Exonerating Abuse of Power Potentially Paves the Way for Fascism…The volumes of credible evidence implicating our president are unmistakable these were serious crimes & a rampant abuse of power against our nation.  Adding in the ongoing & complete pattern of obstruction of justice, it’s become rather obvious to many of us perceptive observers the impeachable offenses were dozens of times worse than the Watergate cover-ups!  In reality, this is the biggest political scandal in American history, but it just didn’t seem that way as the people’s interest was muted by the Senate GOP admitting the trial was rigged before it even began.  In normal times, Trump would already be headed out the door. 
In the aftermath of this scandal, it’s difficult to tell which precedent was set that poses the greatest threat for destroying our democracy.  Is it the new standards being formed that our president is above the law & has no restrictions on lawless behavior to interfere, cheat, taint & steal elections?  Or that the messaging, attitudes & beliefs adopted by a major political party are just fine with such an illegal power grab that could easily allow America to slip into dictatorial fascism?  Taken together, American democracy is in grave danger.  The Constitution has been trampled on & violated.  The only viable solution is to dump Trump in November while exposing the pattern of lying & corruption the GOP has fallen for.
Acquittal will not mean exoneration, since the crimes are already well-proven.  As I said, in any normal times, this is such a slam-dunk case that a president’s ouster would have been a certainty.  But in the year 2020 when a major political party has literally turned into a cult, they’re fully behind their cult leader no matter how bad the crimes he might commit.  Yes, all the available evidence proved criminal actions, while the Trump legal team had no legal defense, yet the GOP kept ignoring & denying reality every step of the way.  Many in Trump’s camp argued to let him off the hook by saying let the people decide in November, but that may only empower him even more to cheat & steal this coming election. 
I still have serious doubts whether the American people or Kremlin propaganda really swayed the 2016 results, so this year it may happen again with even more seismic interference attacks.  But saving democracy may come down to nothing less than voting Dems into office in November by overcoming whatever cheating might come from Trump, since the risk of tyranny keeps increasing for every day Trump is still in office & empowered by his cult following.  I’m convinced 4 more years of Trump would tarnish our nation beyond repair, even possibly becoming the death knell for our Constitution.  Let’s all get energized in our crusade to inform the American people during the 2020 campaign, since it could be our last chance to defeat lawlessness & demagoguery!  And I’m going to actively look for influential supporters to help spread this blog to a lot more people, since getting a wider audience is the key in allowing our message to serve its intended purpose.
Sen. Lamar Alexander, who could not muster up the same courage of his role model from Tennessee, Howard Baker, at least maintained a modicum of moral integrity by saying what Trump did was wrong.  All GOP senators who voted against the very low bar of simply inviting witnesses in for the trial, history will judge them very harshly.  Especially as more shoes are sure to drop this year, be it more evidence from Lev Parnas, the John Bolton book, new documents & emails over the Ukraine case being released, any charges that might drop from the Southern District of NY, more revelations coming from any witnesses with direct knowledge of the Ukraine caper, Trump’s tax returns or DNA evidence from his rape accusation, &/or any other unknown bombshells that could hit the headlines implicating our prez in yet more crimes, it could have major implications.  It can offer further proof against our prez that he’s a hardened criminal, plus place blame on GOP senators for turning this impeachment trial into a sham by dismissing & hiding all available damning evidence.  The jurors have become part of the cover-up! 
And make no mistake, more evidence of Trump crimes will surely be coming out: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/democrats-vow-trump-probes-to-go-on-after-impeachment-trial-ends/ar-BBZxSZn?ocid=spartandhp & also check out: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/democrats-should-let-mcconnell-block-evidence-then-keep-investigating-trump/ar-BBZu0Ku.  So whether all the new stuff becomes alarming enough to launch more articles of impeachment or create optics horrible enough for the prez to cost him the November election, however it comes about the key for saving American democracy starts with dumping Trump.  From there we can then embark on the challenging mission of convincing the Republican Party to return to sanity by embracing truths again.  But for now, with overwhelming evidence of crimes committed by our prez along with a rigged trial where cult members refused to introduce new evidence, in my mind that makes Trump an illegitimate president.  We simply shouldn’t recognize as our leader someone who the rational & ethical half of the population accurately recognize as a criminal!  But we must make it official come November!  These links below take us to more of the facts: 
More Bombshell Excerpts from Bolton’s Book
Bolton alleges Trump’s influence as far back as May hatching the Ukrainian plot, meeting with top cabinet officials & even his White House Counsel Cipollone.  Now isn’t that just rich, the lead lawyer in Trump’s Senate trial may have himself been involved in the actual crime!  You can’t make this stuff up!  No wonder the GOP is terrified of new evidence & has suppressed it from the trial:
Parnas Keeps Sharing What He Knows
And he also names names.  If true, numerous Trump cronies have been caught up in not just the cover-ups, but in the original crime itself.  The list includes the VP, cabinet members, congressmen & the president’s lawyers.  Once all the facts become known & if justice ever gets served, much like with Watergate there should rightly be dozens going to prison for their direct involvement in the crimes.  And new tapes released reveal Trump being best buds with Lev, so it must be our prez lied when he said he didn’t know Parnas.  Imagine that, the president lying?  Hard to believe, since in 3 years it’s only happened more than 16,000 times:
What’s in an Email? 
We’d really like to know!  Apparently there is plenty in those Trump emails which implicate him in orchestrating the Ukraine deal, but are still being concealed & not introduced during the trial, making a mockery of the trial itself.  But there’s no doubt a boatload more criminal activities would be contained within than we’d ever have found in Hillary’s emails.  So LOCK HIM UP!!!:
A Sham Trial of Shame
Yes, the House Dem’s case proved conclusively Trump did the crimes, even without seeing the most important documents or hearing from key witnesses.  But GOP senators didn’t care, having no shame & fully consumed by the Trump cult.  Consider the vote against witnesses & coming acquittal to be a continuation of the massive cover-up.  With the public deliberations through Wednesday in the Senate competing for attention with tonight’s Super Bowl, tomorrow night’s Iowa caucuses & Tuesday night’s SOTU, at least Trump should save the gloating until after these major events are over with.  Even when he does start bragging about being acquitted, let’s keep in mind there really is no acquittal without a real trial!
And the trial could have otherwise been riveting if the GOP stayed on the main points & not determined the outcome before the trial even started.  Plus the Trump legal defense was a joke!  One of the lawyers actually argued since unemployment rates are low, the president shouldn’t have been impeached for his crimes.  Huh?  Another bizarre defense was a president can do anything so long as they think it’s in the best public interest.  Say what?  I’m sure everything Hitler did he believed was in the public interest, so does that make it right?  Could it be the entire GOP is using similar justifications as the Nazi’s, that because they believed in their mission, it’s fine to use deception, intimidation & corruption (or worse) to usurp unbridled power?
This whole fiasco surrounding the trial, it’s just hard to believe such a kangaroo court could ever happen in America!  It looks like everyone associated with Trump’s team are not only lying to us, they’re lying to themselves.  An American president is clearly guilty of betraying his country bordering on treason, yet his compromised party had predetermined the crimes were to be excused no matter what they were.  We waited anxiously for two years to see if the Mueller probe could reveal crimes of conspiracies with a foreign nation (Russia) to taint our 2016 election.  With the DOJ seemingly keeping Mueller on a short leash, his muted report couldn’t prove those crimes beyond a reasonable doubt, so Trump narrowly escaped the consequences.
Trump then must have felt emboldened, because as soon as he was let off the hook on Russia, he went right ahead & pursued a similar collusion strategy with Ukraine to cheat in the next election.  Everyone by then had become well aware such conspiracy plots were illegal from monitoring the Russian probe reports for a couple years, so Trump had no excuse when he tried to pull it off again with Ukraine.  And his party had no excuse for giving him a pass.  Yet these crimes which fully deserve a conviction, not one GOP member of Congress ever had any intention of voting for either impeachment or conviction.  And only 2 out of 53 GOP senators favored just a minimal standard by voting for witnesses in the trial, which should have been mandatory for getting at the facts.  What we’ve been seeing in the Senate is simply a joke & travesty of justice! 
This rigged/sham trial & total acquiescence to Trump conclusively illustrates as long as the prez has the echo & his base on his side, it allows him to drag GOP politicians around by the nose.  When a political party elects to become an evil cult in service to a demagogic mob boss & wanna-be dictator, trashing the Constitution & rule of law every step of the way, they have no right to ever be elected & hold political office again.  These articles explain the disgrace of letting proven crimes go unpunished by a party guilty of participating in the cover-up.  Also see at the bottom of Part 3 more sins of the GOP highlighted along with our selected song.  This is the year the American people need to be heard by not voting for any Republicans, since it’s vital we take our democracy back!  And we need to put an end to the chaos, lying & corruption constantly coming from this administration, finally leaving behind us this sorry chapter in our nation’s history: