No Wonder I Left the Party with Far-Right Conservative Kooks Now Running Things…They’ve been manipulated for years by right-wing talk radio, conspiratorial social media sites & the foolhardy rants that came from the tea party.  It’s shifted the ideology steadily from the center-right out to the bizarro/irrational extreme-right.  With that far-right conservative base being thoroughly indoctrinated into such radicalized nonsense, Fox News in the past few years decided to sell out to the cause in keeping their viewers happy, expanding that insidious far-right conservative cult which culminated in the election of Trump.
To save the GOP which in turn might be needed to save our nation, we must continue to fight back against the far-right conservative insanity which has infested the party, since America badly needs a rational/pragmatic conservative party to lead, articulate viable ideas & make solid legislative proposals.  Here in all our Part 2’s, we expose through commentary & news articles the far-right conservative rubbish being dished out by the prez & his echo, so please do enjoy & share:  
Dictatorial Assault on the Press
A dictator’s worst enemy is a free press, so it’s no surprise Trump relentlessly bashes the media.  And the media bashes back, since we’ve never had a prez anywhere near as dishonest & corrupt as Trump.  The prez wants to elevate Fox & the rest of the echo as his state-run media, much like his buddies Putin & Jong Un enjoy constant lavish praise from Russian & North Korean TV.  Check out these posts from most of the article inside trump-continues-dangerous-attacks-on-media-fake-news-threats.  This is a direct attack on the First Amendment & very dangerous for reporters:

Amid the constant deluge of wild political news and Trump White House scandals, the president’s disturbing attacks on the press seem to draw less and less notice. (Which is not a coincidence.) Yet Trump’s taunts have continued apace, and in recent days he has added some stark hyperbole, smearing American journalists as “the most vicious and corrupt ever” and “the most hostile in the history of American politics.” As I reported recently, there is growing evidence that Trump’s attacks are endangering reporters’ lives, fueling an unprecedented wave of violent threats against them. “We’ve had multiple cases of people using the same rhetoric as the president,” a security director from a top TV news network told me. A senior US law enforcement agent knowledgeable about the problem said Trump has walked a fine line with “inciting violence” and warned “people could get injured or killed.” And that was a month before a Trump supporter in Florida sent pipe bombs to Democratic leaders and the offices of CNN.

As media investor Laurene Powell Jobs noted recently, and as I documented in detail long ago, Trump’s war on our nation’s constitutionally protected free press is “right out of a dictator’s playbook.” “That’s actually what people do to consolidate power, to call into question a narrative that’s not their narrative,” said Powell Jobs (whose Emerson Collective is a funder of Mother Jones). “I think the undermining of the media is, in the last two years, unprecedented and really scary, and everybody should pay attention.”


Assault on Democratic Institutions

Continuing on that same theme, some of the most odious ongoing attacks from the corrupted echo in recent years are their relentless attacks on the real media & deep state inside the government, demonizing them without evidence other than the dreamed-up hyper-conspiracies they propagate themselves.  It’s nothing but a hatchet job for political purposes, but in doing so, the far-right conservative nutballs in the echo are weakening the foundations of our democracy.  The echo has also drummed up some grand widespread bias they say existed within the FBI to support Hillary & damage Trump, which is yet another of their ongoing lies to diminish the premise of the Mueller probe only to protect their corrupt & criminalized leader.  In fact, in addition to Russian disinformation, the FBI Director publicly-declaring questions about Hillary just 10 days before the election is probably what won it for Trump.  See some of these echo-accusations against the FBI which are patently absurd: in-newly-released-transcript-former-fbi-lawyer-fires-back-on-charges-anti-trump-bias-affected-trump-and-clinton-probes.  
The Brain Rot on the Far-Right Conservative Extremes looks to be Contagious on that side
The tools available for the alt-right echo are becoming increasingly sophisticated & effective, making their propaganda all the more dangerous as it infects the mindset of their increasingly gullible & compliant audiences: & also see  Here is an article describing the Republican brain disease:
Many are raised a little differently down in Texas, the state that brought us gridlock-Teddy Cruz to defile the corridors of power.  But there’s a worthy attempt at intervention against the neo-Nazi & KKK mindset which Trump seems to have helped inspire:  In this next article posted from neo-nazis-say-infiltrating-gop-is-easier-than-ever-because-its-already-a-white-mans-party, if this far-right conservative, white-nationalist organization has plans to infiltrate & take over the GOP, it looks like they’re largely succeeding:
Leaked messages sent by members of the far-right white nationalist organization Identity Evropa show that they’re working to infiltrate and take over the Republican Party. “Splinter” News reports that chat messages posted on the Identity Evropa Discord server after the 2017 white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia show that leaders of the organization encouraged members to get involved in their local Republican Party chapters in an effort to transform them into vehicles for ethno-nationalism. The publication claims that Patrick Casey, currently the leader of Identity Evopra, urged his followers to sign up to work for the GOP on the grounds that the party is already close to being a whites-only party. “Today I decided to get involved with my county’s Republican party,” wrote Casey, who posts under the pseudonym of “Steven Bennett” on the Discord chats. “The GOP is essentially the White man’s party at this point (it gets Whiter every election cycle), so it makes far more sense for us to subvert it than to create our own party.” Casey then offered tips for how to engage with the local GOP and gradually bend it toward white nationalism. “Present as a Trump supporter/nationalist,” he advised. “No need to broadcast your radical views.”  
Fox Fake News turns even more Insidious
We’ve clearly seen how many shows on Fox fake news have transitioned in recent years over to dishonesty & corruption, abandoning journalistic standards in favor of extreme right-wing propaganda.  But perhaps the network might also be criminally liable?:  The goofy milk-toast morning show that is maddeningly oblivious to the real world is bad enough.  But the evening shows on Fox featuring the 3 stooges of Carlson-Hannity-Ingraham are pure insanity, which regular viewing can bring on chronic brain decay.  It looks like a couple hosts are in hot water over making comments even more asinine than what they normally say.  Carlson & the weekend lunatic Judge Jeanine are rightly being called out for exposing their pure ignorance, which hopefully they’ll continue to lose advertising sponsors.
The true Carlson has been exposed.  His previous comments from a radio show were made public this week;, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since he says similar bigoted, sexist or racist things on his show almost every night:  Fox displays no shame in trotting out far-right conservative loonies every night on the air.  There were plenty of articles from the newsfeeds about this story, too many for us to post live links, but you could do a copy/paste into a search engine to find any article, or just peruse these titles:
2020 Preview
The polls are pointing to a potential landslide in 2020; Monmouth-Poll-Trump-s-Re-Elect-at-38-Someone-New-at-57, but we can take nothing for granted & the GOP opposition must avoid silly self-inflicted wounds.  Rubin projects ahead to the 2020 campaigns in this first part posted from the op-ed

President Trump remains deeply unpopular around the country, especially in states he needed to win in 2016. Democrats would be wise to do everything possible to keep the focus on Trump and his awfulness. The most recent Morning Consult poll contains some stunning results: Trump has net disapproval ratings in Ohio (-5), Michigan (-15), Wisconsin (-14), Minnesota (-18), Pennsylvania (-7), Florida (-2), Georgia (-1) and Arizona (-6). But he remains extremely popular with Republican primary voters (85 to 14 percent), and most don’t want a primary challenger (76 to 20 percent). In other words, Republicans seem dead set on nominating candidates whose prospects of getting to 270 electoral votes are dim, at best.

Keep in mind these numbers reflect where he is when the economy is strong, when the special counsel report has not been released, when congressional and Southern District of New York prosecutors are still combing through his finances, and when hope exists of a face-saving deal with China that would avoid escalation of the trade war. If all or some of those turn out badly, things could really get ugly. Democrats would be foolish to think, however, there is no way for them to lose. First, if Trump makes the election a choice between himself and a far-left candidate, instead of a referendum on his presidency, he may well survive. Second, if the economy is humming along, voters can decide a good economy outweighs all the things they dislike about him. A good economy is the most valuable asset an incumbent president can have.

Democrats have two tasks. First, avoid picking an obvious target for Trump to shred, either someone far to the left or someone who seems shaky, uncertain, equivocating or weak. He’s got his “socialist” tag ready for the first category. With regard to the second concern — gravitas, strength, leadership abilities — Democrats should consider how their nominee will stand up to Trump. Does he or she have the focus, humor and self-discipline to avoid being dragged down to his level, and does the nominee know where he or she wants to take the country. Trump’s simplistic nostalgia is wrong and misguided, but it is comprehensible. To project strength, the Democrat is going to have to be able to punch through the Trumpian noise and make the case that voters are at risk if Trump gets reelected.

In more advice heading into 2020, let’s hope the Dems don’t go so far out on the far-left extreme so they blow their chances for the White House.  But as I keep warning repeatedly, we’d better get serious about fixing capitalism for the working middle class, & do it soon, because the Dem’s version of progressive socialism is gaining momentum.  I’d far rather fix free-market capitalism than bend to some high-spending socialist utopia.  Much like we’ve learned with Trump, that bright shiny object can lose its luster once we bring it aboard & learn the realities of what we’ve unleashed.
We don’t want big-spending, socialist-leaning policies creating a dependency mindset that can creep into our psyche, as we must maintain the work ethic & initiative that always made America a great nation.  On the other hand, we must somehow revamp our economic system so hard work is far better rewarded.  The GOP has no answers, so they resort to bashing Dems by shouting out they’re socialists!  It’s nothing but posturing from the far-right conservative crazies, but these articles below do offer a warning to Dems they should not follow their far-left fringe in dragging the presidential candidates too far left & scaring away moderates, since actually winning the election is paramount, especially if Trump is still hanging around: 
The Charismatic Beto
Admittedly, I was much more enthusiastic about him knocking off gridlock-Teddy in the Texas senate race than in winning the presidency.  I think we’ve had enough of raw rookies entering the White House: beto-orourke-announces-his-run-for-president-in-2020.  So the Dems have lots of candidates, the more the merrier at least for starters.  Beto can wax eloquently without much substance, but he does have plenty of pizzazz & is good on the stump.  He’s going to face the very same challenges Elizabeth Warren & other Dem candidates are facing:  
The Great Prognosticator?
Evangelicals as a group have shown unwavering support for Trump more than any other demographic group.  Perhaps it’s because they view him as a prophet.  We have to admit, the president’s predictions & hyperbole are remarkably consistent as to their accuracy.  See some of his crazy claims that have turned out woefully wrong in this first half to the article opinions/the-holy-gospel-according-to-donald:

When President Trump autographed Bibles while visiting an Alabama church last week, some reacted with dismay. They shouldn’t have. There is nothing more natural than Trump putting his name in the Bible. The man is a prophet! With the assurance of Jeremiah, the clairvoyance of a seer and the prolificacy of a bookie, Trump has peered into his crystal ball and foretold visions of all description: He would have a “tremendous summit” in Hanoi with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. House and Senate negotiators would not agree on border spending. Republicans would win the midterms in a “giant red wave.” Stocks would crash and violence would ensue if Democrats won. His Helsinki meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin would produce“big results.” The economy would grow at more than 5 percent . Guam’s tourism would increase tenfold. And on and on.

What is preternaturally eerie about these prophesies is that, in every single case, Trump was wrong. Naysayers (not to mention soothsayers) might call Trump’s prophetic record pathetic. But to be this wrong this often is a gift. It takes more than mere skill to be so unerringly errant. It is as though the president has the ability to look into the future and then, with uncanny accuracy, predict the opposite. In June, he boldly predicted that North Korea’s main missile-launching site “is going to be destroyed very soon.” Monitoring groups last week reported that Pyongyang is instead expanding the site at an accelerated pace. In July, Trump predicted that economic growth in the second quarter of 4.1 percent “is just a stepping stone” to higher third-quarter growth and ultimately “eight or nine” percent annual growth — as the trade deficit would be cut “in half” and debt would be paid off “like water.” But, instead, growth has slowed. Last week, the government reported that the 2018 trade deficit hit a record high. And the White House budget, released Monday, forecasts budget deficits of more than $1 trillion for the next four years. The vast wrongness of Trump’s forecasts is equaled only by his confidence in their correctness.