The Jeffrey Epstein Story Likely Has Many Tentacles…The guy is a complete scumbag, but this case no doubt has many rich, influential men very nervous.  As the women who once were those young girls being victimized come forward & tell their stories to prosecutors, we should find out who else may be implicated in numerous accounts of pedophile rapes.  Plus in following the money, investigators can learn more how Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune & why.  So as we await the facts to come out, I’m just alerting you to the possibilities.  We have no proof our current president committed crimes back then (yet), but Trump was accused of the rape of an underage girl during the time he was chumming around with Epstein, which years later the woman ultimately dropped the charges (due to intimidation & threats?).  I’m very worked up over what I believe I see happening from this case, from the terrible treatment of the girls & the entitled men who did that to them, which raising my ire is when I tend to go off on long rants, so stay with me.  While we don’t know whether Trump could be guilty of such a horrendous crime, a close examination of a person’s character helps reveal the level of depravity one might be capable of.  
So let’s examine what we know about Trump.  It’s readily apparent to most of us our prez is a narcissistic egomaniac completely self-absorbed, making it difficult to relate or empathize with the viewpoints & circumstances of others.  He’s even been known to mock those who’ve come through incredibly difficult situations, such as POW’s, Gold Star families, the disabled & residents of very poor countries.  As Americans, he has divided us even worse than before because he wants it that way.  That bitter division has even helped energize the white supremacist movement.  He lies to us on average around a dozen times per day (yes, fact-checkers are tracking & verifying), totaling about 11,000 false or misleading statements since taking office.  The president has orchestrated the kidnapping of helpless migrant kids from their families, caging them & keeping them in inhumane conditions:  There are also a number of instances showing him to be a lifelong con man.  His business records from around 25-30 years ago show widespread tax fraud (all the more reason to get his recent returns).  There was the Trump University scam where he defrauded college students.  Trump also had a pattern of stiffing contractors while burying those he wronged under an avalanche of lawsuits, making it impossible for those victims to make restitution. 
Furthermore, we see solid evidence Trump has recently engaged in other types of criminal behavior.  There’s credible evidence he robbed from his own charitable foundation for personal gain.  Ditto for the huge amounts of inauguration donations he is believed to have pilfered.  He was named in court as an unindicted co-conspirator to felony campaign contributions for those hush money payments to mistresses, a crime his subordinate is in part serving prison time for.  The times he’s been implicated in obstruction of justice to a federal investigation has reached double-digits, while conspiracy with a foreign power against the United States is still an open question.  More light will be shone on those cases during Mueller’s congressional testimonies one week from now, but special counsel even admitted the reason Trump got a pass on possible indictments is in their abiding by longstanding (& probably mistaken) DOJ protocol not to charge a sitting president.
As for other credible signs of illegal behavior, nearly two dozen women have accused Trump of sexual abuse/assault, the same type of perversions Trump was even caught on tape bragging about.  Those accounts of Trump’s sexual predator ways have added to the credibility of Trump’s latest rape accuser, which seems to ring true since two of the accuser’s friends corroborated the allegation, being told of the rape right after it happened.  And as I mentioned, there’s another account of Trump committing pedophile rape which I found credible, but seemingly that victim may have been intimidated into silence.  That original accusation of Trump allegedly raping a 13 year old under the name Katie Johnson occurred around the time Trump was hanging around Jeffrey Epstein, now in the headlines as a known & indicted child predator charged with sex trafficking, which helps make such a horrid claim against Trump more believable:  See lots more links to news reports on this Jeffrey Epstein case & its potential ramifications further below.
With multiple criminal investigations still underway, we may soon learn a lot more about Trump’s hidden life of crime.  But based on what we do know, does this sound like the type of person we’d want to know or have anything to do with, let alone let him lead our nation?  As our current president, I can unequivocally state this isn’t the kind of moral character I want in my president, & neither should you.  He’s sacrificed the moral authority to lead.  Putting a corrupt crook in charge sets the example for our free society to lose its values, becoming a far more selfish, crude, dishonest & lawless place just by virtue of the tone set by our leader.  And it sets a precedent for America that future presidents can also be lying criminals.  It’s how free nations can fall into fascism.  Losing our moral foundation is indeed the surest way to lose our democracy & freedoms, which basically would lead to the collapse of our nation.  The foundations of our democratic institutions are now being badly shook, as our president seeks a dictatorship through usurping control over Congress, the Justice Dept, courts & state-run media.  He must be called out & stopped!
So as our prez does hope to convert our balance of power into all power consolidated within the executive branch, we the people must be proactive in preserving the Constitution & rule of law by holding Trump to account, so I ask you please circulate this information.  The people still have power so long as we have a voice.  Since his party has basically turned into a rubber-stamp cult, they so far have refused to acknowledge this criminalized presidency.  So we must allow the various investigations to keep pursuing the facts, with the anticipation crimes so egregious could soon be uncovered that would force drastic action.  Should that happen, following a House impeachment at least 20 GOP senators might be shocked into escaping the clutches of their cult by voting to convict, from which our long national nightmare far worse than Nixon can be relegated to the dustbin of history.  Our prez is simply a bad egg unfit for office.  Yes, Americans should absolutely respect the office, but never respect someone who has been credibly exposed & might very well be a con man, liar, criminal & rapist.  Strong words against a president to be sure, but if the shoe fits?
So far just one lone GOP rep who quit the party this past week had the courage to do the right thing & call out Trump’s crimes, so the only option for we the people is to insist of our DC leadership they let the probes play out unabated & without interference, so we can get at the truth.  That’s easier said than done since Trump has turned up the temperature for his attack dogs to obstruct & counterattack at every turn.  But if Congress & district prosecutors can do thorough investigations so all the facts become known, from there it’s just a matter of following the constitutional rule of law.  If the crimes prove serious enough, I have to believe a good number of GOP congress members would want to save their legacies by getting on the right side of history.  Anything less than that & it’s horrific to think where our country might be headed.  A main point to emphasize when we’re dealing with this type of unhinged, corrupt leadership, by comparison political ideology should become irrelevant.  I have no idea why so many conservatives have aligned with such demonstrable evil, but I can only surmise they’re being deceived.  So that’s my long rant.  I think it might be therapeutic for me to let it out, since the dishonesty, corruption & criminality that define this White House is so disturbing to me.  I hope you share my disgust.  Letting Trump be Trump just might destroy our nation.
Jeffrey Epstein & Friends
Reports are Epstein recruited a vast network of underage girls, which his sex trafficking charges included operating a prostitution ring (I wonder if they can find a client’s list?).  Just for transparency sake, both Trump & Bill Clinton were among the friends who hung around Epstein.  To be clear, neither Trump nor Clinton were implicated in the Epstein indictments, yet both have been credibly accused of abusing multiple women that fits a pattern of behavior.  As another moral basket case, at the time I did support President Clinton’s impeachment.  Once a president has lost the moral authority to lead our nation through engaging in horrendous behavior, that should fall under the category of high crimes and misdemeanors.  Those of us who can rise above partisan allegiances & maintain their objectivity, rather than being hypocrites based on political expediency, can be consistent in our views what constitutes impeachable offenses.  I see a close connection between Jeffrey Epstein & our former & current president.  We’ll wait & see what the evidence & confessions reveal, but this has the potential to become a major bombshell scandal that could turn the political world upside down.  We have plenty of articles here in Part 1 giving the details as we know them now.


News Reports after Jeffrey Epstein was Indicted on Monday:
After seeing those two indictments against Jeffrey Epstein which can make our stomachs churn, this is what Trump once said about Epstein at that time…
“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Donald J. Trump
Keep that quote in mind as you read these accounts:





Jeffrey Epstein with Friends in High Places
It really is quite suspicious the prosecutor (Alex Acosta) that originally let Epstein off the hook with a slap on the wrist, cutting that incredibly lenient hush-hush deal without notifying the victims, is now in Trump’s cabinet.  Obviously, Acosta was covering up for other big names involved in the pedophile actions.  And Trump always seems to choose the most corrupt people possible for his cabinet.  My impression is my what a den of iniquity the mob boss now manning the White House presides over!  There should also be a probe of Acosta, as like we’ve seen with so many other self-serving Trump cabinet members, he should be out of a job:
The nude pictures of young girls just found inside Epstein’s mansion for me brings to mind Trump bragging about barging into the dressing rooms of the girls in his beauty pageants as they were undressed.  It’s a similar perversion & predatory behavior.  This pedophile prostitution ring Epstein organized is suspected to have snared lots of vulnerable girls, so there’s hope a lot more of those women could be encouraged & emboldened to come forward, since a private hotline was set up just for them & there’s safety in numbers.  And Epstein had plenty of high-priced clients, so as this case unfolds it will be interesting to see if he sells out his fellow perverts who paid for pedophile sex.  These next articles raise that possibility, while look at the indentities inside this first link on the big names who’ve been linked together.  It’s like a privileged good ole boys club bent on destroying the lives of others to fulfill their own lustful appetites, which can be a pursuit of sex, greed &/or power:
Pursuing the Facts
To update our scorecard, we should keep track of the congressional subpoenas to key witnesses & documents:  Investigative journalists have a very tough job, but they play an important role in all this through digging & unveiling more of the pertinent facts:  More articles with updates on the probes including more subpoenas are here, as the congressional inquiries are really heating up:
It’s truly scary to think the corrupt tag team of a president & his attorney general would seek to usurp total power over the intelligence community, aspiring to an Americanized version of the fuhrer & his loyal gestapo.  For years Trump wanted his next Roy Cohn, that former unsavory pit-bull lawyer for Trump who learned his craft through Joseph McCarthy.  The prez may have finally found that long-sought henchman in his new AG, while our Justice Dept. is systematically being undermined, co-opted & corrupted:
It looks like the previous Epstein case is too hot for Barr as the AG stated he would recuse himself from a review of the former Florida case, but on the new case in NY he can still meddle.  And it looks like the AG is trying to pull a fast one on the census question, while something very suspicious & sinister looked to be going on when all the DOJ lawyers working on the census case were being replaced till a judge denied that stunt.  So the pattern of turning the Justice Dept. into Trump’s personal attack squad goes on, & check out this last part to the article from

Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe observes, “The district court’s refusal to go along with the antics of the Justice Department’s legal team has been a reassuring reminder that this dictator-admiring president has not yet succeeded in breaking the judicial guardrails completely.” However, Tribe argues that Trump “has left little doubt about his willingness to do so if he senses at any given moment that it would serve his theatrical or political interests — interests that he seems incapable of distinguishing.” There is good reason for the plaintiffs to be optimistic about their chances. “The court vacated the Voting Rights Act rationale as a contrived pretext,” Thomas Wolf, counsel with the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, told The Post. “What they’re trying to do now is the textbook definition of a pretext — telling the court, ‘We plan to do this but we don’t know why yet.’” As Tribe points out, “Among the many things wrong with the government’s disgraceful game is that [the] president has today made absolutely clear that his sole purpose in trying to circumvent the Supreme Court’s recent decision by inserting a citizenship question in the census one way or another is to reduce the political power of areas with a relatively high proportion of noncitizen residents (read: nonwhites) — perfectly lawful residents, despite Trump’s reference to them as ‘illegals.’” This, of course, amounts to “flatly violating the 14th Amendment’s mandate in Section 2 that such power be allocated among the states in proportion to their actual population.”


The entire debacle raises serious questions about the credibility and honesty of the Justice Department. “The Trump administration lied to the courts about the real reason for the citizenship question. And they got caught by the Supreme Court,” Mimi Rocah, a former federal prosecutor, tells me. “Now Trump has directed DOJ lawyers to come up with some other lie. No DOJ lawyer should sacrifice her integrity with the courts for this or any administration.” Trump’s contempt for the rule of law and blatant dishonesty would not continue without the help of underlings. And they must do some serious soul-searching. “There are some things no DOJ lawyer can do. One of those is make arguments in court that are untrue in order to benefit the political whims of a president,” Joyce White Vance, a former prosecutor, says. “If DOJ’s leadership, the [attorney general,] the deputy AG, the solicitor general and the head of the Civil Division [don’t want to be] complicit in violating the duty of candor DOJ lawyers owe to the court, then they should resign on principle and in protest.” They won’t resign en masse, of course, because the professional and ethical expectations have been so diminished in this administration that the unimaginable is now standard operating procedure for both political appointees and career lawyers.


“Make no mistake: The government lawyers — appointees and civil servants alike — who are spending this weekend trying to cleanse the record of this fact and salvage this plan are employing their legal skills in the service of white power,” Bassin says. “That’s not just a violation of their oath of office, it’s an abdication of the basic morality on which we all as human beings are ultimately judged. They don’t have to do this. We all make choices.” The long-term reputation of the Justice Department may be severely damaged by these types of episodes. “A self-respecting DOJ official, whether a political hire or a long-serving civil servant, would resign rather than make arguments that treat the federal judiciary with such disrespect simply to humor the president or his lackey in the office of attorney general,” Tribe observes. Because they have not chosen that course, the next president and attorney general will have their hands full rehabilitating the department and reestablishing professional norms. As Trump continues to mow down one democratic norm after another and tries to defy Congress and the courts on a regular basis, one has to reevaluate the efficacy and urgency of impeachment. “To refrain from promptly beginning formal impeachment proceedings against a president who conducts his office in this chaotically lawless manner, on top of everything else he has done, would be an abdication of constitutional responsibility,” Tribe asserts. At the very least, this new example of deceitful lawyering should be added to the list of topics for House Judiciary Committee hearings.

See more articles about Trump & Barr on their shady attempts to rig the census inside these links:
I Respect Him
This section is about Justin Amash.  I’ve never liked his hands-off libertarian positions & role in creating the House Freedom Caucus, but I’ve got to admit, I respect him for his courage & sticking to principles.  He’s one of the very few politicians putting ethics & values (& the law) over his own career.  He should run for president as an independent, if for no other reason than deny Trump winning Michigan again.  See these articles & we’ve posted excerpts under the last link in this group:

Amash, who had been the only GOP member of Congress to support impeachment proceedings against the president, made the comments while appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Asked by host Jake Tapper what he’s been hearing privately from Republicans following his decision to leave the party, Amash said people have texted and called him to say “thank you for what you’re doing.” “When I was discussing impeachment, I had fellow colleagues and other Republicans, high-level officials, contacting me, saying, ‘Thank you for what you’re doing,'” he added. “So there are lots of Republicans out there who are saying these things privately, but there not saying it publicly, and I think that’s a problem for our country.”

I Also Respected Him
A very unique populist independent candidate from the 1990’s.  In retrospect, we should have heeded his warnings on the debt & trade.  Our debt & deficits are out of control, & that giant sucking sound he often referred to did suck the life out of many factory towns around here.  His popularity gives me hope if the two major parties go too far out on the extremes, a charismatic independent who fills the middle with a real message could someday win the presidency:
GOP Politicos Should Consider Their Legacies
A couple Salon articles explain history will not judge kindly this immoral cult that has enabled a hideously-deranged rot of leadership.  Once politicians get on the wrong side of history, it’s something not even time can erase the stench.  As we see inside & also this posted opening to that is a prelude to an interview, rogue demagogic leadership must be stopped before our freedoms are eviscerated:

Donald Trump is also enabled by the Republican Party and a right-wing media machine that has empowered this assault. Political scientists, historians and others have already begun to assess Trump’s presidency. The consensus: At this early point in his tenure, Trump already ranks among the worst presidents in United States history. As I have already suggested, perhaps there should be an asterisk next to his name in future accounts of this political moment, a gesture of shame and apology to the world and the American future. How will history remember those Republicans and other conservatives who voted Trump into office and continue to back him? How has Trump defiled the presidency? Is it possible for Trump to pivot back to the normal standards of the office? Is there still a place for moderation and incrementalism in American politics during a time of crisis and extreme polarization? In an effort to answer these questions, I recently spoke with historian Gil Troy.

Short Bits

Not just from when he palled around with Epstein, but Trump is supporting human trafficking in other ways:
Just Being Honest
A correct & candid memo came out by a British ambassador offering his thoughts on our president.  As we know, our allies in NATO countries are not at all fond of Trump:  Those comments from the ambassador are seen inside this group of links, with most of the article posted below the last link:

Britain’s ambassador in the United States has described President Donald Trump and his administration as “inept” and “uniquely dysfunctional”, according to leaked diplomatic memos published by the Mail on Sunday. Ambassador Kim Darroch reportedly said Trump’s presidency could “crash and burn” and “end in disgrace”, in the cache of secret cables and briefing notes sent back to Britain and seen by the newspaper. “We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept,” Darroch allegedly wrote in one dispatch. The paper said the most damning comments allegedly made by Darroch described Trump, who was received by the Queen during a state visit to Britain just last month, as “insecure” and “incompetent”. A memo sent following the controversial visit allegedly said the president and his team had been “dazzled” by the visit but warned Britain might not remain “flavour of the month” because “this is still the land of America First”. He reportedly wrote that the “vicious infighting and chaos” inside the White House – widely reported in the US but dismissed by Trump as “fake news” – was “mostly true”.


Darroch is one of Britain’s most experienced diplomats whose posting in Washington DC began in January 2016, prior to Trump winning the presidency. The Mail on Sunday said the memos, likely leaked by someone within Britain’s sprawling civil service, cover a period beginning in 2017. In one of the most recent reported dispatches, filed on June 22, Darroch criticised Trump’s fraught foreign policy on Iran, which has prompted fears in global capitals of a military conflict, as “incoherent” and “chaotic”. He allegedly said the president’s assertion that he called off retaliatory missile strikes against the Iranian regime after a US drone was shot down because it risked killing 150 Iranians “doesn’t stand up”. “It’s more likely that he was never fully on board and that he was worried about how this apparent reversal of his 2016 campaign promises would look come 2020,” Darroch reportedly stated, referring to the next presidential election. Britain’s Foreign Office did not dispute the veracity of the memos. “The British public would expect our ambassadors to provide ministers with an honest, unvarnished assessment of the politics in their country,” a spokeswoman said.

International Dangers Magnified by Our Incompetent Leadership & Diplomacy

Yes, our current administration looks to be compromised by various foreign entities, with our foreign policy being a complete & total mess.  These articles highlight some of that mess, with excerpts below the last link:

World leaders are certainly worried, however, about the Trump administration’s latest round of contradictory statements and policy reversals: from its possibly abandoned efforts to oust Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela to its musing about renegotiating foundational U.S. alliances. They see a president whose go-to strategy in places like China, Iran, and North Korea is to worsen a crisis, then attempt to solve the problem via personal diplomacy (though somehow Washington is always left in a substantively worse position). And of course, they’re troubled by the dearth of competent American diplomats and the Trump cronies who’ve replaced them, whether it’s Jared Kushner naïvely asserting that only he knows how to make Middle East peace or Ivanka Trump’s unwelcome appearance at the G20. Many in the U.S. view these issues as Trump-generated controversies that will clear up once he’s out of office. But the challenge for the post-Trump United States, assuming we get there, is that many foreign leaders don’t see this administration as a forgettable blip from which we can all move on.


How does the next president keep North Korea from going right back to testing missiles and weapons in order to get attention? It’s not as if Kim Jong-un has any incentive to be nice, knowing he will never have a better friend in the White House than he does right now. The same goes for Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has thousands more nuclear weapons, more avenues for threatening the U.S., and much more to lose, as he thinks he’s locked in a competition with every American president for world leader. Those two actors alone will make life very uncomfortable for the next U.S. president. Other regimes experiencing whiplash from Trump’s inconsistency, China and Iran, will likely be hoping for more stability — but they’ll also be unwilling to look weak before a new U.S. president. In both cases, the U.S. president will be dealing with substantially weakened negotiating positions and sky-high public expectations. Trump has not yet obtained a single significant change in how China runs its economy, but he’s led the American public to believe such changes are possible; since Trump scrapped the 2015 nuclear agreement, the situation with Iran has only grown more volatile. And of course, the next president will face a variety of other transnational challenges, like terrorism, climate change, and a global economy that is expected to start weakening. So where will Trump’s successor turn? Probably back to the traditional U.S. allies who have been on the receiving end of so much of the current president’s abuse. But it’s dangerous to assume — as at least some of the 2020 contenders seem to — that Washington can just step back into its 2015 global role.