The Cohen Hearing Ramped Up Public Awareness, But the Worst is Still to Come…I base my views on the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence already known, & the more we learn from the various probes, the worse it looks for the prez.  I truly believe the crimes over Russiagate in conjunction with numerous financial crimes which are soon to be uncovered should be more than enough to bring down this presidency.  Even GOP senators would probably turn on Trump if the evidence of his crimes is rock-solid enough.  It was a bad week for Trump with the Cohen hearing & a dud of a summit in Vietnam, but fully expect far worse weeks ahead.  And for the sake of our nation & our Constitution, this is certainly a presidency that needs to end, the sooner the better.  I did a long rambling rant in Part 2 today, so in this section I’ll keep it much shorter & let the articles from the newsfeeds do the talking. 
We Need to Get at the Facts!
As we wait on the Mueller report & districts like the SDNY are in full gear probing potential Trump financial crimes, the House committees are also really ramping things up.  When Jerry Nadler just requested documents from more than 60 people in Trump’s inner circle & from his organizations, he’s not messing around & is aggressively pursuing the facts!  Nadler just stated it’s already very clear the prez has obstructed justice, while another committee chair Adam Schiff said there is direct evidence of Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia.  They’re also going after Trump’s tax returns.  So after two years of GOP obstruction, cover ups & stonewalling in the House, it looks like there is now a firm commitment & determination to follow the facts wherever they lead.
The bottom line is there’s plenty of compelling evidence of crimes & the American people need to know the truth, since a proven criminal cannot be allowed to preside over our nation from the White House.  To think otherwise would be a bastardization of our democracy, as it would invalidate our Constitution & rule of law, establishing a precedent for oppressive despotic regimes to rule America moving forward.  So there is a lot on the line & all we need to know is what really happened.  I have trust in the multiple investigations tasked to tell us.  Check out these various relevant articles that recently hit the newsfeeds, including this interview in the top link Nadler did with ABC News:
Timeline on Stone’s phone call to Trump over WikiLeaks dump:
Weisselberg knows all about the finances for Trump Org. from the very beginning:
Kushner Clearance

That Kushner got a security clearance with a background where nobody else would ever have gotten such a security clearance, makes a mockery out of our national security protocol.  And of course, Trump & his family lied about it.  This signals yet more revelations on the constant lies & corruption that permeate the White House, as revealed in excerpts from jared-kushner-security-clearance.  Below that is a list of other article titles to look up if you wish:


President Trump ordered his chief of staff to grant his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, a top-secret security clearance last year, overruling concerns flagged by intelligence officials and the White House’s top lawyer, four people briefed on the matter said. Mr. Trump’s decision in May so troubled senior administration officials that at least one, the White House chief of staff at the time, John F. Kelly, wrote a contemporaneous internal memo about how he had been “ordered” to give Mr. Kushner the top-secret clearance. The White House counsel at the time, Donald F. McGahn II, also wrote an internal memo outlining the concerns that had been raised about Mr. Kushner — including by the C.I.A. — and how Mr. McGahn had recommended that he not be given a top-secret clearance. The disclosure of the memos contradicts statements made by the president, who told The New York Times in January in an Oval Office interview that he had no role in his son-in-law receiving his clearance.

In May 2018, the White House Counsel’s Office, which at the time was led by Mr. McGahn, recommended to Mr. Trump that Mr. Kushner not be given a clearance at that level. But the next day, Mr. Trump ordered Mr. Kelly to grant it to Mr. Kushner anyway, the people familiar with the events said. The question of Mr. Kushner’s access to intelligence was a flash point almost from the beginning of the administration. The initial background check into Mr. Kushner dragged on for more than a year, creating a distraction for the White House, which struggled to explain why one of the people closest to the president had yet to be given the proper approval to be trusted with the country’s most sensitive information.



Cohen Hearing

Such televised public spectacles tend to sink into the public consciousness a lot more, & we’re going to see a lot more of them in the weeks ahead.  Plus those public hearings do get a lot more Americans paying attention.  The likes of Allen Weisselberg & Felix Sater could reveal details that might blow the lid off Trump’s criminal enterprise.  So remember those names & get ready for congressional testimonies from them which might be explosive!  And plenty of other witnesses will become part of the mix, as the more we learn, the more we’ll want to know, & the more revealing it will be about who our prez really is.  The Trump adult kids might also be called on to testify.
Cohen’s lawyer has called his client’s testimonies this past week game changing.  Despite lying regularly in the past, it really looks like Cohen has come clean.  And another Cohen hearing is scheduled this week to clarify some points, including possible reports Trump floated him a pardon.  It’s probable Trump & his lawyers floated multiple pardons to key staff members, which if discovered would add to the obstruction of justice & abuse of power cases.  Those are the same charges which ultimately brought down Nixon.  But our current president’s likely criminal enterprise has so many more tentacles than Watergate, history may record Nixon as more of an altar boy by comparison.
Since we have a limit on outbound links, please peruse these titles on stories related to the Cohen hearing, & you could always search for those which most interest you.  Also see Part 2 for articles on the ridiculously idiotic questioning of Cohen by GOP House reps, plus Part 1 from our previous weekday post had news headlines on the Cohen hearing: 
To conclude our Cohen news for the week, here is an interesting article the-mainstream-media-is-finally-recognizing-trump-for-what-he-is-a-sociopath on this interesting article michael-cohen-donald-trump which contained these interesting excerpts:
“Mr. Trump is an enigma,” Cohen said. “He is complicated, as am I.” Actually, Trump is simple, grasping for money, attention and fame. The enigma about Trump is why he cut off his lap dog so brutally that Cohen fell into the embrace of Robert Mueller and New York federal prosecutors. Trump is often compared to a mob boss, but Michael Corleone would never turn on a loyal capo, only on one who had crossed him. The portrait Cohen drew of Trump was not surprising. It has been apparent for some time that the president is a con man, racist, cheat and liar. (See: Jared Kushner security clearance.) What was most compelling about the congressional hearing was the portrait of the sadistic relationship between the sycophant and the sociopath. Cohen told the House Oversight Committee that working for Trump had made him feel that he was “involved in something greater than yourself — that you were somehow changing the world.”

Threatening to sue people and take away their livelihoods or ruin their reputations isn’t exactly Greenpeace or Doctors Without Borders. But Cohen was chugging Trump Kool-Aid. He saw himself as Trump’s protector, the thug’s thug. In late 2017, he appeared to get misty while talking to Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox about Trump: “One man who wants to do so much good with so many detractors against him needs support.” He vowed he would never walk away from Trump, no matter what. A year ago, he even shopped around a book that was meant to be a rebuttal to Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” pitched as the “family fix-it guy” and titled “Trump Revolution: From the Tower to the White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump.” He understands Trump now.

A stung Trump went on a tweet storm Friday morning, bringing up that book proposal, calling it a “‘love letter to Trump’ manuscript,” and noting: “Written and submitted long after Charlottesville and Helsinki, his phony reasons for going rogue. Book is exact opposite of his fake testimony, which now is a lie!” Unlike many Republican TV commentators who can wash away past sins about Sarah Palin and the Iraq war — and get a big payday and liberal love — by trashing Trump, Cohen is not destined for reputation rehab. The problem in a nutshell, as Trump biographer Timothy O’Brien once told The Times, was that Michael Cohen wasn’t Roy Cohn. The latter Trump lawyer was the one who helped shape Trump’s character or lack thereof, drumming in the win-at-all-costs mentality Donald had learned at his father’s knee. Trump, who once bleated “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” in his anger about Jeff Sessions recusing himself, wanted a lawyer who was whip-smart, amoral, ruthless and predatory. Cohen was merely Renfield to Trump’s Dracula, gratefully eating insects and doing the fiend’s bidding. Trump used Cohen for dirty deeds done dirt cheap, as ACDC sang.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump showed up late to Cohen’s son’s bar mitzvah and then made a belittling speech about how he had come only because Cohen had begged him and everyone around him. The Times revealed last April that Trump had regularly threatened to fire Cohen and quoted Roger Stone saying that Trump mocked Cohen for overpaying for Trump real estate. With a few exceptions in his inner circle and with family, Trump doesn’t give loyalty or deserve it. That’s why Republicans on the Hill who so obsequiously stand by him will eventually learn it wasn’t worth it, just as Cohen warned them. 

Interesting Tidbits
It looks like enough GOP senators are bucking the emergency declaration to build the wall, so Trump is forced to use his veto power to get the funds: rand-paul-says-hell-vote-against-trump-s-border-emergency-likely-forcing-a-veto.  And these excepts on Trump’s potential financial status inside trump-biographer-says-people-will-shocked-presidents-finances-lifestyle-billionaire-no-wealth may prove shocking:
During his February 27 testimony before the House Oversight Committee, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, observed, “It was my experience that Mr. Trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes.” And when journalist/author David Cay Johnston appeared on CNN the morning after Cohen’s testimony, he explained why the attorney’s statement on Trump’s finances was quite accurate—and why Trump isn’t as wealthy as he would have people believe. The 70-year-old Johnston (author of the 2018 book “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America” and 2016’s “The Making of Donald Trump”) has been writing about Trump’s finances for decades, and he told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that exaggerating his net worth is nothing new for The Donald.

Johnston recalled, “I revealed in 1990 that (Trump) wasn’t a billionaire, and Donald called me a liar until he had to put in the record documents showing he had a negative net worth of almost $300 million.” Camerota asked Johnston what Americans can expect when Trump’s tax returns are made public—and the author responded that “one of the things that we’re going to see is that his adjusted gross income” in “some recent years” was “less than $500,000. We know that because he got something in New York called the star property tax credit on his principal home, which is in Trump Tower. You only get that if your adjusted gross income is less $500,000.” Johnston went on to say that “people are going to be very shocked about his finances” and will see that Trump “has the lifestyle of a billionaire, but he doesn’t have any kind of wealth.”  

There are live links & a song about this failed summit at the bottom of Part 3, which here are several more articles which aren’t live links, so you could peruse the titles or look up the articles: