The More Reports that come out, the More Evidence of Trump Russian Collusion we see…There is an article here in the middle of Part 1, which if you read nothing else, at least read that lengthy article.  It lays out a strong case for evidence of Trump Russian collusion.  And the details buried inside the Stone indictments infers lots of compelling evidence of Trump Russian collusion.  And as Mueller moves up the ladder, plus in conjunction with congressional committees & the NY southern district, look for the walls to close in on Trump & his family as the direct evidence of Trump Russian collusion comes to light.
A big signal indicating evidence of Trump Russian collusion all along has come from discovering Trump & his minions constantly lied to us over all things Russia.  We have to ask why?  Overall, when a politician lies to us more than a few times, we just can’t trust them.  But when a president lies to us more than 8000 times in two years, that’s a level of pathological lying that is unprecedented.  Not only can we not trust a single word he says, but that much constant lying we might as well believe the exact opposite of anything he says.  So Trump has already proven to us he’s a terrible leader since he’s blown his credibility from lying to us repeatedly.  And as the lying about Russia signals, I believe we’ll soon discover he’s also a criminal, which would not only make him a terrible leader but should make him a former leader.
A Rolling Stone could be Muzzled
The judge in the Stone case has grown tired of his circus-media tour, so she might just decide to shut him up:
A Rolling Stone Leaves Trails
In reading the tea leaves, the evidence coming out from the indictments & physical evidence confiscated look to be a huge treasure trove of clues pointing straight at collusion.  And that enormous amount of info is referred to as voluminous & complex, so it will take some time to sort it all out.  Check out this article below from inside roger-stone-latest-robert-mueller-investigation-evidence-arrest-trump:

The Justice Department collected volume amounts of evidence from Roger Stone’s iCloud accounts, email accounts and on computer hardware “spanning several years,” special counsel Robert Mueller said Thursday. While prosecutors start sharing documents with the special counsel’s legal team, Mr Mueller is looking to place a protective order locking down the confidentiality of the evidence and information collected against Stone, a long-time ally and adviser of President Donald Trump. CNN reported that Stone’s defense attorneys accepted the order from the judge, but it has not yet been signed off. Typically, these orders are relatively common in high-profile trials as a preventative measure against document leaks in the case. The evidence DOJ collected against Stone, who was charged for lying to Congress and witness tampering, includes “multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information consisting of, among other things, FBI case reports, search warrant applications and results (e.g., Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts), bank and financial records, and the contents of numerous physical devices (e.g., cellular phones, computers, and hard drives).” The FBI also seized electronic devices from Stone’s office, apartment and home, prosecutors said in the order filing.

That Rolling Stone was Sitting Atop a Mountain (of evidence)
See more clear evidence of Trump Russian collusion inside heres-why-muellers-charges-against-roger-stone-could-be-against-trump_partner.  And as
mentioned in this article posted from heres-donald-trump-concerned-huge-cache-data-fbi-seized-roger-stone, Trump should be worried:

A national security expert outlined why Donald Trump should be worried that special counsel Robert Mueller now has access to “terabytes” of data from Roger Stone that was seized in his FBI raid earlier this week. “We often talk details about the Mueller investigation that should make Donald Trump worry,” independent journalist Marcy Wheeler wrote Thursday. “And I think the government’s motion to declare Roger Stone’s prosecution a complex case ought to do that.” In the Mueller filing, Wheeler noted, investigators claimed they have “terabytes of electronic records and data” — including information that may not be pertinent to the immediate case against Stone but “but might look more interesting given the hints of campaign finance violations in this investigation.” While there are indications that the special counsel already possessed Stone’s “multiple cell phones, computers, and hard drives, his iCloud and email accounts, and the aforementioned financial records,” the filing indicates that Mueller’s team also got access to new devices in the raid. “For most of the year during which prosecutors have been obtaining testimony from Stone’s associates, one by one, they’ve been sitting on a mountain of evidence, and evidence not relating exclusively to the obstruction charges against Stone,” Wheeler wrote. “This designation as a complex case will give Stone some time to think about that.”

Here’s the Big Article I Mentioned with Lots of Evidence of Trump Russian Collusion
Inside this article, it calls Stone’s indictments the key turning point in the Mueller probe.  With so many Trump cronies, echo-pundits & Trumpeter base from the beginning constantly dismissing the case against Trump & his campaign, we’ve included the entire long article below from mueller-closes-the-circle-of-russian-collusion-on-trump, so we can all follow the dots & see the collection of evidence pointing squarely at criminal conspiracy/collusion.  This would be a great article to show or forward to your conservative contacts, not that they’d read it or believe it, but we’re just trying to put a chink in their armor so they’re not so shocked when the end comes for their perceived infallible leader.  And to those of us following the Russia investigation & open to the facts, this is a fascinating read, as it also hints at what’s likely soon to come!  Trumpeters won’t like it & the echo will surely yell foul, but the truth will come out:

The indictment last Friday of long-time Republican bad boy and Trump political adviser Roger Stone marks the key turning point in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian connections to Donald Trump and his campaign. Mueller has finally revealed the strategy he has been working on all along. He has finished indicting the people he has talked to, and now he’s turning to those he hasn’t. One of the big knocks Trump and his conservative supporters have made on Mueller’s Russia investigation has been that most of the campaign figures associated with Trump have been indicted on so-called “process crimes” such as lying to the FBI or congressional committees. Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Alex van der Zwaan, and Rick Gates all were either indicted or pled guilty to lying, along with some other charges (Paul Manafort was found guilty of tax evasion, money laundering, and other financial crimes, struck a deal to plead guilty on other, similar crimes, and is now accused of breaking his plea agreement by lying to prosecutors).

But what everyone has forgotten is that Mueller’s indictments of the Russians were not for “process crimes” at all, but rather for various specific crimes surrounding the underlying crime of conspiring to defraud the United States of America.The indictments of 13 Russians from the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, and 12 Russian intelligence agents working for the Russian intelligence agency the GRU in Moscow are at the heart of Mueller’s overall strategy. He is has been investigating a conspiracy by the Russians and other “persons known and unknown to the grand jury,” to “interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” according to the specific wording of the indictments of the Russians. Mueller is after this conspiracy: At one end were the Russians in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and at the other end were the “persons known and unknown” in the United States, all of whom are associated with the Trump campaign. Facilitating the two ends of the conspiracy was WikiLeaks, located in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

A reasonable analogy to the underlying crimes committed during the 2016 election would be this: Suppose someone over in Russia sends an agent to the United States to steal a pistol to be used in the crime of robbing a bank. They hide the pistol somewhere in the U.S. and go back to Russia. Then they contact an intermediary in London and tell them where the pistol is hidden. The intermediary contacts an American citizen in the United States, tells them where the pistol is, and the American takes the pistol and uses it to rob a bank in the United States. Voila! You have the heart of the Trump-Russia investigation. The Russians, from Moscow, electronically steal the Democrat’s emails by copying them. They transmit the address where the emails are hidden to WikiLeaks in London. WikiLeaks takes the address of the stolen emails and transmits it to American media outlets. The Trump campaign uses the stolen emails to rob the United States of America of a free and fair election.

The next arrest and indictment you’re going to see from Mueller will be his biggest yet. One morning in the not too distant future, he’s going to sweep up everyone remaining who was associated with using the Democratic Party emails stolen by the Russians. Julian Assange will be indicted. So will Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner. Roger Stone will probably face a superseding indictment along with the others for defrauding the United States by conspiring with WikiLeaks and the Russian intelligence service, the GRU, to steal Democratic Party campaign documents and use them to interfere with the American presidential election of 2016, the same charge he made against the Russians. 

Mueller will probably follow Justice Department guidelines and the example set by Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski in Watergate. He will probably not indict the president, but he will name him as an unindicted co-conspirator, just as Richard Nixon was in Watergate. It’s going to be a jaw-dropping arrest and indictment because it has to be. Mueller can no longer issue indictments piecemeal and get guilty pleas or convictions one by one. This time, he must lay out a case that Trump and his campaign officials committed crimes that are so egregious, it will be impossible for the congress to fail to protect him from being fired. If Mueller were to indict Kushner alone, or Trump Jr. alone, it would be too easy for Trump to feign outrage and fire him. That’s why Mueller’s next move will be his last, and it will be the big one, sweeping up everyone who is left at once.

Mueller’s indictment of the Republican bad boy and former Trump political adviser Roger Stone was less of an allegation that Stone committed crimes like lying to the congress and tampering with a witness, than it was the exercise of an elaborate search warrant for all of Stone’s houses and offices. Mueller wanted Stone’s electronic devices, because he needs to confirm what he already knows about Stone’s connections to WikiLeaks. He gained this knowledge from the National Security Agency and the CIA, both of which have been involved in the Russia investigation in the background. Mueller has used information from the two major American intelligence agencies all along. It was NSA taps on the phones of Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak that let the FBI know former national security adviser Michael Flynn was lying when he denied talking to Kislyak about sanctions on Russia. It was probably NSA coverage of emails between former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos and “Professor” Joseph Mifsud in London that let the FBI know George Papadopoulos was lying to them about his contacts with both Mifsud and the “female Russian national” he met with in London.

It was NSA coverage of emails and phone calls between Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom lawyer Alex Van der Zwaan and former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates and former Russian intelligence agent Konstantin Kilimnik that let the FBI know Van der Zwaan was lying to them when he said he had not been in secret communications with the two men. It was NSA coverage of the 13 Russians associated with the Internet Research Agency that enabled Mueller to issue indictments for conspiring to defraud the United States, identity theft, and other crimes. And it was similar NSA coverage of 12 Russian GRU intelligence officers that enabled Mueller to indict them for hacking into and stealing Democratic Party emails in a conspiracy to interfere with the election of 2016.

Roger Stone was never interviewed by the FBI or Mueller’s grand jury, thus he had no opportunity the lie to them. This is why Mueller indicted him for lying to the only investigators he did talk to, the House Intelligence Committee. After Stone was arrested, conservative commentators and Trump himself immediately seized on the fact that Stone wasn’t indicted for “collusion.” But Mueller knows who Roger Stone was texting, emailing or talking to overseas, because the NSA didn’t need wiretap warrants to pick up those communications. If Stone communicated directly with Julian Assange, the NSA knows it. Similarly, if Julian Assange communicated directly with the agents of the GRU who hacked into the Democrats’ email servers, the NSA knows that, too. Stone lied to the House Intelligence Committee about his contacts with his two cut-outs between himself and Assange, Randy Credico and Jerome Corsi. It’s likely that Mueller’s investigators never talked to Stone about his contacts with WikiLeaks for two reasons: first, prosecutors don’t often interview targets of their investigations, and second, they already knew whether Stone had talked to Assange because the NSA knew who Assange talked to. Robert Mueller has been very careful in the way he has investigated connections between Trump, his campaign, and what we now know to be agents of the Russian government. He’s been even more careful with who he has indicted so far, and what he has indicted them for.

Clearly, Michael Flynn has told him more than we know about his contacts with Russian ambassador Kislyak, what he said to Kislyak, and on whose orders he said it. Rick Gates and Paul Manafort have told Mueller more than we know about why the Trump campaign insisted on changing the Republican campaign platform on the Ukraine to be more amenable to Russia. Everyone else who pled guilty and agreed to cooperate with Mueller has told him more than we know about their connections to various Russians or Russian agents. And Mueller’s team knows exactly who these mysterious figures such as “Professor” Mifsud and Konstantin Kilimnik are, because the CIA and the NSA have told him what their connections are to Russian intelligence. All of the indictments Mueller has gotten so far have yielded a treasure chest of information the special counsel hasn’t yet revealed about what went on inside the Trump campaign. And now that Mueller has his hands on Roger Stone’s phones and computers, he will know about all the communications Stone had with others through encrypted programs like Whatsapp, which the Stone indictment mentions.

Mueller has been building slowly to an indictment of people at the very top of the Trump campaign who knew that the Russians had hacked the Democrats’ documents. These are the “persons known and unknown” who conspired with WikiLeaks about how to use the Democrats’ emails in the closing months of the campaign. One of those people was hinted at in the Stone indictment when Mueller said a “top campaign official” had been “directed” to contact Stone about “additional releases” of Democratic emails by WikiLeaks. Who “directed” that Stone be contacted will be revealed in the next Mueller indictment, along with whoever Stone contacted overseas or within the Trump campaign by using encrypted programs that will now be available to Mueller’s investigators on Stone’s phones and computers. We know that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and Michael Flynn all had contacts with Russians during the campaign. All three have been interviewed by the FBI, indicted, and either pled guilty or were found guilty by a jury. All three had positions at the very top of the Trump campaign. All three had regular contact with the candidate, Donald Trump.

There are only three top people associated with the Trump campaign who Mueller’s investigators haven’t talked to: Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump himself. We know that both Kushner and Trump Jr. had meetings with Russians during the campaign. We don’t know if Trump himself took part in meetings with people like Sergey Kislyak, and we don’t know if Trump was informed about other meetings with Russians like the one that took place at Trump Tower. From the Stone indictment, we know that the Trump campaign was well-informed about the Democratic Party documents that WikiLeaks had received from the Russian GRU. We don’t know if Trump himself was informed in advance what WikiLeaks would be revealing, such as the release of John Podesta’s emails that came late in the campaign as an “October surprise.” But we do know that Donald Trump encouraged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails and that the Russian GRU did just that on the very night Trump made his request. And we know that Trump mentioned WikiLeaks more than 160 times during the campaign.

Mueller has been working on establishing the “collusion,” if you want to call it that, between the Russian GRU, WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign. His investigators are sitting on a gigantic mountain of evidence they have gotten from the NSA and the CIA about connections between the foreign elements of the conspiracy — between Assange and the GRU, for example, and between the GRU and people like Mifsud and Kilimnik. WikiLeaks is the hub through which the GRU distributed the Democrats’ stolen documents to the media in an attempt to influence the presidential campaign of 2016 in favor of Donald Trump. The next indictment you will see from Mueller will be his last, and it will close the circle of collusion by connecting Trump and his campaign on one end, and the Russian GRU on the other end, through WikiLeaks. In the closing months of the campaign, Trump would stand on the stage at rally after rally and open his arms wide and yell out, “I love WikiLeaks!” Mueller is going to show the world that loving WikiLeaks was the equivalent of loving the Russian intelligence agents who stole the Democrats’ emails. That was a federal crime, and when this is all over, Donald Trump is going to wish he had loved WikiLeaks less and the rule of law more, because his love of WikiLeaks is very likely what will take him down.


Quick Updates on the Criminal Probes

There are two key dates from 2016 that were pivotal to the coordination/collusion case: white-house/427785-how-to-make-sense-of-the-russia-probe-focus-on-two-key-dates
That evidence shows sonny-boy jr’s blocked calls around the time of the Trump Tower meeting didn’t go to papa, but after all, the meeting was in the same building where Trump was, so sonny could have just rode the elevator & walked down the hallway to update his daddy.  That call to a blocked number still raises suspicions because Donny Jr. did reach out to a family friend with ties to Russia while he was setting up the meeting with the Russians: donald-trump-jr-phone-call-trump-tower-family-friend-howard-lorber
Sonny-boy jr may be next: donald-trump-jr-indicted-mueller

The congressional probes have the NRA under the gun: nra-russia-investigations-david-keene-pete-brownell

Russia attacks us from all angles: new-mueller-filing-shows-how-russia-misuses-us-courts

Congress is exploring ways to get Trump’s tax returns: us-usa-trump-taxreturns/as-democrats-target-trumps-tax-returns-audit-claims-loom-large

It seems a life of crime was a family affair: trump-scam-accusers-say-his-kids-had-key-role-in-duping-clients


Trump Not Intelligent Enough to Believe the Intelligence

The cracks have always been evident between Trump & his intelligence community.  The animosity certainly aired publicly this week with an intelligence briefing which exposed our numerous geopolitical threats that directly contradicted Trump’s accounts.  And since Trump trusts his moronic & clueless echo-entertainers over his intelligence professionals, he impulsively lashed out at those security chiefs & their reports.  Aside from the damage Trump is doing internally & to our international reputation, also consider this confusing mess is going to spook vital foreign intelligence sources from cooperating with us.  The first few links here are live & the rest would need to be searched:


And see these excerpts pulled from trump-puts-nation-risk-ignoring-intelligence-community/2731109002:

Americans expect and deserve a president who puts the nation and its security before his personal interests and whims. President Donald Trump’s approach to international affairs has been indifferent at best, and at worst, openly hostile to more than 70 years of bipartisan agreement on global alliances that have kept us safe. His fascination with dictators and so-called strong men is dangerous. The president’s well-documented lies and exaggerations are disturbing and unprecedented, but when he openly ignores and ridicules the findings of the U.S. intelligence community, he puts American lives at risk, diminishes our role in the world, and makes us all less safe. In several cases, U.S. intelligence has been at odds with Trump and his public statements. Trump has, for reasons still under federal investigation, chosen to listen to Russian President (and former KGB officer) Vladimir Putin rather than top U.S. intelligence officials. The investigation dates to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Heads of the major intelligence agencies say that the interference is ongoing, and that foreign actors will view the 2020 presidential election as an opportunity to advance their interests.

On Tuesday, U.S. intelligence officials alerted the country that China and Russia are working together to challenge U.S. leadership. Whereas Trump has indicated that we are headed for peace with North Korea, U.S. intelligence officials reported that North Korea isn’t giving up nuclear weapons. Intelligence leaders have not identified a security crisis at the U.S. border, even as the president has said that he is considering an emergency declaration forcing the military to build his border wall. Intelligence has warned that the Islamic State is capable of attacking America despite Trump’s declaration that ISIS has been defeated. Whether the president wishes to acknowledge it or not, U.S. intelligence has made it clear that the U.S. role in the world is on the cusp of being seriously challenged. He is making us less safe. The intelligence community’s work is vital to our national security and our international interests. Congress must be ready to step in to prevent further erosion of our global standing. No judicial confirmation or tax cut is worth jeopardizing the safety of our democracy. Every member of Congress must put country before party — Americans, our global allies and all freedom-loving people around the world are watching.

GOP Showing Less Loyalty & Compliance
We’re also seeing fissures forming between Trump & his loyal GOP following in Congress: gop-poised-to-rebuke-trump.  In summary following the loss of 40 House seats, we also had a ridiculous government shutdown with the threat soon for declaring a silly national emergency over a wall, concerns over the removal of a relatively cooler head from the cabinet in Mad Dog Mattis, an irresponsibly impulsive announcement over hasty troop withdrawals from Syria which would embolden ISIS & place our allies on the ground at great risk, eyebrows raised over repealing sanctions for a Russian oligarch as a nod to Putin, & now we’ve seen a shocking rebuke to threat assessments by our own intelligence chiefs.  GOP leaders should rightly be outraged!
So yes, beneath the tense muttering we’re catching wind of, GOP congresspeople must really be alarmed at the erratic & destructive actions coming from this prez.  The cracks we’re seeing from the previous unconditional support make it easy to envision once proof of crimes are unveiled & the House impeaches, at least 20 of 53 GOP senators would turn on Trump & vote to convict.  They’re getting sick of him too!  It can all hinge on the proof the probes can produce.  Based on the most recent presidential buffoonery, see the tension building inside trump-administration-faces-an-increasingly-adversarial-congress-—-in-both-parties.  Even his faithful echo are bewildered enough to question things: fox-news-trump-fox-and-friends-border-wall.
Arms Treaty Looks Kaput
The one area where Trump is bucking Russia is in the announced pullout of the decades-long arms missiles treaty.  With his nationalist vision, the prez is managing to start an arms race, although Russia certainly shares in the blame with their continued violations of the original treaty.  But with America going it alone & abandoning diplomacy with our natural allies who have similar mutual opposition to Russia, our NATO friends should have been brought to bear in ratcheting up the pressure on Russia to comply with the original treaty or agree to a better deal, especially for something as critically important as this.  Most of these titles would take a copy/paste into a search engine: