Share TheVORACS to Warn Our Fellow Citizens…Since blog site is back up, please share with everyone you can.  Now that our prez has been caught red-handed in his illegal felonies betraying the country, his only defense is to play to his base by sowing confusion, continuing obfuscation & obstruction, & declaring he “has the right” to commit those crimes.  Seeing no way out, he even publicly confessed to his crimes this week on the White House lawn, as his colluding with foreign countries to taint our elections is now out in the open.  So consider the 7 D’s, since as more proof of crimes are discovered, the more dishonest, deranged, delusional, despicable, desperate & dangerous the prez becomes.
We have no choice but to impeach & convict, unless as a nation we’d prefer flushing the rule of law & Constitution down the toilet, paving the way for fascism to come to America.  When a cult leader compels a large group to join his tribe, everyone with that corrupt mindset buys into & justifies all the falsehoods/disinformation/propaganda/conspiracies based on tribal allegiances over honest moral integrity, so they’ve become absorbed in the lies.  There is no longer any doubt Trump has committed impeachable offenses & then some, since we have solid proof of multiple crimes, but he does have the cult protecting him.  The question then becomes, can the GOP escape their cult by returning to sanity, truthfulness & integrity, which would result in adhering to the law & our Constitution?  The end result is still uncertain so our voices of reason & common sense must be heard.   
The situation is urgent!  The matter is so dire that we must spread the word near & far while identifying the true enemies of the people, which constitute the president & his vile White House toadies, acolyte GOP politicians, deceptive echo-pundits & gullible Trumpeter base (along with many greedy multinational corporations, plus Lord forbid even certain influential evangelical leaders have joined the cult).  These adversaries live inside a messaging bubble of deceitful far-right extremism, but they must be defeated before that very real threat of repressive authoritarian fascism gains a foothold.  This is no time for us to be complacent or indifferent!  We have a free democratic republic that needs saving!
Not only do we have concrete proof coming out the past couple weeks that our president sought to collude with foreign nations to again meddle in our election, but the evidence is also abundantly clear there was a quid pro quo offer jammed down Ukraine’s throat, since that nation needs the promised military aid for their very survival as they defend against Russia.  They were bullied into doing Trump’s bidding by investigating the prez’s potential opponent to help his reelection chances next year.  This major scandal keeps escalating on a daily basis, so with more proof of criminal activities coming out of these investigations as more documents & witnesses come forward, it’s my sincere hope & prayer that the preponderance of evidence becomes so overwhelming, GOP politicians & their base will be given no choice but to side with justice.
Once a leader begins to lose their moral mandate to lead, they can lose a lot of support in a hurry.  That’s now happening overwhelmingly outside the GOP base, & even those stubborn right-wing holdouts might start joining us as the narrative gets even worse for Trump.  That crashing public support could ultimately sway some GOP senators when they can no longer deny the obvious.  A handful of GOP senators did make some critical comments the past couple days, which might turn into a crescendo as more bombshell headlines come out.  Other considerations can also come into play, such as not wanting to tarnish their personal reputations & legacies.  Also if GOP leaders determine Trump’s lawlessness & sinking favorability ratings would be a drag on their party in the 2020 election, plus they’ve already gotten the conservative judges, tax cuts & deregulations they wanted with little prospect of achieving any major legislative wins for 2020, so the calculus could become they’d be better off without Trump by riding their hopes on another GOP nominee.
It’d be helpful if more whistle-blowers in the know would cut a deal to save themselves & reveal more facts, which the news this weekend does speculate a second whistle-blower on Ukraine may come forward.  There’s also a whistle-blower with evidence involving Trumpian finagling with his tax audits.  We now have the full benefit of public attention & the resolve of House investigatory committees.  As the evidence of crimes keep piling up, at some point we could reach that hoped-for magical breaking point when a chunk of the GOP base & some GOP senators decide they’ve had enough, finally breaking with Trump.  I don’t subscribe to the theory by some pundits that we’ll never reach the number 20 out of 53 GOP senators needed to convict, as there’s no telling what devastating shoes still have yet to drop in the days & weeks ahead.  He could go down in history as the only president forced from office through impeachment, unless he strikes a deal to resign first.  He always brags about making great deals, so his skills could be put to the ultimate test.
Former lawyer Michael Cohen said in his congressional testimony that Trump uses code language for instructing his lapdogs whichever sinister acts to carry out in support of his criminal enterprise.  We saw hints of that code language in the Ukraine texts released this week exchanged among Trump loyalists, which tried to hide the criminal intent, but the messages rang through loud & clear there was indeed a quid pro quo going on.  As I mentioned before, Trump used his leverage by holding up vital military aid until Ukraine complied with his demands to investigate the Bidens & even Hillary’s emails.  And our president’s public declaration to China was an explicit attempt to involve a communist country in our democracy, with his illegal conspiracy on display encouraging them to interfere & assist in helping decide our next president.  There are even reports Trump engaged in phone conversations with several countries, requesting they collude with him heading into the next election by digging up dirt on his political rivals.  How could Trump not remember such crimes were a central focus of the Russian probe?
Our prez got plenty of support from some key corrupted aides.  We’ve got strong clues the head of our State Dept. assisted the prez with collusion by pressuring various foreign nations.  We also have the head of our Justice Dept. basically doing the same things, traveling the world in pursuit of conspiracy theories instead of investigating real crimes.  Plus we see crazy PR lawyer Rudy possibly deserving a prison cell for his betrayal of America’s interests, & even our VP appears tarnished by this whole mess (hear a song at the bottom of Part 3 to be posted this weekend).  As more crimes come to light & indictments are handed out, it’s very possible his accomplices in Congress & hosts in the echo-media could face legal jeopardy by being caught up in the cover-ups.
There were too many earth-shattering revelations this week to sum up in just a few paragraphs, so the articles posted below help fill in the blanks.  You can use as a summary to catch up on all the pertinent news from the past couple days.  It was never my intent to bombard you with so many links to articles, but the news headlines are going crazy with the newsfeeds really lighting up with valuable details.  Sure, it can take awhile to review the links, but considering the weight of these scandals detailing criminal behavior at the highest levels, it’s worth the time to be knowledgeable about the most important political story of our lifetime.  With lots of live links listed below, at a minimum please peruse the titles. 
Make no mistake where we’re now at, Trump is the single most dangerous & lawless president in American history.  Second place isn’t even close.  And since the Ukraine story broke, we now have irrefutable evidence our president is a criminal!  We should all stay fully informed & voice our concerns, which even sharing our messages can make a difference, before the Trump cult undermines our democracy through establishing a tyrannical government, perhaps permanently abridging our freedoms.  DO NOT dismiss the risks, since that could actually happen here in America if Trump-world gets their way.  Let’s be proactive & stop those fascist intentions in their tracks:
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