Trump at G20 was a Disgrace to America…Many of the links to articles here in Part 1 are about the clownish Trump at G20 ​in Asia ​& the international dangers he’s helping to fuel. ​ ​As for my criticisms of the president, I hope you believe me when I emphatically state I do respect the office, but I don’t respect the occupant when he’s shown to be a clear & present danger.  This whole thing has become a horror show!  So the current occupant needs to be called out repeatedly & emphatically.  Please share this info as more Americans need to see the truth.  It’s bad enough what Trump does, but even worse is who he is.  Just the fact he’s at his core a pathological liar should be a real cause for concern even among Trumpeters, but they seem to be too immersed in their tribal cult to care about such deceptive immoralities.
It’s taken far longer than I ever anticipated to constitutionally remove a lawless president from office.  Originally I thought he might not last through his first year.  But as a lifelong con man, Trump is a master of diversion, distraction, obstruction & cover up, so the worst of his many crimes are likely still hidden.  Be encouraged if those multiple felonies did happen from this mob boss as I believe, there are enough ongoing investigations for the truth to still come out, hopefully soon.  Nobody is above the law, but our prez flaunts the law & abuses his power far more than any American president we’ve ever witnessed.  So let’s check out what the newsfeeds have told us so far this week, which we’ll start with the criminal probes before getting to Trump at G20.
Mueller On Deck
The road to discovery includes the public congressional hearings on July 17th starring Robert Mueller.  His report practically proved obstruction of justice was committed by Trump numerous times, plus offered strong hints of collusion with the Russians.  Expect that Mueller testimony could really help illuminate the report & the circumstances surrounding how his team arrived at their findings, which we hope resonates with the public:
Bad Barr
Mueller could also indirectly highlight what a bad apple our corrupt AG is.  I’ve often wondered if Barr forced Mueller to wrap up his report long before the investigation was complete, along with restricting the topics/findings the special counsel was permitted to report on.  That could explain Mueller farming out the remaining probes to other prosecutors, & why there are still some grand jury cases pending.  Barr shows every sign of being a power-hungry demagogue like his boss.  They’re ready to release their gestapo-type thugs against political opponents who’d dare pursue the facts exposing Trump’s wrongdoing:

What’s going on with Mueller &/or Congress are only part of the story.  What’s going on behind the scenes with district prosecutors should also soon become very relevant when their findings are revealed, which I’ve predicted all along will further chronicle more of Trump’s criminal behavior.  Trump just unleashed some tweets complaining about the probe by the New York AG, which his tweets are typically a good predictor of some bad news about to come out about him.  These excerpts come from

lllllllllll;Today in the midst of all the foreign policy news, from the G20 nepotism summit, to a “spontaneous” Korea DMZ summit to hold hands with Kim, Trump went on a bizarre Twitter rant that seemingly came out of nowhere. It’s notable that one regularly measures Trump twitter rants by the multiples of tweets they contain. This one was a very respectable four tweet rant. It whined about longstanding investigations by the State of New York’s Attorney General of Trump business enterprises, including his “charitable” foundation. Trump had to close said “charitable” foundation as it was even more fraudulent than his university. I could discuss a lot of the merits (or lack thereof) of Trump’s claims. The Trump Foundation did not give 100% to charity. Trump notoriously used it buy gaudy pictures of himself for his casinos and to pay off a lawsuit settlement for his illegal flagpole. It was more Trump slush fund than charity.


Clinton’s Foundation was subject to annual independent audits, you can view them HERE. I’d like to provide you a similar link for the Trump Foundation’s independent audits, but I can’t, he didn’t do them. However, delving into the very deep weeds of Trump’s lies is not my point here. Rather, the point I would like to make is that it is very unlikely this rant came out of nowhere. This tweet storm did not emerge out of a vacuum. Something very likely prompted it. While the NYAG investigations have not had much news exposure recently, they must be about to get some. Trump must have just gotten word that indictments are coming down. Expect to hear about it soon. Calling it now. The first tweet even mentioned “in search of a crime.” You don’t have to be a seer to call this one.

An Interesting Lawsuit
We had been anticipating such a move.  I’m surprised that House committee waited this long.  Trump’s tax returns that he has been hiding for so long should say a lot if Congress can get to examine them.  The law clearly states the Treasury Dept. shall provide the returns per Congress’ request, so the courts should rule in the affirmative.  The concern is how long it might take.  We’ve already seen Trump financial records from 2-3 decades ago full of widespread tax fraud by his business.


Jimmy Carter

The former president was just being honest, which is more than we can say about our current president:
Yes it’s true, Russia may have decided the 2016 election!  And new evidence seems to support what Carter said:

Can He Get Any Worse?
In a battle for our freedom & our souls, it was a good month for freedom & democracy despite Trump:  Of course, Trump at G20 with his Asian trip buffoonery sent the exact opposite message.  Trump is easily on his way to becoming the worst American president of all time.  I can only see one of three scenarios arresting that certain fate.  If he can somehow stop the North Korean or Iranian nuclear program, or work out an equitable trade deal with China, the prez will have accomplished something incredibly productive.  It could even partially save his legacy.  But based on the rocky negotiation prowess we’ve seen from him so far, let’s not hold our collective breath.  There’s a better chance this will all get even worse & not better:

North Korea
Trump & Jong Un are both publicity hounds & took the opportunity to create another photo op.  It’s always optics over substance.  Trump does have a flair for drama & showmanship, doing it again with his made-for-TV crossing of the DMZ line:  But in multiple meetings with Jong Un our prez has made zero progress towards North Korea denuclearizing.  But he’s giving the ruthless dictator the prestige he seeks with his people & the international community.  Trump has arranged this circus stepping into North Korea with no prior concessions from Jong Un, so score it a PR win for North Korea.  The DMZ has often been referred to as the scariest place on Earth, which Trump actually views as a model for how the U.S.-Mexico secured border should take shape.
But we can always count on Trump to spin it his way.  Trump lied through his teeth again by claiming Obama as president continually sought & begged for a meeting with Jong Un, which is completely untrue.  That’s much like a year ago upon his return from the Singapore summit, Trump went into his irrational hyperbole mode by saying North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, which is also clearly untrue.  There are even signs Jong Un has added to his country’s nuclear stockpile during this past year.  Only time will tell if all this Trump posturing produces anything worthwhile, but it’s highly likely Trump is mainly stalling & playing out the string, as his presidential term soon mercifully heads for its inglorious conclusion.  Articles on the North Korean charade are here:

Saudi Arabia
When Trump at G20 mentioned the crown prince is doing a spectacular job, he failed to mention the brutal murder of an American resident & WaPo journalist, or the torture & murder of those the dictatorship deems unacceptable within their kingdom.  Trump is joining in on this nefarious alliance where selfish interests take priority over human rights & innocent human life:
We saw the two presidents yucking it up at the G20 Summit over Russian interference in our election.  Trump thinks it’s funny our democracy is under attack by a foreign adversary, while to Putin, our American president is like putty in his hands.  The word we’ve often used is kompromat to describe Trump being owned by Russian interests.  And the signals being sent by our prez are like an open invitation to any foreign adversaries to go ahead & taint our elections again.  He is also leading the attacks by dictators around the world against the free press, since the real media is one of the last vestiges of vital institutions pushing back on fascism’s evil ways:
Like a mindless puppet on a string that Putin controls, Trump is oblivious to Russia’s power move in wanting to restore the global influence their Soviet empire once had:
American Stooge on Stage
With Trump at G20, we saw our own American president become a joke again on the world stage, cowering to dictators as he insults allies in his pompous, braggadocious way.  Trump has zero ability to distinguish friends from enemies, most of the time getting it backwards.  Democracy around the world is being threatened, with Trump being a main risk factor:
Real News Hosts have Valid Concerns
In these Mediaite articles, renowned political broadcasters for the cable networks call out Trump’s groveling to his dictator buddies:
Fake News Host Condones Brutal Murders by Fascist Dictators
Of course, compared to real journalists we also have an opposite perspective from the Fox fake news prime-time hosts, who crave not just ratings but corrupt political power.  We have reason to believe certain Fox hosts are really calling the shots for the White House.  And just like sycophant enablers of despot dictators down through history, their motives & methods are pure evil.  Just look at the logic we see inside these links, which is irrationality beyond comprehension & immorality beyond expression.  A Fox News host may actually be trying to plant the seeds for American fascism by adopting the same ruthlessly-brutal attitude of other power-hungry authoritarians.  It could be a dog whistle to their omnipotent leader Trump.  How can we justify such echo voices justifying & normalizing murder, & to what ends?:
Democratic freedoms are a fragile gift:  Not that we need to riot, but Americans should be a lot more concerned & a lot less complacent!

Trump at G20 decided to hold off on additional tariffs for now, but there are no signs they’re any closer to a trade deal.  Nor is China showing any signs of slowing down their propensity for intellectual property theft.  And with Trump easing restrictions on the tech company Huawei, that poses a legitimate national security threat to America.  Trump may be caving to China since he’s unprepared & desperate about the talks, so should any trade deal materialize, it may be of little benefit to the U.S.  The details are in these articles:
With Trump pulling out of the Iran deal along with escalating threats & sanctions on Iran, plus on the world stage is seen as capitulating & lavishing praise on Jong Un who already has a nuclear arsenal, it only incentivizes Iran to race towards joining the group of nuclear nations.  In going over the limits of their enriched uranium stockpile they had agreed to in that original deal, it’s clear what their true intentions are.  Iranian nukes are just around the corner.
All those climate-change alarmists may indeed have a valid point about the dangers, but I believe a nuclear Iran would represent the greatest threat to our survival in the history of the planet, especially with them being a primary sponsor of terrorism.  The only thing I can think of that’s even more dangerous, as Trump seems determined to sell Saudi Arabia advanced weaponry & nuclear technology, would be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East between Shiite & Sunni factions of Islam.  We may soon cross a threshold on Iran where we can never go back, & it might turn into a suicide pact for world civilization:


More About that Blowhard Blowtorch on the World Stage
Yes, Trump at G20 was a total embarrassment!  At least Trumpeters are in a state of denial:  But he’s truly a wrecking ball without a clue!  See this ending to

Acting as if he were asking a girl on whom he has a crush to meet him at the ice cream parlor, Trump went on Twitter to invite Kim “to meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!” The United States and North Korea have had hardly any contact since the failed Hanoi summit in February. But no matter: Trump makes clear that his one-sided bromance with Kim remains very much alive. Asked about his embrace of dictators, Trump told reporters, “I get along with a lot of people.” Not true. He doesn’t get along with America’s democratic allies. Before flying to Osaka, Trump complained that “Europe treats us worse than China” and even claimed that “European nations were set up to take advantage of the United States.” (How prescient of the Europeans to create their nations to take advantage of another country that did not yet exist.)

In a telling comment, Trump said, “You have a woman in Europe, I won’t mention her name . . . she hates the United States perhaps worse than any person I’ve ever met.” He was apparently referring to Margrethe Vestager, the European Union antitrust chief. So he thinks Vestager is more anti-American than his pal Putin, who has actually attacked America. Trump was no kinder to his Japanese hosts, complaining that the U.S.-Japan mutual security treaty is “unfair” because “if Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III. … But if we’re attacked, Japan doesn’t have to help us at all. They can watch it on a Sony television.” As Gary Bass noted in the New York Times, Japan can hardly defend America since Gen. Douglas MacArthur imposed a constitution that abjured war and limited its military to “self-defense forces.” Nevertheless, Japan sent its Self-Defense Force in a noncombat role to help U.S. troops in Iraq. One might excuse Trump for his ignorance of the intricacies of U.S.-Japanese relations. What’s unforgivable is his ignorance of, and hostility to, the principles that make America great.


The Supernova & the Fallacy

Conservatives who stand by Trump because they like his policies, are in for a rude awakening when they someday realize he has virtually destroyed conservatism:  Even with the overwhelming support from the GOP base who in unison justify Trump’s policies, there’s no possible way that can overcome the damage being done by his conduct.  He’s setting horrible standards & precedence.  Please read this full article posted from

President Trump lies so reflexively on trivial matters that world leaders do not know whether to believe him on important ones. This conduct has become so routine it barely merits notice. He denounces the press as “the enemy of the people,” derides his critics as treasonous and openly fawns over an autocrat whose modern-day gulags practice extermination, torture and sexual violence. The president’s most strenuous apologists have long swept all this away with the breezy assurance that he should be taken “seriously, not literally.” Instead of his bombast, they say, look to policies of which conservatives approve. This image of Mr. Trump as a political Robin Hood whose illicit behavior is justified because it serves a greater good is doubly flawed. First, the lying and vulgarity are unrelated to the policies Mr. Trump’s base wants implemented. Second, his supporters purport to seek a restoration of American founding principles. This increasingly strains credulity. But if they profess constitutionalism, they should at least understand that it is more about process than policy. Constitutions depend on habits and traditions, not the momentary outcomes they produce. Mr. Trump’s upending of these customs, not his transient policies, will form the legacy that endures. The first flaw arises from what might be called the “post Trump, ergo propter Trump” fallacy. It is a form of the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” error in logic: “after, therefore because of.” The classic illustration is the supposition that the rooster’s crow causes the sunrise because the second event follows the first.


In the version of the fallacy his defenders espouse, Mr. Trump violates customary standards of presidential behavior and then delivers desired policies, so the assumption is that the violations produced the policies. No one believes this more vehemently than Mr. Trump himself, a man who crows before the stock market rises and believes he caused it to occur. The challenge in his case is that the boorishness that supposedly yields conservative outcomes is so unrelenting it is impossible to correlate with anything and plausible to associate with everything. Edmund Burke would recognize the error Mr. Trump’s base makes. He noted similarly flawed logic in the French Revolution. By destroying all political institutions, Burke wrote, the French revolutionaries had doubtless done away with some bad ones. By starting everything anew, they had inevitably done some good. But to credit their successes or excuse their crimes, it was necessary to show “that the same things could not have been accomplished without producing such a revolution.” Mr. Trump’s defenders are in largely the same position: To excuse his trampling of norms, they must demonstrate that he could not have achieved his policy agenda without doing so. Yet there is no obvious connection between serial dissembling and the success of a policy agenda. Mr. Trump need not behave uncivilly to nominate originalist judges. He can advocate a reassessment of the nation’s foreign commitments without sacrificing the dignity of his office.


In fact, Mr. Trump would be better positioned to accomplish these things if he observed rather than overran norms, which would curb his most self-destructive impulses. It is difficult to negotiate a domestic agenda with someone who lies not just about his poll numbers but also about whether the polls even exist. Foreign leaders are less likely to strike agreements with a head of state for whom words are fungible. The country’s invaluable moral authority abroad is undermined when the president attacks the press at home. There are already indications that Mr. Trump’s bombast will not leave the political scene when he does. On the campaign trail, several Democrats have pledged to prosecute Mr. Trump if they are elected, which is hard to distinguish from his politicization of law enforcement. All this is not wholly attributable to Mr. Trump. He is hardly the first occupant of his office either to deceive routinely or to behave crudely. In addition, it is defensible to regard Mr. Trump as better than available alternatives without endorsing his conduct. But there is a point at which style overwhelms substance. Mr. Trump’s staunchest defenders are uniquely bold in the extent to which they justify any means to favored ends. His evangelical Christian supporters, for example, are willing not merely to excuse Mr. Trump’s adultery and deceit but also to embrace them: The more vulgar he is, the more he fulfills his supposedly divine mission.


Yet many of the same supporters claim to seek a constitutional revival. In particular, they believe that the judges he has named atone for every other presidential sin. It is true that these judges will shape constitutional interpretation for decades. But constitutions depend far more on traditions of voluntary adherence than on judicial decree. If constitutionalism teaches anything, it is to trust laws over individuals and processes over outcomes. One reason is that power placed in an ally’s hands will inevitably be available to an adversary. Another is the fleeting nature of policy as opposed to the lasting need for constitutional traditions. Judges come and go, even if life tenure places them on a long clock. Taxes rise and fall even more quickly. In Mr. Trump’s case, the legacy of bulldozed norms will outlast the policies. If self-proclaimed constitutionalists are actually willing to exchange enduring habits for transient policies, they should at least be sure the means are necessary to the ends. There is nothing Mr. Trump has achieved to which his incivility has been indispensable or even useful. The gratuitous nature of his unpresidential behavior adds an element of farce to the tragic bargain many of Mr. Trump’s apologists have struck.

I Can’t Wait to See those “Brand-New Sherman Tanks”
That’s what Trump told us would be on parade for the DC 4th of July celebration, which is going to be quite a trick since those tanks went out with the Eisenhower administration.  Regardless, Trump is setting the wrong tone with the tanks & what amounts to as a campaign speech.  So our prez is threatening to turn our nation’s celebration into a partisan debacle.  The commemoration of our 1776 independence could be trumped by Trump’s celebration of himself.  So have a great 4th of July holiday, & might I suggest plugging into your local community’s festivities over the DC show.  It even looks like it may rain on their parade: 
And we just found out a lot more about the inhumane conditions & child abuse happening in those migrant shelters on the border.  Calling all GOP supporters, conservatives, evangelicals & Fox News viewers, can you really support the leader responsible for these deplorable conditions?  If so, you’re complicit in the moral debauchery.  These accounts are about as anti-biblical as they come, offering up evil & cruelty on display:
And perhaps those same supporters are also just hunky-dory with forcible rape: