Do We Follow the Laws & Constitution or Not?…Let the trial begin & catch a couple songs at the bottom of our Part 3.  Trump is not yet a convicted criminal, but from the overwhelming amount of evidence it is clear he is a criminal!  He hopes to get away with his crimes through a massive cover-up, which his echo-media & infatuated base are fully supportive of him, apparently having no regard for the rule of law.  We should insist all relevant evidence be presented, as there are certain to be many secret facts which have yet to come out:  In objectively looking at what we know so far, no impeachment case has ever been stronger!:
So yes, the evidence of crimes is a Home Run, while the president’s pitch of a perfect call is about 5 feet high & outside the strike zone!  Also see more confirmation of crimes from the GAO articles seen in Part 2.  But admittedly, it will take a lot to break through to the Trump cult.  As the trial commences & stretches into February (unless it’s ramrodded through, it’s possible a smoking gun moment could suddenly occur that shocks the nation & puts the president into a dire situation:  On almost a daily basis we learn something new, so who knows what lies ahead?
What makes these times so especially dangerous is we have an entire major political party engaging in criminal behavior, elected congressional politicians participating in that illegal cover-up by working to block pertinent documents & witnesses.  In pledging their loyalty to a corrupt demagogue, the GOP has become directly complicit in putting our Constitution & rule of law at stake.  It’s astounding the jurors (Trump’s senate supporters) are actually strategizing with the defendant’s legal team to do whatever is necessary for ensuring their corrupt leader is let off the hook, knowing their devious scheme requires hiding or dismissing the facts.  Especially with all the new evidence that’s come out since Christmas after the House impeached, it has elevated the need to see all relevant documents & hear from key witnesses, which GOP motives will be laid bare as they keep suppressing that critical evidence.  McConnell is indeed threatening to rush this case through without witnesses.  The ongoing obstruction, dismissiveness & stonewalling from Trump’s GOP compel us to ask the obvious question, what are they hiding?  They claim the evidence for conviction is not there, yet they block the process for revealing more evidence.
Both sides released their basic arguments for the coming trial on Saturday evening, with House Dems emphasizing real evidence of criminal activity, while Trump’s legal team spit out convoluted word salad.  They have no defense on the substance!  Part of their argument proposes letting the voters decide in November, but that’s problematic when Trump keeps cheating through foreign countries.  It also claims a defense that abuse of power is not impeachable, which is tantamount to the argument murdering someone on Fifth Avenue is not a crime:  See that toxic stale spinach from Trump’s lawyers inside these links if you can stomach it.  And as the Dems correct argument goes, Trump is the framers worst nightmare!:
Concrete Evidence Established with More Coming
From the moment Trump uttered these words on that July phone call with President Zelensky, I would like you to do us a favor though, all the evidence we’ve gotten since from witnesses & documents corroborate how Trump did orchestrate that illegal plot.  Yes indeed, every single piece of evidence made public so far points squarely at the president’s guilt, while nothing has come out that might help exonerate him.  If there was any info available anywhere that could in any way help Trump’s case, we would have long since seen/heard it by now.  Even the master liar can’t concoct a plausible story to defend himself.  As more incriminating evidence will surely keep coming out, it can do more to highlight how extensive the obstruction has become from corrupt GOP politicians.  It will be interesting to see if Trump’s legal team & GOP senators mount any kind of legitimate defense for refuting the mountains of evidence against their king, or will they just resort to blocking all documents & witnesses, all the while relying on lies, distortions, conspiracies & process arguments as they attempt to turn the trial into a circus sideshow.  These links give us an overview of the Senate trial which starts Tuesday.  Sure, there’s lots of articles posted here, but it’s only the most important political story of our lifetimes!:
Let Bolton Have His Say
Two-thirds of Americans want Bolton to testify.  Would Bolton tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth?  Since he’ll want to sell his upcoming book to a conservative audience, plus should he ever want to do regular Fox News gigs like he always did, there’s a concern he might sugarcoat Trump’s role in the Ukraine “drug deal.”  Also to please that far-right crowd, it’s possible he would embellish the nutty Biden conspiracy theories that conservatives have become so fond of:  Let’s hope as a patriotic American Bolton will opt to do the right thing, telling us what he knows without a Foxified spin to it, so the facts pertinent to the case can be revealed.  If Bolton were to come clean with everything he knows, it might prove a potential game-changer!  If the Senate vote doesn’t call on Bolton to testify, then when Bolton’s account of the Ukraine scandal comes out in his book, it could leave the legacies of GOP senators tarnished forever.  Let’s hope during this trial enough senators have the moral fortitude to vote for Bolton to testify, which would be central to uncovering & verifying the truth:
Let Other Witnesses Have Their Say
The notion how only evidence turned over from the House should be used with no new evidence introduced is patently absurd.  This is a trial & practically all trials have witnesses!  The key fact witnesses we haven’t yet heard from need to tell us what they know:  Those witnesses called upon should be relevant with knowledge of Trump’s actions & wrongdoings, not peripheral witnesses not germane to the case, whose testimonies would be based more on exploring preposterous conspiracy theories induced by the echo-media.  There’s just so much info we still don’t know & firsthand witnesses who’ve not yet testified.  Let it all come out! 
In addition to Lev Parnas, we need to also hear from top Trump aides including the other 3 P’s, Pence, Perry & Pompeo.  If we really wanted to get at the facts, why not bring them all into testify in the Senate? (  Also include Mulvaney, Nunes & crazy Rudy!  How about AG Barr?  And why not the President himself? (  President Clinton testified twice in person under oath in 1998 when he faced impeachment.  It’s apparent most GOP members don’t want any of these witnesses to appear if they had their druthers, preferring to hide the truth since it would reveal the crimes & do great damage to their tribal leader.
In the many links posted below, these Parnas allegations this past week from texts & interviews are so explosive, immediate investigations should be engaged & pertinent witnesses called in determining the veracity of his claims.  Parnas says he came forward because he feared for his & his family’s safety, especially after his arrest when he felt ostracized by the Trump cult he had become a part of, which he sensed that cartel of Trump loyalists had become far more aggressive & dangerous after Trump appointed a gestapo-like figure (Barr) to head the Justice Dept.  So Parnas even admits being scared of the DOJ, from which he reasons going public with his story was his best option for protecting himself from the Trump mob, before they could frame him as the fall guy or possibly inflict physical harm.  Trump denies even knowing Parnas, but there are a trove of pictures with the two smiling it up:
The GOP claims Parnas has no credibility as an indicted crook, but those are the types of characters Trump chooses to associate with, much like Manafort, Flynn, Stone & Cohen, all convicted criminals.  Plus there’s also this guy, the original congressional Trump endorser:  And here is Trump’s 2nd endorser:–despite-his-felony-guilty-plea/#1498b1f62ae8.  It no longer surprises us anymore whenever a key Trump aide or ally gets arrested & convicted.  But let’s keep in mind, to get to the bottom of the crime takes getting the underling co-conspirators to rat out the mob boss, persuading such unsavory characters to confess & come clean:
There’s really no mystery or gray areas to how this trial should be conducted.  GOP senators can either pursue all relevant information & witnesses to get at the facts, or ignore the evidence so this episode in our political history goes down as a rigged & sham trial.  There’ll be the votes whether to call on witnesses long before the votes to possibly convict.  It’s possible no amount of irrefutable evidence can penetrate their cult.  But legacies will be defined, so we’ll see how many GOP senators have the moral courage to do the right thing & get on the right side of history:  It’s their choice & public opinion from us can help sway their decisions.  It’d be wise to call your senators & voice your opinions.  We’ve got to wonder what politician in their right mind would want recorded for the history books as having voted to give a pass to the most criminalized president in American history?  These numerous articles present the big news of the week concerning the hordes of new evidence coming from Parnas, so please look down this long list of titles:

And Here are the Latest Materials Released from House Dems Friday Evening
It’s more info stemming from Parnas.  The ever-contemptible & renowned Trump puppet Devin Nunes has his nefarious actions written all over this new evidence.  Besides the obvious Trump crimes, the questions are starting to point towards how many more of these Trump cronies will ultimately wind up in federal prison?: