Echo Damage Might Be Permanent…The conservative media (the echo) has changed drastically over the past decade or longer, & it’s baffling to me how that audience seems to consistently believe the barrage of lies & radicalization of their messaging:  People are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.  When they swallow the incontrovertible falsehoods regularly dished out by Fox fake news & the rest of the echo, their viewpoints are inherently flawed when based on faulty information:  I keep saying I don’t think those making up that far-right base are stupid, just extremely naive & impressionable.
Fox & all the other lying echo-blabbers will stop at nothing to defend their cult leader, spreading disinformation/propaganda/conspiracies that have no basis in reality & supported by no credible evidence.  To the extent most conservatives tend to believe those concocted narratives is doing untold damage to our nation, since as I mentioned that sector of our society can’t offer constructive opinions when they have their facts wrong.  And supporting their cult leader also serves to embrace criminality while trashing the Constitution, threatening to establish tyrannical rule as a replacement for our democratic republic.  Even if Trump doesn’t have the smarts to pull off his dictatorial aspirations, a similar charismatic demagogue could come along using Trump’s disingenuous playbook in crushing our checks & balances while successfully setting up an autocracy.
Please check out these link titles from the past few days & dig deeper into the articles as your time permits, which these credible accounts leave no doubt President Trump is an authoritarian figure representing a direct threat to our constitutional democracy.  No other president in our nation’s history has abused their power more than this current White House resident, yet he’s got his faithful & well-orchestrated cult following there to protect him.  America is literally under attack from within & it’s not something to take lightly: 
Anonymous Book
A book by Anonymous is due to come out just prior to Thanksgiving.  The author is an unknown insider in the White House who cites details on a president who is unfocused, immature, impetuous, temperamental & generally behaving like a toddler, which it should be plainly obvious to all of us just by observing him that he is indeed mentally unstable.  Check out the numerous examples inside these links, including the staff coming to know Trump wouldn’t comprehend the written word on in-depth issues vital to our nation’s well-being, so they were reduced to taking complicated challenges & instead using picture illustrations to make their points:
He’s a Crook
The president’s behavior in a number of different areas show he’s not just a criminal, he’s a veritable crime wave.  He was just fined $2 million for ripping off donations to his own charitable foundation, including funds he had bragged would go to help military veterans & instead paid off campaign bills.  This is yet another scandal any other president would have been thoroughly disgraced & probably cost them the moral authority to lead our nation, but for a shameless Trump it’s just par for the course.  As one of the link titles below exclaims, Trump used money raised for vets as campaign slush fund.  That alone should end his political career.  And it’s yet another story the state-run echo & merry band of Trumpeters ignore or excuse the indefensible wrongdoings, but cults exist to support a crazed tribal purpose as they deny the facts:
Trump Keeps Wanting to Hide His Tax Returns
With the likely crimes to be found within:
Fox Fake News Hosts & Other Echo-Numskulls
With all the enemies we face both internally & externally that have a pathological mission of undermining American democracy, at this unique point in our history the single biggest threat we now face may well be the barrage of disinformation emanating from Fox News.  With the rest of the echo having succeeded at radicalizing their audiences through the years, Fox in recent years has made the business decision to appeal to that rabble-rousing crowd with the end result being falsehoods constantly spreading throughout our conservative citizenry.  Their unwavering support of a corrupt authoritarian demagogue is truly a threat the likes of which we’ve never seen before in modern America, as our democracy is certain to perish if so much of the population continues to wallow in lies:
A Thoroughly Repulsive Human Being
That he comes from Ohio is a disgrace to all us Ohioans.  He is a loony congressional rep we should rightly despise as we can ignore his crazy grandstanding during the hearings: