With Significant Signs of Crimes, Congressional Hearings Must Be Conducted…Here in Part 1 to start our week based on the political headlines, I may be even tougher on the prez today than I normally am, but the American people need to wake up to who Trump really is & the threats he poses.  Too many Americans are in slumber or complacent, while most of the GOP base have become enchanted by his force of personality.  The public overall better gain the realization when we have such a demonstrable & abject lowlife in office, it shouldn’t surprise us when a person like that crosses the line into illegal activities.  And we’ve seen clear signals that’s exactly what has happened.  We’d better become activists & communicate reality to our fellow Americans, before an autocratic president like him can usurp the institutional levers of power & pull our democracy out from underneath us.  So today’s Part 1 features many articles on the congressional hearings, today’s House vote, the question of impeachment, the Trumpian Barr cover-up, interesting polling, international dangers & plenty of other stuff.
Granted, all Americans should respect the office of the president.  And while we have our varied opinions about the individual officeholders, up until January 2017 I personally had a certain degree of respect for every one of the 44 presidents who’ve held the position since our nation’s founding.  My comments since then are based on close observations of a person with highly questionable personal traits, since the overwhelming evidence suggests he’s a self-centered narcissistic megalomaniac who’s a corrupt con man & pathological liar seeking to establish a rogue dictatorial regime.  Plus many of his top campaign aides are now convicted criminals, which it’s not such a stretch to assume in some cases they were just taking marching orders from their boss.  I take no pleasure in saying such awful things about a sitting American president, but any leader who plays loose with the truth & flaunts the law deserves to get called out, so it is what it is.
Organized Crime Ring run by a Mob Boss
The various investigations must aggressively pursue the credible signs of criminal behavior in an assortment of ways, since there are so many unanswered questions & clues as yet uncovered.  We already have hard evidence our nation’s leader is a unindicted felon, from obstruction of justice to tax fraud/evasion & defrauding university students along with being named in court as a co-conspirator to illegal campaign finance donations.  The multiple probes are still working to get to the bottom of other potential criminal activities from which there’s an overload of circumstantial evidence, such as abuse of power, bank fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, bribery, espionage, soliciting foreign donations, witness tampering/intimidation, extortion, racketeering, charity fraud, inauguration fraud, violating the emoluments clause, sexual abuse/assault, defamation, & yes collusion (from which there is evidence but as yet no indictments rising to the level of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, that can evolve into charges of conspiracy & even treason).  All these potential crimes don’t even cover his proven history of lying & con games.  Gee, what a swell guy.
I wouldn’t put anything past this guy.  I even found charges of child rape against Trump credible after he was palling around with renowned child predator Jeffrey Epstein (palmbeachpost.com/news/20190510/jeffrey-esptein-case-victims-attorneys-blast-prosecutors-timetable), brought by an accuser under the name Katie Johnson.  She dropped the charges a week before the 2016 election: vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/11/3/13501364/trump-rape-13-year-old-lawsuit-katie-johnson-allegation.  Whether her charges were originally made-up, or she was paid off or threatened to drop the case, we’ll probably never know.  I raise the specter of all these possible crimes as a way to emphasize we must take the current investigations seriously, since it’s highly plausible a character like Trump really has led a life of crime & is unfit for office.  And yes, I know it’s stunning & very disturbing to think these things of any president, which surely offends the sensibilities of kool-aid drinking Trumpeters.  But just look objectively at the lack of character over his lifetime, with the complete absence of honesty, humility, empathy, morality & integrity.  Please send around this information, so more Americans can read & understand what kind of man we’re likely dealing with.
We should also understand the daunting challenges investigators are facing in probing a lifelong con man who knows how to cover his tracks​, while also being a master of deception & gaslighting​​Furthermore, he’s surrounded by the reprehensible toadies in the political, legal & media worlds willing to ​abide by​ Trump’s every request, as they are now in unison fighting full tilt the facts being uncovered by the investigations.  The more Trump & his minions try to block subpoenas & witnesses, along with defying court orders, the more impeachment becomes justifiable.​ ​ And we should have faith the truth on a number of fronts will soon become known.  The next major crime implicating Trump that gets revealed, it​ becomes​ Go-Time on declaring a full-scale impeachment inquiry. ​ ​When the preponderance of numerous & serious crimes becomes irrefutable, it’s well within the realm of possibility impeachment could result in removal, since at that point we’d have to hope at least 20 GOP senators could flee the cult by rediscovering their moral compasses & do their constitutional duties.
Congressional Hearings Started in Earnest This Week​
The congressional hearings are commencing.​  The live coverage on Monday was preempted by the cable news networks covering the helicopter crash on top of a NYC skyscraper.  But there should be plenty more witnesses coming before Congress soon, especially those with firsthand knowledge of the going ons inside the Trump administration & campaign.  We need to see congressional hearings on a regular basis, preferably in public & televised so it sinks in with the public.  If these key witnesses refuse to come voluntarily or ignore subpoenas, they may need to be fined &/or compelled by court orders.  The articles about this week’s congressional hearings are inside these links, along with more examples of hissy fits & obstruction/cover-ups by Trump’s rabid congressional henchmen:
Giving House Subpoenas More Clout
This was a party-line vote to show potential witnesses they’d better take subpoenas seriously, which also gives Congress some more teeth when taking their case to court for the times requested documents or witnesses are not forthcoming.  Trump will keep using executive privilege in his relentless pattern of cover-ups, but that’s a battle Congress must fight head-on.  Congress has a constitutional duty to exercise their oversight authority, while nobody (not even a prez) is above the law.  Congress needs all the tools & ammo they can muster against a corrupt president & AG.  These are the articles on today’s House vote:

All in the Family

Sonny-boy jr. set to testify:


As for sonny-in-law, it looks like some serious conflicts of interest:


Look at what Our President is Doing to Us

America is a far lesser place thanks to Trump.  We can only hope to replace him as soon as constitutionally possible, while also hoping the damage he’s done isn’t permanent.  This passage posted comes from msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/trump-destroys-american-greatness-from-within & there’s more where that came from by clicking on the link:

This country is a harder, colder, more meanspirited place because these senators would rather bootlick a bully than stand for the principles they once espoused. Surely, they know the price of their vassalage. To serve Donald Trump is to lose all self-respect. You lie for him. You cover for him. You hate for him. John Boehner, the former House speaker, has more honor as a mercenary for marijuana than the elected Republicans shoveling dirt over the grave of the Constitution. But Americans should care about a more lasting and damaging corrosion — the destabilizing of venerable institutions. It’s one thing to corrupt a politician, the natural osmosis of the species. It’s quite another to debase the foundations of a great democracy. It started on Day 2, when the hapless liar, newly subsidized by taxpayers, tried to conscript the National Park Service into the fantasy that his crowd was the largest ever. The beloved Park Service survived the encounter with the devil, barely. But now the keepers of our national story are facing an authoritarian president who wants to dominate the Independence Day celebration on the National Mall. He would politicize what has long been a nonpartisan family affair, setting up “the angriest July 4 ever,” as Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia delegate in the House, put it. After the inauguration debacle, Trump moved on to bigger targets — the judiciary, the military, the press, and the professional class of bureaucrats who have made the United States a model for competence and incorruptibility in the Civil Service. With William Barr, Trump now has an attorney general who doesn’t care how much lasting damage he does to truth, justice and the American way. His mandate as the nation’s top prosecutor is to carry out Trump’s private vendettas.

More Takes on the Mueller Report
This article offers the top 10 takeaways from the Mueller investigation: dailykos.com/stories/2019/6/8/1863500/-Among-the-Top-Ten-Takeaways-of-the-Mueller-Report.  Posted below is the beginning to nytimes.com/2019/06/07/opinion/mueller-report-trump-impeachment, with the rest of the article getting into details on coordinating with WikiLeaks, looking for Clinton’s “missing” emails, sharing polling data, & obstructing justice:

After two years of silence, the special counsel Robert Mueller recently made his first public remarks — to complain, it seemed, that no one had read his report. “We chose those words carefully,” Mr. Mueller said, “and the work speaks for itself.” But at a dense 440-plus pages, if the report speaks for itself, it takes a great deal of time and focus to listen to what it has to say. Mr. Mueller tells a complicated story of “multiple, systematic” efforts at Russian election interference from which the Trump campaign was eager to benefit. And he describes a president eager to shut down an investigation into his own abusive conduct. This is far from, as the president put it, “no collusion, no obstruction.” The document is packed with even more details, ranging from the troubling to the outright damning. Yet these have been lost in the flurry of discussion around the report’s release. Even the most attentive reader could have trouble keeping track of the report’s loose ends and dropped subplots. Here are four of the most surprising details that you might have missed — and none of them are favorable to the president.

To Impeach or Not Impeach?​  Timing is Everything!


We can easily see both sides.  It’s a tough call.  Pelosi advises a cautious approach while 60+ House Dems have declared they’re raring to go on an impeachment inquiry.  I favor being aggressive with the investigations, while declaring impeachment hearings as soon as Trump’s next major crime is exposed by any of the many investigations.  Let’s build momentum from the next major headline news of illegal actions by this prez.  So please be patient, since with this seemingly criminal enterprise run by our leader, something else is bound to come out soon enough.  See these articles on the great Dem internal debate:
And the public is steadily getting behind taking aggressive action:


Don’t Forget Russiagate Wasn’t Only About Trump, But Russia
We should never lose sight of what started the Russiagate investigation in the first place & what the underlying reason for the Mueller probe was all about.  And they plan to do it again & we’re not prepared!  Russia wants to delegitimize our democracy & throw our nation into chaos.  They’ve already done a good job of that.  Check out this first part to nytimes.com/2019/06/08/opinion/mueller-elections-reform-democracy:

Members of Congress have several major decisions to make after the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Whether to pursue an impeachment inquiry is the one that’s gotten the most attention — and reasonable people can disagree about that. But Mr. Mueller’s findings leave no room for debate about the need to address the legal and institutional deficiencies that allowed a foreign adversary to tamper with America’s democracy. From cyberattacks on state voter systems to disinformation campaigns waged on social media to the hacking of materials belonging to a major political party, Mr. Mueller made plain that the country’s electoral infrastructure remains vulnerable to attack. If the problems are left unaddressed, nothing will stop Russia or other actors from once again undermining free and fair elections in the United States — and they seem to be gearing up to try to do just that.


Lower the Barr
AG Barr is as corrupt as they come, a total sellout trying to help an apparently criminalized presidency get away with actions that might be considered as serious as treasonous.  He has already been proven to be deceitful on the Mueller report: slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/06/barr-lying-mueller-report.   So when the AG agrees to hand over key evidence from the Mueller probe to Congress, we naturally need to be leery.  Is Barr trying to pull a fast one again?  And what is the most important stuff he’s likely going to try & hide?  There are reports the AG will take the docoments to the White House first, presumably so they can approve or disapprove what Congress can see (expect more of that corrupt executive privilege stuff to further obstruct justice).  The articles on this story are here:
Lowering the Barr Even More

Those who have been there before & paved the way, they’re the ones who know best how completely abnormal this AG truly is, this president’s actions really are, & this circus of an administration actually are.  Plus there are many inside the GOP who’ve been thoroughly corrupted by all these bizarre & unprecedented shenanigans.  We can read all about it inside usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/06/07/trump-tramples-constitution-congress-mueller-protect-america, which here we’ve posted the beginning:


I was appointed a United States attorney by President Ronald Reagan and later a deputy attorney general by President George H.W. Bush. All of us at the Justice Department swore an oath to defend the Constitution, not a president or political party. It is not easy for me to acknowledge that we are witnessing a slow-motion unraveling of the bedrock belief that no one is above the law, not even the president. This unraveling is aided and abetted by a chief law enforcement officer who first articulated his extreme view of executive power more than 30 years ago: William Barr believes the attorney general is “the president’s lawyer.” He is acting like it today, breaking norms that protect the integrity of the justice system no matter who is in the White House. That is why former special counsel Robert Mueller must resist his own instincts to return to private life, and Congress must insist that the truth be told and that norms threatened today be codified into law.


In that memo, Barr laid out his extreme interpretation of presidential power and of the obstruction of justice statutes and argued it was nearly impossible for a president to commit the crime. He critically pre-judged Mueller’s conclusions before reviewing evidence, writing “Mueller’s obstruction theory is fatally misconceived.” Barr made the untenable claim that Section 1512(c)(2) does not prevent a president from exercising his or her authority over law enforcement proceedings to improperly interfere in an investigation. This extreme view literally puts a president above the law. How can all of us across the ideological spectrum who reject that view respond effectively? First, Congress needs to find its voice. Article I of the Constitution gives Congress far-reaching authority to oversee the executive branch. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham are actively providing political cover for Trump to eviscerate centuries-old norms. They must remind themselves that what benefits a runaway executive of their party, could empower an aspiring despot from the left next time. The Mueller report makes a very strong case that Trump obstructed justice, a conclusion more than 1,000 former prosecutors, including lifelong Republicans, reached independently. 

Amash Calls Out the Mishmash

Inside thehill.com/homenews/house/447538-amash-hits-trump-and-his-allies-they-are-trying-to-excuse-his-obstruction, Justin Amash is correct.  The evidence is clearly laid out how the prez committed criminal obstruction of justice, from which the dirty cop AG & heinous GOP henchmen in Congress are going to extremes in trying to cover up the crimes of their mob boss.  Those reports are explained inside these links:


Look at these Polls!
Granted, it’s way too early to truly assess 2020 polling, but it can leave clues.  Enough that Trump is panicked & instructing his staff to lie about these results:
Is There Anything More Dangerous Than This?


Probably not, as if Russia attacking our free democracy isn’t bad enough.  It looks like Trump is starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East among nations infested with Islamic radicals having jihad terrorist intentions, possibly the most dangerous single situation ever orchestrated in the history of the world!  Our prez is doing a reckless runaround Congress to sell advanced bomb technology to the Saudi’s, while Trump’s pulling out of the Iran deal & elevating provocations with them have sped up their nuclear missile program. 
Compounding that is Trump’s nationalistic approach of looking inward, abdicating America’s long-held international leadership authority, while creating a dog-eat-dog attitude among nations which greatly raises the risks of nuclear altercations.  Great job Mr. President!  If during our lifetime or those of our children’s we might see mankind self-destruct with weapons that can destroy the Earth many times over, the irresponsible actions initiated in 2019 may turn out to be the catalyst that triggered our ultimate demise.  These articles explain the great concern of those presidential actions & errors in judgment:




And don’t forget, our wanna-be dictator “fell in love” with this brutal dictator: