A Very Bad Day for the Prez…Friday saw the Yovanovitch & Holmes testimonies, plus Stone was convicted, all pointing conclusively to a criminalized presidency.  Saturday was no picnic either with deposition transcripts released & a private hearing with a White House budget office official.  Yet it makes for a perplexing dilemma when too many Americans brush off &/or deny facts, needing someone to help shake them out of their slumber, but it is not easy to bring up politics with others when there are such bitter divides throughout the country.  We have a president backed by his lapdog party & deceitful echo-messaging doing a full-frontal attack on our constitutional democracy, so it does become essential we speak up.  But in speaking truths to Trumpeters as many of us have done, it is often met with angry derision & denials as they fall back on typical echo talking points.  It’s apparent most conservatives aren’t very receptive, either not paying attention or locked away deep inside their echo-media silo, where truths are considered a foreign object or contagious disease.  Inexplicably, a lot of conservative Americans have degenerated to the point where they no longer share our moral code or respect for the rule of law. 
So how can we best approach those residing firmly in their false universe?  Information sources like www.TheVORACS.com provide a tool where you can share rational political viewpoints with friends & family without personally engaging them in an argument.  You don’t even need to say what the site is about or interject personal opinions, simply give out the blog address & ask them to check it out.  That takes on extra importance as public opinion becomes critical to what GOP politicians in Congress do with impeachment, who for now all refuse to break ranks.  Based on the substance of the evidence, we have a president who has abused the powers of his office & should be removed.  The American people are as much jurors in this process as the Senate, & it’s going to take a grassroots effort to build public momentum for impeachment if GOP senators are even going to consider conviction for removal.  Granted, most Trumpeters are too far gone to ever retrieve them back to reality from insanity, but we only need to convince a certain minority of that base to embrace facts in tipping the scales towards evicting a demagogue from the White House. 
Trump is incompetent & corrupt beyond measure & totally unfit for the office.  These crimes being exposed are multiple times worse than Watergate, as they’re international in scope with the current president being directly implicated in the crimes themselves, not just the cover-ups.  It’s becoming a tragedy for our country that an entire political party has become dismissive of facts, with the radicalized far-right echo spreading mass deception throughout the conservative base as they’ll concoct any irrational tale in protecting a criminalized presidency.  I’ve been a lifetime GOP supporter but am horrified how much they’ve changed, now embracing repeated lies as they’ve become a divisive/destructive force tearing down America.
The GOP & echo sycophants keep trying to blow holes in an airtight case with the solid evidence really adding up.  One fact that seems to have escaped them is the military aid was released to Ukraine only after the Trump administration had been caught red-handed in their extortion plot, so it’s preposterous to say there was no crime just because the aid was finally delivered.  And Ukraine is never going to blow the whistle on Trump in admitting the quid pro quo, since they’re desperate for the aid in defending against Russia as their soldiers are dying in the fight.  The testimonies have made it very clear such aid was conditioned on Trump’s insistence Ukraine declare an intent to dig up dirt on his political opponent.
Keep in mind this dirty deal was not only for Trump’s personal gain, but it was also in Russia’s best interest (again).  And again we ask what does Putin have over Trump?  Virtually all Americans learned from the Russian probe engaging in a conspiracy with a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent to taint an election is a crime, but there was one American in particular who never learned that lesson…President Trump!  Here in 2019 he turned around & did it again with Ukraine!  This man doesn’t think twice about abusing his power & is exposed as so corrupt, his required removal should no longer be a topic for debate among Americans.
The links here in Part 1 feature the Ukraine witness testimonies & Stone conviction.  Parts 2 & 3 to be posted Sunday night will also do a deeper dive into this Ukraine scandal & the imminent dangers of this presidency, along with our song always at the bottom of Part 3.  Yes, each of our posts always has lots & lots of links to articles, but there’s a whole lot to say when media sources are reporting on the biggest political story of our lifetime.  And being the most important political story we’ve ever witnessed, it’s important for Americans to closely follow & stay on top of the latest updates.  We’re watching history being made in real time!  So here goes:
Awakening the GOP will be Difficult
The integrity & credibility of the witnesses are shining through in these congressional hearings.  So are the ridiculous & disingenuous arguments coming from the GOP side to discredit the witnesses & the impeachment process itself.  Unable to provide any substance in refuting the evidence of crimes, the GOP questioning was reduced to harping on unfounded conspiracy theories revolving around topics like CrowdStrike, Burisma & the whistleblower, which really have no relevance to the case itself or evidence at hand.  And despite the creative imaginations of the echo, their favorite boogeymen like the Bidens, Clintons, Obama, George Soros or the deep state were not involved in dredging up some plot to take down Trump, since the only one who directed the now proven crimes is Trump himself.  Plus the only corruption in Ukraine Trump cared about was digging up dirt on his own political opponent.
As more evidence & new witnesses keep coming forward, I’m getting a sense they’re helping to move the needle, but that GOP base is a tough nut to crack.  Way too many politicians & citizens are stuck on their tribal talking points without objectively looking at the evidence, which shows what a strong cult influence can do to one’s mental state.  I’m under no illusions it really is going to take some bombshell revelations to drag some consequential percentage of the Trump base away from their tribal cult, but the increasingly damning evidence could start chipping away at his support.  Instead of the approximately 50% of Americans who now want Trump gone, if these congressional hearings could bump that number up into somewhere in the 60’s, that could be the tipping point to achieving the mission our nation so desperately needs.  
In any normal times, we already have more than enough evidence to remove a president.  These days the GOP & echo narratives have gotten their base so bamboozled & dismissive of facts, dramatic testimony will be needed during this whole process to cut through the hard veneer of that nearly impenetrable bubble in waking up conservatives to the realities of the crime, such as some courageous witness soon admitting they discussed the bribery & extortion scheme directly with Trump.  Maybe Bolton?  Mulvaney?  Perry?  Even perhaps Pence &/or Rudy to save themselves?  At whatever point a few of his key people break away, it could cascade into an avalanche.  Or the bombshell testimonies could come in bunches from a collection of lesser-known players.  Rudy’s henchmen Lev & Igor may well blow the whistle on their corrupt bosses: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/11/15/1899818/-Trump-sent-Giuliani-and-associates-on-secret-mission-to-pressure-Ukraine-into-investigating-Biden.
David Holmes & Suriya Jayanti
These two were sitting in a Kyiv, Ukraine restaurant with Gordon Sondland.  It was there they overheard Trump talking loudly through Sondland’s cell phone about the dirty deal they coerced Ukraine into accepting.  Holmes was deposed last night & will likely testify publicly, which I presume Congress will also want to hear from Jayanti.  This provides firsthand testimony how Trump did engage in a crime.  Naturally, the Ukrainian president would do anything to keep Trump happy & comply to his demands, since that preapproved military aid really was a matter of life or death.  So on that call, Trump was basically heard talking with Sondland about Ukraine agreeing to open an investigation into the Bidens.  The call also confirms Trump didn’t give a darn about Ukraine, he only wanted the big stuff that he could personally benefit from:
Sondland Looks Like He’s Trapped
Will he come clean & tell the truth?  The Holmes testimony along with the Morrison transcript set the stage for a rather interesting public hearing with Sondland coming up on Wednesday: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a29803769/gordon-sondland-donald-trump-ukraine-phone-call-new/.  Plus just having that cell phone call with Trump from Kyiv where the conversation could easily have been intercepted & likely was by the Russians, is a serious breach of national security protocol: https://www.salon.com/2019/11/15/a-second-official-allegedly-overheard-trumps-call-with-sondland-russia-may-have-too/.
Morrison & Williams
Speaking of listening in on a Trump phone call, these transcripts just released are from two witnesses who were actually on that infamous July 25 call between the presidents of the United States & Ukraine.  Not only could they confirm the details on that call, but Morrison looms as a giant figure not only because he’s 7’1″, but by disclosing Trump ordered Sondland to do the dirty deal with Ukraine.  Williams testimony could implicate Pence in this whole mess:
Mark Sandy
White House budget official Mark Sandy signed the letter putting a hold on Ukraine funding, which today he testified behind closed doors the orders that came down appeared to be for political purposes.  Investigators are patching together a trail to see if the demands can be traced back to Trump:
Other Important Witnesses
It’s all starting to add up:
Yovanovitch a Very Credible Witness
An exemplary diplomat, her anti-corruption crusade in Ukraine conflicted with the Trump/Rudy corruption plot, so she was fired.  She came across in her hearing as very sincere while responding to questions, while masterfully pushing back on the nonsense thrown her way from GOP reps.  And upon leaving the chamber, she did indeed deserve that Standing O:
Rudy on the Hot Seat
He’s being targeted in these investigations as revealed in the articles, & there’s even speculation his indictment could be imminent:
Does This Call Transcript Prove Anything?
Trump is still frantically searching for any shred of evidence that can help take that first step on the possible path to exoneration.  But once again his corny excuses shoot a blank, as this initial call with the Ukrainian president only adds to Trump’s mounting contradictions:
Stone Guilty on All Counts
Stone’s defense was as weak as Trump’s.  The evidence of guilt was overwhelming & his legal team had no cards in their hand for trying to refute any of it.  The Roger Stone trial & conviction exposed crimes with Trump’s fingerprints all over it.  It’s a shame we waited patiently for two years on the Mueller investigation when in hindsight it appears his hands were essentially tied, not being able to call key witnesses or follow the international money trail, while basically succumbing to the DOJ’s stated opinion a president cannot be indicted.  This case again illustrates not only does Trump corrupt everyone he touches, but he attracts those who were always corrupt to begin with.  Maybe Stone will glory in showing off that Nixon tattoo on his back to his fellow inmates: