More Proof of Crimes keeps coming out…President Trump has committed crimes from which we’ve already seen an abundance of evidence.  This week saw news of unredacted emails released showing our prez was indeed the one who ordered the preapproved military funds by Congress not to be released to Ukraine.  While officials in the Defense Dept. were baffled & alarmed by those change of plans, senior White House aides in an August meeting tried to persuade Trump to release that aid.  It wasn’t until the whistleblower complaints were made public in late September that Trump reluctantly agreed to provide those promised funds.  Every week more incriminating evidence comes out related to this bribery/extortion scandal, yet we have yet to see the most important documents or hear from the key witnesses.  We should all want all the facts to come out, but Trump-world seems terrified of the truth & keeps hiding what we need to find out.  If the evidence could help clear Trump, they’d gladly be forthcoming.  The obstruction suggests they’re guilty as sin.
The GOP has so far been loyal & refuses to break loose from their Trump cult, so will it require that Perry Mason moment when someone breaks down & confesses from the witness stand?  Could the pivotal bombshell evidence come from someone like Bolton (late word here in, or Parnas, or McGahn, or crazy Rudy, or Deutsche Bank, or Trump’s own tax returns?  Or maybe it’ll take a whole series of new facts that keep piling up until it reaches the tipping point, where the preponderance of evidence is so overwhelmingly irrefutable that even Republicans have to finally admit the obvious.  The more we learn, the more rational/objective Americans realize high crimes were committed by the high commander in the highest office, to the point where constitutionally he should no longer serve as our Commander in Chief.  I recall watching the Watergate saga play out in real time, & while the media was far more focused on that Nixon scandal, the crimes themselves didn’t rise to anywhere near the levels of illegalities we’re discovering with the Trump scandals.  It’s not even close!  The Trump plot to cheat in an election were international in scope, while the cover-ups were far more extensive & widespread.  Peruse these recent links & the facts become more clear:
Congressional Battle Over Optics to Sway the Public
We’re currently at a stalemate with congressional leaders fighting it out along party lines.  Who blinks first will likely depend on trending public opinion but supporters for each side are remarkably dug in, with polling on impeachment mostly static the past few months.  The Dems rightly want a real trial with real evidence from real witnesses, so before sending over the articles of impeachment to the Senate, they just want assurances the trial won’t be rigged.  And the longer Pelosi waits, the more damaging the new evidence becomes to Trump.  If the Republican Party were only more concerned with our constitutional rule of law instead of partisan warfare, we could let all the facts come out.  Revealing the truth is the best way to defend our democracy against the dark forces of corrupt authoritarianism now attempting to hijack our government.  These articles provide perspective on this high-stakes battle:   
Stirring Up a Hornets’ Nest
Yes, Iran’s Soleimani was a terrorist & earned his fate.  But was it the right move?  And what were Trump’s true motives?  Perhaps it was done as a distraction away from the increasingly damaging evidence coming out about his crimes in the Ukraine scandal, similar to the plot from Wag the Dog:  That deadly attack at the Baghdad airport has recently dominated the headlines.  And proceeding ahead with an impeachment trial as we’re engaged in a war with Iran could prove tricky.  Our prez claims Soleimani was behind imminent threats to Americans without providing us with specifics.  Based on Trump’s proven lack of credibility, it’s logical to conclude he’s dishing out another conspiracy theory or phony alibi.  His VP Pence even threw out a lie tying Iran to 9-11.  That brings back memories of the Bush administration’s false claims about Iraq’s involvement in 9-11 & WMD’s, justifying an ill-conceived & ill-fated war.  Well, Trump may have just started a war with Iran, not preventing one as he tried claiming.
Other than self-preservation & his relentless pursuit of self-glorification, Trump’s impulsive actions never seem to have any planned strategy behind them.  By always ignoring, rejecting or failing to understand the advice of our national security professionals, along with failing to garner the support of Congress or close allies, the president’s moves come across as uninformed & reckless without weighing the costs of potential repercussions/consequences.  With Iran’s promise of coming retaliation, it’s easy to see how this conflict could spiral out of control.  That retaliation could come in the form of launching a direct attack against our troops, embassies, oil interests &/or the Israeli homeland, or use their proxy terrorist network/sleeper cells to attack our interests almost anywhere.  Americans should be on our highest level of alert since the period following 9-11. 
So while the killed Iranian commander was unquestionably a very bad dude, our president’s reckless action has turned him into a martyr & may well prove an opening salvo to a full-scale war with Iran.  The one hesitation Iran might have is in the madman theory, thinking Trump is a madman & could respond with full force upon U.S. interests being attacked.  I can’t blame Iran for thinking that, since we Americans are also fearful he might be a madman.  The attack this week has also galvanized the fervent anti-American sentiment among the Iranian people while heightening Iran’s resolve to develop their nuclear weapons program, even stating they’d no longer abide by any part of the 2015 nuclear deal they & Europe were still holding onto.  That Obama-Kerry agreement had slowed their nuke development but now it’s no holds barred.  If any good could possibly come out of the likely coming escalation, it could give us an opening to take out their nuclear facilities (if we’re even able to do it & know where their locations are), something that probably needed to happen anyway through airstrikes. 
As the leading sponsor of terrorism throughout the world, a nuclear Iran would be an unimaginably dangerous scenario.  With a rogue nation like that soon willing & able to develop nuclear weapons along with the missile technology to launch them, should we have any doubt they’d want to use such weapons or funnel through terrorists against America or Israel.  But for now if Trump does have a real strategy besides a Wag the Dog diversion, which I highly doubt, he could be baiting the Iranians to strike us with their current capabilities so we can retaliate by bombing their nuclear sites to smithereens.  Only time & history can be the ultimate determinant whether this week’s provocative move against a top Iranian commander works in our favor or backfires in spectacular fashion.  As you might expect, the number of relevant news stories about this strike are enormous:    
Other International Dangers

These serious threats are further complicated by our clueless & incompetent president in charge: