Lawlessness Run Amok…The bottom line is a pathological liar, corrupt con man & habitual criminal should not be president of our nation.  And he should not be allowed to get away with his crimes.  Our prez is clearly unfit for office, plus it sets the table for future presidents to do the same.  In this major scandal we’re watching play out, the lesson is an American president or presidential candidate cannot collude, coerce or enlist the help of any foreign power in our elections.  It is simply against the law & such a president must be removed from office…PERIOD!!!  With all the hullabaloo from the Mueller probe featuring Russian collusion in the news for two years, every one of us became aware such actions were illegal.  Yet incredibly, Trump thumbed his nose at the law & has done it again with Ukraine! 
This may well be the case of a hardened criminal with no moral compass doing what has become second nature to him, committing crimes.  History has shown us numerous examples when a free society gives a pass to a lawless leader, tyranny often follows.  As our fascist-in-waiting uses gestapo-like tactics to usurp unbridled power, he’s installed corrupt henchmen at the top levels of the Justice Dept, State Dept & courts, along with discrediting the real media so his fawning base only listens to the deceptive echo.  Our American fuhrer wants unconditional loyalty through his federal bureaucracy we can call the swamp to assist in his evil deeds.  If Trump is permitted to get away with his sinister scheme which is the real coup attempt we’re dealing with, our constitutional democracy is toast. 
Thank God his crimes are being uncovered now, since he was well on his way to putting his loyalists in the highest positions of power for establishing dictatorial rule.  The only reason he’s gotten away with his crimes this long, it’s because the evil-echo has bamboozled the conservative base.  Here in the Eastern Time Zone, Fox starts off at 8 PM with Carlson, Hannity & Ingraham, three hours in the prime-time idiot zone with the hour in the middle the absolute worst!  Limbaugh, Dobbs, Judge Jeanine & hundreds of other deranged echo-voices are constantly out there spewing their lies & prearranged conspiracy theories in support of their wayward tribal cult headed by the leader they worship.  It’s amazing the way those who get all their news from Fox & the echo miss out on the real news or get a fictionalized version of it.  They’re in for a rude awakening when their hero goes down.
The echo is subjugating cowering GOP politicians into their cult by deceiving the GOP base with their false narratives, while doing untold damage to our nation through their bitter divisiveness & concocted alternate realities which are a consistent abdication of the truth.  It might be easy to dismiss those living inside the Trump-world bubble with their faulty mindset as radical partisans, shameless grifters or gullible fools, except they’re hard to ignore when their rabid deceptions affect all of us, undermining the governing, functioning, livability & reality in the country we reside.  Even if Trump is removed this year, the erroneous thinking on the far-right will still be circulating out there, so I’m not so sure our nation can recover.
In a normal world & free society as we’ve always known in America, Trump’s Ukraine call summary alone is more than enough to prove felonious crimes & removal from office.  And we haven’t actually seen the word-for-word transcript, so we can only imagine how much worse that could be.  In addition we have hordes of documents & multiple witnesses coming forward corroborating the evidence of widespread & repeated criminal acts by Trump & his accomplices, so how much more do we need?  Are GOP senators so embedded inside the evil Trumpian cult, they can’t do what’s correct & ethical even when it’s plain as day?  Our country is truly in a world of hurt if a major political party refuses to abide by our Constitution & rule of law. 
As has been the case in most of our sections, there are a whole lot of news articles here, since Trump’s chaos, incompetence, corruption & cult leadership have no limits.  In these many links below, mixed in are stories including Trump’s mental instability, more Ukraine scandal updates, the GOP denials & obfuscations, plus the latest echo conspiracy hammering on Biden’s son.  But if we want to investigate him, for the same acts of grifting we need to also investigate Ivanka, Jared, Eric & sonny-boy jr.  Other topics are further below:
Serial Sexual Assaulter
In any normal time in our nation’s history, this would have been a major story.  But in this Trump era of mayhem & chaos, it just sort of blends in with the narrative, as our prez keeps getting a pass on despicable behavior that nobody else would get away with:
Disturbing Change at Fox Fake News
The best & perhaps only real journalist at Fox News abruptly stepped down Friday at the end of his program.  He’d been there since Fox’s inception more than two decades ago, but the network has been steadily transitioning from news programming over to ridiculous opinionated fairy-tale nonsense.  You can get about as much real news watching Gilligan’s Island reruns as watching Fox.  It does seem rather suspicious the way Trump was ragging on Fox lately, then sent his corrupted attorney general over to meet with the network’s boss Rupert Murdoch, which by the end of that same week Shep resigned. 
Smith’s resignation just signals the demons have taken over the channel to spew their toxic venom round the clock.  They’ve gone from a conservative network to something unrecognizable by reasonable Americans.  It looks like they’ve crossed the Rubicon in becoming the full-fledged state-run TV, patterning themselves after North Korean TV in exalting their omnipotent ruler with over-the-top propaganda.  For gullible & increasingly radicalized Americans who want to be voluntarily brainwashed & constantly lied to, Fox is your reliable go-to network anytime of day:
More Garbage from Fox
I posted this first link to a CNN video not only because of the excellent subject matter, but our friend Brian Rosenwald made an appearance (who also wrote this book
Far-Right Extremists Getting More Dangerous
There’s no question the biggest immediate terrorist threat in America is coming from far-right-wing extremists, white supremacists & neo-Nazis.  If Trump is forced from office, those risks go up dramatically for awhile, but it’s the price we must pay in protecting our constitutional, law-abiding, free society.  Expect Trump to call on his unhinged troops for a civil war, but our laws stipulate such criminals committing heinous acts belong in jail:
Evangelicals Being Duped & Losing Their Way
By all appearances Trump is the most un-christian person to ever hold the office, yet it’s the white evangelicals keeping him in power.  There is simply no justification for that.  And from watching Trump’s standard stump speech of grievances & other assorted extremist wackos speaking at this weekend’s values-less voters summit, everything is pointing towards a demonic spirit of deception sweeping over that crowd.  Far too many far-right politicians & charlatan religious leaders backing an evil earthly leader have been leading their flock to the dark side, which only the light of truth can retrieve them out of their bubble of deceit & delusions.  For the sake of America, the Republican Party & evangelical church, I pray to God we can convince conservatives to soon reconnect with their moral principles & their own sanity.  For now we can only ask, whatever happened to these people?: