Trump Cover Up Now Shifted Into Overdrive…But his fawning followers are too snookered to see it!  The signs of a rampant Trump cover up are strewn throughout several articles below, but first some comments about the urgent need to save our democracy!  There are some who say since he is our president, we should leave him be & support what he does.  But I’m sure that’s the same sentiment some Germans were also expressing back in the 1930’s.  America is not necessarily immune to the same types of autocratic power grabs that we’ve seen throughout history in other countries who’ve fallen into dictatorships.  When a near-majority falls for the tribal ramblings of demagoguery & not enough sane voices take the initiative to push back, that’s when fascism can start running roughshod over the rights/freedoms of the people.  It may not result in genocide as we’ve historically seen with the most extreme cases of rogue regimes, but it definitely takes a severe turn for the worse whenever any country falls under tyranny.  I hope you see the situation is dire enough that you can help out by spreading this blog info.

Trump possesses the same personal traits of dictators down through the ages, including a severe case of narcissistic egomania & the ability to spew propagandized charismatic bluster wildly appealing to a subset of the population.  He’s also very artful in seizing the levers of power.  The prez has propped up his state-run media machine with the far-right echo spearheaded by Fox, dedicated to praising his regime as citizens are being deceived near & far.  Trump also has his loyal cronies in key positions inside the legislative branch, featuring the doting Freedom Caucus:  Plus he’s packed the courts with loyalists sympathetic to his authoritarian ways & serving to further legitimize our crony-capitalist system.  And he seeks to make an Americanized gestapo out of our intelligence/security agencies, even installing a corrupt henchman as our chief law enforcement officer, while appointing other loyal toadies to high positions willing to cover up the fuhrer’s crimes while attacking non-loyalists & political opponents:  There’s nothing about this that shouldn’t scare us out of our minds!  This can only be viewed as a wanna-be fascist leader ordering persecution of those refusing to buy into his gestapo tactics revealed in these articles, suggesting the Trump cover up with false allegations has us heading straight towards a constitutional crisis:

We should be repulsed by Trump’s increasing evidence of criminal behavior, but in many ways we should be equally repulsed by the fact he constantly lies to us.  Perhaps the most despicable of his thousands of lies is to blame the investigators & attack the FBI for simply doing their jobs.  In 2016 a foreign enemy attacked our democratic election process, so the FBI would have been derelict in their duties not to investigate!  Imagine a hypothetical scenario where the police investigates a bank robbery or kidnapping, from which the chief of police tells the public forget about the criminals, we should instead investigate the cops doing the investigations.  Of course that would be preposterous!  But that’s essentially the equivalent of what we’re now being told by Trump & AG Barr.  Let’s further tax our minds by thinking when the chief of police tells the public such a blatant fib, imagine 40% of the public believing him?  Ridiculous!  But it just clearly illustrates the perplexing question with Trump’s base, how could Trumpeters be so truth-challenged?  I know Trump is a master con man & can sound quite persuasive.  He’s done it all his life, so has gotten very good at lying & deceiving people.  But c’mon now, how gullible can his supporters really be?  By permitting themselves to become so badly bamboozled, whether they know it or not have allowed themselves to be complicit in this direct attack on our constitutional democracy! 


Assault on Our Constitutional Republic

Astute political observers paying close attention understand how this administration is by far the greatest danger to our democratic institutions & individual freedoms we’ve experienced in our lifetime.  See these excerpts posted from

The American republic could die, just like Rome. Wavering for some time on the verge of becoming a complete oligarchy, America is on the verge of flipping from a democratic republic to a strongman or autocratic form of government, something that’s happened to dozens of democracies in the past few decades, but never before here. It’s possible we won’t recover from it. The death of a republic is different from the death of a nation; Rome was a nation for nearly 2,000 years, but its period of being a republic was only around 300 years long. For the rest, it was a brutal empire with a small but wealthy and corrupt ruling class and a thin patina of democracy-for-show. Trump is openly defying the norms and laws of our republic, while calling for the imprisonment of both his political enemies and members of the very law enforcement agencies that might hold him to account. And he’s only able to do it because billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, with Fox News, and the billionaires Republicans depend on to fund their re-elections are providing him with cover.


Republics die when the price of losing political struggles becomes higher than individual politicians are willing to pay, so they just roll over in favor of the interests of whoever is most powerful. Republics die when compromise is seen as betrayal, and a single principled vote, position or statement is enough to cause donors and party to turn their back and end a political career, or even end a person’s ability to earn a living. In Rome, after the republican phase ended in the first century BCE with the assassination of Julius Caesar, it often meant physical death; in America today it means political and economic death, but the dagger at the heart of what the founding fathers called our “republican form of government” is no less sharp. A republic falters because it ceases to be functional and democratic—meeting the needs of the people and being governed by the people—when behind-the-scenes plutocrats, warlords, or corporations achieve near total—and nearly invisible—political/financial dominance over the visible political process. This failure of governance and plutocratic takeover is followed by threats of overwhelming political destruction, and, in the final stages, violence often takes over.


That’s nearly enough people to win the occasional election, but the real force behind the modern GOP are the plutocrats, the billionaires who fund everything from “conservative” think tanks, to super PACs (and their social media troll farms), to billion-dollar media buys. Republican politicians now live in such fear of these billionaires and the corporations who made them rich that they’re unwilling to acknowledge simple science like climate change or the impact of industrial pollution on children. These are the signs of a dying republic. Into this moment in history comes Donald Trump, going after the walls and floors of our political house with a sledgehammer. Institutions that were treated with respect and even reverence are ridiculed as “weak” or “useless” by Trump; the hard-right billionaires cheer him on and keep writing checks to the GOP.


These are the symptoms of a republic in crisis.

*Calling the press “the enemy of the people.”

*Refusing to interact with Congress as the Constitution dictates.

*Packing the courts with demonstrably unqualified ideologues.

*Lying to the people on a daily basis.

*Embracing autocrats while trashing traditional allies.

*Breaking the law and flaunting a Nixon-era “guideline” from the DOJ saying that the president can’t be prosecuted, while he runs out the clock on the statute of limitations.

*Bragging that he’s making money on the presidency and daring anybody to stop him.

*Putting lobbyists in charge of public lands, our banking system, and our environment.

*Embracing violent and hateful people and movements, both at home and abroad.


We’ve seen this Trump cover up for more than two years, but lately it’s escalated to a Trump cover up on steroids!  The more we learn, the worse it looks for Trump, & the more he lashes out at anyone involved in seeking out the facts.  So this ridiculous notion of a coup is being sold to their low-information base as a way to disguise their own crimes, revealed in this article from

On Sunday, May 12, 2019, Trump sent a three-part tweet quoting Tom Fitton, president of the right-wing conservative foundation Judicial Watch, accusing the FBI and Democrats of “an illegal coup” to overthrow the president. Sadly, this is not the first time Trump has invoked the idea of a failed “coup” to characterize the legitimate and legal investigations being conducted into his abuses of power and potential criminal behavior. At the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Indianapolis on Friday, April 26, 2019, for instance, President Trump—commenting on the Mueller investigation—told conference goers, “They tried for a coup, didn’t work out so well. And I didn’t need a gun for that one, did I?” This was the second time in two days that Trump had invoked the language of a failed coup against his administration.

Trump’s claim to have thwarted a coup is perhaps his most dangerous and undemocratic rhetoric to date, and that is really saying something given that President Trump consistently stokes racial resentment, encourages political violence against his enemies, calls for censorship of the news media, and undermines the rule of law. To understand why Trump’s rhetoric of a failed coup is so dangerous, let me say a few words about rhetoric and how it works. Contrary to popular perception, rhetoric is not empty. At its core, rhetoric carries and conveys both meanings and emotions. The meaning of a message frames how we understand the world. It urges us to view and think about people and events in particular ways. The emotion of a message moves us at a bodily level. It urges us to feel about people and events in particular ways. Together, the meanings and emotions conveyed by rhetoric shape not only how we make sense of people and events, but also how we respond to them. All of this is by way of saying, that rhetoric has tangible, real-world, material consequences.

What, then, are the consequences of Trump’s persistent lie about a failed coup? To answer this question, we need to examine three aspects of what Trump has said. Consider, first, the meaning of the word “coup.” A coup, by definition, is a violent, illegal, and sudden overthrow of a government by a political faction, military, or dictator. Nothing of this sort is happening in the U.S. So, in invoking this term, Trump is asking Americans to view the Mueller investigation and now congressional investigations as illegal attempts to violently overthrow the government. Trump urges citizens to perceive Mueller and anyone else who criticizes him not as reasonable people who disagree with him or who have uncovered wrongdoing, but as anti-government forces bent on forcibly imposing their will on us.

Consider, second, the emotional valence of the word “coup.” Leaders who confront and defeat actual coup attempts often respond by executing those involved in the coup. In characterizing Mueller and Congress’s lawful investigations as an attempted coup, Trump urges his followers to be outraged at his critics, to literally be filled with anger and rage at them. In stirring this rage, Trump implicitly sanctions violence and retribution against his critics. If this seems like a stretch, consider, third, Trump’s further comments about a so-called coup in his speech to the NRA, “ I didn’t need a gun for that one, did I?” The clear suggestion here is that while he did not need a gun to put down this particular coup, there may come a day when he and his followers may need guns to put down those who disagree with them. Is there anyone who believes that if the 2020 presidential election is close that Donald Trump will not contest the results or worse?

The rhetoric of a coup is not inert or innocent. Rather, it invokes meanings and emotions designed to justify violence against people who criticize the president. If we cannot criticize our leaders without fear of violence and retribution, then democracy truly has died. This is the world Trump is rhetorically creating. It is not time to impeach him. It is time for him to resign in disgrace.

The true coup attempt is coming from Trump & Barr.  Here is the conclusion to

Another target of Mr. Trump has been the Democratic National Committee. “These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others!” he wrote on Twitter. “INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!” Mr. Trump accused the F.B.I. of engaging in “treason” and claimed that it had spied on his campaign. He called for a “long” confinement for those responsible, without singling out any individuals. When Mr. Barr took over as attorney general in February, many Justice Department career employees hoped that he would act as a bulwark against what they saw as the president’s attempts to politicize their work. But Mr. Barr has shown no desire to push back actively against Mr. Trump. He testified this month before Congress that we “have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon,” but he made those remarks to defend rather than criticize the president. Mr. Barr said the special counsel’s nearly two-year investigation into the president had been based on false allegations that Mr. Trump had conspired with Russia to sway the election, and he has since reiterated that he will determine whether the origins of the investigation itself were unlawful.


For those who believe that the Justice Department should operate independently from the White House, Mr. Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this month was worrisome. When asked by Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, whether anyone at the White House had ever suggested, inferred or asked that the Justice Department investigate anyone, Mr. Barr said he did not understand the question, then said he did not know the answer. Critics say Mr. Barr has not acted as a neutral arbiter but as a defender of what he sees as expansive presidential power. Mr. Barr has defended himself as appropriately defending the constitutional powers of the presidency. Given that Mr. Trump does not comply with norms and is willing to push the law as far as he can to get what he wants, “Trump and Barr are a dangerous combination,” said Mark Rozell, a law professor at George Mason University, who wrote a book on executive privilege that examined Mr. Barr’s first stint as attorney general. “The president doesn’t fundamentally understand the powerfully important role he plays in establishing the nature and operations of our constitutional system,” Mr. Rozell said. “Future administrations will use what he has done to justify all kinds of behaviors and actions that were once unthinkable.”

These are shades of fascist authoritarianism inside these links as pontificated from our president.  His rallies have gotten more deranged & truth-deprived than ever, as we can clearly see in these articles describing his unhinged speech this week in PA:


We’ll likely soon discover Trump is guilty as sin, he knows it & is getting desperate as the facts close in on him.  So what we’re now seeing is a full-throttle Trump cover up.  The entire article from shown here explains the unprecedented amount of lying is trying to hide the truth about all the crimes:

Donald Trump lies all the time. We know that. Some of us are incensed and disgusted by this. Others have been worn out by it. But, few even attempt to deny or excuse it anymore. It has simply become a recognized feature of the man and a predicament for the country. Last month, The Washington Post’s fact-checker column announced that Trump had reached the ignominious marker of having told more than 10,000 false and misleading claims as president. And, the pace has quickened from the early periods of his presidency, in what The Post called a “tsunami of untruths.” Trump lies about everything and for every reason. He lies to brag. He lies to deflect. He lies to inflate. He lies to defame. He lies to praise. He sometimes seems to lie just for the sport of it. He is being trained, right before our eyes, to see that there is no cost for this deceit among the people who support him. He can lie at a rally, right to their faces, and they will still cheer. He can lie in public proclamations, and the Republican cowards in Congress will find a way to defend, rationalize or forgive it. When a dyed-in-the-wool thief realizes that there are no consequences for theft, everything not nailed down will go missing. The same is true of the liar: When there is no consequence, the deceiver is unbound and unashamed.But, to me, it is when Trump lies out of desperation, out of the fear of being found out, blamed, reprimanded, possibly even abandoned, that most people can relish it. It is in those moments that Trump is most human and our ire toward this liar is most vindicated and validated. In those moments, at least when he makes a public appearance in conjunction, his eyes are stretched wide and his face flush. He looks defensive and nervous. The above-it-all posture of imperviousness vanishes, and he is reduced to the most mortal of beings, one for whom, like the rest of us, the truth still has purchase and power.


Last week, court records were unsealed that showed that Michael Flynn, President Trump’s onetime national security adviser, gave Robert Mueller and his team a voice-mail recording of a conversation in which Trump’s lawyers tried to influence his cooperation with the investigators. This was a smoking gun of a revelation which blew yet another hole in Trump’s false “no collusion, no obstruction” mantra. And it adds weight to the House Democrats’ debate about whether they should perform their constitutional duty to impeach or whether they will allow this man to continue unchastened. Trump, realizing the threat that the revelation poses, turned to Twitter … and lied. He wrote: “It now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge. It would have been impossible for me to know this but, if that was the case, and with me being one of two people who would become president, why was I not told so that I could make a change?” As CNN put it: “Trump’s tweet is misleading and lacks context. For starters, the Justice Department and F.B.I. conduct all their investigations in secret, including the one into Flynn. Trump also fails to mention that he was repeatedly warned about Flynn, though not by the Justice Department, but he ignored that political advice and gave him a top job in the administration.” Trump knows his statement is off, but he also knows that the truth has the capacity to harm when one operates in an arena beyond it. That tweet, unlike lying about his wall of hate already being under construction, is born of fear. I can just imagine the beads of sweat forming on the philtrum above his upper lip as his thumbs tap this falsehood on this phone. He grimaces; I smile.


We occasionally get a glorious glimpse of this fear fibbing. It’s like the time he held the bracing news conference in Trump Tower to defend his both-sides-ism on Charlottesville. It’s like the time he told the deer-in-the-headlights lie on Air Force One about not knowing about hush money payments to women alleging to have had sexual encounters with him (while he was married, by the way). It is in the police-interrogation-room-like correction that he didn’t mean to side with Russia — and deny our intelligence community — while standing next to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. In all those moments, he simply reeks of dread and trepidation. In those moments, we are reminded that Trump knows what other thinking people know: In a world not blinded and numbed by racial tribalism, demographic fears and cultural panic, these issues that barely nick him would cut him smooth and deep. It is in those moments that we are reminded of what normal felt like, when an apology or explanation was compelled, and politicians confronted their foibles with some degree of contrition. Trump knows nothing of contrition, but take his moments of desperation as proof that the world has not completely gone mad, that sin still has the ability to convict.

Temper-Tantrum in the Rose Garden

Trump is having a conniption fit about the investigations, so he used that as an excuse to shut down conversations on infrastructure.  He made this into a hot-potato issue so he can amp up his base about the so-called phony Russia probe to use as a political weapon against the Dems.  As an attack on Pelosi & response to what she said about all this being a Trump cover up, the prez barked I don’t do cover-ups, no doubt based on the calculation his gullible base would believe him as they always do.  But from making illegal hush-money payments, to phony reasons why the Trump Tower meeting was held, plus firing top officials in the DOJ/FBI & numerous other examples, that’s really all he does is cover-up:  This constant Trump cover up pattern we’ve seen for two years has gotten progressively worse, & is not unlike similar obstruction of justice & abuse of power that forced Nixon from power.

Despite Trump blaming Pelosi for the impasse on infrastructure, ironically it was Pelosi trying to hold back her anxious Dem caucus from starting impeachment proceedings.  To counter this Trumpian staged production, Dems should aggressively ramp up their investigations to prove the various crimes ASAP & make an airtight case for impeachment, plus pass some popular legislation in the House to force the GOP’s hand.  For example, Dems could put together their own legislation on infrastructure, election security, improving Obamacare or any number of hot-button issues, while promoting them to the media & public, showing they can both investigate & push an important domestic agenda at the same time.  Very worthy legislation really was recently passed by the House on issues like protecting Dreamers, lowering prescription drug costs, protecting those with preexising health conditions & gun background checks.  And the House has passed a lot of other bills here in 2019 that went onto die in the GOP Senate:

This Rose Garden rant was a preplanned set-up.  That corny poster on display during his hissy fit listing Mueller probe stats only confirms this drama was all orchestrated in advance.  And he didn’t really want a deal on infrastructure, immigration or most anything else.  Any infrastructure deal wouldn’t pass his own party as many conservatives would cry over the budget-busting, while on immigration any DACA deal his far-right flank would shout amnesty, so privately the prez would prefer getting nothing done.  Trump is all bluster & is incapable of even attempting to cobble together bipartisan deals on most anything, so he’ll continue to serve his remaining days in office as the deceitful, divisive, do-nothing president.  It’s a Catch 22 as he appeals only to his base who has been dumbed-down by the echo.  The sooner we can replace him with a real leader, the better!  That would have to be a new president who would at least try uniting us around the common good while not lying to us about a dozen times a day.

The president’s stunt this week further shows he has only a loose grip on his own sanity, has departed any sense of reality & is certainly unfit for office.  This Trump cover up charade only adds to the case for impeachment, continuing his pattern of obstruction of justice & also demonstrates he’s not faithfully executing the duties of his office:  Today Trump forced his puppet White House aides to compliment him on camera how calmly he handled that situation, from which Trump then called himself an extremely stable genius, which nothing could be further from the truth.  The Dems could start the impeachment process to help move along the investigations, without committing to a floor vote until more evidence comes out.  And public congressional testimonies can swing public opinion, so let’s hope some witnesses can be compelled to such hearings soon.  Consider that after a Chicago banker’s indictment today, eight different Trump advisors have now been charged with felonies & it’s only a matter of time before the kingfish is found out.  I’ll be blowing right past our allowance of live links, but we have plenty of important news today, so please check these out:

And if you can access WaPo, these are good articles you could look up:
















Some Very Interesting & Varied Opinions seen inside these links

And please do share.  There really is a lot going on.  Such perceptive op-eds help keep people informed:—-but-in-private


Financials hold the Keys to the Crimes

The court cases have been going our way & we have the momentum, so the various probes may soon accelerate.  Investigators are now getting his bank records from Deutsche Bank & other banks Trump dealt with, plus they may soon receive documents from Trump’s accounting firm, plus his state tax returns & perhaps even his federal returns.  I’ve always said following the money will expose the crimes, so the probes are finally zeroing in on the financial documents they’ll need to crack the case.  One of the real mysteries from the Mueller report is the absence of info about Trump’s finances, so Mueller’s intent all along was likely to farm out the most incriminating crimes tracking the money to other jurisdictions.  Articles about bank records & taxes are seen here, with the entire article posted from the last link:

A federal judge denied President Donald Trump’s request to block congressional subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One for his financial records. Wednesday’s ruling is the second major legal defeat for Trump in recent days as he seeks to stonewall Congress’ sprawling inquiries into his administration, personal life, campaign, business dealings, inauguration committee, and more. Last week, a federal judge struck down Trump’s effort to block a subpoena to his accounting firm. Deutsche Bank has long been under scrutiny for its lax lending standards, as well as its willingness to do business with Trump when most other banks refused to work with him because of his financial troubles.


The House Financial Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Deutsche Bank in April as part of a joint investigation into Trump’s financial dealings. They also subpoenaed JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America as part of an investigation into Russian money laundering in the US. Shortly after, Deutsche Bank began turning over documents to the committees. But Trump, his children, the Trump Organization, and the Trump family trust then sued Deutsche and Capital One to prevent them from complying with congressional subpoenas. The lawsuit alleged that the subpoenas “have no legitimate or lawful purpose” and were issued to “harass” Trump and “to rummage through every aspect of his personal finances, his businesses, and the private information of the President and his family, and to ferret about for any material that might be used to cause him political damage.” Last week, The New York Times reported that several Deutsche Bank employees flagged suspicious transactions involving legal entities controlled by Trump and Jared Kushner, and recommended they be reported to the US Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit.


But according to The Times, top executives at the bank declined to do so and the reports were never filed. According to financial disclosures and public filings from 2012 to 2015, Deutsche has loaned Trump’s businesses more than $300 million to finance a golf course in Florida and hotels in Chicago and Washington. Kushner has also disclosed that he and his mother have shared an unsecured line of credit from the bank ranging from $5 million to $25 million, a type of loan where none of the borrower’s major assets can be seized should they default. Deutsche Bank is also in the process of turning over documents about Trump’s finances to the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to INSIDER last month. James in March subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank in New Jersey for records related to several Trump properties. James’ subpoena was based on the testimony that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and longtime fixer, gave in February to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.


As Trump’s long-time fixer & convicted felon, we can’t help but wonder what was really going on here & how it relates to the prez:

Fox Fake News

We continually strive in every Part 2 to expose the nonsensical junk that spews over the airwaves from corrupted Fox fake news.  At this rate, they’ll someday devolve into something resembling Russian or North Korean TV.  They keep pushing a radical agenda instead of objective news, lavishly praising the prez, except for real facts sometimes emanating from their news division.  As seen inside these links, their early AM & evening shows are pure crap:

Other Sources of Deceptive Messaging spouting Pure Evil

A Trump cheerleading channel even wackier than Fox:

Social Media has a huge problem with deceptive propaganda:

QAnon Cult:

Conspiracies gone astray:

And they keep getting worse:

In bed with deplorables:

See This Video!!!

This next article reminds me of another statement recently made by Paul Krugman when he essentially said this; If what’s going on doesn’t terrify the hell out of you, you’re not paying attention.  Actor Jeff Daniels made a similar statement that should serve as a dire warning.  See the last part to this interview in the video here inside, as it could send chills down your spine!

Sad Trend

A big risk factor for undermining democracy:


As a public service for Trumpeters brainwashed by the echo, attention is being given to help them deprogram their minds from all the lies & conspiracies they’ve come to believe in.  This could prove a very valuable initiative for the mental health of Trumpeters & the future of America if more of them would avail themselves of these services:

Evangelicals will come to regret ever knowing him

Aligning with evil eventually backfires:


Far more costly than the Mueller probe!: