Our Existential Battle Against Lies, Corruption & Tyranny…As a master BS artist (otherwise known as a pathological liar & chronic narcissist), Trump’s routine M.O. is to take credit for anything good happening in the world (https://www.yahoo.com/news/lot-good-news-coming-administration-033541505.html), while blaming his political opponents for anything bad happening in the world (https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/kilmeade-fox-and-friends-trump-iran-strike-obama).  He also makes stuff up out of thin air with no proof (https://www.businessinsider.com/loophole-trump-claim-soleimani-plotting-attacks-us-embassies-2020-1 & also https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-claims-iran-soleimani-targeted-4-us-embassies-before-killing-2020-1).
The point is, for those who haven’t already figured it out by now, our president is not to be trusted.  Trump has no credibility with anyone except gullible Trumpeters.  He keeps lying because the echo backs him & his base believes him.  Since our demagogue-in-chief has the undying support of around 1/3 of the population, America is not that far off from catastrophically falling into fascism.  Trump is stocking key leadership positions with gestapo-like lackeys, from his cabinet to Congress to the courts & Justice Dept, while elevating his state-run echo-media to premier status as he discredits the real media.  Trump corrupts all he touches with political power being so intoxicating to many, his lapdogs in bowing to their king have sacrificed all their morals & scruples in service to the throne.
That’s why we highly suggest using this blog as a tool to inform our fellow Americans of the threat we face with Trump in power, since we the people can stop this tyrannical power grab if we unite to fight against it!  Too many Americans are blind &/or complacent to the dangers, so as patriotic Americans with love of country who wish to protect our Constitution & rule of law, we have an obligation to spread the truth (please see lyrics in the song at bottom of Part 3).  With Trump having successfully turned the GOP into a cult, it is anticipated those senators will conduct a rigged trial where their leader will be excused for his high crimes, which would leave it up to us in the November election to stamp out their totalitarian dream.  Another 4 years of Trump, giving him time to further pollute top leadership positions with corrupt autocratic loyalists, we may wake up in 2024 to discover how our democracy has been transformed into a dictatorship.  That’s why it’s so important we forewarn others now before it’s too late!
See these link titles how Trump is running roughshod over our balance of powers & ruining our reputation around the world, undermining our long-established leadership authority.  Our next president will need to be a strong leader to undo the damage, which that change must happen sometime during this next year before that damage becomes permanent.  America is at a fork in the road here in 2020, from which there may be no recovery if we choose the wrong road.  Besides the articles below exposing the avalanche of corruption, grifting, immorality & tomfoolery from our prez, we also have sections on Hillary bashing, delusional echo-media & misguided evangelicals:
Can’t Give Up Those Lock Her Up Chants
Trump’s radical-right brigade are like Pavlov’s Dogs slobbering at the mere mention of the name Hillary, having a visceral reaction as they keep hungering for any smears & allegations against her.  I doubt Trump & his echo-world can ever give up energizing their base by using her as the commonly-accepted villain.  She’s just become too much of an additive habit no matter how out of power & irrelevant she may become.  So the echo continues to make up goofy attacks against Hillary since it’s great for ratings.  Fully expect the 2020 Dem nominee to face the same smear campaign & unwarranted attacks they aimed at Hillary in 2016, probably again with the help from Russian bots/Kremlin propaganda (https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/here-we-go-again-2/24310/).  And despite Hillary being likely the most investigated political figure in American history over 3 decades, with rabid partisans on the conspiratorial right digging up dirt on her every move, no crimes were ever found: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/01/12/hillary-clinton-most-exonerated-politician-ever/.  The same certainly can’t be said of Trump & his minions:  
Diagnosing Donald’s Despicable Personal Traits, His Deplorable Cult, & Disgusting Demonization of Dems
To all Trumpeters, what about this guy justifies your undying support?  To the rest of America, he’s a divisive megalomaniacal buffoon.  It seems Trumpeters are fully immersed in the evil deception & lunacy as members of their tribal cult, but it’s their cult & they’re darn proud of it!:
Fox Fake News Just Keeps Lying
With their large following, the network has deceived more people while becoming the most dangerous fake news organization in American history.  Their prime-time shows have become pure propaganda spewing a barrage of lies every night.  A few years ago Fox did not commit nearly the amount of lying as they do now.  The danger has escalated because their extremist viewpoints are directly shaping presidential decisions, strategies & talking points.  So Fox isn’t just the most dangerous network, but the network itself has actually become one of the biggest problems we face as Americans.  Our democracy is doomed when we can’t agree upon basic facts, which Fox as leader of the echo is churning out disinformation that is effectively deceiving our nation’s conservative base.  I tend to only watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, since based on my calculations out of the 168 hours in every week, Fox typically lies in 167 of them:
Other Radicalized Echo-Voices Complicit in the Propaganda
OAN & Facebook a big part of the problem:
Calling Out Trump-Fluffing Evangelicals
The earthly king commands his subjects to bow & worship him.  But that presents a conflict…No one can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24 & Luke 16:13).  We cannot allow Trumpeter evangelicals to equate their Christianity with support for Trump!  It only displays their hypocrisy while destroying the Christian witness & reputation of our faith.  A spirit of deception is now running through our churches.  The faithful need called out, since inside their bubble they’re failing to recognize the grievous sins of their earthly leader.  Let me state this to you as kindly as I can in language you’ll understand, Jesus is your savior, not Trump!!!  White evangelicals is the group most responsible for keeping Trump in power, which in time they’ll pay a heavy price for that unholy allegiance.  The world more than ever clearly sees the hypocrisy.  Check out the powerful ad in this video inside the next few links, plus other enlightening articles below that: