Evidence Galore…The congressional hearings provided proof that never before have Americans seen such deception & corruption at the highest levels of our government!  In a regular courtroom, the guilty verdicts would be a slam dunk, including bribery, extortion & obstruction.  The president thinks he’s above the law & maybe he’s right with his vast cult protecting him.  With impeachment & removal being a political issue, & with the partisan divides more bitterly entrenched than at any time since probably the Civil War, getting a two-third’s super majority in the Senate looks like a tough mountain to climb.  It’s still going to take some more monumental bombshells dropping to wake up lapdog GOP politicians, but we still have at least two more months for articles of impeachment to be crafted by the House Judiciary Committee & move through the full House, then for the Senate to render its final verdict.  So who knows what else we’re going to find out.  If the next two months become as dramatic as the past two months, the avalanche could finally bury this corrupt presidency.
It was an incredible week of congressional testimonies!  They were sometimes riveting but extremely convincing.  On Wednesday night we posted our commentaries & link articles for the bombshell Sondland hearing.  Then on Thursday we heard from Fiona Hill & David Holmes (see sections further below).  Hill made it very clear the intelligence proves the interference in the 2016 election came from Russia, not Ukraine, which she states the intelligence evidence is beyond dispute.  Trying to blame Ukraine was a conspiracy propagated by Russian bots & picked up by the far-right echo.  That Trump emphatically sought an investigation of Ukraine meddling into our 2016 election in addition to looking into the Bidens, it further shows how Trump remains a puppet to Putin & Russian interests.  Holmes testified he overheard a phone conversation between Trump & Sondland confirming their dirty deal with Ukraine was successfully accomplished.
The determination by House leadership is they have very strong evidence from multiple witnesses, enough so they’re moving their case to the Judiciary Committee for writing up articles of impeachment.  All dozen witnesses appearing before Congress the past couple weeks explained their accounts of the Ukraine deal, which each of the pieces fit together uniformly & corroborated the bigger picture.  And the hearings put on display the real quality of our dedicated civil servants, or as the echo derides them as the deep state.  Plus the House is likely to include new evidence the prez lied to Mueller as part of the abuse of power/obstruction component to impeachment.  Waiting on the courts to rule on the big fish Ukraine witnesses could likely take months as it goes through the appeals process, so the House feels they don’t have the luxury of time.  But without the key White House testimonies & documents inside Trump’s inner circle & central to the Ukraine deal, this impeachment inquiry could really be considered as incomplete as the Mueller probe turned out.
The overall timetable could be pushed back if more bombshell headlines reveal new criminal avenues that need pursued, &/or Dems in the House decide on going after additional documents & witness testimonies.  One potential witness teasing us on Twitter is John Bolton, which if a court ruling on Monday compelling former White House lawyer Don McGahn to testify, that might inspire Bolton to do likewise.  Does Bolton’s cryptic “backstory” tweet indicate he’s got some unknown critical pieces of evidence central to the impeachment inquiry, or is he just hyping up & promoting his coming book?  If Trump’s recent tit-fot-tat with Bolton ticks off Bolton, it just might prompt Bolton to lower the boom with what he knows.  Also, what about hearing from Lev Parnas?  He partnered up with Rudy & Nunes on the dirty deal: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/471768-giuliani-associate-willing-to-inform-congress-of-meeting-between-nunes-and.
From the numerous witnesses & documents, it’s beyond refute Trump himself was spearheading the crime of bribery/extortion in coercing Ukraine to do the deal.  Trump himself admitted to it in releasing the call transcripts from July 25th.  America having a stated mission to clean up corruption in Ukraine, then the prez & his henchmen work out an illegal scheme to force our corruption on them, is the height of hypocrisy & sending the exact wrong message to our allies.  An American president should be held to a higher standard, yet an entire major political party seems bent on giving him a free pass for his crimes.  Having no substantive legal defense, the GOP has latched onto provably untrue conspiracies concocted to blame opponents, which dozens of these crazily-crafted tales have been unleashed on us during the Trump presidency through their media echo (all have been debunked).  The GOP in unison dismiss the facts of the Ukraine crimes as being unproven, when by any objective measure they are proven beyond doubt.   
I truly expected once concrete proof of crimes were revealed, my former party would rediscover their sanity & moral conscience, admitting the Constitution & rule of law are sacrosanct even if it necessitates removing their leader.  Apparently I was mistaken.  When any group becomes possessed by a cult, even rational facts may not be enough to penetrate their delusional mindset, so in the case of the GOP it looks like it will take something even more shocking to snap them out of it.  In the Ukraine scandal, for GOP politicians, echo-voices & the Trumpeter base to ever come around in supporting removal, it’s going to take smoking guns of such an egregious nature that denial becomes impossible.  Or it might be the case the cult is so impenetrable that nothing would cause them to abandon Trump, like the theoretical incident of shooting somebody on Fifth Avenue.    
This president from all the credible evidence collected not just the past 2-3 months, but from the past 2-3 years, is discovered to be running a widespread & extensive criminal enterprise.  And just from the evidence disclosed the past couple weeks, any plausible defense the prez was not personally involved in the Ukraine scandal has been blown to smithereens, despite conservatives remaining hopelessly irrational from echo-brainwashing.  As the impeachment process makes its way through the House Judiciary Committee & perhaps by Christmas being voted on by the full House, then likely hitting the Senate for trial in January, it is anticipated during that time we probably will see more bombshell documents, witnesses &/or breaking headlines that will hit us to rattle our senses.  Since Trump has been exposed as engaging in a regular pattern of criminal behavior, we’re bound to learn more.  Will those in the GOP finally see the light?  Nixon had strong party support until near the end.  It will take a dramatic uptick in public support for Trump’s impeachment & conviction for his party to break.  Stay tuned. 
Practically every day we see more damning evidence, so yes, imagine how much more we’re going to know in a couple months.  So what’s the rush?: https://www.salon.com/2019/11/22/dont-quit-now-democrats-wrapping-up-impeachment-early-is-the-dumbest-idea-ever/.  Or at any time between now & the election a year from now, whenever even more indisputable criminal bombshells drop, the House can keep impeaching the scoundrel: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/11/23/1901400/-After-Trump-is-acquitted-it-will-be-necessary-to-impeach-him-again-and-again?utm_campaign=recent.  If we default to the argument we’re so close to an election that we should let the people decide, the Russians & other unknown foreign bad actors seem poised to wreak havoc on our 2020 election perhaps worse than 2016, again tainting the results & maybe overriding the will of the American people.  So please do stay informed by perusing these newsfeed links…
Latest Impeachment Updates
The articles of impeachment are likely to revolve around abuse of power, bribery & obstruction.  By not impeaching & removing a president now proven of committing crimes, it sets the precedent for American presidents to continually lie, break our laws, abuse their powers, shred our Constitution & undermine our democracy.  Why would we allow that?  In another very busy week of news headlines, here are pertinent links we pulled off the newsfeeds since Thursday:
Hill on the Hill
She’s a tough lady & doesn’t mince words.  She leaves no doubt it’s the Russians who’ve orchestrated all this disinformation & chaos from 2016 & beyond, while blowing the crazy alternative right-wing conspiracy theories out of the water.
It Doesn’t take Sherlock to Believe Holmes
A firsthand witness who overheard Trump discussing the dirty deal he forced on Ukraine:
More Documents
These are the first in a series of document releases the State Dept. is required to turn over based on the Freedom of Information Act.  They reveal the Ukraine scheme was being cooked up by Rudy & Pompeo as far back as March in smearing Ambassador Yovanovitch.  As they were working in conjunction with Trump’s personal assistant, it provides a paper trail leading straight back to the prez: 
More Witnesses?
The hearings may not be over.  There are plenty more higher-level officials who were working directly with Trump on this subversive plot.  Inside these links are articles which include McGahn, Bolton, Parnas & Nunes: