Big News This Week with More Blockbuster Evidence & Impeachment Articles Going to the Senate…As has been our pattern lately, we’ll have more extensive commentaries posted Sunday night.  Delaying the articles going over to the Senate turned out being a good move, since plenty more incriminating evidence has come out the past few weeks.  Just tonight more bombshells dropped!  (See next section below.)  We now have incontrovertible evidence Trump orchestrated this bribery/extortion scheme against Ukraine, holding back vital military aid preapproved by Congress until Ukraine publicly announced a criminal investigation into the Bidens.  We would have thought after the two-year Mueller probe, Trump could have understood by now committing a conspiracy with a foreign nation to interfere in our American elections is illegal.  But as a thoroughly corrupted person who appears to be a hardened criminal, our president doesn’t seem to care, as he’s determined to break the law in benefiting himself no matter what. 
In addition, the massive ongoing cover-ups offer irrefutable proof of criminal obstruction of justice.  Keep in mind it was abuse of power & obstruction that brought down the Nixon presidency, but Trump is doing all that like he’s on steroids to a much higher degree.  We can only hope the new evidence & overall mountain of incriminating evidence will force GOP senators to take their responsibilities seriously.  And there’s no telling what else we might learn.  The Senate had better conduct a fair trial & seek documents/witnesses to help us unveil the facts, not turning this into a sham trial which becomes a whitewash.  Had the GOP & tyranny lovin’ media-echo not joined the Trump cult & instead adhered to our Constitution, the vote to convict should be by a 100-0 vote.  Posted below are the links to important impeachment news.  There is incredibly damning stuff in all these articles here in Part 1!:  
Lev Texts & Rudy Letter Add to the Extensive Criminal Evidence
Their underhanded exploits were done at the pleasure of the president, which the more we learn, the more high crimes have become obvious.  Former Ambassador Yovanovitch was being stalked & intimidated prior to her framing/firing.  That story is creepy!  Not that Parnas is a credible witness because of who he is, but his accounts are credible based on everything we’ve already learned about this whole Ukraine affair.  His interview tonight on MSNBC was compelling:  He said Trump knew everything!  So we have lots of articles here on Lev’s accounts plus a letter by crazy Rudy made public this week.  Our prez the mob boss really does hire thugs to work for him.  Bottom line is, there was a crime going on that was directed by our president!  Americans need to stay up on this critical impeachment news affecting the future of our nation, so please peruse & share these link titles: