A Historic Vote…Two articles of impeachment were passed by the House last night.  Only time will give us the magnitude of this moment.  Going forward, there are indications the House will likely hold up sending the articles over to the Senate until assurances are made by McConnell & Co. that a fair trial will be held, not a sham by a biased jury as McConnell & Graham have forcefully stated they’re complying with White House commands.  Pelosi, Hoyer & the Dem House crew could force the GOP Senate’s hand in calling important witnesses & demanding withheld documents, as this prez has brazenly blocked everything in a massive cover-up.  A fair trial with those key witnesses is something most Americans favor.  Charlie Sykes nailed that idea of a delay earlier this week: https://thebulwark.com/impeach-and-withhold/.
Whether the relevant witnesses & documents exonerate Trump or corroborate other witness testimonies, either way we need to know.  Let the facts come out!  The GOP seems afraid of the facts.  And they complain with zero GOP votes yesterday, impeachment turned into a partisan exercise.  I say because Trump’s illegal actions were so apparent with no legal alibis whatsoever coming from the GOP, it just illustrates how the party has turned into a cult.  What really stood out from the statements in the House the day of the impeachment vote, was how much both sides were dug in & adamant in their opinions for or against impeachment.  The partisan polarization is far beyond anything current American citizens have ever seen in this country.
With the GOP, not only did they fail to provide any cogent legal defense, but their arguments were made almost entirely by old white guys.  That also happens to be their primary constituency.  Whether they know it or not, they’re a dying party.  In the near term the GOP may bury themselves through their embrace of delusional misinformation & corrupt criminality, or in the long run fade away through the country’s changing demographics, but the current form of this now extremist party cannot stand.  They will be forced to remake themselves as a sane party, or start all over with a clean slate as a new/different party, or disappear altogether.  There’s another option I dread thinking about, that this current Trumpian party wins & America is thrown into authoritarian fascism (& that somber reality is not as far-fetched as people think).  Americans are called on to make the right choice while they still have the power to do so.
There’s so much not to like!  It goes beyond the lying, corruption & criminality.  For example, in his typical jackass way, Trump threw out a barrage of personal insults during a cult rally that ran concurrently with the impeachment votes.  He even went so far as to insinuate Rep. Debbie Dingell’s late husband was looking up at us from hell (see more articles on that despicable barb in Part 2).  We can & must do better!  Trump has proven to us time & time again he is not fit for office.  Either through impeachment/conviction or losing the election he must be sent packing.
We’ve collected & posted many relevant articles coming out of the impeachment statements & votes from yesterday, along with the potential ramifications on what it could all mean.  It also sets up contentious negotiations between the leaders of the House & Senate before the case is ever turned over to the Senate for trial.  Pelosi & Schumer are right to use their leverage in making sure it becomes more of a true trial.  The Dems have built such a strong case while the GOP has no real defense, so it’s good they should facilitate a favorable environment for all the facts to come out.  The House managers for the trial also have yet to be determined until sometime after the holidays.  Obviously some major headlines were generated over the past 24 hours, so see these many links & this quote:
‘When the history books are written about this tumultuous era, I want them to show that I was among those in the House of Representatives who stood up to lawlessness and tyranny. When we’re dancing with angels, the question will be, What did you do to make sure we kept our democracy intact?’ – The late great Elijah Cummings
While we’ve clearly seen how the GOP has evolved into an evil cult of madness & lawlessness, the Dem caucus in the House was remarkably uniform in standing up for the rule of law & defending the Constitution.  Very few broke from the impeachment fight even among moderate reps in districts won by Trump:
There was one Dem presidential candidate who voted “present,” so while she may have been physically present, mentally she was AWOL.
Where Are the Key Witnesses?
In a poll this week, 71% said the Trump aides directly involved with the Ukraine deal should be permitted to testify in the Senate trial.
Crazy Rudy Confesses to More Criminal Acts
Rudy admits his guilt when he said of Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovitch “I needed her out of the way.”
Other Inside Players in Trump’s Corrupt Game
And Make No Mistake, Trump’s Corrupt Games are Crimes
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Mueller Report Still in Play