The Levee may be about to Break…That could be the theme of our song tomorrow in Part 3.  We’ve seen from a call summary, text messages & Trump’s own public confessions that he sought to collude with foreign countries for helping him in the next election by digging up dirt on a main political opponent.  So we have concrete evidence Trump & some in his orbit have broken the law by abusing their power & betraying our country.  As outraged Americans, we’ve had enough of this corrupt Trump presidency & understand the need for his urgent removal.  This whole sorry chapter in our nation’s history can seek to excise the cancer & start our recovery, yet it’s going to take GOP congresspeople finally deciding to put country over party.  So far, the vast majority of them have remained silent or are actively participating in the cover-up.  But as the evidence continues to flood in & pile up, the choice could be made for them as all that GOP denial turns into resignation.

We should also be outraged at his hardened congressional toadies & echo-pundits in propaganda outlets like Fox fake news perpetuating all the lies/conspiracies, since as members of Trump’s cult they’ve become complicit in betraying our country.  Plus we shouldn’t be cutting his Trumpeter base any slack, since their loyal support as part of that Trump cult makes them enablers to those betraying our country.  The actions of our president & his supporters are a direct assault on our democracy, the Constitution & rule of law.  For all us patriotic Americans who have the clarity to understand the truth, no matter how much Trump tries to deflect & redirect the blame, it’s become clear to us who qualifies as the real enemies of the people.  And the deep state is really Trump’s corrupted loyal acolytes.

Here are quotes I’d like to highlight from headlines this week as we head into the commentaries & article links below…

“Crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.”  Bill Taylor

“I come by these beliefs honestly and through personal experience. My parents fled Communist and Nazi regimes. Having seen, first hand, the war, poverty and displacement common to totalitarian regimes, they valued the freedom and democracy the U.S. represents.”

(Later in a powerful opening statement)…“He said that the President had lost confidence in me and no longer wished me to serve as his ambassador. He added that there had been a concerted campaign against me, and that the Department had been under pressure from the President to remove me since the Summer of 2018. He also said that I had done nothing wrong and that this was not like other situations where he had recalled ambassadors for cause. I departed Ukraine for good this past May. Although I understand that I served at the pleasure of the President, I was nevertheless incredulous that the U.S. government chose to remove an Ambassador based, as best as I can tell, on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives. The harm will come when private interests circumvent professional diplomats for their own gain, not the public good.”

(Later in that statement)…“The harm will come when bad actors in countries beyond Ukraine see how easy it is to use fiction and innuendo to manipulate our system. In such circumstances, the only interests that will be served are those of our strategic adversaries, like Russia, that spread chaos and attack the institutions and norms that the U.S. helped create and which we have benefited from for the last 75 years.”  Marie Yovanovitch

Ukraine Scandal

The plot thickens as we gather more evidence exposing the president’s crimes & accomplices.  Rudy was originally brought in by Trump as his personal PR lawyer to help defend against the Mueller probe, especially assigned to push back against collusion through confounding narratives designed to muddy the waters.  Ironically, this perplexing PR pseudo-pro saw his assignments grow into illegally colluding with Ukraine, China & any other country co-opted into helping with the 2020 election through a quid pro quo, which their end of the cooperation required smearing Trump’s political opponents.  Other prominent players in Trump’s sphere are caught up to their ears in the expanding scandal, including AG Barr & Secretary of State Pompeo.  Plus we have Secretary of Energy Perry being subpoenaed into handing over documents, in no small part having to do with suspicious actions like dictating the management of Ukraine’s state-owned oil & gas company.

Another highly questionable character is ambassador Gordon Sondland, a Trump crony & big donor.  When he received a text last month from diplomat Bill Taylor (a person of impeccable character) with the above-mentioned quote it was crazy to withhold military aid for help in Trump’s political campaign, Sondland contacted Trump directly through an encrypted WhatsApp message for help how to respond to that statement.  Five hours later Sondland texted Taylor back with legalese saying the prez made it clear there was no quid pro quo & they should take their further discussions offline.  You’d better believe Dem House committee members want to learn more about the underlying reasons for those exchanges, which Sondland is prepared to say Trump did indeed craft his response.  After the White House denied Sondland doing his congressional testimony this past week, he is scheduled to appear this week.  We can only wonder if he’ll come clean on everything & cooperate, or perform a charade similar to the Lewandowski-type stonewalling recently done in Congress.

The person we owe a debt of gratitude to is Marie Yovanovitch, former Ambassador to Ukraine.  She had the integrity & courage to come before Congress yesterday, testifying in an all-day private hearing.  The prez had her fired a few months ago apparently for her resistance to the quid pro quo that Trump, Rudy & other corrupt characters wanted to force on Ukraine.  With her opening statement in the quotes above where we posted excerpts, she expresses alarm how she’s personally seen what totalitarianism looks like (& America might be leaning towards), so she felt very compelled to come forward & furnish the valuable evidence.  Her example helps encourage more witnesses & whistleblowers to come forward in revealing the facts, even those defying White House orders not to testify, so the entire picture can steadily come together in these investigations.  Monday is when a congressional committee will hear from Fiona Hill, who also has important details to disclose, plus Bill Taylor is likely to testify soon.  Many other congressional subpoenas are going out while other witnesses/whistleblowers are indeed coming forward voluntarily, which those hearings can take place in rapid-fire succession during the coming weeks.     

There are so many potential crimes being looked into by the investigations, which is taking longer to uncover due to the unprecedented cover-ups by the president & his men.  All these illegalities that began with Russia may actually be related, as there is the collusion with Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent featuring a coerced quid pro quo, plus attempted collusion with possibly several other countries including China, along with massive ongoing obstruction of justice which can all form the articles of impeachment coming soon out of the House.  Then the ball will be in the Senate’s court.  Let’s hope the evidence by then will be so overwhelming, those GOP senators as jurors will rise above partisan politics to do the right thing.

Our president, this suspected Putin kompromat, Russia colluding, Russian probe obstructing, woman abusing, campaign finance violating (through hush money payments), tax fraud, charity fraud, inauguration fraud, contractors fraud & university students fraud con man comprising this sorry disgrace of a human being, which beyond that we’ve also seen he’s a corrupt lying mob-boss bully of a slimeball individual that assuming we can overlook all that, he might be a swell guy.  But in reality he looks like a criminal which we can’t have in the White House, so he’s now under intense investigation for a crime ring centered around Ukraine that has garnered yuge public attention/support, & this might finally turn into the crime which can take him down.  As Americans we’d better hope so, saving our country from this direct assault on our Constitution, rule of law, balance of power & free democracy.  Again we have tons of links posted about recent news reports, but this being the single biggest political story of our time, it deserves robust attention:


Crazy Rudy up to his Wild Eyeballs in Legal Woes

There were so many shady associates Rudy was working with to compel foreign countries to dig up dirt on the Bidens, it keeps getting worse for him the more we learn.  Among Rudy’s clients we found out about in the news this week, there’s those two characters arrested the other day trying to flee to Vienna, plus the Trump-Rudy tag team actively worked to protect a foreign gold trader.  This case overall has plenty of international intrigue as investigators are putting the important pieces together.

Much like with Michael Cohen, when the PR maestro has the heat turned up through possible indictments/convictions, maybe in exchange for leniency Rudy too might end up flipping on Trump.  Also much like the Cohen case, we’re seeing evidence of campaign finance violations by Trump-Rudy associates caught up head-over-heels in the Ukraine scandal.  If & when Rudy winds up in a federal prison as is looking increasingly likely, unlike the Cohen case who was thrown under the bus to pay the penalty by himself after doing Trump’s bidding, this time the law may also eventually convict Trump so he too can join his co-conspirators in the pen:  More articles here help explain this widening Rudy caper in conjunction with Trump, detailed inside these links:


Courts Rule for Transparency on Tax Returns

Trump has a long business history of tax evasion & fraud, so I’m supremely confident if Congress does get to see his recent returns, they will be swimming in evidence of financial crimes:


Tragic Syrian Blunder

Sure, we don’t want to engage in endless wars, but our prez should at least negotiate our troop pullout prior to retreating by ensuring our allies are protected & war doesn’t break out.  Our prez did none of that.  War, bloodshed, massive displacement & betrayal of an important ally is what we’re now seeing.  Trump once claimed Obama was the “founder of ISIS” (a lie), but we may soon see Trump was truly the savior of ISIS.  He not only betrayed our brave Kurd allies who fought & died to defeat ISIS, but he even dissed them by saying they didn’t help in the fight to win WWII (huh?).  But the fawning puppets who make up Trump’s naive base, they’ll swallow whatever their leader dishes out, even such deplorable Syria excuses & talking points.

We should honor the enormous sacrifices made by the Kurds in helping us fight a common enemy as the Kurdish fatalities numbered well into the thousands.  They may have also inadvertently saved our democracy, as Trump’s impulsive decision to sacrifice the Kurds have infuriated Congress & the intel community.  It could factor into the equation for GOP senators as they likely soon commence an impeachment trial, when we’ll need at least 20 of them to follow constitutional law & vote to convict.  But just remember when ISIS comes storming back & starts committing terrorist acts again, we won’t have the Kurds to count on for doing the dirty work.  And the blame will fall squarely on Trump, another example & reason why he is totally unfit for office.  Seen in these links is such a senseless avoidable tragedy by our dimwit-in-chief: