WOW!!!  Sec. of State Pompeo was on that Ukraine call!  Things are escalating rapidly!  No spy novel could ever be so intriguing.  This drama is real life being played out in real time.  Yes, the plot is thickening…
Another bombshell!  The AG (the head of our Justice Dept. & the nation’s top cop) has just been caught in the administration’s corruption & crime, trying to shakedown another foreign nation to dig up dirt on their opponents!!!  The mob family has been exposed!  Everyone in the administration had better lawyer up.  They’re all about to go down with the ship as our felonious president goes down in flames!!!  The evidence may become so overwhelming, even Trumpeters & Fox News may be resigned to Trump’s fate & finally come to admit he must be removed…
Obviously, the right-wing echo is still in denial & concocting crazy conspiracies to blame the other side.  Outside that delusional echo, we’ve heard non-stop since the time Trump was inaugurated & the Russian scandal first hit the headlines, that enlisting the help of a foreign power (collusion/conspiracy) to interfere in our elections is illegal!  With the Ukraine scandal, now we have proof!!!  Sadly, it looks like the compliant echo is willing to defend their criminally corrupt leader to the very end.  Someday years from now maybe they’ll look back at this historical moment & see the light, coming around to realize & admit removing this curse from the leadership of our nation was the right thing to do, & absolutely necessary in preserving our constitutional democracy.  So for the rest of us living in the real world, we should keep spreading the facts & once the truth becomes known even to our Trumpeter friends, we can encourage, console, invite & welcome those sane conservatives fortunate enough to have escaped their cult.
The Biden conspiracy has been checked into & debunked.  Just another echo-conspiracy.  As it relates to Trump, it doesn’t matter, since our prez has been caught red-handed trying to collude again with a foreign power.  The whistle-blower complaint just released spells out several instances of Trump regularly trying to cut a deal (a quid pro quo) to dig up dirt on a political opponent, the very same illegal act of conspiracy at the center of the Russian scandal from 2016.  You can’t make this stuff up, it’d be too preposterous for a Hollywood movie.  But as Cubs fan shows us, loyal Trumpeters are willing to go down with the ship.  Expect another wild day today with the DNI now testifying.  The SMOKING GUN has been found & no amount of lying from Trump & his henchmen can save him now.  Ultimately, maybe Rudy & Barr can share adjoining cells with Trump for their crimes.  And Trumpeters won’t go quietly, so expect some rocky & even violent times ahead as Trump is forced from office, but that’s exactly the kind of drain the swamp cleansing America needs to restore our democracy!
Some questions…Overreacting?  How many crimes are we to let Trump get away with before holding him accountable?  And what’s a censure going to do?  Plus, is Cubs fan along with many other GOP supporters finally admitting the president’s wrongdoing?
On the just released call transcripts, Trump asked for a “favor,” wanting the Ukrainian president to work with AG Barr & PR lawyer Rudy to strategize over digging up the dirt on a political opponent.  The prez didn’t learn anything from the 2016 collusion scandal & subsequent Mueller investigation!  Truly stunning!!!….AND LAWLESS!!!  This looks like THE SMOKING GUN!!!  Selling out our country by seeking the help of a foreign nation to interfere in our election again?!  This is beyond the pale unbelievable!  And we have yet to see the whistle-blower’s complaint.  It’s time to take sides, who’s going to stand up for the rule of law & our Constitution, or who’s willing to sell out America?
The initial reactions in WaPo are inside these links.  The call transcript is devastating for the prez.  And likely the worst is yet to be revealed incriminating Trump.  This is clearly criminal even if a deal over military funding was not directly mentioned, although it’s clear that it was insinuated.  Plus our prez wanted to get his AG heading the Justice Dept. involved, which only a corrupt demagogue & wanna-be fascist dictator could ever dream up.  The impeachment train is chugging full speed ahead, as well it should:
Abuse of power, bribery, treason, etc, the truth is starting to trickle out.  Trump was trying to cram a deal down the throat of the Ukrainian leader, forcing him into colluding with our prez & interfering in our next election.  Trump is corrupt through & through.  Everything we’re learning about from these investigations shouts out he’s a hardened criminal!  He’s got to go!  Let’s also drain the swamp & drive out his cult supporters…
We as a nation already have a gripe as our prez sets an awful example!
The lying, bullying, chaos, corruption, criminal behavior….I’d vote for Donald Duck over Donald Trump!
I also supported impeaching President Clinton at the time, since he too lacked the moral authority to lead us!  But Trump is in a whole different category!