate which could be his last real chance.  And any glimmer of hope Biden still has rests with a must-win in Saturday’s South Carolina primary.  Then Super Tuesday is right around the corner & may prove determinative.  This is not a process the Dem establishment should try controlling, as the Dem primary voters need to pick the candidate of their preference without interference. 
There is a sentiment a socialist can’t win in November & Bernie would be destined to follow the same path as the McGovern drubbing from 1972, which may turn out to be the case but is still mostly conjecture at this point.  We won’t really know the answer till the whole process plays out.  The electorate is dramatically changed from a half-century ago & pundits never saw Trump winning going into 2016.  There remains an angry, frustrated, anti-establishment populism resonating out there, which energizing the base seems to be the ticket to victory in November. 
My hope is whoever the Dem nominee is, the party can unite & rally behind them, since American democracy cannot afford another 4 years being led by a lawless demagogue.  With the GOP becoming the Trump party under the influence of the echo-media & Russians, rather than being a constructive party advancing the interests of the American people, the Republican Party has indeed become a corrupt instrument promoting an anti-American version of tyrannical fascism: