Tons of White Nationalism Article Titles listed at the bottom…It’s the headline story about the tragic mosque shootings in New Zealand along with speculation on the seeds being planted allowing white nationalism to grow.  That evil mindset embodied in the white supremacist & neo-Nazi movements has always been with us, but lately it’s been especially energized to commit heinous murders.  One big factor inspiring these horrible acts of terrorism (& that’s really what it is), I’ll give you one hint what’s helping to fuel such depravity.  It’s spelled T-R-U-M-P!  His dangerous rhetoric helps to motivate such deadly terrorist conduct according to the terrorists themselves.  Our action detective tough president talks big about defeating radical Islamic terrorists, but always gives a pass to the white nationalism increasingly spurring on their own terrorism.  Is it because he views them as part of his tribe?  See much more on this at the bottom.
But in all our Part 1’s we provide the latest updates on the Russian scandal.  So we’ll begin this weekend edition with the relevant stories pulled from the newsfeeds the past few days & over the weekend.  The clues keep adding up as we’ve been reporting on for the past two years, which the cumulation of the mounting evidence leaves little doubt there were plenty of wrongdoings going on.  We’ll know for sure soon enough with multiple investigations digging up the facts, which all those probes are justified based on strong prior indications of illegal activities done in various ways.  So let’s jump right into these latest reports which are inevitably leading to a not-so-happy ending for our prez.  
Scandal News
The issue of impeachment in recent decades has become more of a political weapon from which opinions are divided along party lines.  That should not be the intent, since it was originally intended to be a legal issue, looking at the available evidence objectively & determining if a president is guilty of serious crimes:
When push comes to shove, yes a president should be indicted if the crimes are serious enough, since nobody is above the law:
An overwhelming amount of evidence pointing directly at collusion is spelled out in detail inside
Inside these Investigate Russia articles, an increasingly desperate president has ratcheted up the rhetoric, while also getting more adamant by covering up & committing illegal obstruction of justice in trying to stymie the investigations:
Pelosi is playing coy with her impeachment strategies, but as usual the GOP is spinning it all wrong:
Rick Gates is still providing details to prosecutors, not just Mueller but also likely the SDNY probes.  He can give the info his ex-cohort Manafort refuses to disclose since the jailed Manafort has angled instead for a pardon:
Here is solid evidence of charity fraud by Trump & his family, part of a much bigger pattern of Trump committing financial fraud as a matter of course.  He’s made a history out of conning & cheating others, which the facts are steadily being exposed:
A defamation lawsuit can move forward brought by a former contestant on The Apprentice against Trump which stems from allegations she was sexually abused, & subsequently Trump called her a liar.  This could open up a can of worms in exposing other incriminating evidence against Trump & force him to testify, which looks similar to the case against President Clinton which proved legally problematic & led to his House impeachment:   
Living in a False World
The GOP base no longer believes in absolute truths, because their personal truths have become whatever Trump says they are.  It’s a dangerous group mindset making them vulnerable to fall for most anything.  As I’ve often said, it’s just like a cult.  Those Trumpeters seem adamant in their support for Trump no matter how many times he lies to them or how corrupt him & his people behave.  We have to wonder what proven crimes Trump would have had to commit before their support wavers.  No matter what comes out of the investigations, that loyal base will probably just blame it on the deep state, the media & corrupt investigators as Trump has conditioned them to think.  And with the echo doubling down on those same lies & conspiracies, many of these Trumpeters are probably beyond hope & would deny facts even if they got hit with them over their heads.
We’ve seen throughout the Russia scandal how Trump has committed obstruction of justice repeatedly.  Even his recent tweets should be construed as obstruction with his relentless attacks on prosecutors designed to discredit & derail the investigations: trump-says-apos-no-mueller.  And this strange spell the prez has over his base is creepy, as if some supernatural evil power has possessed their minds.  Check out the conclusion to if-trump-shot-someone-dead-fifth-avenue-many-supporters-would-call-his-murder-trial-biased posted here:

One wonders what might break this spell. What might emerge from the House investigations that would be so damning as to give even Trump’s most fervent supporters pause? There may be nothing at all, of course, but this is a president who was sued for fraud in connection with his real estate “university” and whose machinations surrounding his nonprofit foundation were well known before the election. He was on tape bragging about groping women and then insisted that allegations he had groped specific women were all lies — and it doesn’t seem to have done much to dent his popularity in some quarters. But what if it has shown that he committed insurance fraud, as Cohen intimated during congressional testimony? What if he actually did directly collude with an agent of Russia, the main qualifier identified by Trump fans as demonstrating collusion in an informal survey we conducted. Or something else? It would be an interesting political experiment if Trump were to shoot someone dead, how his base might respond to what happened next. We would nonetheless prefer he not undertake it. What Trump was saying when he made that “Fifth Avenue” comment wasn’t just that his base was loyal. It was that he could hold their loyalty. It’s hard to believe that only 12 percent of Republicans would view the Russia investigation as illegitimate if Trump hadn’t been constantly harping on about its illegitimacy.


Trump seems to be Sympathetic towards White Nationalism 

Our prez is always bending over backwards to please his base & not turn them against him, even the part of his base who’ve become completely deranged, so Trump has become a slave to identity politics.  And as leader of the United States, he has an outsized influence over citizens around the world.  White nationalism & neo-Nazism have teamed up & are gaining momentum, fueled worldwide through the instantaneous messaging offered by social media.  We also cannot deny helping fuel this rise of evil, much as Trump pundits & the echo deny this, is our own American president inspiring hatred at unimaginable levels that result in such horrific murderous rampages.
From the New Zealand mosque shootings, to the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings, to the violence in Charlottesville, & the recent attempts on the lives of Trump’s opponents & media journalists, the perpetrators themselves cited Trump as a sympathizer favoring their side.  The very least a president can do is denounce such inhumane movements bent on committing despicably violent acts, but he can’t even do that bare minimum correctly.  His silence only serves to embolden these whack jobs!  This is not leadership, rather it’s irresponsibly & inexcusably standing by as an evil ideology is allowed to fester & grow.  
We’ve rightly feared & gone to battle against the evils of radical Islamic terrorism declaring Jihad, but these white supremacist/neo-Nazi groups are just as dangerous & deadly.  In fact, up till now in America, unhinged white nationalism has been far more responsible for violence & deadly attacks as anything done in the name of Allah.  And terrorism is terrorism, regardless if the deadly attacks are perpetrated from the far-left or far-right.  Conservatives who routinely pull their talking points from the echo are quick to warn us about the dangers of groups like Antifa, who aren’t even in the same league as the deadly violence arising from far-right white nationalism.
The newsfeeds were bombarded the past few days with reports on these tragic New Zealand mosque mass shootings, along with opinions on causes that are fueling such evil & hatred.  There’s no question Trump’s favorable statements & dog whistles to the more unhinged in his base are a contributing factor, as are crazed bigoted rants coming from the likes of Carlson, Ingraham & Judge Jeanine on Fox fake news.  And while Trump & his loony minions correctly denounce Islamic terrorists, they’re mum on these far-right terrorists & their indifference can often be interpreted as tacit approval.  There are way too many links here to post live beyond some of the ones on top, but it can be interesting just perusing the titles & Google search any select few you’d like to read.  Also seen in Part 2 is Trump calling his supporters to violence, plus hear the song at the bottom of Part 3 since the world community is the brotherhood of man: