Trump the Racist is Obvious, Trump the Rapist Yet to be Determined…Here in Part 1 to begin the week, we’ll begin with what we know so far on accusations/evidence of rape, while the numerous articles on Trump the racist are posted further below.  It’s already starting out as another wild & crazy week of news.  It’s shocking we would ever say such things of an American president, but we’ve never had a president like this before.  Just examine the evidence & the inexplicable mayhem we’ve seen from the moment he announced his candidacy right through today.  Nothing about this guy is normal but it is scary.  Yes, he may be unhinged & mentally ill, but beyond that he’s been shown to be just plain evil.  At this point we should all be outraged by Trump’s words & deeds, so in this Part 1 post I’m not holding anything back!
Might Trump have Engaged in Acts of Pure Evil like His Friend Epstein?
As the American people & particularly registered voters, we need to closely critique our president & those running for the highest office, so we’re knowledgeable enough to select a leader qualified & fit for office.  That would obviously include any signs of despicable or even criminal actions.  We’ll no doubt delve into more clues of Trump’s potential criminal activities on topics like obstruction of justice or tax fraud as more of the facts come out.  But today let’s examine more closely evidence of sexual perversions.  We don’t know yet whether Trump was capable of committing the worst of the sex crimes he’s been accused of, but there are plenty of clues it’s possible based on the whole body of evidence.  Below I’m providing ample warnings so we’re not so shocked should the hammer come down on the prez with several victims coming forward in the Jeffrey Epstein case.  Particularly with doting Trumpeters locked away inside their echo-bubble & can’t fathom their omnipotent king doing anything wrong, they could soon be in for a rude awakening.
It seems like I got backlash recently from some right-wing Trumpeters taking offense that I dare might speculate our dear respected president could be a rapist.  This was my reply, & please watch the stunning video inside the link when you have 7 minutes…
For those who are willing to escape their far-right messaging echo long enough to examine the facts, this panel discussion with Tim O’Brien might be instructive.  If you really believe there is no evidence Trump might be a rapist, even a pedophile rapist, I invite you to click on the link, scroll down, then click on the video.  Unless you prefer staying inside the cozy confines of the Fox fake news bubble where Trump is deified.  I’m not saying he’s guilty, but there’s enough there it needs to be thoroughly investigated along with all the other rich entitled men tied to Epstein, especially for one of the most hideous crimes imaginable where so many young girls got horribly victimized in that sex ring:

I think we can see an obvious pattern here which includes headline stories from just this past month.  Trump has a reputation of abusing women & had formerly been accused by multiple women of such.  And yes, those accusations also include rape, most recently by the E. Jean Carroll allegation last month.  But another big story broke last week on the Jeffrey Epstein arrest & indictments.  As stated by the Trump biographer in that video, Trump & Jeffrey Epstein were good friends who often hung around together, as they shared common traits of great wealth & were in sync on their crude, predatory pursuit of women.  We’ve since found out with Epstein it was a widespread series of pedophile rapes & a prostitution ring.  During that time back then at Epstein’s place, Trump was once accused of raping a 13 year old girl, which she ultimately wound up dropping the suit against him after apparently being threatened.  You might recall Stormy Daniels also said she received a threat to keep quiet about her sexual escapade with Trump. 
Another statement that seems to fit a pattern is back then Trump called Epstein a terrific guy & a lot of fun to be with, in that they both love beautiful women & many with Jeff are on the younger side, so he does enjoy his social life.  It also falls in line with Trump’s behavior at his own beauty pageants, where he’d barge in on young girls undressed, which he even bragged about on Howard Stern’s show.  Speaking of bragging, Trump also bragged with exuberance how he likes physically abusing women on that Access Hollywood tape.  He also has often been heard to verbally abuse women, mocking their appearance, their faces & their menstrual cycles.  Maybe in any isolated incident we could give him a pass.  But taken as a whole, such a pattern of behavior can reveal who a person really is.  If these many episodes of physical abuse allegations are ever proven true, particularly the rapes, it would disclose our nation’s leader as among the lowest forms of life on Earth.  This is important since it’s evidence of serious crimes which the victims were horribly violated, plus character & abiding by the law does matter for any leader of a country.  Stay tuned.
So to summarize, let’s review the facts as we know them now: 
*Approximately 20 women have accused Trump of sexual abuse or assault
*Trump was caught bragging about abusing women on a video
*Was recently accused of rape by a renowned writer
*Was accused of rape by a woman when she was just 13 during the days Trump was hanging around with child predator Epstein, which she dropped the case when she reportedly received death threats
*Stormy Daniels stated she received a death threat to keep quiet about her sexual rendezvous with Trump
*Made hush money payments during the 2016 campaign to women he had affairs with, violating campaign finance laws, which is one of the charges his former lawyer Michael Cohen was convicted & is now serving prison time
*Please read these compelling accounts of sexual pervasions from many of the victims:

Again, do we see a pattern of behavior here?  Might it reveal the true character of the person now serving as our president?  As Americans should we want to know more?  Granted, our jurisprudence clearly stipulates innocence until proven guilty & at this stage my statements are mere speculation.  So we can only wait for the investigations to be completed & the facts to come out, which especially with the Epstein probe there’s plenty yet to be revealed soon.  For the sake of getting justice for the victims of all these sexual assaults, we need to identify the perpetrators & dole out the appropriate legal punishments.  And by the critical nature of the office of the presidency, this is a case we need to be paying attention to.  We only seek to know the truth.  But whether Trump is ever proven guilty of those crimes or not, whether he’s a rapist or not, he is demonstrably a terrible human being.  I just can’t believe or accept the kind of nation he is trying to turn us into!  Backed by his echo-media & millions of supporters, America is becoming a far more corrupt, dishonest, selfish, immoral, divisive & lawless society.  It’s also encouraging governments around the world with an authoritarian bent to do likewise.
Just Best Buds Pursuing Life as Predators
Here are recent articles on the Epstein case & how Trump might be tied into this whole mess.  We’ll start with the opening to the article from, but the rest of it gets worse from there…MUCH WORSE!!!:

He bragged to others about his sexual conquests with women. He paid women for sex. He was charged in lawsuits with numerous sexual assaults on women. Jeffrey Epstein? No, Donald Trump. I really wonder what everyone is doing getting their dander up about this disgusting sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, when we’ve got one in the White House. We’ve known about Trump not for years, but for decades. We’ve known about his sexcapades around New York with women who were not his wife. Hell, he used to call the New York Post’s “Page Six” and brag about himself! And by what magic of moral vacuity has the infamous Access Hollywood tape disappeared down the memory hole? Its words ought to be carved in granite and mounted on a pedestal on the Mall in Washington in full view of the current occupant of the White House.

Oh Lordy there are tapes!  The reams of evidence seized from Epstein’s mansion could potentially implicate Trump on that allegation of pedophile rape:
Acosta fell on the sword, but it’s likely to get much much worse for a lot of rich powerful men caught up in Epstein’s child prostitution ring:
Oh the web some can weave, as this criminal probe will need to sort out the connections Trump might have had in this case, from Acosta to Epstein & the many underaged girls involved:
Forcing Acosta out doesn’t even begin to resolve Trump’s complicity in all this:
We have found out with irrefutable evidence Epstein was engaged in these despicable acts of pedophile rapes.  We also know around that time Epstein & Trump were good friends who hung around together a lot.  Would Trump have engaged in the same type of criminal behavior as his buddy Epstein?  That’s what we need to learn.  Inside this next article are tweets that do not paint a pretty picture.  In fact, it sounds awful!  We’ve posted those tweets below which give brief details of the time Trump allegedly raped a 13 year old & recollections from the victim as seen from  Since she’s likely to be one of the victims the investigators in the Epstein case are contacting, let’s hope they can get to the truth if her story & so many of the other women’s accounts are valid to the point of convictions:  

Laura Bassett

✔ @LEBassett

In 2016, “Jane Doe” filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging a “savage sexual attack” in 1994, when she was 13, in which he tied her to a bed at Epstein’s house & raped her. She pulled the lawsuit after getting threatened, but why aren’t we talking about it? …

Ian Madrigal – The Monopoly Man @iansmadrig

Replying to @iansmadrig

Here Katie recalls her first encounter with Trump when she was 13. Her description matches his known idiosyncrasies and germophobia: He required her to touch him with a glove. “He seemed to take a liking to me because I was so young…he kind of liked things to be his first.” “Donald Trump specifically asked about me because I remind him of his daughter, and she said, ‘Well, she’s 13 as well.'” I *know* we avoid seriously discussing this because it is disturbing beyond comprehension. But we all know what Trump has said about Ivanka. This. Adds. Up.

Could this finally be the crime case Trump can’t weasel out of?:

Maybe Trump wanted to prove he’s a racist to distract away from the news he could be a rapist:

Here are articles about the charges against Epstein, including a very suspicious alias passport with a Saudi Arabian address.  Just thinking out loud here, but could the probe end up proving involvement in some sort of illegal scheme like money laundering?  And with Trump’s close ties to Epstein, might he also have been in some way involved?  We can’t help but wonder how Epstein made his wealth & how Trump got rescued from his bankruptcies.  I’m only speculating based on Trump & Kushner always trying to excuse Saudi’s brutal human rights atrocities, while seemingly doing the bidding in Saudi interests as if somehow compromised?

Great Courage in the Face of Intense Scrutiny, Enormous Pressures & Dangerous Threats
We can respect the courage of this investigative reporter:
We can respect the courage of this victim:
And might E. Jean Carroll pursue legal recourse?:
Trump the Racist is Rather Apparent
I knew the day Trump got elected America would become a much lesser country, but it’s so much worse than I could have ever anticipated.  Trump’s pattern of horrible behavior & comments aren’t just sexual in nature.  In these numerous headline articles, this isn’t MAGA, it’s more like make the KKK great again.  Of course the loyal GOP puppets are deflecting the noise by trying to blame the four progressive congresswomen, but there’s no denying the president’s comments are racist.  Let’s face it, it’s a disgrace to all Americans to have him as our president, but Trumpeters are too blind to know it.  Trump’s racism & bigotry on display is the main headline story early this week, which here are a ton of links to many of the most informative articles:
More Articles on Trump the Racist
With these, we’ve put key excerpts under the links for each article:

It has been nearly four years since I wrote a column that began: “Let’s not mince words: Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist.” This was controversial at the time, even though we had already seen Trump’s behavior with the Central Park Five and the birther movement, his routine attacks against Muslims and his branding of Mexican immigrants as rapists and killers. But the past four years should have extinguished any doubt about his racism: his defense of “very fine people” at the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, his attacks against black NFL players, his denunciation of “s—hole countries” in Africa and elsewhere, his claim that Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS,” his mockery of “Pocahontas” and the Trail of Tears. During just the past few weeks, Trump threatened, in defiance of the Supreme Court, to change the census in a way that the administration’s own expert said would disadvantage nonwhite Hispanics; publicly hyped deportation raids; hosted bigoted figures at a White House social media event; and told nonwhite lawmakers to “go back” where they came from. As then-Speaker Paul Ryan said when Trump declared that a Mexican American judge couldn’t be impartial because of his ethnicity, this is “textbook” racism. For the next 16 months, Democrats must remember that their own differences are relatively insignificant. The latest racism is a new low for Trump, but worse will undoubtedly come. For Trump, there will be no bottom — unless and until voters tell him to go back to the place from which he came.


It was said of Mussolini that he made the trains run on time. Now Republicans and others parrot a version of that amoral argument. They deplore Trump’s rhetoric but say he has kept unemployment low, employment high and sent the stock market into the ozone layer. But there is a cost to all this. Trump might fatten some wallets, but he feasts on the country’s soul. With an insolence borne of ignorance, he gives history the finger and traffics in the blood of Civil War dead, civil rights martyrs and the “Strange Fruit” of countless lynchings. The GOP’s silence in the face of all this is not just shameful, it is wrenching.


The poll numbers also tell you something deeply troubling about a Republican electorate that continues to embrace a president who conducts himself as Trump does — whether out of agreement with his ugliest sentiments or appreciation for the good economy hardly matters. Errors of policy can be corrected. Markets and unemployment rates ebb and flow. Even separated parents and children can be reunited. What cannot so readily be restored, however, is the sense of security and mutual trust that flows through a society when a large majority can acknowledge the essential good faith of the person at the top. Trump has managed to normalize, through repetition, a toxic standard of political behavior that may spread as his supporters imitate him — and his opponents consider themselves licensed to respond in kind. Little by little, he is sabotaging our national political culture, and with it the capacity for unity and deliberation we’ll need to face the next economic downturn, or war, when it comes, as it inevitably will.

Monday was sentencing day on state charges for the neo-Nazi who rammed his car into a group of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer — a reminder of another low moment in Mr. Trump’s presidency. But his Sunday tweets are among the most despicable comments from any president in recent memory — with the only competition coming from other comments by Mr. Trump . Sadly, the poison by now is no more surprising than the cowardly complicity of the Republican Party.

If you’re surprised today that Donald Trump is a racist, you haven’t been paying attention. Since he entered politics, he has proved it repeatedly. In fact, as I reported with several colleagues in The Atlantic recently, bigotry has been a part of Trump’s public persona since he’s had a public persona. Yet Trump’s racist Twitter attacks on Democratic congresswomen over the weekend still managed to shock, even in this benumbed age, because of his willingness and eagerness to place racism at the center of his political platform in a run for reelection to the presidency. It is not simply the employment of racist ideas for political advantage—that has been a staple of campaigns in both parties for some time. It is the invitation to a racial conflict that pits citizen against citizen, under the calculation that racism itself is a winning strategy, that astonishes.

The central framing of this kind of thinking is that this is a white country, founded and built by white men, and destined to be maintained as a white country. For anyone to be accepted as truly American they must assimilate and acquiesce to that narrative, to bow to that heritage and bend to those customs. It sees a country from which black and brown people come as deficient — “a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world” — because, at its base, it sees black and brown people as deficient. It is a form of white identitarianism, which opposes multiculturalism, but refuses to deem that opposition racist. And so, it chafes when these black and brown women from exotic-sounding places with exotic-sounding names would dare to challenge the white patriarchy in this country. Why do they not know their place? Why do they not genuflect to the gentry? Why do they not recognize — and honor — the white man’s superiority?


Start here: because the entire white supremacist ideology and ethos is a lie. America expanded much of its territory through the shedding of blood and breaking of treaties with Native Americans. It established much of its wealth through 250 years of exploiting black bodies for free labor. And, for the entire history of this country, some degree of anti-blackness has existed. Now, there is an intensifying anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant xenophobia. America was born with a congenital illness and it has been in need of active rehabilitation ever since, although it has often rejected the curative treatments and regressed. Challenging America to own its sins and live up to its ideals isn’t a vicious attack, it’s an act of patriotism. As James Baldwin once put it, “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” And, who better to lead the charge than four women who represent the future face of America. But, Trump — and many of his supporters and defenders — spew their racism and tell themselves that it is perfectly acceptable when it is read back to them, in much the same way that a dog will eat its own vomit.


There is no parallel. There can be no more discussion or debate about whether or not Trump is a racist. He is. There can be no more rhetorical juggling about not knowing what’s in his heart. We see what flows out of it. White people and whiteness are the center of the Trump presidency. His primary concern is to defend, protect and promote it. All that threatens it must be attacked and assaulted. Trump is bringing the force of the American presidency to the rescue of white supremacy. And, self-identified Republicans absolutely love him for it. We are watching a very dark chapter in this nation’s history unfold in real time. We are watching as a president returns naked racism to the White House. And we are watching as fellow citizens — possibly a third of them — reveal to us their open animus for us through their continued support of him.

As everyone knows, on Sunday Donald Trump attacked four progressive members of Congress, saying that they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” As it happens, three of the four were born in the U.S., and the fourth is a duly naturalized citizen. All are, however, women of color. Sorry, there’s no way to both sides this, or claim that Trump didn’t say what he said. This is racism, plain and simple — nothing abstract about it. And Trump obviously isn’t worried that it will backfire. This should be a moment of truth for anyone who describes Trump as a “populist” or asserts that his support is based on “economic anxiety.” He’s not a populist, he’s a white supremacist. His support rests not on economic anxiety, but on racism.


The GOP Gutless Wonders

Correctly condemning racist comments today but with only 4 GOP reps (plus Amash) having the courage to vote their conscience.  I guess the rest of them are just hunky dory aligning with Trump the racist, their indisputable leader:

A few have actually called out Trump the racist, but only a few.  More GOP voices should be denouncing this ugly racism, bigotry & xenophobia as seen so clearly in Trump’s tweets.  The lure of the cult must be too strong for GOP reps to resist, or maybe they’re just cowards.  A big problem is the echo has their base hornswoggled.  But they will be judged harshly by history!  So here are articles describing the GOP’s timid acquiescence to their evil king, Trump the racist:
What the Heck Happened to Him?
Anticipating Potential Fallout from the Mueller Hearings
The Mueller congressional hearings have been delayed till next week but they must take place, as Mueller must finish the job he was appointed to do:
Trump is far worse than Nixon & has committed high crimes & misdemeanors that extend far beyond anything Nixon could have ever conceived of.  So he’s unfit for office & should be removed, but if we fail to do so it will be due to something Trump has that Nixon didn’t.  Trump has unfailing echo-protection that has given rise to his cult:

Trump keeps lying by barking out the Mueller report found no obstruction, no collusion, which his base believes those talking points.  Maybe that base should stop listening to the constant lies heard on the Fox early morning & prime-time shows, & pay attention in the afternoon to one of the few hosts on Fox who actually tells the truth:
It’s curious how the Mueller report seems inadequate in digging into the counterintelligence & money trail part of the investigation.  It’s where the collusion side of the equation would have been uncovered, so that critical aspect to the probe may have been missing or not adequately explored (or suppressed at the highest levels of the DOJ?).  These excerpts from raise those concerns:

Journalist and Trump critic Jed Shugerman takes a different approach in an in-depth piece published in the Daily Beast this week: rather than attacking Republicans and Trump supporters for not bothering to read the report, Shugerman argues that Mueller’s report isn’t as damning of the president and his allies as it should have been — and that Mueller is downplaying the importance of some key events. “The bottom line is that the Mueller Report is a failure not because of Congress or because of public apathy, but because it failed to get the law, the facts or even the basics of writing right,” Shugerman asserts. “When Mueller testifies before Congress on July 17, he should be pressed on all of this.”


In his report, Mueller concluded that the 2016 Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians, although questionable, didn’t rise to the level of a full-fledged criminal conspiracy. But Shugerman views Mueller’s analysis as flawed. “It seems Mueller did not hire any legal experts with experience in campaign finance regulation,” Shugerman complains. “Given that this investigation was about campaign crimes, this appears to a revealing oversight with serious consequences.” Shugerman goes on to say that Mueller’s “errors meant that, first, he failed to conclude that the Trump campaign criminally coordinated with Russia.” And the Daily Beast writer adds that Mueller “failed to indict campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, for felony campaign coordination.”


In 2018, Manafort was vigorously prosecuted in federal court for a long list of financial crimes thanks to Mueller’s investigation — and Gates became the prosecution’s star witness. But neither of them was accused of “felony campaign coordination,” Shugerman writes. Shugerman, in his article, goes on to list and describe, in detail, interactions between  Trump’s campaign and Russians in 2016 — and those interactions, he believes, are more damning than Mueller concludes in his report. For example, Shugerman asserts, “Mueller should have concluded that both Manafort and Gates engaged in felony campaign coordination, and he should have indicted Manafort for it. Manafort is a lawyer with decades of experience working for presidential campaigns: it would be less difficult to establish knowing and willful violations. And Manafort’s extraordinary record of lying to prosecutors — and coordinating his lies with Trump’s lawyers — would help prove the case as an inference of consciousness of guilt.”


Former Justice Passes

One of the best & appointed during a far less partisan time: