GOP supporters have this misguided misconception their party is basically the same one it’s always been.  We post many links from the newsfeeds to help educate them.  It should be easy for Americans with common sense to tell the liars from the truth-tellers.  But many among the echo-audiences have great difficulty telling the difference, which if they would only read these articles it could set them straight.  And thank God for the deep state & the real media.  It’s what’s still saving our democracy & pushing back against fascism:
The Point
I saw Chris Cillizza on CNN’s The Point rattling off this list of Trump excuses for his Ukraine involvement & that infamous phone call.  Of course, Trump has no legal defense so all these arguments are pure poppycock, but the prez is throwing out trial balloons to see if any of this mud he throws against the wall sticks.  It’s not working outside his loyal Trumpeter base, since support for impeachment has shot up since the Ukraine scandal headlines first broke as we’ll show from polling in Part 3.  Look at all these lame excuses:
*It was a perfect phone call
*They should probe Biden instead
*NATO hasn’t paid their fair share to Ukraine
*There is no quid pro quo
*The whistleblower is a spy or a Dem
*Schiff wrote the whistleblower complaint
*The prez was just fighting corruption
*It’s my right to make such promises to the Ukrainian president
*I was just kidding
*Rick Perry made me do it
(As to the whistleblower, it matters little who they might be, but what counts is whether those accounts are accurate & can be corroborated.  The answer is yes, they are accurate & corroborated, which we’d learn a whole lot more of the facts if Trump would quit blocking witnesses.  Again we’re left to ask what is he hiding?) 
Evangelicals Effectively Destroying Their Own Church
More articles revealing prominent evangelical leaders given over to the cult of Trump & deceiving their flocks.  They’re doing the work on behalf of someone or something, but it’s certainly not the Lord’s work.  As opposed to converting people to the faith, their torrent of lies & hypocrisy are driving far more people away than attracting them in.  We also see in a couple articles where Trump’s spiritual adviser stated saying no to Trump is like saying no to God, but I doubt God would look too kindly on her comparing him to a lying sexual predator: