Fascism can take hold when the People fail to react to the impending Danger…The Trump cult is irrational & far too prevalent throughout the country thanks to the echo.  As their key strategy in beating back on the Mueller report, their deflections/diversions include claiming illegal acts were committed by their accusers, which despite having zero evidence their supporters will still blindly believe them without even the slightest hint of doubt.  It’s just so astounding to me members of the human race with supposedly normal intelligence can be so easily duped in the face of irrefutable evidence that suggests otherwise.  But that’s why we work so hard to spread the truth since so many are being deceived.  Consider it our patriotic duty as we get our narrative out there for the sake of the nation.  Our president flaunts the law & the truth at every turn, teaching his political henchmen & echo pundits to do the same, while their base consistently falls for it & let’s them get away with their evil schemes.  They’re all hitching a ride on the crazy train in servitude to their leader, as Trump looks more unhinged than ever in his recent barrage of tweets (he’s a PR machine, not a president).  Deception, delusions & corruption are the only constants inside Trump-world.
Trump not only has fascist dictatorial personality traits, but he’s attempting to stage a coup over our democratic institutions.  Installing a loyal stooge like AG Barr while purging the FBI of top officials with way too much personal integrity for his administration, the prez is looking to take over the justice/intelligence/security agencies.  And appointing the likes of Kavanaugh to the highest court is designed to control the judiciary, while anointing those like insanity Hannity & the evil echo as state-run media is intended to control the messaging.  That also serves to smear/discredit the real media as Trump seeks to only spread his deceitful/delusional propaganda, which does work with his bamboozled base.  Plus he has loyal henchmen in Congress as most of the GOP seems subservient to him, so the legislative branch now has a major party fully behind his autocratic ways.  And millions of Trumpeters are backing the prez no matter what, so we’re way too close to falling into fascism for comfort.
This is not the time to be complacent as our American democracy teeters on the edge.  So please do share The VORACS with many others, since Americans must be made aware of the reality of a loose-cannon president with corruption in his heart & evil in his intent.  We as the American people doing our civic duty need to do our best to contain him until he’s no longer in power, hoping to minimize the damage.  Most citizens are busy living their lives & are only loosely connected to what’s really going on, such as the degree of treachery by our prez contained within the Mueller report, so they don’t fully grasp how truly lawless & dangerous their president is.  Trump’s far-right base are being lied to & played for fools, but they don’t even know it!  So again I urge, as concerned patriotic Americans we should all do our part to spread the message & try to educate them, since there are times such as these our democracy becomes imperiled & we need to put forth the effort in preserving what’s great about our free society.
I’ll be blowing right past our limit on outbound links, but I’m starting on another non-political project now & don’t have time to worry about it.  So please review these informative articles below & check back with us here at The VORACS sometime in early May, as I’ll be busy with other things for a couple weeks.  But any huge news concerning Trump during the next 2 weeks, please come back here since I’ll post some commentary.  Any rock-solid evidence of crimes that becomes public about our president, you’d better believe I’m not going to miss that!  Here is great stuff from the recent newsfeeds, largely from WaPo if you can access their articles (& I recommend subscribing):  
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