To My Fellow Americans, Please See Him for Who He Really Is!…And understand the reasons Trump can get away with all his lies, corruption & crimes!  We always counter with facts in all our Part 2’s in refuting the nonsense viewers see on Fox fake news, since here on our blog we strive to give you the proper perspective.  If you know anyone who’s a hardcore Fox viewer or fan of any of the echo-media sources, you know how hardened they’ve become in their delusions.  Many of them have been indoctrinated into their false universe for years & are beyond hope.  But we only need to salvage a few of them back to the reality & sanity of the real world for ensuring we save our democracy.  It’s a tough challenge, since the GOP overall has fallen into a twisted mindset that was never this hyperpartisan, brainwashed & lawless back in Watergate days.  We still should do our civic duty & spread the word, letting the chips fall where they may.  That’s why we request & believe it’s very important you share our blog, since in the year we’re having both an impeachment trial & presidential election, never has it been a more critical time for Americans to be informed.
I hope most of us can grasp the gravity of the moment.  For only the third time in history an American president has been impeached, plus Nixon would have been impeached had he not resigned.  But by far the current articles of impeachment offer the most glaring & serious crimes.  Giving Trump a pass for his egregious offenses would tear at the fabric of our constitutional democracy, while setting a precedent for future candidates to lie & cheat their way into office.  As such corrupt behavior increasingly becomes acceptable, it could put our country on the slippery slope into fascism.  It’s incredibly frustrating this impeachment isn’t given the seriousness & urgency it deserves, being sugarcoated because the GOP has turned into a cult protecting their tribal leader, with the blame being shared among that party’s politicians, pundits & base.  That it’s a long shot for the Senate to convict has nothing to do with the possibility Trump isn’t guilty, but it has everything to do with the disastrously unfortunate situation our nation currently finds itself in caused by this….an extremist far-right echo-messaging machine that has steadily & relentlessly over time fed their alternate-reality propaganda to the hardcore conservative base, resulting in the radicalization of the Republican Party! 
That’s why I’ve often referred to that fanatical & hyper-nihilistic, pseudo-conservative, right-wing echo-media as possibly the single biggest problem facing America today, since they’ve managed to spread their venom in convincing roughly 1/3 of the American public to adamantly believe ideologies/viewpoints that are outright distortions & lies.  The result is as Americans we can no longer communicate with most conservatives using real facts as a basic framework.  And with Fox fake news as their anchor while being amplified by talk radio & social media, that deceptive rhetoric reverberating through delusional bubble-land has played a prominent role in enabling a corrupt president who all signs point to being a criminal.  With that evidence of crimes so far being very damning & the rest of the facts needing to come out, it’s essential to push past all the diversions & deflections from those lying echo-spinmeisters so the public is instead informed of the truth:
The links posted here in this first section of Part 2 feature articles on the untenably clueless, incompetent & corrupt world of Trump, followed by sections on the following news topics: His bungling oversight of our military while enabling/encouraging dictatorships around the world, a government watchdog office revealing the White House did commit a crime with Ukraine, the clownish figures on his legal team who’ll make a circus out of his defense, American soldiers did sustain injuries from Iran’s missile strikes despite Trump’s previous denials, the disinformation that keeps emanating from Fox fake news & the rest of the far-right echo, & concluding with the delusional buffoonery of his most rabid supporters.  The prez is a danger beyond measure as he’s unleashed the worst elements of society on America.  So please peruse the link titles & click on any that intrigue you.  We all need to pay close attention with our democracy now on the line as never before.
The Dangerous President
And This is Our Commander in Chief?
Insulting military generals as he ignores &/or can’t comprehend intelligence briefings, along with befriending our enemies while alienating our allies, plus sacrificing our leadership authority around the world in this age of nukes & terrorism, are all irresponsibly terrible & even tragic moves by an American president.  God help us all!!!: 
He Secretly Seeks to Become a Dictator like His Buddies
And if Trump gets reelected, this could become the fate that befalls America, as I’d fully expect him to try & pull off a Putin:
Did Trump Do a Crime?…Duh!


Like the age-old question, is The Pope Catholic?  The more we know, the more we know.  Yes, here is yet more evidence from a non-partisan government watchdog agency telling us what we already knew, Trump committed a crime in his dealings with Ukraine.  The Government Accountability Office reports the White House did violate the law by withholding military aid to Ukraine, providing additional evidence for the Senate trial.  See the facts revealed in these articles, along with reports Ukraine is investigating the surveillance of former ambassador Yovanovitch:
Legal Team Charade
Trump has tabbed a Fox News defense team, creating a circus-like atmosphere which can only appeal to his base.  He wants a spectacle worthy of his reality-TV background designed to create controversy & drama.  Dershowitz’s baffling babble actually included the line abuse of power is not impeachable.  That’s sort of like saying murder is not a crime, which must have worked since he helped get O.J. off.  And oh how ironic Ken Starr was chosen, whose probe led to Clinton’s impeachment.  It just shows hyperpartisanship can be abundantly hypocritical.  Corruption reigns among this team, selected for their slobbering loyalty to their demagogue king from spewing their perplexing garbage on Fox.  And yes, Trump has been exposed as the circus-master entertainer & con man, not fit to be a president:
Lucky Nobody was Killed
We narrowly averted an all-out war:
The Lies Perpetrated by the Radical Echo-World Spearheaded by Fox Fake News
Every post in The VORACS Part 2’s always include numerous links to Fox News stories since there’s no end to their lying.  And increasingly, their propaganda is complicit to a crime.  If only the echo-audiences knew what they are tuning into:


Trump’s Rabid Supporters are Truly a Piece of Work
I’m teetering on what’s more horrifying to me, that our president is a habitual liar & corrupt demagogue who by all signs is a hardened criminal & wanna-be dictator, or the fact that millions of delusional starry-eyed conservatives still support the guy.  There’s no doubt in my mind, these rabid fans have got to be either nuts, badly deceived, or just not paying attention to the real news.  At any other time in our nation’s history such crimes bordering on treason by our president would be considered unmistakable & punishable, but I think that Trumpeters just aren’t playing with a full deck: