Know Right From Wrong in the News…There are no scruples from inside the echo, as they consider lying on behalf of Trump their job classification, even though they’ve got to know much of what they’re saying is untrue.  With this latest scandal rocking the presidency, they’ve had to ratchet up the distortions & conspiracies to keep the audience on their side.  Should they ever report the truth about our president, it would blow their cover & drive (far-right) customers away (& also spell the end for Trump).  It’s far more profitable to keep lying, but the gig might be up as soon as their leader goes down, from which the echo could be exposed for the phonies they really are. 
Until they become thoroughly discredited & hopefully just fade away, none of us should ever trust the motives & words coming from the disingenuous buffoons in that far-right echo.  Trump & his loyal pundits tend to coordinate the narratives in staying on the same page with all their lies, which through that repetition tends to make the lies more credible with their base.  But how Trumpeters can actually believe that increasingly nonsensical echo-garbage is nothing short of mind-boggling, displaying a disturbing combination of tribalism, naivete & cluelessness, but in swallowing the lies those supporters are a big part of the problem. 
In the face of proof our president wanted to collude with a foreign power to dig up dirt on his political opponents, his corrupt lapdogs are flooding the media to try covering up that crime, spouting without evidence the most ridiculous lies & conspiracies imaginable as a diversion.  Whatever the Biden’s might have done is just more whataboutisms intended to hide the criminality of our president.  We’ve also found out Trump is still searching for Hillary’s emails, which I can’t think of any topic these days more irrelevant, especially since she’ll never become president.  And the identity of the whistle-blower about to testify privately is not the issue here, since it’s the actual facts that matter featuring what Trump himself said to the Ukrainian president from the call transcripts.  The echo-heads are totally avoiding the pertinent questions about Trump’s actions to conspire with Ukraine, which the prez got busted through his own words.  The evidence is irrefutable!
Trump abused his power & defiled the Constitution, but diabolical Trump lackeys are fine with that.  PR lawyer Rudy comes across like a fool, Stephen Miller comes across as a creepy ghoul, & there’s even suspicions our attorney general is part of the cover-up.  Plus certain GOP congressmen & Jim Jordan in particular are looking like jackasses, which it’s embarrassing to think that blithering idiot comes from here in Ohio.  These Trumpian sycophants are demonstrating when people join an evil cult, they tend to lose their minds.  Just listen to their arguments, they’ve gone nuts!  But they’re more so blinded by the power of the presidency & will say anything to defend him, really defining themselves if anything as completely immorally deceitful.  The way they all twist truths in unison, it’s a travesty of human comprehension to actually speak &/or believe those lies, as if they all live together in their own Trumpian alternate-universe bubble where real facts are only there to be manipulated.   
The scandal is starting to dominate network news just like Watergate once did.  With every new piece of evidence when another shoe drops, we’re that much closer to impeachment.  Much like politicians need to get on the right side of history, likewise the American people need to get on the right side.  That does not mean going to the extreme far-right as Trumpeters have done, buying every lie/conspiracy coming from Trump & his echo.  But as Americans we must demand our prez is held accountable & all the facts come out.  Any GOP congressman who supports this madness or is complicit through their silence, they should all be sent packing/voted out so we can start all over.  Our Part 2’s focus mainly on media messaging, exposing the purveyors of disinformation/propaganda doing great damage to our country coming from the evil-echo, spearheaded by Fox fake news.  So check out these valuable links:
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As a long-time evangelical myself, I am horrified my brethren are responsible for keeping this morally-depraved monster in power.  Here we see a full gambit from certain evangelical leaders, from immorality to hypocrisy to corruption to inciting violence!  What kind of example & witness testimony is that?  It’s as though they want to sacrifice the church for political power, which even their fleeting political influence is about to backfire:
What a Week of News!!!
Hot off the presses, several more big stories hit the newsfeeds today.  Included is word crazy Rudy wasn’t the only corrupt lawyer working illegally with foreigners to dig up dirt on a political opponent.  A husband-wife legal team who are both stark-raving-mad lunatics & as wrongheadedly deranged as they come, they were assisting Rudy with the collusion efforts.  Trump is so unhinged partly because of the lawless psychos he surrounds himself with inside his orbit.  Any legal minds with the same unethical character as his former lawyer Roy Cohn & are willing to break the law on behalf of the prez, they are legit candidates to be hired, especially if they’ve been seen by Trump spewing their nonsense on Fox.
We’re also seeing signs of some Trump aides turning against each other like Rudy vs. Pompeo, with Trump himself even turning against a few Fox news reporters, so a full-fledged circular firing squad would be absolutely wonderful.  Once Trump starts going down & turns politically toxic, after all his string of Twitter insults he may wind up with no friends left.  Such a transactional bully who takes vengeance against even the slightest hint of dissent, someday the tables could turn & Trump will be on the receiving end of GOP ire.  Many of these articles highlight the happenings on the Sunday morning talk shows, but the Trump toadies unleashed on those programs saw their arguments fall flat, as no amount of explaining can counter the crimes revealed in Trump’s own words from the Ukraine call transcripts: