Will the Televised Hearings Resonate?…Hear good advice for Trumpeters in 2 songs at the bottom of Part 3, since their hardcore stubbornness needs a fresh perspective.  Let’s hope the live televised hearings starting this week are closely paid attention to by the American people with the obvious criminal actions at the top resonating with them, especially among the GOP base who’ve up till now have been listening to Trump & his echo instead of the facts: https://www.vox.com/2019/11/7/20953352/impeachment-open-hearings-democrats.  The opening testimony Wednesday with Ambassador Taylor could set the stage for momentum one direction or the other. 
Should a strong majority come to believe the prez should be impeached AND removed, it could actually start penetrating the psyche & persuading a number of GOP senators to do the right thing when called upon.  It is very concerning despite the basic evidence already having been revealed from the private hearing transcripts, GOP politicians & the base remain dug in by not turning on their king in the face of highly incriminating evidence.  It’s become crystal clear from several congressional hearings with different witnesses describing similar accounts, Trump’s crimes easily qualify as high crimes & misdemeanors, as the illegal behavior & cover ups exceed Nixon’s wrongdoings dozens of times over.
Congressional Dems do have the facts on their side, but can some among the GOP base perceive the truth when GOP congressmen turn on their fog machine during the hearings?  Trump’s ardent defenders not long ago admitted soliciting foreign help to dig up dirt on political opponents would be an illegal conspiracy, but that was prior to concrete proof coming out recently that is exactly what Trump did!  During the Russian probe the war cry was no collusion, then when the Ukraine story broke it similarly changed to no quid pro quo.  Now that several credible witnesses in the know have corroborated the fact there was a quid pro quo directed from the very top, the president’s apologists are tripping all over themselves trying to find cogent explanations dismissing Trump’s crimes.
So the GOP wants to make the scandal about Hunter Biden, the whistleblower & any other political opponent they can dream up to excuse the criminal actions of their fuhrer.  Prying into the affairs of the Bidens or Clintons have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the crimes at hand related to impeachment.  There’s also a potential strategy to pin the blame on any of the 3 stooges (Rudy, Mulvaney & Sondland) as if they were freelancing without Trump’s consent, but the witness testimonies seen in the transcripts released this week show Trump’s fingerprints all over this. 
Plus the president’s own words from the July 25 call transcript is practically a confession this quid pro quo was orchestrated by Trump the mob boss himself.  And further evidence confirms this plot began months before that call.  There really is no legal defense inside the Trump camp as they can offer no real evidence to dispute the charges.  So with the proof of crimes having become so indisputable, the GOP’s last resort line of thinking is to admit it was all wrong but is not impeachable.  To them inside their sycophant mindset, the prez shooting someone on Fifth Avenue probably isn’t impeachable either. 
Do not be complacent or deceived over where the stakes now stand.  Bribing & extorting a foreign country by predicating life-saving military aid on digging up dirt on an American president’s political opponent, amounts to conspiracy to defraud the United States through discrediting our elections.  Such an abuse of power & corruption are a direct attack on our free constitutional republic from which the perpetrators must be held accountable, since democracy is a precious gift that takes vigilance & effort to be protected, so abiding by the rule of law designed to preserve our democracy is irrevocably essential! 
Since our last posting mid-week, we now have links to articles describing transcripts from the Lt. Col. Vindman, Fiona Hill & George Kent depositions.  As to be expected in this peak headline season during an impeachment inquiry in Trump’s chaotic presidency, there is lots to report on, so here goes:
The Stone Trial Finally Reveals Russian Collusion
In the Roger Stone trial featuring testimony by Steve Bannon, it’s being revealed Stone was spearheading a close association between the Trump campaign & WikiLeaks.  A year or two ago this would have been the lead headline story for weeks, but now seems hardly a blip on the radar.  With Stone being in regular contact with Trump back in 2016, he was keeping the GOP nominee informed about the WikiLeaks email dumps, which is at the heart of the “collusion” which for two years dominated the speculation surrounding the Mueller probe.  Any other president in any other era could have never survived such a criminal scandal, but we’ve never before had an echo-media fueling demonstrable disinformation & such a widespread cult mindset.  This trial could provide a powerful one-two punch against Trump in conjunction with the Ukraine hearings:
America is Fumbling on the World Stage
As our enemies are getting stronger & much more dangerous: