Trump Emergency is Trump Himself…Trump is a master con man & BS artist!  He’s been doing it during his entire business career & has become extremely good at it.  He never tells us the truth, but only says what he wants us to believe & how he wants things to be.  It’s leadership by hyperbole, not reality.  That’s why as Trump announced a national emergency to fund his silly wall in a disheveled speech, it should dawn on all of us the real Trump emergency for America is having him still in the White House!  We have plenty of articles on the Trump emergency in the middle of this Part 2 section below, as we dig into & dissect what we’ve recently found on the newsfeeds. 
Dealing with a Sociopath!
That becomes especially problematic when that sociopath happens to be our nation’s president.  I say that based on an overabundance of evidence.  This is a very good read & very revealing: andrew-mccabe-fbi-book-excerpt-the-threat.  And in McCabe’s interactions with the president that offered up legitimate signs Trump might indeed be a true sociopath, for the DOJ/FBI to open up discussions on the possibility of imposing the 25th Amendment wasn’t an infraction, but an obligation: andrew-mccabe-trump-russia-investigation-fbi.  It never got beyond conversations as Trump’s cabinet would need to get onboard.  But as reported from various news sources & McCabe’s book, raising the prospect of the 25th Amendment was warranted: mccabe-we-considered-25th-amendment.
McCabe has become a primary whipping boy for Trump & the echo, as they go after anyone who dares question the prez.  Based on the thousands of lies we know Trump has told during his two years as president, compared to a handful of fibs from McCabe, I’d trust McCabe’s word over Trump’s every time!  For more McCabe reports, you could search for any of these article titles listed below, plus there’s the 60 Minutes interview later today:

Protect a Free Press!
Authoritarian dictatorial leaders like our own president set the tone for attacking the media, which by extension makes the landscape very dangerous for journalists.  As long as Trump keeps calling the media the enemy of the people, we should take that as Trump being the true enemy of the people.  That also makes him the enemy of a free press, the Bill of Rights & democracy.  At Trump’s urging, how much longer before some really loony Trumpeter commits some horrific violent act against a reporter.  We can almost predict a tragic outcome someday, with the president’s hate-filled diatribes pushing his angry cult-followers over the edge, since we can see many of his rally-goers appear to be out of their minds.  Critically, we must preserve a free press, as seen in these excerpts from the-guardian-view-on-media-freedom-it-must-be-defended:

This week, a BBC cameraman was violently shoved and abused at a Donald Trump rally. While a White House statement subsequently condemned violence, the US president recently praised Congressman Greg Gianforte for his assault on a Guardian reporter. His attacks on “fake news” are echoed by authoritarians including Mr Duterte. As the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists has warned, Mr Trump’s hostility to and undermining of journalists has global as well as domestic repercussions, normalising press freedom abuses. The Czech president, Miloš Zeman, said last year that: “It hasn’t yet been possible to wipe out Czech journalists.” The Council of Europe called 2018 the worst year for press freedom since the end of the cold war. The work of reputable journalists is all the more vital in an age when lies can spread so rapidly across social media, and when powerful players weaponise such platforms to attack critics, as Ressa has noted. The increasing pressure on journalists, and the need for accurate sources of news, has spurred a Foreign Office campaign in support of media freedom this year – launched, notably, by the British ambassador to the Philippines. The government will host an international conference on protecting journalists in July and has pledged to “increase the costs” of impinging on media freedoms.

Who Presents the Biggest Threat?
Trump may be even more dangerous to America than Putin, because he is our president seemingly willing to do Russia’s bidding.  But someone else may be more dangerous than either of those two presidents, since he is now advocating for prosecuting Trump’s enemies & staging a coup over our justice/security/intelligence agencies, opening the door for possibly orchestrating a fascist takeover of our constitutional democracy.  Germany in the 1930’s had propagandists like this guy.  So this deranged, out of control lunatic must be stopped!: fox-news-sean-hannity-dictated-trumps-national-emergency-plan-next-demands-even-frightening.
As we watch these dynamics play out, it’s painfully apparent Trump has turned himself into a puppet.  He takes his marching orders from the likes of President Putin & Hannity.  The crime of it is, those acting co-presidents of America were never elected & don’t have our nation’s best interests at heart.  When Trump goes down, let’s hope those de-facto rulers are also implicated.  While Putin is out of reach of the American legal system, they’ll know where to find Hannity.  As Trump’s adviser all along the way, this echo-host madman might well be in Mueller’s crosshairs for obstruction if not worse.  These excerpts from with-national-emergency-trump-will-do-exactly-what-hannity-wants-him-to-do do illustrate how Trump is like a puppet on a string: 

President Donald Trump just declared a national emergency to build his wall and America has Fox News host Sean Hannity to thank for it. The big question as the country barreled towards yet another government-shutdown deadline this week was whether President Trump’s “de facto chief of staff”—as CNN’s John King put it—would convince him not to sign Congress’ bipartisan border-security deal, forcing the government to shut down once again. But while Hannity described the bill as a “garbage compromise” during his own trip to El Paso on Monday, he made clear on his show the following night that he would forgive the president for signing it—as long as a few conditions were met. As Media Matters’ Matt Gertz first reported, Hannity appeared to give Trump the “green light” on Tuesday when he offered up his own “better solution” than simply accepting the congressional deal and moving forward without the full funding for the president’s border wall.

“I’m not as concerned as some other conservatives if the president signs the bill, but there are a couple of ifs,” Hannity told viewers, including his most important one in the White House. “And that would be the president would need to declare a national emergency,” Hannity concluded. “This is the time. That is a necessity. And the president, I think I know him very well, telegraphed that very thing just today.” But more than the president “telegraphing” that decision to Hannity, it was Hannity instructing Trump on how to emerge from his border wall mess unscathed in his eyes. The host first pushed Trump to declare a national emergency while interviewing him from the border during government shutdown that ended up lasting 35 days. The New York Times also reported this week that the White House had reached out to Hannity directly to get him on board after his harsh criticism of the bill the day before. Their message, according to the Times: “Mr. Trump deserved support because he still forced concessions that he would never have gotten without a five-week partial government shutdown.”

Captivating Op-Eds
These are interesting articles on Trump &/or Fox that feature live links for your convenience…
You can’t be sniveling sycophants for a corrupt demagogue all the time:
He is so detached from reality, we do wonder about his mental state:
Urgent, urgent, emergency (& see song at bottom of Part 3):


The Trump Emergency became the Top Headline Story this Past Week
We’ve certainly gone a long ways off script from the campaign mantra build that wall & Mexico will pay for it!  Trump’s executive action this week in declaring a fake national emergency for the border is likely unconstitutional, & he admits it’s sure to get tied up in the courts.  But even if his executive order ultimately gets shot down in the Supreme Court, Trump would then turn it around & blame it on the deep state, the courts, the Dems, the media & anyone else he can blame, while boasting to his echo & Trumpeter base he’s fighting for them.  But this is no more a national emergency than on a windy day when Trump has a bad hair day.
I’ve heard senior political analysts comment that Rose Garden speech Friday announcing the Trump emergency was the most bizarre performance they’d ever seen!  And it takes a lot to outdo some of Trump’s other inexplicable circus acts.  That rambling rant announcing the need to fund a wall was riddled with lies.  But since he’s only following the echo’s orders in appeasing their Trumpeter base, those low-information voters will believe whatever their infallible leader says, so Trump can say most anything!  He has license from inside that far-right bubble to take liberties with the truth, & as a lifelong con artist, bending the truth is right up Trump’s alley.
I would be fine with throwing a few shekels at the big beautiful wall as part of a larger immigration deal to permanently fix DACA.  But the echo-blabbers who control Trump won’t allow that to happen, so the prez took the lawless route.  This is the first executive order ever where a president is stealing money for a project Congress had previously rejected, with the prez deliberately & unconstitutionally defying the will of Congress.  Remember, Congress is supposed to be an equal branch.  And Trump has opened the floodgates when a Dem president takes over in January 2021, they could likewise abuse their authority & declare national emergencies to take immediate action over pet issues that can rally their liberal base, such as health care, gun ownership, income inequality or climate change.  So this can of worms first opened by Trump the GOP will come to regret.
Not only will this Trump emergency get bogged down in the courts, but the Dem House has vowed to investigate/challenge this assault on the Constitution:  Ann Coulter is truly a xenophobic idiot, but the one thing I agree with her on is when she just called Trump an idiot, & the fact he is scamming the stupidest people in his base.  So what she stated is largely accurate, the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot: ann-coulter-responds-to-trumps-slam-the-only-national-emergency-is-that-our-president-is-an-idiot.
The middle of the afternoon offers up perhaps the only rational shows on Fox with authentic journalism.  Shep felt it necessary to call out his dimwitted Fox colleagues: shep-smith-seemingly-calls-out-fox-news-colleagues-who-pushed-trump-on-national-emergency.  Before signing that spending bill, the prez had to beg forgiveness & ask permission to sign it from the egghead echo-heads, since Trump is only the president of Fox fake news & echo-world, not the United States: president-donald-trump-asks-for-forgiveness-from-fox-anchors-after-caving-on-border-wall-report.
There are article titles listed below after my brief comments on Fox fake news which you could search for.  With their coordinated lies in working closely with Trump, plus they’re actually calling the shots with ridiculous decisions made on behalf of our country, they’ve truly become the most destructive TV network in American history:
Fox demanded it & now they’ve got it, the Trump emergency: washingtonpost/opinions/2019/02/15/fox-news-is-finally-getting-its-national-emergency
Yes indeed, Trump is addicted to Fox & his whole worldview is shaped by them: nymag/trump-national-emergency-sean-hannity-fox-news-2020-polls
And GOP senators are also now slaves to Fox fake news: huffpost/jeffrey-toobin-gop-senators-fox-news-line
Calling them masterminds is rather facetious: newshounds/trump_shoutouts_fox_news_masterminds_national_emergency_declaration
The ditsy morning team keeps changing their tune in servitude to their omnipotent leader: thedailybeast/fox-and-friends-now-loves-trumps-emergency-declaration-they-once-called-a-disaster
If you’re like me, this article is enough to make you barf, with a picture of Judge Jeanine, Hannity & Carlson at the top: rawstory/trump-just-gave-fox-news-national-immigration-emergency-years-years-hatred-hype-media-critic
The GOP always relied on Fox to build their base until they got swallowed up by them: dailykos/Trump-s-national-emergency-debacle-illustrates-how-Fox-News-is-devouring-the-GOP
The prez credits Fox for his psycho Trump emergency speech: dailykos/Trump-Confirms-that-FOX-News-Shills-Are-His-Chief-Influencers-in-Psycho-National-Emergency-Speech
Following Trump’s example, the Dem prez who’ll be elected next year could declare national emergencies for who knows what: thehill/bret-stephens-would-love-to-see-hannity-react-when-dem-declares-climate-change 
The Actual Trump Emergency is in Reality However Much Longer He Remains Our President
That speech from a couple days ago was a piece of work.  I think Trump just makes stuff up as he goes off the top of his head.  It’s terrifying to think this unhinged dunce is our president & that he presides over the nuclear codes.  We have a ton of articles here about the Trump emergency & his moronic rambling speech to announce it.  Hear the song at the bottom of Part 3 we selected for that Trump emergency speech/press conference.  With our quota on outbound links, only the first few links here are live.  After that, peruse through my brief comments & article titles, which you could always do a search for the articles you might find intriguing.  Yes, that incoherent speech was quite stunning & as you can see by the sheer number of links, the newsfeeds were all over it:
This Trump emergency unlike any ever declared before: nytimes/politics/trump-presidency-national-emergency
Tons of misleading claims made about drugs & crimes: nytimes/politics/fact-checking-trump-emergency-border
He really doesn’t have the best words: washingtonpost/words-are-presidents-strongest-weapon-trump-is-terrible-words
Setting an outlandish precedent: washingtonpost/when-next-democratic-president-grabs-emergency-powers-blame-trump
The big con based on false pretenses: washingtonpost/dont-be-fooled-by-trumps-make-believe-crisis
With an ego that large, he loves the spotlight even when his attention-grabbing charade is counterproductive: washingtonpost/in-declaring-a-national-emergency-trump-reminds-republicans-its-all-about-him
Who’s really making the decisions here?: washingtonpost/trump-said-conservative-pundits-dont-decide-policy-then-praised-his-favorite-talk-show-hosts
He pushes back on the truthsayers: washingtonpost/reporters-tried-correct-trumps-incorrect-data-immigration-it-was-not-effective
The prez really did sound nuts: washingtonpost/opinions/this-trump-performance-is-why-people-talk-about-the-25th-amendment
What the heck is he talking about? Not even he knows: washingtonpost/trumps-bewildering-national-emergency-press-conference-annotated
The Trump emergency is his attacks on the pillars of our democracy: washingtonpost/theres-an-emergency-its-trumps-power-grab
An illegal heist: washingtonpost/how-much-stolen-money-is-trump-eyeing-build-his-wall
Adding to the running total of 8000+ lies for this prez: washingtonpost/fact-checking-trumps-announcement-national-emergency
Will be tied up in the courts: businessinsider/trump-border-wall-national-emergency-legal-challenges-precedent
He loves the echo-knuckleheads & they love him: businessinsider/trump-praises-conservative-media-pundits-emergency-declaration
If he didn’t need to declare it, then it wasn’t a real emergency: huffpost/trump-national-emergency-didnt-need
Trump being challenged with the facts: huffpost/jim-acosta-trump-national-emergency
And Trump punches back since the facts make him look bad: mediaite/trump-blows-up-following-confrontations-with-cnns-acosta-brian-karem-sit-down/
His secret stats are made up in his own mind: vox/trump-national-emergency-event-secret-statistics-immigrant-crime
More Trump lies, as the drugs really come through the points of entry: vox/trump-wall-emergency-opioid-epidemic-treatment
Drugs & gangs have nothing to do with the need for a wall: alternet/trump-keeps-telling-this-major-lie-thats-been-repeatedly-debunked-to-defend-his-border-wall/
More highway robbery taken away from more worthy pursuits: motherjones/trump-plans-to-steal-6-billion-from-national-defense-for-his-wall/
More fact-checking, more lies: time/donald-trump-emergency-border-fact-check/
And more lies: usatoday/border-emergency-fact-check-trumps-list-misleading-claims
Even on Fox they said this Trump emergency wasn’t real: thedailybeast/foxs-chris-wallace-unlike-trumps-previous-national-emergencies-were-actually-real
Violates the Constitution: theguardian/trump-emergency-declaration-unconstitutional-sekulow-francisco-republicans-obama
Nadler having none of this: huffpost/jerrold-nadler-senate-house-disapprove-emergency-chris-cuomo
Seven craziest claims from Trump emergency rant: salon/7-wildest-moments-from-president-donald-trumps-completely-insane-national-emergency-declaration/
The Trump emergency for him is that he’s losing: salon/for-donald-trump-theres-an-emergency-democrats-are-winning-and-hes-in-trouble/
This isn’t heading towards a good ending for the prez: salon/wall-street-journal-trumps-obsession-with-building-a-wall-has-caused-him-no-end-of-political-grief
Even some GOP senators not pleased: rawstory/trump-faced-gop-senate-rebellion-emergency-declaration-putting-approval-doubt/
Even Trump’s lawyers know it’s wrong: rawstory/trumps-lawyers-think-presidents-national-emergency-unconstitutional-impeachable/
Trump rules to please “his press-hatin’ yokel’ base”: rawstory/rick-wilson-levels-trumps-false-flag-emergency-aimed-riling-press-hatin-yokel-base/
David French chimes in: rawstory/proclamation-monarch-conservative-writer-tears-apart-sloppy-legal-argument-behind-trumps-national-emergency/
Tsk tsk, such a nasty disposition: alternet/trump-raged-at-white-house-staff-over-wall-funding-before-announcing-emergency-wsj/
Dozens of emergencies higher on the totem pole: alternet/national-emergency-here-are-the-real-emergencies-an-outraged-nation-tells-president-trump/
This simpleton turning our nation into a joke: alternet/simpleton-trump-is-dragging-us-closer-to-a-banana-republic-with-authoritarian-power-grab-morning-joe-panel/
He’s obsessed: theweek/trumps-neverending-fantasy-about-wall
GOP defiling our Constitution: theweek/republicans-dont-care-about-constitution-trumps-national-emergency-proves
The real Trump emergency is his attack on the Constitution: esquire/news-politics/donald-trump-national-emergency-act-explained/
And yes, he does seem crazy: esquire/news-politics/politics/trump-national-emergency-25th-amendment/
This whole Trump emergency thing is a scam: esquire/news-politics/trump-national-emergency-press-conference-wall/
His hope lies in his stacked Supreme Court: nymag/intelligencer/2019/02/trump-counting-on-supremes-to-support-emergency-declaration
Hypocritical morning show once railed against Obama for executive order on immigration: newshounds/flashback_trump_fox_friends_executive_action_immigration_unconstitutional_impeachable
GOP leaders know it’s wrong but too wimpy to stop him: politico/gop-national-emergency-declaration-trump
The party will come to regret this: usatoday/trump-national-emergency-sets-precedent-republicans-regret
We do have an emergency & he’s our president: washingtonpost/we-have-a-national-emergency-all-right-its-name-is-donald-trump
Going nuclear is playing with fire: vanityfair/trump-declares-national-emergency-border-wall-funding
This sets a terrible precedent: inquisitr/donald-trump-national-emergency-border-wall
I’m with Wilson: mediaite/cnn-panel-gets-heated-over-trump-declaring-national-emergency-what-a-joke-you-are/
SNL chuckle: mediaite/snl-cold-open-goes-after-trump-declaring-a-national-emergency-we-need-wall-wall-works/ 
Silencing Former White House Staffers
This is a despicable practice done to those who served in the People’s House working on behalf of the American people.  It’s just another attempt by Trump to attack the First Amendment in controlling free speech.  With all the incompetence, chaos, corruption & crime that define this White House, he tries to stop the truth from coming out.  The truth always makes him look bad.  This is yet another sign of a leader aspiring to become dictator, as found in excepts from fox-news-judge-napolitano-slams-trumps-use-of-ndas-to-silence-ex-staffers:

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Thursday asserted that any attempts by President Trump to weaponize non-disclosure agreements to silence former White House staffers would be in violation of the First Amendment. Earlier this week, ex-White House communications aide Cliff Sims sued the president “in his official capacity” in response to the Trump campaign’s arbitration claim accusing Sims of violating his 2016 campaign NDA when he wrote his Team of Vipers, his 2019 tell-all book. Sims’ lawyers alleged that the president used the campaign as a “cutout” to silence and chill the free-speech rights of their client and other former White House aides. During Thursday’s broadcast of his Fox Nation show Liberty File, Napolitano wholeheartedly backed Sims’ argument.

“Here is the problem for the president: While the campaign is not subject to the First Amendment, the White House clearly is,” Napolitano explained. “Even if Sims did sign an NDA at the White House, the First Amendment prevents the government from enforcing it. And, in fact, several government statutes protect whistleblowers.” Napolitano, who has gained a reputation as “Fox News’ lonely truth-teller” when it comes to all matters Trump, went on to say that the government cannot punish speech for someone who initially agreed to remain silent. Adding that Sims’ book constitutes part of “that brand of public free speech” the Founding Fathers sought to protect, Napolitano concluded by suggesting Trump may be acting less like a president and more like royalty. “If presidents can use legal artifices to punish the speech they hate and fear, they’re no longer presidents of a free society,” he concluded. “They are princes in an empire.”

Republicans Still Think God, Not the Russians, Got Trump Elected
And the majority of white evangelicals believe the almighty God himself wanted Trump to be president.  Huh?  Either God is playing a practical joke on us, or God is suddenly endorsing a moral degenerate sinner.  I’ve often speculated, if Satan wanted to bring a spirit of deception & division on America, he could do the most damage by targeting God’s people.  And in propping up Trump, it might be the case that evil one has cleverly manipulated/used Fox News & the rest of the echo as his messengers.  Looking at today’s America, it looks as though the Devil is succeeding: nearly-half-republicans-think-god-wanted-trump-be-president
Confounded & Misguided Evangelical Leader Tries to Fight Evil with Evil
Although personally I am pro-life, the bottom line is it’s foolhardy to fight evil with evil.  So let me channel the words in this article robert-jeffress-trump-evangelicals-morons by stating unequivocally as I say this as charitably as I can.  Robert Jeffress is a moron.  He is absolutely a spineless moron, and he cannot admit that he was wrong. We cannot afford to be like German Christians who, in the rise of the evil reign of Adolf Hitler, just remained neutered. They remained silent. And you saw what happened there. I think there’s a similar wave of godlessness that is rising in our country right now, and we must push back against that tide. Very well stated as I got my inspiration from that article. I stand by my opinions as it relates to heretics like Trump & Jeffress, thanks to that article teaching us important lessons.