By his total stonewalling & cover ups, Trump is launching a war against our Constitution, rule of law & congressional oversight authority, crimes which are impeachable.  We practically have proof of a quid pro quo deal already.  But once we discover an irrefutable smoking gun of that quid pro quo between Trump & Ukraine, it’s game over for President Trump!  These links below can help you stay on top of the most critical political news stories of our time.  There are illegal crimes revealed throughout these articles, including a bizarre new report about Trump stopping the investigation of an Iranian-Turkish gold trader.   And below these links on the Ukraine scandal, see links on Trump’s tax returns & then the Turkey/Syria/Kurds tragic debacle.  Check back here with on the weekend for plenty more links to articles along with our cogent commentaries:
Crimes are also Hiding inside those Hidden Tax Returns
A Disaster in the Making
Trump’s impulsive decision again capitulates to a country’s dictator, in this case Turkey, while dismissing & ignoring the advice of Congress & his own advisors.  In doing so, he’s stabbing in the back our Kurd allies who bravely fought ISIS in Syria, nothing short of reprehensible!  This is one of the few times Trump has managed to unify both sides of the aisle in opposition.  These phone calls he makes with foreign leaders always seem to result in bad decisions while he’s proven to be an awful dealmaker, since he has no depth of understanding for any given situation.  Foreign dictators like Erdogan can talk him into making rash, impulsive, uninformed decisions, which at the heart of it we continue to wonder what does Putin have on Trump.  Look at the consequences from pulling our special troops out of Syria:
*Opens the path for the slaughter of Kurdish allies
*Opens the path for release of ISIS soldiers from prison as President Trump reinvigorates the ISIS caliphate
*Gives Syria over to Turkey, Iran & Russia, while weakening the U.S. influence in the region
*Weakens our influence throughout the world as our allies lose trust in us & our reputation/leadership is greatly undermined