CNN Is Not Fake News or Enemies of the People, But Fox Is…Before getting to the article links below, first I recommend a special on CNN tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time!:  I also have some thoughts here in my rant on Trump, his dictatorial aspirations, & his compliant media echo.  Democratic freedoms around the world are now under assault.  The American president is the leader of the free world, guardian of human rights & individual freedoms, but our current prez is trampling on free democracies as he lifts up rogue dictators.  When Trump advances debunked conspiracy theories that originated in Russia for the sake of Russia, that confirms he’s representing the Russian people over Americans.
Congress as a co-equal branch of government has a responsibility to rein in a president abusing his power, but GOP politicians have been reduced to useless puppets in their servitude to a hardened base, most of their base having been hornswoggled by a radicalized, deceitful, delusional, facts-free echo-media.  There is a basic flaw in the system when prominent far-right talk show hosts now have far more power & influence than GOP politicians in Congress.  The job of these media-gabbers isn’t to govern, but to stir up anger & controversy for ginning up attention/ratings, yet they’re leading much of the conservative base around by the nose.  The evil echo has virtually destroyed the ideological thought-processes of conservatives.
The origins of how a major party in America turns into a destructive corrupt party are easy to track.  It started with conservative talk radio 2-3 decades ago which grew steadily more extreme, made its way to internet groups, metastasized into the tea party, which begat Trump as it infested Fox News, ultimately culminating in becoming an infection on the whole Republican Party.  Whether we ever find a cure for that infection, I honestly don’t know.  As we walked through the stages of a party being thoroughly co-opted by scoundrels, the underlying impetus for things coming off the rails was an extremist & growing Republican base duped by the echo.  Now the entire conservative movement needs to be blown up so we can start all over, somehow finding a way in returning to virtues, reality & sanity. 
Trump thinks he can say or do anything & his base wouldn’t leave him, which he’s probably right.  In their unbreakable servitude to Trump because they seem terrified of him, the Republican Party has been deceived & compromised beyond repair.  Ditto for Trumpeters from white evangelicals to white nationalists who are his bedrock base giving Trump his power, they have also sacrificed moral principles in servitude to a corrupt demagogue.  The echo is at the core of all this deception, fooling & radicalizing their audiences, while in turn those audiences keep hungering for even more extreme far-right content.  They feed off each other & America is paying a very heavy price.
The dedicated press (not the echo) are generally doing an effective job at covering the abuse of power that has become so evident.  Trump always provides so much fodder, it’s difficult to keep track of it all.  So with such overwhelming proof of serious crimes, if anything the media is going too soft on Trump.  If more echo fans could balance their news diets with more real news, together we could agree around basic facts & our nation would become a less divisive, much better place.  If you care about America, these news reports such as the ones posted below should be followed closely, since it’s only our democracy & freedoms at stake.  We the people have the power (for now) to stop a ruthless criminal demagogue, before it’s too late once all his loyal henchmen are installed in primary positions of power that could obliterate our checks & balances & democratic institutions:
The Traits of a Fascist Dictator
The difference between Trump & Nixon is Trump is far more of a corrupt criminal than Nixon ever was.  And he’s far more dangerous as he has no respect for the pillars of our democracy.  But another big difference is the current GOP Congress is far more corrupt than the one back in the early 1970’s:  Plus back then there was no echo-media lying to their audiences & ramping up their anger.  Taken together, that alternate-reality world is fully backing King Donald as he endeavors to put the pieces in place for establishing his tyrannical dictatorship.  Don’t put anything past this guy.  More evidence of the dangers are contained within these numerous links & please do not take this threat lightly:
More Damning Evidence
Yet more clues of a consciousness of guilt & massive cover-up!  Hundreds of documents of emails show an extensive White House campaign to spin the reason for withholding Ukraine military aid.  The evidence keeps piling up that all fits together detailing this criminal plot.  When are more of the public finally going to get fed up over all these shenanigans & a few GOP politicians finally break?  Wake up everyone!  Our president is a criminal!!!:
Assault on the First Amendment
An Hour’s Worth of Wackadoodle Television
Some senile old uncle showing up for Thanksgiving dinner couldn’t dream up this many scrambled thoughts, but the person described in these articles happens to be the leader of our country!  Scary stuff:
Fox Fake News Shares Their Brand of Deranged Lunacy
Fox regularly lies to their viewers, which is why I stopped watching (Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace might be the last watchable show left).  Those of us who see the truth maintain two personal characteristics that the echo-audience may have permanently lost, that being our integrity & sanity.  I’ve often been known to insult anyone connected with Trump-world, but I’m trying to use shock value in imploring them into returning to the real world.  We should feel they are fair game & deserve being called out, since we shouldn’t think kindly of anyone associated with a movement willing to sell our values, freedoms & democracy down the river.  What else can we say about our fellow citizens lost in a world full of lies?  I’m just trying to be honest with them.  It’s a shame we can’t get Fox viewers to watch the CNN special tonight about Trump’s chronic lying:
More Preposterous Conspiracy Theories Propagated by the Evil Echo
These links present a trip through far-right crazy-land the echo spearheads:
The GOP base has been trained (deceived) into believing lie after lie after lie after lie!:
Other Psycho Lunatics
Miller & Jordan are deviant buffoons, & do you have a Top 10 list?
A Top 10 list for those who are enemies of the people, defined by influential celebrities most responsible for deceiving the people by siding with lawless demagoguery that’s tearing at the fabric of our democracy.  Just off the top of my head, I’ll go with Trump, Putin, Barr, Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz, Hannity, Limbaugh, Falwell Jr. & Graham (Lindsey or Franklin, take your pick), but there’s so many of those deceit-mongers out there it’s hard to narrow down to just 10.  Who’s your Top 10?  This author has theirs:
Online Social Media being used for Deranged Evil
The worst of the fake news is getting increasingly more difficult to contain: