Trials Can Have Many Twists & Turns…From recent polling, a majority of Americans want Trump removed & a super majority want new witnesses called in the trial.  The Dem House managers laid out a very compelling case based on facts even lacking the key documents & witnesses.  For the GOP to resist requesting the most pertinent documents & witnesses tied most directly to the president’s alleged crimes, only proves they’re terrified of what the facts might reveal & most of them likely realize Trump is guilty as sin.  The most frustrating part about this trial for us is realizing no matter how strong the evidence, & the facts are indisputable, yet GOP senators have long since made up their minds & aren’t open to the truth.  This exercise of House managers performing their constitutional duties are falling on deaf ears, as the cultish party of Trump is adamantly determined to rush this through as a scam & rigged trial.  They’re complicit in the misinformation, cover-ups & lawlessness of their leader Trump. 
The arguments delivered so far by Trump’s legal team can only be described as implausible, twisted, mind-boggling gobbledygook.  Their focus from Saturday morning & in the next couple days is on the legal process & the Bidens, since on the cascade of evidence implicating the president there is no defense for, so they’re trying to persuade us these very serious crimes against our country are no big deal.  That legal team also insulted the American people by saying Trump was all about rooting out corruption, which ironically Trump had dismissed the true anti-corruption crusader in Ambassador Yovanovitch, indicating the most disturbing case of corruption happened to be coming from Trump & his staff of loyal henchmen.  By focusing on abstract/irrelevant topics like Burisma & an email server, that narrative is being used by Trump’s defense as a diversion, since it seems obvious our president’s primary motive was in smearing his political opponent.  So it’s evident the prez sought to justify his 2016 election win despite getting a huge assist from Russia, plus he again wanted more interference in this year’s election through enlisting the help of foreign powers, hoping in November to taint the results that gives him another unfair advantage. 
So a point to consider is the Dems are not looking to overturn the 2016 election, but they are looking to prevent another illegal attempt to steal the 2020 election.  Plus the Trump legal arguments include a focus on the Ukraine call transcript, which was really a summary & not a transcript, that actually does more to prove guilt & not innocence.  But above all, the Trump lawyers lie repeatedly about the real evidence presented by House managers.  So it all comes down to Trump got caught & he has no defense.  Our president has betrayed his oath of office & our country!  With his legal defense falsely claiming he did nothing wrong, that basically infers a president is above the law & the path is cleared for a potential future of dictatorial fascism.  Do not smirk over the thought of that being a real possibility, since we’re a whole lot closer to moving from a democracy to fascist society than people realize (see commentary at the top of Part 2).  By the time the American people wake up to the threat, it may already be too late.  That’s why this impeachment is so critically important, needing to rein in a lying, corrupt, criminalized presidency bent on reshaping the Constitution for his own selfish interests.
Bolton Bombshell 
This is the type of leak timed at just the right time, before GOP senators could sweep Trump’s crimes under the rug & dismiss the case.  It’s going to take hitting GOP cronies directly over their heads with proof of crimes to get their attention, so tonight’s headline just might do it.  See this hot evolving report in the links below showing the unpublished draft from Bolton’s book that leaked publicly tonight from inside the White House, which may help shatter the Trump defense & practically force witnesses to be called, especially Bolton himself.  He had direct firsthand knowledge of what he called the drug deal, & these news articles provide the most compelling clues yet that Trump did indeed call the shots on this bribery/extortion scheme forced on Ukraine.  Their military aid was withheld as leverage until Ukraine announced an investigation into the Bidens, so Trump could have his dirt on a main political opponent in order to cheat in this upcoming election. 
Starting Monday it will be interesting to see how Trump & his lawyers spin this.  And can at least 4 GOP senators stand tall by voting for witnesses to testify?  Trying to block Bolton from testifying could have disastrous political consequences, since the public might see it as obstruction that has finally gone too far.  This all fits the same basic pattern as seen in the Russian collusion & obstruction scandal which tarnished the 2016 election.  From everything we’ve learned, Trump is a corrupt criminal & he just can’t seem to help himself.  So overall on the Ukraine scandal, there’s never been proof of such clearly impeachable offenses by any other president in American history, & here’s hoping this smoking gun finally starts shooting holes through that hard shell of the Trump cult.  The evidence is now so irrefutable & beyond reproach, we’ve got to think some GOP senators may decide they don’t want to go down in history as being complicit to maybe the worst crime ever committed against our constitutional democracy!  Yes, enlisting the help of a foreign nation to steal an election really is that bad!  The law leaves no other choice, this president must be removed!!!:  

Dem House Managers vs. GOP Senators
Adam Schiff was powerful in his concluding speeches all 3 nights!  Especially on Friday night, he obliterated all the arguments from Trump’s legal team before they even gave them!  So Americans can either believe the facts from Schiff or the obviously blatant lies from Trump’s defense.  Schiff brilliantly pointed out that the still hidden documents & witness accounts will likely come out eventually, so GOP senators may have second thoughts about going on record as having suppressed this critical evidence, when the passing of time will place them squarely on the wrong side of history:  We can fully comprehend the extent they’ve sworn allegiance & made a blood sacrifice to their omnipotent king, making conviction at this point a long shot at best, but why do they insist upon a trial without evidence?  Once more I’ll emphasize again, I think it’s apparent these GOP senators are terrified what the most important documents & witnesses would reveal, because deep down inside their hearts & minds they know our president is guilty.  If he goes down, they might go down with him. 
It seems like the Trump-McConnell team want to rush this sham trial through so it’s over by the Super Bowl & SOTU:  With GOP senators following the example of their party leadership, they’ve collectively become the lawless party & keep thumbing their noses at the Constitution.  But even if the GOP rushes through this trial with a whitewash, it could flare up again at any unknown time:  While GOP politicians are under enormous pressure to keep towing the party line, the GOP base continues to be lemmings.  I’m sure most Trumpeters have totally tuned out the concrete evidence of crimes, while admittedly the case presented by the House Dems was a lot to digest.  But for anyone truly paying attention & don’t see signs of crimes committed by our president, they’re either blindly partisan or have inexplicably shut down the use of their frontal lobe.
There’s No Explanation for the Lawless Trump Administration & His Quivering Puppets
When word of Russian collusion first came out shortly after Trump’s inauguration, I saw our president as a criminal back then & anticipated his removal from office a couple years ago.  But I underestimated the extent the GOP had become possessed by the Trump cult, as GOP congresspeople are truly terrified of Trump, the echo & their own base.  So political survival has become their one overriding mission, trumping doing what’s right, the facts, reason & common sense, the majority of the American people, the law, the Constitution, our democracy, & their own moral principles.  So to them, subservience to the tribal cult trumps everything else!  As we now stand, GOP senators are ignoring & dismissing all the solid evidence of crimes.  Much like the illegal actions of conspiracy & obstruction all Trump sycophants ignored with Russia, now the abuse of power/obstruction over the Ukraine deal offers even more irrefutable evidence, but the GOP is still trying to deny the obvious.  It’s like they’ve lost their minds along with their morals.  And those who somehow say there’s no crime here, they’re just lying to themselves.
There’s plenty of news having been made during impeachment trial week with House managers masterfully giving their case full of substance, so naturally we have a ton of live links posted below.  Outside of the trial, we also had reports of Trump caught on tape having a discussion with Lev Parnas about then Ambassador Yovanovitch, which Trump concludes the conversation by saying take her out!  Spoken like a true mob boss.  That news story is interspersed among the long list of links below.  It’s really adding up.  Every week & practically daily we’re getting new evidence that corroborates the previous evidence we’ve learned from prior witnesses.  There has to be a tipping point for some GOP senators.  If your state has a GOP senator, give them a call.  Public opinion can mean a lot to them.  With tonight’s news on Bolton’s book excerpts & a stream of new information we can fully expect will keep coming out, the conclusion to this impeachment drama is far from being over.  This week promises to be yet another barn burner!
See commentaries & articles about Trump’s crimes & the wretched party he controls all throughout the 3 parts in our blog posted Sunday night, hopefully perusing with interest the numerous link titles to these many important news reports.  We must stay informed on this biggest political scandal in our nation’s history, even if the Trump cult has convinced the GOP base it’s no big deal!  But all us freedom-loving, patriotic Americans know better, because a president betraying his country by collaborating with foreign powers to cheat & steal elections is indeed a VERY BIG DEAL!!!  It’s also a terrible crime!  A crime that runs against the very heart of our Constitution & defiles the rule of law.  The rest of Part 1 here are all live links to articles, so please review the titles & click on some of them.  It’s vital for all of us to pay attention, since only we the people can stop a fascist takeover.  What really stands out in these articles are the substance & overwhelming evidence delivered by House managers, compared to the depths of dishonesty by Trump’s lawyers: