Echo-Crowd Unaware They’re Being Lied To…I’m getting on my soapbox again with a sharp edge here in Part 2, with this being a critical juncture in American history.  It’s impossible to spend much time inside the echo-bubble without being negatively impacted, be it watching Fox News, hearing right-wing talk radio or visiting far-right social media sites.  They’re the real fake news!  Yes, they truly are sinister tools for mass deception.  For years I trusted the conservative media, until in recent years they went way to the far-right & sacrificed their principles when they stopped telling the truth, yet most conservatives have failed to detect the changes.  The most important thing Americans need to understand is that echo spin no longer deals in facts, as the messaging has become purely tribal innuendos & disinformation.  We’ve clearly seen their influence being gradually & steadily played out in this new century as the GOP base has gone off the rails by embracing destructive/nihilistic extremism. 
I’ve often said Trumpeters aren’t dumb, they’re just being fooled as the echo has dumbed them down with preposterous propaganda & crackpot conspiracy theories.  But the typical mindset of modern-day conservatism has actually evolved into something far more nefarious than simply being dumbed-down.  Their twisted perspectives are allowing them to deny, ignore &/or justify the actions of a president they blindly support, despite credible evidence that leader is dishonest, corrupt, morally reprehensible & actually an apparent hardened serial criminal.  Unbending support for Trump even serves to vindicate & enable evil behavior from our leadership that can spill over into the population, examples including pathological lying, abusing women, advancing bigoted & racist attitudes/violence, tax fraud, charity fraud, stiffing contractors & university students, campaign finance violations, obstructing justice, plus conspiracy to defraud the United States by enlisting the help of foreign nations to interfere/discredit our elections.     
For myself personally, having center-right conservative viewpoints from an early age, I’m horrified at seeing those who once shared my political ideologies being possessed by a deceptive cult mindset.  And being a lifelong GOP supporter, I’m horrified at seeing those once sharing my party allegiance are now possessed by this deceptive cult mindset.  Also being a long-time evangelical Christian, I’m horrified by those who once aligned with my faith being possessed by a deceptive cult mindset.  I’m a very close observer of such matters, so whether you believe me or not, I can assure you I’m not the one whose opinions have changed in recent years, but it’s my conservative brethren who have shifted their thoughts (even if unknowingly) from rational to radical.  Cults often form to embellish & glorify a persuasive leader that cult members can latch onto, providing a false sense of a greater purpose, so that’s exactly what we’re seeing now.  Problem is, that cult leader happens to be governing our country!  But the truth still matters (or should matter):
Never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) would I have ever believed my fellow conservatives would have abandoned their moral values & principles for some deranged tribal crusade directly at odds with our constitutional democracy.  I keep asking myself whatever happened to these people?  They had always been such law-abiding, morally upstanding, patriotic Americans.  It’s almost as though some sinister supernatural force had suddenly captured their hearts & minds, turning them into loyal avatars of the evil one.  By representing their conservative constituents, GOP congressional members are wallowing in & perpetuating that delusional cult influence, which could cause them to give a pass to incontrovertible criminal activities from the holder of the most powerful office in the world.  This may threaten to usher in a lawless society where our Constitution has been permanently abridged, putting our nation on the slippery slope into totalitarian fascism.  And keeping a criminalized presidency in power is indeed a huge first step towards such a fascist state.
The prez has often called the real media enemies of the people, but an objective view of reality shows our real enemies have become the president, his party & deceitful echo-messaging, from which their base is to blame for putting/keeping them in power.  I am appalled & we should all be appalled the GOP base by enabling their now radicalized party leaders, are through their support complicit in further dividing our nation along with this direct assault on our constitutional democracy we are now witnessing.  When I honesty ask whatever happened to these people, keep in mind they are conservatives that for a lifetime I’ve always shared their values, beliefs & ideologies, yet I don’t even know them anymore!  When they embrace a demagogic leader & radical echo-messaging, they are in essence embracing viewpoints that are decidedly anti-American like these: 
*They are embracing lies & distortions 
*They are embracing a bitterly divided society 
*They are embracing racism, bigotry, xenophobia & misogyny 
*They are embracing gaslighting narratives taking us into a false reality
*They are embracing attacks on the First Amendment
*They are embracing attacks on the rule of law
*They are embracing attacks on hard-working & essential civil servants
*They are embracing a mentality that advances violence
*They are embracing a lack of integrity, virtues & principles
*They are embracing greed & corruption
*They are embracing criminality at the very top
*They are embracing attacks on our Constitution & democratic freedoms
And an Excellent List Lemon rattled off:
Revealing the Dangers
Do NOT dismiss where we now stand as a nation!  What happens in the coming weeks will shape who we are as a nation for generations to come!  These many articles below highlight a president who’s mentally unstable, chronically dishonest, over-the-top divisive, a conspiracy monger, infatuated with dictators, abuses his power, is criminally liable, makes decisions based on personal interests & not the country’s best interests, & vilifies challengers while orchestrating the different components who’ll support his quest to establish an autocracy.  Not exactly the type of person you want leading your country!  If he’s given a pass, it opens the door for future presidents to also constantly lie to us & commit crimes for personal gain.
If a small segment of GOP politicians & their base finally objectively look at the reality/severity of the president’s crimes, we can tilt the scales back in favor of democracy over authoritarianism, convincing enough GOP senators to turn on their party’s leader & remove that curse from the White House.  It’s possible in American history we’ve had elected politicians as dishonest & corrupt as Trump, but never in our history has such a person operated from the highest office.  In the aftermath after he’s gone, we’ll still have lunatic GOP politicians, the echo & Trumpeters to deal with (which we can try dealing with them later), but the removal of Trump would be a yuge step in the right direction for America.  Public opinion can sway politicians so please share our messages, & here’s lots more articles strengthening our case, providing enlightening info plus dire warnings:
Fox Fake News is all-out Extremist Spin
Many of the outlandish conspiracies are made up by Trump & his echo to snooker their base, or originate from Russian bots & alt-right websites which Trump & his echo perpetuate.  With Fox having the biggest audience, they deceive the most people, making the network the most destructive among echo-messaging.  I’ve talked to a number of hardened conservatives whose evening routine revolves around watching Fox prime-time, as they expertly & brazenly pontificate Hannity talking points practically verbatim, but these brainless wonders become exposed as clueless when their baseless arguments are supported with zero facts.  I don’t mean to insult them, but it’s a crying shame they can be so easily influenced with foolish nonsense. 
I’ve even made the argument which I sincerely believe is credible, that Fox fake news is currently one of the biggest problems America faces.  Instead of reporting on news stories, Fox has transitioned over to rabid partisanship masquerading as news.  A free society won’t last for long when a sizable portion of the population adamantly refuses to accept truths.  In every Part 2, we always expose Fox fake news for the delusional liars they truly are, which posted here is plenty more fodder in calling them out:
Other Knucklehead Conspiracy-Mongers
Creepy long-serving administration official Miller is pure racist.  And nobody is more of a scumbag buffoon than jackass Jordan:
Long Wait about to End?
If the High Court refuses to hear this case, those tax returns could be turned over this week.  That could produce a whole lot more high drama with potential crimes hidden within:


Terribly Twisted Temper-Tantrum Trump Tweets
Look at these tweets sent out by our jackass-in-chief during the live testimony of former ambassador Yovanovitch.  This was witness intimidation in real time which Schiff correctly called out.  Not only was the premise of the tweets absurd, it also shows a president with neither the judgment nor temperament to serve as our president.  It’s imperative he be replaced, the sooner the better!:
The Misogynistic Trump Bashes Another Woman Witness
He’s simply despicable: