Part 1 – Trump Crimes & Convention News
Think of the irony of a president largely running for reelection on a law-&-order platform, yet the overwhelming amount of evidence we’ve seen in excruciating detail during his presidency indicates he is in fact a criminal.  In addition to the mountains of incriminating reports seen in the archives at the top of our many Part 1’s through the years, these links below only add to the total.  I don’t care what his loyal henchmen in the GOP say, the facts presented since Trump became president effectively prove he engaged in a life of rampant corruption & criminal activity.  Rest assured, I’m not making this stuff up! 
If you don’t believe me, it’s all here in the archives & it’s beyond reasonable doubt.  NY prosecutors are still on the trail looking to fill in the blanks, so there’s a good shot the prez will face indictments sometime after his defeat on November 3rd.  But as I’ve long suspected, the only reason Trump wasn’t nailed in the Russian collusion case was reportedly because the DOJ held Mueller back:  And I often stated following the money would crack the case, but that part of the probe was squashed.  Then after the Mueller report, the cult GOP Senate failed to convict despite an open & shut case on Ukraine. 
It’s astounding this guy really thinks he’s above the law & he flaunts it, so he’s actually proud of abusing his power & trashing our Constitution (, while all along is cheered on by his wild-eyed media-echo & merry band of Trumpeters.  And the longer Trump can get away with his corrupt autocratic behavior, the more emboldened he becomes in stretching the bounds of the law even further.  If voters embolden him further by electing him to another 4 years, the guardrails will completely come off.  These new updates point toward the signs of illegalities are coming from all over the place:
RNC Long on Bluster, Short on Facts
The fact-checkers had a field day with the RNC!  When the lies from numerous speakers are so blatant & relentless, most Americans can see through the gaslighting & discount what’s being said.  But it sure pumps up the base who are off the charts on the gullibility meter!  After 4 nights of pandering to that base while unleashing a torrent of propaganda & scare tactics, the stage was set for a blowhard president.  And he did what we anticipated, giving a long drawn out speech that was rather dull as teleprompter Trump tends to be, but as expected it was also an over-the-top lie-fest.  It’s just hard to believe human minds in the audience & watching on Fox fake news can stoop so low as to actually believe this rubbish.  That nightmare disinformation barrage from his speech is described in these links:
Another aspect to Trump’s bluster which stood out in a time we’re dealing with an emergency pandemic, is that he’s virtually ignoring the virus.  But when he does mention it, his words make absolutely no sense since he pats himself on the back in claiming what a great job he’s doing:  And the other compliant speakers during the RNC doubled down on the same crazy lies.  It’s like surreal absurdity in conjunction with painting a crazy alternative reality on steroids.  Our prez & all his sycophants are in total denial!  And hear the song featuring some of these sycophants at the bottom of Part 3.  They’re all living inside a bubble with a narrative that exists only as a figment of their imaginations: & also see
To say Trump responded quickly to the virus & his actions saved many lives is an insult to the families who have suffered!  It’s also an insult to the truth.  He’s ignored the virus from the start as a calculated strategy for reelection & it backfired.  Just imagine Lincoln ignoring/downplaying the Civil War, or Hoover & FDR ignoring/dismissing the Great Depression, or FDR ignoring/sloughing off Pearl Harbor, or George W. ignoring/denying 9-11 (& consider the death toll from COVID-19 is like having a 9-11 every single week).  So instead of being on war footing for a catastrophe that has killed more Americans than very few other events in our history, Trump has deferred taking the leadership reigns & basically surrendered to the virus.  It’s pathetic, but in the words of our president, it is what it is.
The RNC certainly featured a good many repugnant moments, which the most pertinent highlights (actually lowlights) are presented inside these numerous links.  And all the links below including in Parts 2 & 3, which obviously there are a ton of them, but please don’t just brush them off.  The way the news is portrayed the next couple months could spell the difference between democracy or tyranny going forward, so the loads of information seen in these articles may hold the key to a good outcome in November.  It’s not hyperbole to say the future of our nation & free society are on the line.  We’ve all heard the saying you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, so let’s spread the word now before a mistake in November turns America into a dystopian society & it becomes too late to go back.  We need to work together in defeating the fascists & it’s nothing short of the quality of our lives at stake:
Part 2 – Racist Tropes, Dictatorial Intent & Wretched Messaging
Trump’s America is a bitterly divided nation & he wants it that way.  The RNC promoted a heavy dose of amped up security to protect our cities, but the violence is only increased by the heavy hand of sending in federal troops to disrupt protests, while at the same time failing to recognize the centuries of systemic racism at the core of the frustrations.  Add to that the vitriolic language our president uses to inspire his white supremacist base, it unleashes crazed vigilantes who want to go shooting up our streets.  Trump’s rhetoric is actually fueling the flames rather than calming the waters since it plays into his scare tactics.  Plus he crashed the economy by bungling the virus response, greatly contributing to the overall desperation & angst.  It’s actually Trump’s campaign strategy to create fear & danger, a take-off on the Willie Horton ad the senior Bush used to help him win in 1988.  Yes, the hate-filled narrative can be disingenuous & out of context, but Trump will never win a badge for honesty.  And to listen to the prez & his party’s scary talk about the horrors going on in our cities, we would think the protesters must have killed 180,000+ Americans as COVID has.  Doesn’t it seem the GOP has misplaced priorities? 
So as the GOP tries to pin the blame for violence in our cities on the Dems, it is really the prez ratcheting up the tensions, anger, despair & violence more than anyone.  And there’s certainly no denying this rise in civil unrest is happening on Trump’s watch, so why does he blame Biden & the Dems?:, while he’s actually making the mayhem seem worse than it really is by embellishing & magnifying the dishevel taking place:  Uncle Joe & the Dems need to turn the GOP’s narrative on its head by explaining that Trump is the one fueling this white supremacist racist hate which is igniting many of these ugly incidents.  It really seems the prez welcomes the distractions as a way to turn attention away from his failed leadership on COVID (, the economic crisis & other issues, which his spokeslady even admits to: & also see  Trump is renowned for blaming others for his problems, but it’s important to know he is the president & his angry divisive rhetoric only heightens the risk of violence in our streets.
And as the president who makes divisiveness his trademark, he is not the leader to usher us through these racial tensions moving forward.  Do we really want another 4 years of our president stoking bitter racist divisions?  It only begets more violence!  And the perpetrators on the streets we should be most worried about carrying out their savage thuggery are not BLM or Antifa, but the real danger comes from white nationalist terrorists, especially when they hear & are unleashed by fearmongering dog whistles from Trump such as stamp out the radical protests or the election is rigged.  The prez is actually cheering those far-right thugs on.  As for this valid BLM protest movement (the vast majority of whom are well meaning & peaceful, so don’t confuse BLM with opportunistic agitators just out to stir up trouble, many coming in from outside the community) shining the light on systemic racism, our prez is dismissing & ignoring their legitimate concerns:  And the distorted both sides mantra coming from the GOP is crap:
His handling of the overall situation is much like how he’s mishandling the virus, oblivious to the problem as he’s refusing to acknowledge the violence flaring up on both sides, while not rising to the challenge with reasoned solutions.  Be aware the more raucous among BLM are prone to doing property damage, but it’s the far-right committing the most murders compared to the far-left by a long shot:  If Trump really sought to quell the violence, he’d call out the white supremacist militant agitators & not just BLM protesters.  But this campaign strategy to scare suburban housewives into voting to reelect Trump is what they’re going with, since they don’t have much else to run on:, meanwhile brushing off the real issues:  And Biden laid into him today: & also see
Most of the links below give reports on the racial tensions & the president’s strategy to spin the story in spreading fear.  But there are other important topics worth reviewing that threaten our constitutional democracy, such as an administration already defined by lies, corruption & cover ups, yet they just keep hitting us up with more: & also see  Much like the obstruction following 2016, it looks as though Team-Trump is once again hiding the foreign meddling happening in our election campaign.  Always keep in mind, every time Trump is given an inch, he’ll take not just a yard but a mile.  Warning, we are dealing with a demagogue!:  There are also some articles explaining Trump’s foreign policy disasters & other various blunders, so there’s plenty here to serve as warnings of a prez gone rogue starting with articles detailing his direct assault on democracy:
Fox Exposed in Hoax Book
I was a regular watcher of Fox News for the better part of two decades, but the network has dramatically changed their narrative in recent years & their viewership has largely failed to detect the changes.  Rather than offering a constructive conservative point of view based around current news stories as in years past, Fox has turned into a propaganda mouthpiece for far-right distortions & disinformation.  The network had previously set a more fact-based moderate tone by avoiding the outlandish conspiratorial-type messaging that had become standard fare on the extremist radio talk shows & social media sites.  The objective reporting at Fox made an abrupt about-face during this Trump era, as their metrics showed a pro-Trump narrative was good for ratings & what their preconditioned conservative audience was yearning to hear.
So sycophancy for Trump steadily became the priority over truths, tailoring their messaging more for an audience of one since Trump’s rhetoric became aligned with their viewership, while the on-air talking heads knew Trump would often be watching.  And a number of them transitioned over to high paying/power position roles at the White House.  And any time Fox in general or one of their hosts stray from the calculated Trump talking points as they sometimes do, they always catch a lot of grief from Trump & his supporters.  So the network continues to sacrifice their honesty & integrity, since being the most-watched Trump cheerleader is quite profitable & they’ve made a corporate decision not to risk killing the golden goose.
Brian Stelter’s new book titled Hoax details a nefarious feedback loop between Trump & Fox which has been highly destructive to our country.  Many of Trump’s crazy decisions are based on the falsehoods & conspiracies he hears on Fox, prioritizing that propaganda over the professional expertise from his intelligence officials, which has typically resulted in dire consequences.  That nefarious Trump-Fox feedback-loop has even cost many Americans their lives, with their unified messaging emphatically downplaying the virus which caused many in their audience to let their guard down.  It’s hard to make this stuff up about Trump’s governing as it’s so insanely off the rails, but such is life with him as our president.  I just don’t think America can survive much longer under such outlandish & dangerous foolishness, especially with far too many Americans willing to mindlessly & blindly follow.
Aside from the links below about his book, Stelter also hosts a great show on CNN Sunday mornings, Reliable Sources.  Here were segments from yesterday’s show:
There was another show on CNN that Stelter did the lead-in to over the weekend called After Truth, which was an enlightening & terrifying account on the consequences of blending the alt-right & Russian bots to produce mass internet misinformation:  The worst part is many American conservatives are gravitating towards this preposterous garbage.  As these movements seek to destroy the American way of life & our long-cherished free society, they’re off to a great start by deceiving, inciting & galvanizing probably millions in the conservative base.  Those fringe internet groups align with wacky far-right media on many of these conspiratorial stories from which their coordination helps build repetition/credibility, & there are always plenty of naive fools susceptible to their brainwashing.  As for Stelter’s book, it’s a real eye-opener:
The Destruction Wrought by Fox Fake News
Let’s examine many of these right-wing media hosts comprising what we refer to as the echo.  They are the lowest form of life as these grifters are profiting off lying, from which the deceit they spew could potentially destroy America.  Conservative TV, radio & internet groups have shifted steadily to the far-right over the years, to where they no longer push a viable or sane form of conservatism.  The more Fox & related echo-media sources gain a foothold in the minds of conservatives, the more our nation is imperiled since a democracy can’t survive a major political party constantly buying into blatant disinformation.  So it’s impossible to deal with & fix our problems when a large percentage of our citizens adamantly deny even the basic facts.
The Fox prime-time hosts are true deplorables.  Carlson should by all rights be fired in trying to justify a murderer, a new low even for him.  Accounts of his inexcusable ramblings are in many of these reports below, as are many other lies & inane rants that have become integral to the Fox broadcasts.  Plus Fox has suddenly added crime reports from big cities to their broadcasts in support of the trumped-up narrative that violence in our cities is raging out of control.  They seem to be spinning how the crime mayhem is worse than the virus devastation & economic collapse combined, while strangely absolving Trump of responsibility while hinting only he can fix it.  The network has routinely abandoned factual political news in becoming a messaging arm of the president’s reelection campaign, requiring them to double-down on Trump’s litany of lies.  As a society we’d better thoroughly discredit the hideous rhetoric now regularly emanating from this network, before their toxic delusions really do damage our country permanently.  We do need a credible conservative voice, but what Fox has become certainly ain’t it:
More on the Kooky Fringe
Yes, some messaging sources are actually more extreme than Fox.  While it might be true the proponents & adherents of deranged conspiracy movements like QAnon are intellectually several sheep short of a flock, the greater dilemma with their thinking stems from being deceived, brainwashed & radicalized after being hooked on the insane social media sites they’ve attach themselves to.  Besides QAnon, these articles also expose how the extreme-right is quick to embrace vigilante white supremacists even if they’re murderers.  It’s why these nutbags are officially labeled as domestic terrorists.  So take a wild ride in the crazy car by checking out these links, as we discover the perplexing mentality of folks who aren’t all there:
Moral Evangelicals Should Feel the Tug
Being pro-life doesn’t justify supporting a leader whose other qualities are abhorrently awful, so those who can reconnect with their moral compasses should change gears:  Back when I regularly attended my white evangelical church until the crazy elements within the congregation became too much to take, I’d swear some of these folks elevated Trump to messiah status on par with our heavenly father:  And nothing destroys the Christian witness more than a sense of exclusivity, moral shortcomings & false messaging combined with hypocrisy.  But there is still an opportunity to come clean & do what’s right:
When a church is perceived as becoming a de facto political party, they’ve indeed lost their way & greater purpose.  Way too many parishioners have bowed down & become willing accomplices at the alter of their earthly king’s evil empire, who personally appears to be as dishonest, vengeful & immoral as anyone alive.  If Trump somehow pulls out another inside straight in swing states to win again, it will be evangelical Christians being the group most to blame.  They would get the authoritarian dictator they crave another 4 years (if not longer), but in doing so will lose themselves & whatever is still left of their Christian witness.  These articles begin with the vitally important & wise words from Billy Graham’s granddaughter, which Trumpeter Christians should read & honestly ask themselves do they feel the tug?:   
The Fall of Falwell Jr.
Some of my evangelical brethren were taken aback & highly offended when for years I referred to Falwell Jr. as an evil heretic & even demonic, basing my thoughts on a parade of previous scandals (plus his unconditional support of a corrupt earthly king), so I wonder how my brethren feel about my opinions now.  As we read these accounts, I hope you’re as repulsed as I am that a leading evangelical university was led by such a perverted scumbag & his floozy wife.  But based on their fall from a lofty perch, the damage they’ve done to the credibility & reputation of the church is incalculable:
They Deserve a Song
I always put our selected song at the bottom of Part 3, but we also conclude this Part 2 with a song in honor of the Falwell’s.  The absurdity of it all is our way of imploring our evangelical brethren to start selecting leaders with at least some degree of moral integrity, whether it’s in our faith leaders or the country’s leader.  Character should always be the very first box to check off:
Part 3 – Economy, Virus & Election
Trump may be a screw-up on the economy & everything else, but the Dems can’t rest on their laurels & repeat the same mistakes from the Hillary campaign by playing prevent defense.  Biden needs a clear economic message for the forgotten working class, plus he needs to show up & spend lots of time in WI, MI & PA, even though strict social distancing & sparse crowds are the norms in this COVID era.  It’s really imperative in those states & others like OH, NC, FL, MN & AZ, Biden needs to address head on both the economic concerns & racial tensions.  Working people need to hear that Dems recognize their plight & have authentic ideas to solve their concerns.
Despite the flowery language about Trump’s economic record we heard from the RNC, back in the real world the economy stinks:  And irrespective of the general consensus, the economy wasn’t nearly as good as touted even before the virus hit, as Trump’s policies & tax cuts directed even more of the benefits to the very top.  At least our brilliant omnipotent president has articulated big plans going forward should he get reelected:  Seriously, the arguments in support of Trump just don’t hold up to scrutiny:
As you can pick out from inside the links below, we’ve posted articles on various topics as Trump presides over a terrible economy, including the way he’s expanding our huge wealth gaps, sabotaging efforts to strike a deal on more much-needed stimulus, attempting to defund social security, avoiding the creation of better healthcare coverage or infrastructure, denying climate change, & other significant issues where our prez is dropping the ball.  There are so many things running amok with our economy, we badly need competent leadership to address this mess.  And as the current prez mismanages our economy, he continues to badly mislead us on the true status of the economy as explained here:
Deadly Mistakes, Stubbornness & Misjudgements
Trump badly botched the handling of this pandemic, that much is certain:  His management of this emergency was an unmitigated disaster & thousands of Americans paid for it with their lives, so it’s hard to imagine any president doing any worse:  The world can objectively see who screwed up because it’s so obvious:  The playbook from other countries that worked so well was available for all to see, yet our prez chose to ignore those instructions & refused to fight the virus, so the virus won.  But this administration just shrugs it off:
And look at the example set by the prez during his convention speech, with over 1000 people crowded together without masks & most weren’t tested in advance: & also see  Have they already forgotten about Herman Cain?:  Their general lack of awareness is as stunning as it is stupid.  We saw a similar scene the next night in New Hampshire with the crowd actually booing the P.A. announcer’s request to wear masks:  At least most in the MLK/BLM March on Washington event on Friday had the sense to wear masks. 
If we have recently heard the claims the infections are declining, it may just be due to Trump orchestrating the decline in testing.  A state like Iowa is seeing positivity rates from testing going through the roof.  We should really be federal funding at-home saliva tests by improving accuracy & greatly expanding usage, in order to start isolating those who have it & finally help get a handle on the virus spread.  Now with schools reopening & football games being played, the spread is bound to get worse:  And as millions of our citizens push back on social distancing & wearing masks by regarding it as a political statement, it’s no wonder America is in such bad shape with COVID.  The evidence does show the elderly or those with preexisting health conditions are at far higher risks of dying (, but are their lives worth sacrificing because many Americans don’t want the inconvenience of taking sensible precautions?
Here’s an excellent op-ed from a local Cleveland columnist:  I just don’t understand how so many don’t see Trump for who he really is & his stunning inability to competently lead.  As someone who studies this stuff very closely, if others knew the facts about our prez that I do, they’d be as terrified as I am.  Just his virus leadership alone is more than enough not to vote for him, since how can we reelect someone who’s complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens?  And if you need proof of his incompetence, here are hundreds of examples:  With infections & deaths continuing to mount, on behalf of all the affected families we must hold Trump accountable with our votes.  Here are this week’s updates on the virus pandemic, which the news remains unimaginably tragic & sad:
Election Speculation & Projections
These final two months which will be the heat of the campaigns, so it will be interesting to see how both candidates handle the off-the-cuff moments away from the well-rehearsed teleprompter speeches from their respective conventions.  Will Trump go off the rails with toxic red meat that only his rabid base could swallow & will Biden be an undisciplined gaffe-machine?  However the next two months play out, our bedrock principles need to hold firm to the view we’re far better off with gaffes than tyranny!  And with the race uncomfortably tight, we encourage you to work with us in informing our fellow voters, while you can use any of the info from this blog to make your case.  The same phrase has been said about most every election, but this one truly is the most important election of our lifetimes!:  Our democracy may be on the line!  I know in this still competitive race we’re having flashback nightmares from 2016, but this time we have President Trump’s miserable record to exploit.  And as a core constituency, we also have nearly half the population who say they strongly disapprove of Trump & won’t vote for him under any circumstance.  As I’ve often said, I’d vote for Donald Duck over Donald Trump.
The polls have tightened some as some people have bought into the scare tactics the Trump campaign has concocted over the pockets of violence in select cities:  So it does appear Trump got a slight bounce after his convention, which Uncle Joe needs to reset the narrative, explaining Trump’s cascade of lies & failures which a Biden presidency would get us back on track.  Plus Trump the showman is a headline hog, so Biden can’t let him get away with always stealing the spotlight.  And the focus should return to our pressing national crisis of a still out-of-control virus pandemic which crashed our economy & is killing hundreds of thousands of our citizens, even though Trump would love to continue ratcheting up the mayhem in some cities through demonizing mostly peaceful protesters. 
The poor ratings for the RNC illustrate this reality TV host’s ratings magic has lost its luster from 4 years ago, as he keeps resorting to that same old tired schtick to rile his base: & also see  It does look like his act is wearing thin.  And that means the media won’t breathlessly cover his every word & every move like they did in 2016, denying Trump the attention he craves which helped propel him to victory last time.  And as Michael Cohen once stated in his congressional testimony, Trump is a cheat, so sure enough he’s trying to cheat in this election in a number of ways.  It’s just one of the obstacles we must overcome in sending Trumpism to the dustbin of history.
Barring something dramatic, I would presume the overwhelming percentage of voters have already decided on who they’re voting for, as most views have hardened & people are locked into their corners:  For those still wavering, let me suggest they don’t get hung up over issues or party or ideology, since all those relatively little things become irrelevant when we’re dealing with a corrupt wanna-be dictator.  He’s not a fascist tyrant yet, but given another 4 years to usurp more of the levers of power, he just may pull it off.  The pillars of democracy are wobbly & ready to tip over if the assault on truths, law, balance of power & our Constitution go on much longer.  So let’s first save our constitutional democracy from the all-too-real threat of authoritarianism, which from there we can advance sensible policy ideas trying to unite the country around the common good. 
But that common good cannot be possible should the incompetent & divisive Trump remain at the helm.  The president who has always run on the motto make America great again, we now know this Trump America has become a disaster.  This cannot continue!:  We should all do our part, so please join us on this journey that we see as our civic duty, since the future of America may well hinge on the narratives presented between now & November.  It does become frustrating more people aren’t engaged with so much on the line, but we still have two months left to influence the outcome.  The relevant updates from the week about the election are here, so please peruse the titles.  We do need to be proactive, as collectively we can make a difference by working together & helping inform our fellow citizens, which all along has been the intent of this blog:  
The Shame of You