They’re All Nuts!!!…The identity of the whistleblower at this point is irrelevant, since the substance of what that person exposed has subsequently been verified by several witnesses.  In a reckless violation of whistleblower protection laws, sonny-boy jr. tweeted out the name of the suspected whistleblower.  It seems the only legal defense the Trump-team is left with is to attack & smear their accusers, which in essence is criminal witness intimidation.  But I guess we can’t be surprised, since we have an unhinged president surrounded by a fawning cult.  Together they’ve put our constitutional democracy in jeopardy:
Are You as Disgusted as I am?
Fighting back against a perverted slimeball who preyed on women, these accusers deserve to have their say:
Idiots on TV Reporting the News
That Same Stupidity has Spread throughout Society
A Bigger Perspective
No matter what we might have thought about his politics or presidency, he’s giving us a proper perspective on life & death we’d never get from our current president.  Our journey on this Earth is relatively short & when the trip here is through, we can graduate to a higher place: