Will the Redacted Mueller Report show the Juicy Parts?…It’s been more than 3 weeks since AG Barr received the report, so it’s way past time for Congress & the public to see it too.  But the way Barr immediately cast judgement of innocence in his short summary, then used the word spying during his congressional hearing which the Trump team routinely uses as code language to a conspiracy theory in deflecting from Trump’s wrongdoings.  So based on that pattern, we should be very concerned Barr is just another Trump sycophant & his redacted Mueller report will go to great pains in hiding the most incriminating findings against Trump.  At a minimum, the appropriate members of certain congressional committees should be allowed to view the sensitive classified parts.
Our prez is a slippery character crafted from a lifetime of cheating people & commanding the loyalties of henchmen willing to do his dirty work.  We must be ready for anything with this guy.  Trumpeters & the echo are blind to the realities, but we do have a president who’s way over-the-top.  When Trump is sooooo incompetent, & sooooo clueless, & sooooo divisive, & sooooo corrupt, every day he’s still in office this prez is doing real damage to our nation, which some of that damage may turn out to be permanent.  As our leader continues to normalize lying, gaslighting, cheating & backstabbing, that selfish & evil attitude filters down to the rest of the population, making America a lesser place as so many follow his lead in steadily losing their moral compasses. 
I’m still convinced based on patching together the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence, Trump is a corrupt con man who may have engaged in a life of crime.  It’s just taking awhile longer for the various investigations to prove it.  By all appearances, it looks like Mueller has farmed out the rest of his probe to various jurisdictions.  Plus thank God the Dems have taken over the House, so they can finally do their end of the necessary probes.  Very few things Congress might accomplish this year would be more important than finding out whether the leader of our nation is also leading his own criminal enterprise.  The signs of Trump’s wrongdoings are all over the place, so as soon as the facts come out & aren’t suppressed by the constant obstruction from Trump-world, we’ll finally be in a position to determine who we’re really dealing with in our current president.  
With Thursday the targeted date for the redacted Mueller report, which is reportedly going to Congress & the public, our Part 2 this week will provide those details from the newsfeeds.  I also expect some major news by the end of April, not based on any inside info I might have, but just the fact I’ve got a major project coming up starting next week which will take me away from politics for about a week or two.  So I’m naturally assuming the big bombshells are likely to land the exact time I won’t be able to closely follow it or write about it.  Time will tell.  But as for the newsfeed articles from this past weekend & into Monday, we’ll start with link titles on the redacted Mueller report that’s coming, which you could copy/paste to search for any of these since we have a limit on outbound links:
Redacted Mueller Report Scheduled for Thursday
Trump Worried about Mueller Report & seems to be Rallying His Team to Cover Up 


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More Pertinent Articles from the Newsfeeds  
These are live links you can click on under my brief comments:
The Mueller probe will continue to live on, as seen in the indictments of Julian Assange & Greg Craig:
Six instances of real legal jeopardy still hanging over Trump:
Obstruction of justice still an open case contained within the Mueller report:
The White House seems especially concerned about the hours of testimony given by former White House counsel Don McGahn as it will appear in the Mueller report:
If we finally get to learn what’s actually in the Mueller report, plus as we’re waiting on discoveries from investigations in Congress & various districts like SDNY, there’s still hope we can end this disastrous presidency early:
The Trump swamp shows lots of signs of grifting:
The master of distraction & destruction:
Rules like a mob boss:
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Fundraising off a lie:  
Trump seems spazzed out over what’s in the Mueller report:  
AG did not represent himself well:  
Is our own top cop attacking the rule of law?:  
Legit reasons not to trust Barr:  
Following along with crazy echo-conspiracies instead of the rule of law: 
Jumped to conclusions on obstruction to keep the boss happy: 
Trump kept looking for his Roy Cohn & he may have found him: 


With Barr in place, Fox fake news wields enormous influence over the DOJ:
Americans know Barr has pulled the wool over their eyes, which is why we suspect the redacted Mueller report will blot out the bad stuff: 
I’ve often speculated the crimes will be exposed by following the international money trail, precipitating these actions seen in the opening posted from nytimes.com/2019/04/15/business/deutsche-bank-trump-finances-congress:  

Congressional investigators on Monday intensified their pursuit of President Trump’s personal and business financial records by issuing a subpoena to his longtime lender, Deutsche Bank. The two committees that issued the subpoena, the House’s Intelligence and Financial Services committees, also demanded documents from numerous other financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, related to possible money-laundering by people in Russia and Eastern Europe, according to three people with knowledge of the investigation. “The potential use of the U.S. financial system for illicit purposes is a very serious concern,” Representative Maxine Waters, the chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee, said in a statement. She added that the panel was “exploring these matters, including as they may involve the president and his associates, as thoroughly as possible pursuant to its oversight authority, and will follow the facts wherever they may lead us.” The subpoenas were the latest attempts by congressional Democrats to collect information about the finances of Mr. Trump and his family-owned company, the Trump Organization.


Playing Dumb about WikiLeaks 
Trump has gone from previously loving WikiLeaks to not knowing anything about them.  In the last link in this section, Trump has gone Sergeant Schultz on us, he sees nothing, he knows nothing!: 
More Personal Traits that Define Trump  
I recall Trump bragging about this in the midst of a national tragedy:
Perhaps a sociopath: 
This was Heartwarming  
It’s been over a decade since Tiger’s last major win:  
And this was Heartwrenching  
It must have taken a special kind of courage for firefighters to go inside to save those belltowers: