Just a Few More Hours Until It’s Mueller Time…The world will be watching as it could be a defining moment for our democracy.  Whether we allow criminal acts on the part of our president is incredibly important!  So yes indeed as the link says, it’s Mueller time!: thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/454352-its-mueller-time-dc-bars-prepare-for-wednesdays-hearings, with nothing short of America’s future perhaps riding on it.  As this Part 1 section landed on our blog Tuesday night when we typically post Part 1’s, we’ll likely post Part 2 at our normal time Thursday night, when we’ll have commentaries & articles on what comes out of the Mueller hearings.  Both sides are going into tomorrow’s hearings with a sense of anticipation & trepidation, not really knowing how this potentially pivotal testimony might play out from this reluctant witness: politico.com/story/2019/07/21/democrats-robert-mueller-hearing.  
The evidence contained in the Mueller report is sure to resonate more on TV than the actual written report very few have read.  As president, being a despicable person is not grounds for impeachment.  We must keep pursuing the path Mueller lays out & paying attention to the other various investigations, until the determination is made whether the crimes they uncover would rise to the level of justifying the constitutional removal of a criminalized presidency.  Our incompetent president has taken a divided America & made it far far far worse.  Our dishonest president lies to us constantly, partly to create his alternate version of reality & partly to cover up his criminal activities.  But it’s the crimes that could be his undoing.  With Mueller set to appear before two House committees, the contradictory Trump has fluctuated between saying the Mueller report totally exonerated him & that Mueller is conflicted.  The fact is there is rock-solid evidence of obstruction & credible signs of collusion contained within that report, which we can only hope a lot more Americans come to realize that over the next 24 hours.
It will be interesting to see how much Mueller expounds on what he put in his report & why, plus how that testimony resonates with the media & the public.  He’ll also have an important aide, Aaron Zebley, his deputy for the investigation there to help answer questions.  And Mueller’s opening statement was not run by the DOJ.  Maybe there’ll be some surprises right away?  Loyal Trumpeters are probably beyond hope & will never accept the facts, being conditioned by the Trump echo to believe their crazy conspiracies, from which those corrupt GOP congressional henchmen will keep trying to smear Mueller & the FBI tomorrow.  But those Americans wavering or just haven’t paid much attention might start seeing this Russian probe in a whole new light, finally recognizing there was some real shady stuff going on between the Trump campaign & the Russians.  Those of us who’ve monitored Trump even going back to his early years in business understand the depths of depravity he’s capable of, so we already accept the clear signs of collusion & obstruction that likely occurred. 
So when it’s Mueller time starting first thing in the morning, House committee chairs are hoping the level of criminality comes through loud & clear, as seen inside these links & the first part to the article posted under the last link.  This entire Part 1 is very heavy on links from the newsfeeds, so we suggest reading the titles & only click on the ones most interesting to you: 

The eyes of America will be trained on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, as Robert Mueller testifies before two House committees about his report on Russian election interference, links between the Trump campaign and Moscow and potential obstruction of justice by the president. On Sunday, the chairman of the judiciary committee indicated the stakes when he said the 448-page report contained “very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanours” – the benchmark for impeachment. “It’s important that we not have a lawless administration and a lawless president,” the New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler told Fox News Sunday. “And it’s important that people see what we’re doing and what we’re dealing with.” Nadler’s committee would initiate impeachment proceedings. Mueller, a former director of the FBI, will also appear before the intelligence panel. “The report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanours,” he said, “and we have to present, or let Mueller present those facts to the American people and then see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law.”

It’s Mueller Time Pregame Analysis
Let’s hope Mueller opens up some to tell us what he really thinks, so the criminality present in his report can start resonating with more Americans.  Right off the bat, his testimony can refute Trump’s constant refrain of no obstruction, no collusion.  We should also want to know whether it was the DOJ’s presumption a sitting president can’t be charged that allowed Trump to avoid being indicted, which would provide a mistaken belief that a president is considered above the law.  There’s also the mystery of the counterintelligence side of the investigation largely missing from the report, since we’ve known all along many among Trump’s campaign staff were in regular contact with various shady Russians, so we have to wonder what happened with that side of the probe & is there another ongoing probe exploring it?  Plus plenty of other unanswered questions remain that tomorrow’s hearings when it’s Mueller time could provide definition & clarity, so let’s hope we gain a new understanding of what the special counsel probe really found. 
A big concern with so many avenues that could be covered from the report, it doesn’t seem there’s nearly enough time allotted to go over all the important topics, especially with GOP reps running interference as diversions.  So it’s Mueller time but the effect is quite unpredictable, as it could spark momentum towards impeachment or just get lost in all the other noise.  Yes there’s a lot at stake.  Please monitor the live hearings as we’re seeing history in the making, plus catch the postgame analysis & our next scheduled Part 2 post for TheVORACS.com on Thursday night.  These links offer up a good preview heading into Wednesday morning, when it really will be time to say It’s Mueller Time & we should all try to stay tuned in:

A corrupt AG still trying to silence Mueller
Mueller now as a private citizen is not compelled to abide by the strict guidelines in that DOJ letter just recently issued.  Trump cronies seek to put Mueller’s testimony in a straitjacket & not allow him to stray beyond the realm of his report.  It’s evident they’re very worried.  With Barr now heading the Justice Dept, it’s apparent he’s serving more as Trump’s personal lawyer instead of an independent authority apart from the White House.  Let’s hope Mueller can give context to that report & not feel constrained by DOJ pressure.  We should also hope to hear from him the extent he thinks Barr’s interpretation of the report differed from what the report actually says, while also revealing whether the AG’s Barr &/or Whitaker might have hampered the special counsel probe or perhaps even shut it down prematurely.
On the ridiculous talking points with assorted nonsense surely coming from Trump’s congressional minions with their senseless questions, Mueller should hit back hard by defending his probe, his investigators & the FBI: motherjones.com/politics/2019/07/mueller-hearings-trump-russia.  And in addition to the Barr appointment, current reports have the prez actually considering loyal hatchet-man Devin Nunes to replace Dan Coats as national intelligence director.  That only further shows Trump wants the intelligence community turned into his own personal gestapo, assigned to suppress/attack political opposition in service to their fuhrer while covering up his crimes.  The entire roster of swamp creatures the prez surrounds himself with are so corrupt, Trump-world keeps injecting toxins into the veins of our nation.  These articles help reveal the depths of evil depravity we must overcome in getting at the facts:
Short Bits
The idea a president is above the law & can’t be indicted is pure bunk: rawstory.com/2019/07/the-robert-mueller-standard-must-be-overthrown-for-the-sake-of-democracy
The GOP alternative line of questioning when it’s Mueller time will have about as much relevance as claiming the moon is made of cheese: thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/454041-nadler-let-republicans-waste-their-time-asking-about-fbi
Lies, lies & more lies:

A critical point inside this link which Trump has gone in the exact opposite direction: thehill.com/opinion/international/454034-the-us-must-restore-diplomacy-and-leadership-for-a-safer-world
Monkey See, Monkey Do
The Bigoted Racism from Our Leader Spawns that Attitude among Followers
It’s so ironic as Trump attacks the squad for their statements he says is hating on America, the criticisms from those ladies were mostly policy disagreements & weren’t nearly as hateful towards our country as what Trump used to say before he became president.  What Trump defines as hatred towards our country are really just whatever he disagrees with.  The recent rally where chants of send her back rang out, afterwards Trump disavowed those racist chants before he went onto praise those in the crowd shouting as patriots.  It brings back memories after Charlottesville when he referred to the white supremacists & neo-Nazi’s as very fine people: vox.com/2019/7/19/20700941/trump-racist-chants-incredible-patriots-ilhan-omar-apollo-11

As the indisputable head of the party, when Trump makes such racist/bigoted statements with hardly a pushback from party leaders, the GOP has come to own those same ugly attitudes.  It’s just another example where my former party has become so badly tarnished, it probably needs blown up so we can start over from scratch.  It seems there are hardly any redeemable qualities left in the GOP.  There are tons of articles from the newsfeeds the past few days about this deplorable racism, so feel free to review these titles:


For 10 years I enthusiastically carried the Republican banner: as an activist, as the congressional nominee from New Hampshire’s 2nd District, as a two-term chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, and as a member of the Republican National Committee’s Executive Committee under the leadership of Reince Priebus. I spent those years extolling the virtues of the party of Lincoln, articulating those values that I believe make America the greatest nation on earth: freedom, equality and unlimited opportunity. Republicans, I daily declared, were best positioned to preserve and expand those foundational American principles. My heart breaks as I sit here today in the final moments of a slow, three-year realization that the party of Lincoln is nearly dead, consumed by the ugly, destructive conduct of a dishonest, corrupt man who wears the stolen badge of Republicanism, transforming a once-great party into a racist nationalist movement that uses hate and fear to divide and destroy.


Last week, the president of this great nation attacked four, constitutionally elected women of color using some of his most hateful, divisive language yet, telling these American citizens to “go back” to the countries they came from. Just as they did after Trump’s racist equivalence in the wake of the Charlottesville attacks, white nationalists across the country cheered the president’s Twitter assault on the four congresswomen. Prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer called Trump talk and no action but congratulated him on being able to “win back” a sizable portion of what he called the deluded alt-right with a single tweet. On Wednesday evening, at a Trump 2020 campaign rally, the president again attacked these congresswomen and reveled in the crowd’s vile chant of “Send her back! Send her back!” He stood on the stage looking every bit the vainglorious narcissist that he is. This president is engaging in the worst kind of racism. That is, he is using racist language in an attempt to enrage the masses and convince one American that another American is their enemy simply because they are different, and he is doing so to advance a political agenda and personal power.


And, in this moment of hate, when we most need Americans to come together and reject this abhorrent behavior from a president, Republicans in Congress stand largely silent. At a time when Republicans should be rising up against the revolting rhetoric of this loathsome man, only a bare few have spoken. Rep. Will Hurd of Texas called the attacks “racist and xenophobic” and Ohio Rep. Michael Turner said the president “should apologize.” But too many Republicans in Congress have made an erroneous calculation that they must stand with Trump — or at least, stand in silence as the president goes off on one racist rant after another — in order to unify the party and increase their chances of electoral success in 2020. In fact, this weak-willed approach will have exactly the opposite effect. By refusing to speak the truth about this president, Republicans are allowing his hateful rhetoric to define our party for generations to come. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s statement that these tweets were about “socialism vs freedom” was a disgusting and transparent attempt to rebrand vile, racist nationalism into some sort of noble effort. Republicans in Congress who have previously spoken out against Trump’s ugly approach to politicsnow stand in silent acquiescence, drowning in their own hypocrisy, in a vain and desperate hope that by doing so they will gain some sort of electoral advantage. 


By defending Trump’s efforts to ban immigrants by their faith, place children in cages, target elected women for being minorities, obstruct justice and play with dictators, congressional Republicans make it impossible to argue for good Republican ideas. By silently turning their heads and looking the other way as an American president feeds the spread of racism in America, they doom our nation to a dark future where such ugliness seeps back into mainstream acceptance. By pretending that they can ignore the president and bear no burden for the destruction he causes, Republicans in Congress reveal their own ignorance. This presidency is a cancer on our republic. Elected Republicans in Congress have a greater responsibility than anyone else to stop its spread, and yet, they stand mute. It is not possible to be the party of Trump and the party of Lincoln. If Republicans are ever to have any chance at all of reclaiming our mantle as the party of Lincoln — the party of freedom and unlimited opportunity — we must fully reject the ugly, racist, destructive politics of Donald Trump. Any other path is a complete betrayal of Abraham Lincoln and the great nation he fought to preserve.