Mueller Statement came on as a Surprise…It was unexpected with little advanced notice.  When Wednesday morning it was announced there was a Mueller statement in public coming up in an hour, it really was out of the blue & nobody had much of a heads up what he might say, so the anticipation immediately started to build.  So naturally here at The VORACS after digesting what he said, we have in-depth commentary on that Mueller statement & lots of articles posted below we found from major media sources.  Mueller’s words were carefully crafted but has elevated the white-hot-fire prospect of impeachment hearings to a higher level!  See our song at the bottom of Part 3 at the end of the week we dedicate to the Mueller statement.
Even without that Mueller statement & his detailed 400+ page report, the excessive lying by Trump could be an impeachable offense right then & there, since he’s undermined the people’s trust in their president.  It’s true, Trump as president has lied to the American people over 10,000 times, including repeatedly lying about the Russian investigation.  The Mueller report did expose repeated actions by Trump showing obstruction of justice & abuse of power, the very same crimes that brought down the Nixon presidency.  Furthermore, there really is substantial evidence in the report of collusion (conspiracy) with the Russians, but as yet has not risen to the level of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Thoughts that came in the Aftermath of the Mueller Statement
Mueller made clear his investigation was assuredly no witch hunt, hoax or coup.  Besides the signs of criminal activity by Trump & his loyalists contained within his report, there are 3 main takeaways from the Mueller statement on Wednesday morning:
1. DOJ guidelines convinced Mueller a sitting president cannot be charged with crimes based on an OLC opinion, which is why he punted on making recommendations
2. If Mueller could clearly determine Trump did not commit crimes, he would have said so
3. His investigation’s findings are well summed up in his report, so he’s passing the ball to Congress & it’s up to them to decide
There is a 4th main takeaway we must act upon, as this important point was emphasized at the beginning & ending of the Mueller statement.  He said all Americans (including Trump) must get serious about protecting ourselves against these foreign intrusions into our elections.  The Russians & other foreign adversaries are surely going to keep attacking us, exploiting our vulnerabilities & divisions, so the sanctity of our democratic process is on the line.
Other revealing remarks from the Mueller statement indicated obstruction & relunctant witnesses did hinder the investigation.  Furthermore, the Mueller statement contradicted what AG Barr first said about the Mueller report in a memo, to the point it’s now obvious Mueller is following the letter of the law while Barr is doing Trump’s dirty work, so they’re just not operating on the same page.  Barr badly misrepresented the Mueller report when it was originally sent to him, so yes, the AG appears to be a lying BS artist who’s patterning himself after his boss.  And this same guy now shown to be a corrupt Trump lackey is assigned to review the origins of the Russian probe, which is nothing but a phony inquiry & political hatchet job to begin with.
It’s sheer speculation on my part, but I still think the big bombshell proving crimes by Trump will come by following the international money trail, which could show financial dealings with the Russians that has the president compromised.  As Congress & districts like SDNY keep putting the pieces to the giant jigsaw puzzle together, a more clear picture should emerge & be presented to the public, which may prove so damaging that any number of GOP congresspeople could then jump on the impeachment bandwagon:  There are indeed numerous probes looking into a wide range of credible potential crimes, so stay tuned!
Starting impeachment proceedings would make sense if it’s deemed necessary to compel documents to be handed over & witnesses to come before congressional committees, plus should Trump lawlessly defy court rulings.  Any actual vote on impeachment in the House could be held off till whatever point solid new evidence of crimes are uncovered, at which time some GOP senators might be persuadable enough that moving forward with impeachment would have a chance at hitting pay dirt.  But overall with the help of the Mueller statement, which brought a lot more attention to his report, momentum is now definitely on the side of pursuing the facts & following the rule of law in preserving our constitutional democracy:  It will be interesting to see the shift in public polling.
There are so many credible signs of multiple crimes & so many unanswered questions, in the days ahead we’re bound to get a lot more big bombshell headlines coming out from the various probes.  But rather than helping to dig up the facts, Trump & his puppets keep lying & covering up the evidence to distort the narrative.  He continues to lie about the special counsel probe, now resorting back to bashing Mueller while trying to convince us the report exonerated him.  In another convoluted argument for his own defense, just today the prez claimed Putin wanted Hillary to win in 2016, when even last year in Helsinki sitting right next to Trump, Putin admitted to the world he preferred Trump.  There is zero credibility to anything Trump says, so we must find out what he’s working so hard to hide.
We’re blowing way past our allotment of live links, but this headline news about the Mueller statement & its ramifications are way too important, so we’re offering up plenty of articles pulled from the newsfeeds.  We’ve waited two years & he finally spoke!  Quite a contrast from the showboating Ken Starr investigating President Clinton, who was always out in front of the cameras & politicizing his findings.  This top group of links you can click on while the bottom part would require a search, but as a whole these numerous articles present an accurate view of the Mueller statement & the circumstances surrounding it.  Even perusing the link titles is informative, which you can single out any you’d like to read.  There is a wealth of information in these articles which directly impact the future of our nation!:


Wanna-Be Dictator in the Making
As far as Trump’s rhetorical & personal traits espousing totalitarianism while bedazzling his fans, his talents rank right up there with the most notorious in history, as described in this last part to the article

But if Trump is without peer in the American political tradition, he unfortunately has equals in another tradition. Such rhetoric is a hallmark of totalitarianism. “It’s using emotion to circumvent reason, to overwhelm reason,” says Jason Stanley, a Yale philosopher specializing in language and author of the book “How Fascism Works.”


“He wants to get the situation such that it’s a crisis and there’s such fear and suspicion that the only happiness, the delivery, is winning over his enemies,” Stanley tells me. Hence, the lavish praise of and great love for his supporters and the unalloyed vitriol toward foreigners, racial minorities, elites and socialists. Trump isn’t necessarily fascist, but his language is. “Goebbels talks about propaganda being best when it appeals to straightforward emotion: fear, suspicion, anger, and then it would be culminated with ‘we’re winning,’ ‘we’re going to get them,’ ” Stanley says. A speech of this method was often very long, “with extremes of paranoia and then praise of ‘us,’ ‘our’ greatness, and a desire for revenge for lost greatness. . . . When our emotions are being overwhelmed, it’s because people are trying to manipulate us and drive us toward a desired goal.” Americans, for example, would rationally have empathy upon learning that children have died in U.S. custody on the border. But if we fear that those crossing the border are a mortal threat to us, that fear overwhelms reason.


That Trump loves to insult is obvious. But he’s actually more extreme in his positive sentiments — his own greatness and his paternalistic love for supporters. “He couldn’t have that sort of negative campaign without also having the positive — it’s the contrast,” explains Texas A&M communications professor Jennifer Mercieca, author of a forthcoming book on Trump’s rhetoric. His supporters, lovingly embraced, feel as though they’re in on the joke; they know he often lies, but they believe he’s lying for them — lying to the liars. Us-vs.-them thinking becomes so powerful that the enemy’s humiliation can be more gratifying than one’s own betterment. How to counter this extreme emotion? The evidence that not a single member of Congress comes close to Trump’s rhetorical excess raises hope that this will pass. The best opponents can do until then is to cling to truth. Emotion can overwhelm reason for only so long.

Short Bits
Pathetic Presidential Pettiness, whether Trump gave the direct order or just created the atmosphere for such decisions:
McCain understood the danger we were facing:
Let’s hope & pray Reich is right, that our governing institutions can hold up under this full-frontal assault on our democracy by a corrupt demagogue, as seen inside
Justin Amash did the principled thing based on personal values & the Constitution, doing an excellent job of making the case for impeachment:  But when will other GOP congresspeople show the same high moral standards & courage to join in?:
Democracies Die Without a Free Press
But that seems to be Trump’s intent!  The president keeps conducting his relentless attack on democracy, which includes a primary strategy of assaulting truths & the free press.  This next group of links have to do with him discrediting the real media as he elevates the delusional echo…
Never before in our lifetime has America so needed activism on the part of the people.  Do not be spectators watching the prez take our rights & freedoms away.  Become an active participant, which sharing The VORACS can be one of the tools used to educate & warn our fellow Americans:

Great interview how we’ve entered the disinformation age, which poisoning the truth would end up destroying our constitutional democracy:
Propaganda peddlers in 1930’s Germany deceived the people through radio.  Modern-day fascists deceive Americans through several echo-media sources, including social media:
Make no mistake what’s at stake, this assault on truths is an attempt at a fascist takeover:
The real media must do their part by calling out the Trump lies & putting them in proper context:
Dissembling, Distracting & Discrediting:
Of course, the lies have gotten so preposterous & the gaslighting so mind-boggling, it’s hard for stunned journalists to know how to properly respond:
Inside the White House it’s reported they say he’s insane, which they should know & they’re probably right:
Trump only a part of the problem, perhaps even just a symptom of a much-bigger problem:
Admittedly Assange is a bad actor, but going overboard on the charges brought against him presents a threat to the free press:
The manipulation by AG Barr to gloss over & cover up presidential malfeasance was apparent even prior to the Mueller statement Wednesday which highlighted the disparities, as pointed out in this final part to the article  No doubt we can fully expect similar twisted distortions as the AG oversees that ridiculous diversion into the origins of the Russia case:

The Mueller Report exposed not only deeply troubling ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence agents, but also a consistent pattern of obstruction of justice that went all the way to the top. The worst behavior that any declassification is likely to turn up is an inappropriate comment here or there, or private communications among agents indicating a dislike of Donald Trump (all of which is, again, not only legal but well within ethical lines.) There will also likely be thousands of documents that paint the adminsitration in an extremely negative light. That said, Barr has already shown himself more than willing to pervert his mission as attorney general for the people of the United States to serve as Trump’s personal defense attorney. There can be little doubt that while the president has given full declassification authority to Barr, the attorney general will selectively declassify only the material most favorable to Trump, attempting to cast doubt on the origins, legality, and ethics of the Mueller probe. It is no accident that this long-awaited declassification push is occurring as the administration is losing battle after battle in the courts over congressional subpoenas of the president’s financial records. The intent will be to muddy the news waters by attempting to tarnish the roots of the investigation that disclosed not only the malfeasance chronicled in the Mueller Report, but threaten to reveal even more scandalous details about the president’s personal behavior and the Trump Organization’s financial liabilities.

But this strategy can only work if news editors play along with it. Media organizations decide every day which stories are newsworthy and which are not. Certainly in 2016, far too much attention was paid to every (largely manufactured) twist and turn of the Clinton email saga, while Trump’s misdeeds were treated sparingly. Fox News and the conservative infotainment sphere has long given an excuse to traditional news media to give undue attention to targets of right-wing propaganda—it helps them claim to be balanced in their coverage; they can point out that their competitors are covering the story, so why shouldn’t they? But Fox News and Breitbart will always do what they do, which is deliver propaganda in bad faith to the conservative base. There is no need to follow them off that particular cliff. Moreover, a free press has a moral obligation to refuse to cooperate with the blatant politicization of the Justice Department, and the cherry-picking of classified material. It’s one thing to run with juicy bits of packaged research on public figures and politicians delivered by partisans and factional interests. It’s quite another thing when the tipping of the scales is being orchestrated by the president and the attorney general against public servants legitimately investigating the most powerful person in the world. Since the intent of selective declassification is manipulation of the media, all the media has to do is simply refuse to play ball.

Fox Fake News Gone Off the Rails
The radical Fox goon squad had a freak-out:
We’ve chronicled Trump’s constant lying which is also echoed by Fox fake news, so tune out the noise by turning it off:
The giant & pervasive echo smoke machine:
The prez acts like a jerk on his airplane & obsesses over Fox News:
An unethical competitor tries to grab Trump’s attention by out-Trumping even Fox:
Father of Lies?
As a very close observer who has successfully escaped the clutches of the cultish right-wing echo, I objectively view Trump as a lying madman & the personification of evil.  That’s why I’m stunned conservatives & evangelicals, groups I’ve always been a part of, are so infatuated with him.  Those Trumpeters better be careful about who they associate with & even worship.  The Bible in John 8:44 refers to the father of lies, so who is it Trump really serves when he lies more than anyone we’ve ever seen, certainly to the level it’s pathological.  This fight over the soul of our nation goes way beyond political ideology or religion, as it’s literally a battle between right & wrong.  Yes, as explained inside the next link, it does appear we may well be dealing with an evil cult:
Pro-Life Movement Winning Battles as They’re Losing the War
I’m personally pro-life, but I take issue with the far-right’s approach towards abortion.  The best way in the long run to prevent abortions is to change hearts & minds, not try to jam value judgments down the throats of Americans by telling women what they can do with their own bodies.  That recent polling indicates the pro-choice views are favored over pro-life opinions by a 2 to 1 margin, shows our society isn’t trending in a direction of changing hearts & minds.  Throw in some extreme state provisions banning abortions even in cases of incest or rape, the pro-choice position becomes even more popular. 
Then consider the person of Trump himself could badly tarnish the brand of both the GOP & evangelical church for a generation or longer, it might put liberal pro-choicers in power for decades to appoint their own judges, possibly striking a fatal blow to any pro-life hopes.  I’ve warned for years teaming up with a moral-degenerate leader was no way to advance higher morality on social issues, so the temporary gains seen lately by pro-lifers will likely be snowed under by the avalanche of the coming backlash.  To further emphasize the far-right’s wrongheaded approach, some seem ready to launch a civil war over the issue as seen inside
Evangelicals Should Follow Their Heavenly King, Not Corrupt Earthly Rulers
Like the Scribes & Pharisees in Jesus’ day, we have modern-day charlatans misleading their religious flocks.  Evangelical leaders like Graham & Falwell Jr. are convincing followers to worship an earthly leader marked by dishonesty, tribal grievances, corruption & perhaps criminal behavior.  Much like Trump threatens to destroy the GOP, these religious heretics could destroy the evangelical church as their hypocrisy & moral duplicity are increasingly being exposed.  Saving our democracy & even America itself may require the conservative base abandon the forces of far-right radicalism, while similarly evangelicals should stop following the teachings of their wayward leadership. 
Franklin Graham conveniently overlooks the reason so many of us bash the president is because he’s proven to be a lying & dangerous demagogue.  Graham commented this week that “We believe our nation is at a crossroads, at a dangerous precipice.”  I would agree considering conservative evangelicals & the GOP base are captivated by their presidential leader who has all the moral integrity of a blood-sucking leech.  I’ve always said those who align closely with evil are going to be corrupted by them, & indeed Trump corrupts all those around him.  It’s foolhardy to put so much faith in earthly leaders when the truth is not in them.  Those of us of faith should follow the teachings & grace of Christ himself, while fleeing the deceptive ramblings of self-serving charlatans.  Sure, we should pray for our president, which we should also pray for our enemies, but please avoid being associated with movements of ill-intent at its core like this one: